Marc Lander wrapped his beefy, muscular hand around the inside of the beautiful, socialite's thigh. She smelled of Grey Goose and Chanel. The tranquil sound of the gentle waves from the Gulf of Mexico lapped gently against the yacht's bow. The Florida sun bathed their half naked bodies as she moaned in her Texas accent, "Take me Marc. Use my body because it's been so long since a real man has wanted me." Marc smiled as he stared down into her green eyes. She was an aging thirty-five-year-old whose glory days were rapidly diminishing. She stared at Marc's tan, muscular chest and bulging groin. Marc slid off his swim trunks exposing a healthy erection and an eagerness to fuck her. As she became fixated on his powerful cock his eyes searched the water for a diver. She was drunk and high on vicodin. She moaned uncontrollably, "Let's go below deck so you can fuck me!" He stared into the water searching as his fingers probed into her bikini bottoms. Her pussy lips felt slippery and moist. "Let's just hang up here a little longer and soak up the sun baby. " He said as he fingered her. She was moaning and gasping with both of her hands gripping Marc's rager. He pressed his big dick against her as he gazed into the water, "Oh yeah bitch. SUCK IT!" She knelt before him and hungrily devoured his pulsating cock. Emerging out of the deep blue Marc caught sight of the diver and his camera. Gripping her blonde hair he pushed the socialite's head deeper onto him whispering, "Oh yes. That's exactly what I was looking for. Suck it real good baby."

"Marriage should be between one man and one woman. I am not going to change my stance on this issue and there is no reason that any member of the Republican party should permit an attack on this great American tradition. Family comes first!" The room echoed with applause as Senator Jo Dewinter raised his wine glass in a celebratory pose. The handsome, thirty-five-year old politician felt the nation's most wealthy and powerful people surround him with support. The applause fed his ego and he could feel his axis of power forming. His aid stood next to him with an admiring stare whispering, "I smell Presidential nomination in the air." Jo whispered through his fake smile, "Did Jason Bauer ever make it here?" The young aid replied, "How could you miss him?" At a table in the corner set Jason with two of the room's most beautiful and glamorous women. They were hanging onto his arm, twirling his red hair in their fingers and laughing gaily. The Senator made his way to Jason's table with a determined stare. "Please forgive me ladies but I need to steel Jason for a moment." Jason stood giving the Senator a healthy hug. The two men walked towards a quiet balcony quietly chanting, "No means yes. Yes means Anal!" Their chanting grew louder as they stepped out into the night air, "NO MEANS YES! YES MEANS ANAL!" Their chanting was now a roaring, loud yell, "NO MEANS YES! YES MEANS ANAL! FUCK THE SLUTS! DKE!!!" The grown men bumped chests like frat boys and smiled at one another with ear-to-ear grins. "Great to see you Jo and I can tell that you're making a bee line for Pennsylvania Avenue!" Jo's demeanor and voice drifted into a somber state as he scratched his head sighing, "I have a big problem and I need your help Bauer."

Jason studied his friend's expression asking, "Yeah sure man. What's going on?" Jo nervously staring over his shoulder, withdrew an envelope from the inside of his jacket. He handed him a stack of pictures of Mrs. Dewinter giving head to Marc Lander. The graphic pictures made Jason wince as he swallowed hard asking, "Is that Rachel?" The handsome senator's voice cracked in frustration as he replied, "Yep and that's your CFO fucking her!" Jason shook his head as he placed his hand on the small of his buddy's back, "This is a real problem Jo. Who took these pictures? Are they blackmailing you?" The Senator's resolve was rapidly diminishing as he whined, "I don't know man. The pictures came in the mail with no instructions. They haven't asked for anything! I was hoping you might know something!" Jason slid the photos back into the envelope and handed them to his buddy whispering, "Well don't worry about Marc. I will take care of him."

"He'll be fired! Right?" Said Jo.

