JOURNAL ENTRY: 1 DATE: 20 August 2010

Janal Fitts welcome to college, I thought as I walk on MSU college campus.

Today is both my first day of higher learning and my first day of being a man.

No longer will my parents treat me like a child because of my limited 4'-3' height.

'Please be careful. Baltimore can be a very dangerous city,' mom said.

'Son, just make us proud. Stick to the books and all else will fall in line,' dad said.

I love my parents, but I am a mature 17 year old-not an infant 10 year old.

Sadly, my brave words fade when I walk pass a building with reflective windows.

I hate to say it-but I resemble Emmanuel Lewis/Webster with my short height, ebony skin complexion, short wavy hair, brown eyes, and cute dimples.

To make matters worse, I have no hair on my face/chest/groin area.

But I am a man. I have a phat 7.5' black cock that tells me so.

Yet, when I look in the window, all I see is a 10 year old boy acting like an adult.


Moving pass this sadness, I begin searching the campus to find freshmen housing.

During my walk, I cannot help but notice all the cute guys on the school's quad.

There is a guy in every ethnicity here-black/brown/white/red.

Seeing these sexy pieces, makes me feel extremely confused about who I am.

Am I gay? In high school, I thought about guys all the time. I noticed their firm bodies, their eyes, hair, and smell. In my gym class, it was so hard for me to change in the locker room without looking at a guy's ass or his dick. I loved to smell a man's sweaty nuts.

Maybe I am gay, I feared. I cannot stop imagining a guy fucking my tight hole-or-daydreaming about drinking a guy's nut.


Suddenly, I notice a beautiful vision of a brother reading a book under a tree.

My 7.5' cock tingles from noticing his handsome looks.

He's obviously gay from his wearing thin frame glasses, bushy Mohawk hair, and glossed brown lips.

I decide to walk closer and say hello.

'Excuse -' before I could say another word an annoying white boy interrupts me.

'Hi Khalil,' the cock blocker said.

My heartthrob's gorgeous dark eyes looks away from the book, 'Hi Brian.'

Looking at me, the skinny white boy asks, 'Are you Janal?'

'Um, yes,' I said suspicious of how he knows my name.

'I am RA Brian Spears. I am here to help you to your room in the freshman's dorm. Your mom mailed a picture of you to the office so that we could assist you.'

What the hell? This is so embarrassing. I cannot believe she did that-and I cannot believe we are having this conversation in front of my future baby daddy.

Regardless, Khalil introduces himself.

'Hi, I am Khalil Jackson,' he said to me in a voice that sounds sweet like honey.

Khalil gives me a mesmerizing smile that makes my mouth water to suck the white cream from his black dick.


Disappointingly, I leave Khalil to follow Brian into the freshmen dorm.

I try to hide my frustration at Brian for interrupting my time with Khalil.

As strange as it sounds, Brian is the first white person that I ever met.

However, my friends and even my parents told me all about white people's behavior.

Maybe, that's why I shy away from getting to know them.

Brian seems different-he appears friendly and even handsome with his 5'-8' height.

Although, his bronze complexion face still has traces of acne, Brian's short red hair and green eyes gives him an attractive look.

I decide to learn more about these people by making small talk, 'Are you a senior?'

'Yes. I graduate this May.' Brian asked. 'You will really like MSU. It is a great school that will expose you to many different experiences.'

'I hope so.'

'Hmmm' I quietly said noticing Brian's bowlegged walk.

He walks like he's carrying a large dick-but everyone knows that white guys have small/tiny pricks.

Anyway, Brian escorts me to my room.

'Wow, this is great' I said shocked by the room's size.

'If you say so, most folks think that the rooms are small.'

Brian walks over to the window and pulls up the screen letting the sunlight in.

While he is not looking, I stare at Brian's tone muscular build.

'Before I go, let me check your A.C.,' Brian said bending over to check the appliance.

My brown eyes is drawn into Brian's ass print-I am amazed by his curvy large bottom.

I thought all white men had flat asses-but Brian's round badonkadonk proves me wrong.

I wonder what it would feel like to have a white man fuck me. Hmmm.


Instantly-Brian turns around and catches me undressing him with my eyes.

Brian flashes a sly smile but I look away-embarrassed.

'Your air conditioner is working fine,' Brian said walking closer to me,

'Thanks Brian,' I said turning away from his direction trying to hide my erect 7.5' dick.

'No problem. Janal, turn around I need to tell you something.'

I try to ignore him-however-he forces me to look at him by placing his strong bronze hands on my shoulders.

As his green bedroom eyes melt into mine, Brian says, 'You have really nice eyes.'

'Huh- I mean-really?'

'You look sexy,' he answered.

'No one has ever called me sexy. They usually say that I look like an innocent baby.'

Brain pushes closer to me. We are so close that his red lips stand in front of mine and

I can feel his hard dick pointing from his pants begging for attention.


Instantly-we are naked.