Jason grinned, "You see, I can do better than that. I basically rescued Lander from an insider trading scandal on Wall Street. He had nowhere to go but down when I met him. He begged me to help him salvage his fucked up life and I made him swear undying allegiance to me." Jo's eyes narrowed as he seemed confused, "What do you mean?" Jason whispered, "Dude the muther fucker would do anything I tell him to. I have enough dirt on that boy to ruin his entire family. I even branded him like we used to do to the pledges in DKE. My initials are literally on his bitch boy ass. If you don't believe me look at the pictures." Jo stared at the photos nervously. The young senator's heart raced as his mind was gripped by the gravity of his rapidly changing position of power. Jason gripped the back of Jo's neck affectionately saying, "The very audacity of that muther fucker to screw with my friend's wife cannot go unpunished." Jason sighed deeply and shook his head, "My mind is made up. I am going to take him to my horse ranch in Lakedland this weekend and bull whip his ass into submission. He will tell me everything you need to know and when I'm done I will make sure he never fucks another piece of pussy without asking me first." The young senator's heart was filled with brotherly love for Jason Bauer. He had always felt that Bauer was a good person but now he was sure. Through deep affection he felt even more bonded to the man than he did in his frat days. Jason smiled and softly whispered, "I just wanna ask you one thing brother. Do you wanna watch me break him?" Jo shook his head replying, "No, let me do it."

The Bauer Family Ranch in Lakeland dated back over one hundred years. Jason's father had once been revered as a top breeder of Saudi Arabian race horses. Jo stared through the window of his limo at the oak lined drive, the white fences and the lush green grass thinking, "How could Rachel be so stupid? And who does this son of a bitch Lander think he is? How dare he mess with my future?" The limo circled in front of a large, white, antebellum style home nestled in magnolias and night blooming jasmine as his cell phone rang. He answered hearing the familiarly masculine voice of his buddy Jason Bauer, "What's up bro? I just wanted to let you know that I left a key to the house in a planter by the front door. The code to the security system is 2929. All of the stable boys and housekeepers finished up early so you will have total privacy until Monday. I had a long talk with our boy Lander. He's waiting for you in the stables like a good little bitch. I assured him that you wouldn't do anything that required hospitalization. So as long as you promise to stop if you break the skin or if he passes out first then I will leave you alone to exact your revenge." The Senator felt a rush of power run over him that he hadn't experienced before. His cock filled with blood as he imagined that he could do anything wanted to his enemy. He thought to himself, "How many men can say they've had this type of opportunity?" His voice cracked as he cleared his throat replying, "I won't injure him bro. But I am going to hurt him in ways he will never forget." Jason laughed, "Atta boy. Have fun. I left you a few tools to work with too. Make sure he knows his place when you're done breaking him."

The lone senator pulled open the wooden doors of the stable. Afternoon sunlight streamed in casting light upon a row of stabled horses, bails of hay and one very provocative sight. Directly center of the main aisle stood Marc Lander spread eagle wearing only a pair of black boxers. Marc's arms were tied to two beams above him and his feet were stretched outward as they were tethered to hooks in the floor. Jon stared at the nearly nude man's body thinking it reminded him of da Vinci's Vitruvian Man in both pose and form. Helplessly the handsome stud stood before him with his head bowed. Behind Marc was a table with several devices of torture. Stepping closer to his captive Jo's eyes roved over the perfect male specimen's body. At 6'2" tall Marc Lander stood a few inches above the young senator. His impressive shoulders and biceps flexed under the strain of his bindings. His sinewy body rippled as it seemed to be in a constant state of tension. His ripped abs, sculpted chest and well defined legs were reminiscent of a Calvin Klein model. For a moment Jo felt more aroused than angry. He shook his head as an attempt to regain focus, "Mr. Lander. I am Senator Jo Dewinter. It seems that you have been conducting some business with my wife." Marc stared up at him and grinned mischievously declaring, "It's a dirty job but somebody had to do her." His smugness was answered by a fist to the gut. Marc grunted loudly as Jo spun around gripping his aching fist. He hadn't anticipated that hitting Marc in the six pack would feel like punching a wall. He shook his hand cursing and grabbed a fist full of Marc's hair. Pulling Marc's head backward he caught a front row view of what his wife had been bewitched by. Marc Lander's handsome face was as beguiling to Jo as it had been to Jason Bauer. His high cheekbones, square jaw line and light brown hair were mere frames of his bright, blue eyes, Greco-roman nose and full, sensuous lips. Jo stared at him with an expression that was bordering hate with desire. He didn't know if he wanted to kiss the beautiful man or cut his dick off. He spat in Marc's face cursing, "YOU WILL REGRET FUCKING WITH ME!" Marc fearlessly met his stare and winked flirtatiously. The enraged senator kneed his captive in the nuts. If Marc were able to collapse to the floor he would have been on his knees. The pain shot violently from his groin into the pit of his stomach. He grunted loudly feeling as if he might vomit. The young senator turned his back to Marc to conceal his raging boner. He adjusted himself and then gracefully removed his jacket. Stepping behind Marc he stared at the stallion's sinewy back. Marc's rear view was as fantastic as his front. Jo hung his jacket on a hook and wiped the sweat from his brow. Jo Dewinter stood 5'11" and weighed a solid 190 lbs. He and Jason Bauer had been wrestlers in college. Unlike most of their jock buddies Jason and Jo had managed to keep their college boy physiques. Every politician needs an outlet. Jo's outlet had been exercise. He loved pushing his body to new extremes and he knew that his solidly framed build presented a confident, sexy persona to both the media and his voters. His parents were first generation Americans from Belgium. This lineage lent him a very handsome, Eastern European look that was unique and sexy. He had dark hair and eyes with a fair even complexion. His boyish, good looks seemed twisted by anger today as he rolled up his sleeves and breathed heavily through flared nostrils. The once controlled, calculated senator was now swimming in a pool of uncontrollable rage!

Marc felt the first strike of the bullwhip hit his bare back with a crack. The sting riveted through is body like a vibration or a ripple in a pool. He couldn't control his voice as he heard himself scream out in agony. This was instant torture. Jo stood back noticing that the lash had left a stripe on the handsome jocks muscled back. He had never slung a whip before so the sensation was as strangely exciting as it was a challenge. He wanted to make the whip crack loudly like cowboys do in rodeos. He stepped back again and slung the leather whip at his victim. The whip landed squarely on Marc's back as its tail wrapped around his torso and stung his right nipple. The sensation was unreal to Marc who was no stranger to torture. He screamed louder this time as it seemed he had no control over his mouth and lungs. Marc began to breathe heavily as the fear of being horse whipped resonated in his brain. With the third sling Jo produced an exquisite sounding crack. This time the whip mark ran from the base of Marc's neck all the way down to the lowest part of his back. The pain was excruciating. Jo's cock was throbbing with desire as he heard Marc scream louder with absolutely no dignity. "Yes! Not so smug now are we Mr. Wallstreet?" Marc was breathing erratically as he was terrified of the next strike. He struggled against his bindings but nothing could stop the punishment. Crack, Crack...CRACK! The whipping grew more rapid as Jo had mastered his technique. The young senator became addicted to the power and the screams his whipping elicited. Marc's voice raised octaves higher than normal as he screamed out in an agony that sounded animalistic. The whipping kept coming and coming. As he felt himself sinking into the sound of his screams everything around him began to dissipate. He couldn't hear the cracking of the whip, Jo's words or even the whinnying horses. All he could feel was a strange euphoria as his mind seemed to flood his body with endorphins. At this moment he felt especially submissive to the young Senator but even more so to Jason for leaving him so helpless. Just when his euphoria climaxed everything seemed to halt. Marc's screaming filled the stable as Jo said, "Well God dammit, it looks like I have to stop now. You're bleeding."

Marc was exhausted. The whipping ended but his body was dolling out the pain in constant doses. His back was burning from abuse as he felt blood trickle between the crack of his ass and down his leg. He was in a state of shock. Jo stood behind the helpless slave and probed the open gash. The young Senator's finger felt like a burning, hot iron searing into his back. Jo fingered the wound and laughed maniacally. "You really are a whipped, little bitch. Aren't you?" Marc gasped desperately replying, "Yes Sir!" Jo stepped away leaving Marc to wonder what would come next. What came next was unfathomable. Jo discovered a stable salt block mounted on the wall. He crumbled the salt with his finger nails saying, "Let me help stop the bleeding." He burrowed a handful of salt into Marc's bleeding wound eliciting the loudest, most pathetic scream a man could produce. Marc squealed like a pig being slaughtered as he begged, "PLEASE SIR! PLEASE STOP HURTING ME!" Jo's eyes were insane with rage as he screamed, "You're gonna learn boy! DON'T FUCK WITH SENATOR DeWINTER!" The pain was blinding as Marc felt like he might collapse. His agony was just beginning.