Brian's bronze body lays on the bed as his 8'inch pink dick fucks my mouth.

I kiss his tip-then, swallow his full length into my 10 year old mouth.

'Yeah man, suck it! Damn!'

Brian's cock is shaped like a thick baseball bat.

I never expected that a white guy could have a huge cock.

Yet, it took effort for me to wrap my brown lips around Brian's pink spine.

'Damn, Janal you're a great dick sucker,' he praised.

Brian moans as I place his pink balls into my horny dark mouth.

'owwww! That's right, man. Lick my nuts.'

'Brian, you taste so good,' I said between breaths.


Instantly-I lay my back on the bed while holding my childlike legs to my chest.

'Yeah! Lick my shitter!' I screamed as my black ass smothers Brian's white face.

Brian proves to me that white men have rhythm by his tongue dancing on my anal lips.

He gives me intense pleasure from his licking and nibbling on my ass.

My body trembles as Brian's tongue brings me closer to the threshold of pleasure.

I peacefully accept his left middle finger into my tight dark hole.

'Oh yeah!' I moaned anticipating this white man enslaving my tight black ass.

This feeling of conquest and lust is strange-yet-intoxicating to me.


Instantly-I am sitting on all 4's-like a slave-dog-on the bed.

I shake my ebony ass cheeks awaiting Brian's touch.

'Come on Brian. Fuck me with your big dick,' I begged.

Brian sits beside me on the bed. His hands grab my ass cheeks as if my body is his.

'Do you want it, little man?' he asked.

'Yes,' I said in a pleading voice.

'Shake your ass, little man.'

Like a good slave-dog, I shake my ass like a slutty faggot.

Brian stands on the floor behind me-he rubs his beautiful 8'inch cock on my dark hole.

'WAPP!' is the sound Brian made as he slaps his cock on my ass.

'AHH! Brian,' I cried.

'Beg boy, beg for me to fuck you.'


'That's right, beg! Beg for my cock!'

I could feel an inferno burning in my body as Brian spanks my dark booty with his cock.


'Please-Please-Please fuck me!'

'Come on, boy! Beg louder.'


'Please fuck me! Please!'

'I want everyone in this dorm to hear you. BEG LOUDER!'


Brian's punishment leaves streams of white pre-cum covering my black ass.



'You want it, baby boy! Then here it is.'

Brian quickly pushes his large 8'inch dick inside of me.

'YEAH!' I screamed at being fucked like a slave-dog by a white man.

'Yeah, can you take it, boy?' Brian asked as he stirred his pink dick inside my dark hole.

'I can take it. Fuck me!' I bravely responded ignoring the pain.

As his hairy pink balls slap against my ass-my 7.5' dick is readying to explode.

'Ow! Oh Brian! Your dick is so big!' I cried in pleasurable-pain.

'What's wrong? You said that you could take it. Don't be a kid,' Brian teased.

He pushes his dick deeper/Deeper/DEEPER inside of me.



Instantly-Brian continues to stand on the floor as I kneel in front of him.

I eagerly suck his dick-swallowing my crumbs of shit off his beautiful 8inch pink piece.

'Come on, little man. Suck my dick.'

I feel honored to suck the putrid smell off my master's dick. All I want is to please.

'I'm going to cum!' he yelled.

Soon, Brian's cum floods my throat.

YES! I screamed inside as I finally taste a white man's wet pour into my throat.



'Janal-Hey Janal' a voice said ending my fantasy.

'Are you ok, Janal?' Brian asked.

'Oh, hey Brian. I must have daydreamed. Sorry about that.'

'Its ok, Your furnace is working fine,' Brian said.

'Oh. Great. Thanks.'

My heart sinks as Brian leaves. I really thought I was swallowing Brian's nut.

I sit on the bed feeling depressed-but incredibly horny.

Unzipping my jeans-but still clothed, I pull out my phat 7.5 black cock.

I lay my back on the bed while I fondle my piece making it HARD.


Closing my eyes, I imagine Brian fucking me with my childlike legs resting on his broad shoulders.

'Yeah, Brian fuck my black ass,' I whispered.

I hear Brian's balls tapping on my ass.


My tight ass squeezes Brian's dick while he fucks me harder-Harder-HARDER.


Brian's green eyes watch my small black body squirm.


He looks at me coldly-hungrily-as I pinch my nipples.


'You are a nasty little boy,' Brian said.


'Yes. Please fuck me harder. Please.'


'Fuck me Brian. Please cum in me!'



I open my eyes as I prepare to blast off.

'FUCK ME! FUCK ME!' I moaned as cum spurts out of my phat black cock.

'Owww!' I whimpered as my heart steadies-and my body hungers for more.

But, there is no more. Matter of fact, there is no one here-but me all alone.

I clean the cum off my dick with a t-shirt. Afterward, I zip my jeans closed.

I am tired of cumming alone. When will I have a chance to please a man-or to be pleased. I do not care if he's white/black/brown/red. I just want a man to love-fuck me.




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