Jo removed a pocket knife from his pocket and snarled, "Now you're gonna learn what it means to be a woman." He flipped open the knife and reached for Marc's boxers. Marc whimpered, "Please stop Sir! Please STOP SIR!" His begging was interrupted by the sound of a cell phone ringing. Jo flipped his knife shut and answered the ringing cell phone, "Yeah boys. I'm fine, with the horses." He was surprised to hear the caller wasn't his protective service but Jason, "Just playing with the horses eh? Which stud is your favorite?" Jo felt a wave of shame as his face turned crimson, "Dude, I just whipped the shit out of this guy. He's actually begging and crying!" Jason laughed wickedly replying, "Awesome bro. Make him squeal like a pig. Just remember that I want him back in one piece. He's my CFO and a very valuable commodity. I was thinking...." Jo muttered meekly, "Yeah?" "I think when you're done humiliating Lander you should take him back to Washington as your aid. Fuck...he should have to answer to you personally...basically be your little bitch for the next couple of months. It would be hilarious and degrading and it would send a very direct message to Rachel. Don't you think so dude?" Jo's eyes widened as he replied, "Man that is classic. Good idea." Jason laughed saying, "Ok bro...carry on...and tomorrow I'll come by. You and me are gonna have a beer and talk about our days in DKE! Now...hold the phone up to my boy's ear. I'm gonna make sure he understands the rules to this game. Your word is the gospel." Jo grinned saying, "Right on man. Here ya go." He held the phone up to Marc's ear who listened intently replying, "Yes sir. Yes sir. Absolutely Sir. Thank you SIR! Yes Sir."

"So I guess you understand how this game is gonna work...huh boy? Your ass is mine until Monday!" Marc stared over his shoulder answering, "Yes Sir. I know my place and yours." Jo's hand gripped Marc's right buttock. His gluts felt like steel, he imagined they must look amazing naked. He withdrew his pocket knife again and began cutting away the boxers. Marc's breathing became rapid as he begged, "Please Sir!" Jo paced back and forth as his eyes wondered over Marc's bare ass. It looked like a work of art that needed to be claimed. His left hand landed squarely on Marc's ass cheek directly over the brand reading "JB," "I see that your Master left his mark on you. That's hilarious! You are Bauer's property...owned and branded! How does it make you feel to be Jason's bitch boy?" Marc grinned replying, "I like it Sir." Jo squinted in disbelief as if he didn't completely understand, "What did you just say boy?" Marc smiled bigger, "I like knowing that I am owned by Jason Bauer. It gives my pathetic life meaning to know that I am controlled and dominated by a real man." Jo smacked Marc's ass hard whispering, "Are you some kind of S&M freak that likes to be bitched around?" Marc nodded saying, "Yes Sir! Are you?" Jo grabbed a paddle from the table of implements and began spanking his captive. He started out slow but as Marc's inviting ass began to show color his strikes became harder and sharper. Marc loved being spanked. Jason's desire to prove to his slaves that spanking is the ultimate symbol of ownership was never taken lightly. His daily spankings became a delight to Marc who loved the attention. He had upped his weight routine while doing legs. Squats and lunges had become an erotic ritual to Marc whose entire world revolved around making Jason happy. He relished the thought that one of Jason's college buddies enjoyed spanking him. As Jo's paddling became harsher Marc's whipped and bruised back arched more and his ass began to squirm and gyrate. To still his captive Jo reached around grabbing Marc's ball sack. He pulled the slave's nuts sternly forcing him to present his well shaped bubble butt like a prize. The act was as degrading as it was painful. Marc had not imagined feeling more pathetic than he had before but this scenario rendered him completely helpless to the senator. Jo's spankings became harsher as his desire for Marc Lander grew. He wanted to imprint on this man in ways that no one ever had before. He wanted to punish and degrade Marc Lander for fucking his wife. Jo felt an overwhelming lust for Marc wash over him that he'd never experienced before. The rush of power mixed with rage and desire was a bizarre and confusing state of mind. His instincts told him to leave but Marc's beguiling hold kept him steadily and progressively gripped into an erotic frenzy. His hands ran over Marc's beet red ass feeling its warmth. Marc's inviting butt wasn't very hairy. What hair he did have was light and blond. His muscular buttocks parted slightly revealing a tender, inviting pink asshole that needed to be filled with Republican meat. He felt Marc's cock twitching atop his hand as he gripped the slave's nutsack. He could tell that his captive was attracted to him. This realization made Jo drunk with desire. The idea that he could illicit an erection from such a magnificent stallion made his own cock throb with every beat of his heart. He wanted Marc Lander even more than his wife did. He wanted to be inside him.

Sweat dripped off of Marc's nose as he heard the rustling sound of trousers being unfastened. The slave stared over his shoulder catching sight of Jo frantically dropping his pants so that he could mount and rape his ass. Marc arched his back in an offering to the young senator. His gluts flexed rhythmically teasing and taunting Jo DeWinter to invade them. Marc wanted to be fucked in the worst way. He wanted him to use his body. The young senator's throbbing cock was released from its boxers with a mission to divide and conquer.

Jo smacked Marc in the face sneering, "Lick my hand boy." The captive slave began licking the senator's palm. He smacked him again yelling, "Lube it up good bitch! You'll thank me later!" Marc slobbered on the man's hand obediently sucking and licking his fingers. Within seconds he heard the dominant senator stroking himself. The politician seemed to be well hung as his member pressed violently against the slave's anus. The feeling of being entered instantly elicited fear to the helpless slave. His eyes saw red as the angry, hard penis pushed deep inside him in one merciless thrust. Marc felt intense pain and yet the act of being raped made his own cock swell with desire. "Oh yeahhh, this is how you fuck a man who fucked your wife!" The senator pressed all of his body's weight against the captive slave pushing deeper inside Marc's ass. The tearing of anal tissue was excruciating. Marc imagined that he knew what it feels like to be a female cat. He could feel his ass hole stretching too quickly and tearing. He screamed out in agony which only seemed to arouse the horn dog on top. The mix of precum, spit and blood gave Jo enough lube to begin sadistically pounding the bound and helpless slave. He pulled his cock almost completely out and slammed it right back into his victim again. Jo laughed violently as he pulled Marc's hair. He was grudge fucking the slave without mercy. Through gritted teeth the senator snarled, "Take that cock you fucking piece of shit! TAKE IT!"

Marc began to moan past the pain as his body was beginning to react to Jo's dominant streak. He gasped loudly, "Oh yeah...oh yes SIR! FUCK ME!" Jo was watching his own cock slide in and out of Marc's tormented ass. He took a special privilege out of knowing that he had completely dominated another man. The scene made him feel powerful and in control. He reached around and pinched both of Marc's tender, pink nipples. The action caused Marc's entire body to tense. His ass began to twitch and constrict on Jo's thrusting penis. Marc pushed against Jo so that he could take more of the cock inside him. The new position caused Jo's thrusting penis to pound relentlessly on Marc's prostate. The slave's moans grew louder as he cried out, "Fuck me Master! FUCK ME!" Within seconds Marc's face turned as red as his paddled ass. The slave's eyes became glazed, his mouth gaped open as he moaned loudly. His bouncing cock felt like it was going to explode. The two men found themselves ascending to a climax simultaneously. Their bodies connected in rhythm as Marc began ejaculating. Marc's gasping and moaning made Jo lose all control. He thrust himself hard and deliberately but nothing could stop him from cumming inside Marc Lander. To Jo the release seemed to compensate for all of his stress and strife. He had been struggling for so long to be perfect that he had lost touch with simple pleasures. His body felt like it was floating as his cock began pumping Marc's ass full of cum. His shoulders were weighted and heavy and for a moment he collapsed onto Marc Lander in a listless state of pleasure. As he stood slumped over with Jo's pulsating cock inside him Marc sighed deeply feeling completely owned and dominated. His deep sense of relaxation surrounded both him and the senator with a perfect state of calm.



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