Last night, I had my first wet dream.


How sad is it to hear that an 18 years old college junior still has wet dreams?

But that's my life. And to make it worse, I look like Emmanuel Lewis.

Just like Webster, I have a 4'-3' height, ebony complexion, wavy hair, brown eyes, and cute dimples. Also, I have no facial/chest/pubic hair.

'Janal Fitts, you are just a 10 year old boy acting like a man,' my inner voice said.

Sigh. Only my phat 7.5' black cock tells me that I am a man.


Anyway, back to my story.

I dreamed that I am studying Chinese Philosophy in my school's library.

Suddenly, I notice sexy ass Khalil Jackson sitting next to me.


On my 1st day in school, I met Khalil. Within seconds of our introduction, I fell in love.

Khalil is unlike any man that I have ever met. He is smart/sexy/secure in his sexuality.

I love his bushy mohawk hair, brown eyes, slender build, and juicy dick sucking lips.

Despite my admiration for this man-I have never said a word.

I am so afraid of his rejection. However, in my dreams, I can live out my fantasies.


Inside the study lab, I am surprised to see Khalil's brown bedroom eyes staring at me.

I immediately notice that Khalil is naked.

My mouth waters from seeing Khalil's stiff nipples protrude from his brown hairy chest.

'Hi Janal, can you help me,' Khalil said while holding his rock hard black dick.

Damn, he has to have 8.5 inches, I imagined.

I lick my lips, then I lower my body to the floor.

'I always knew that you wanted to suck me dry,' Khalil said from above.

Unexpectedly, he slaps his hard cock on my cherub face-causing pre-cum to rain on me.

'Eat my cum, Lil Nigga,' he ordered.

I hungrily open my mouth as Khalil's cum splatters on my forehead/eyes/cheeks/mouth.

'You ready, Lil Nigga. You ready to suck my grown man's dick'

'Yes, daddy,' I moaned.

Khalil harshly pushes his black pistol down my delicate throat.

He laughs when I choke on his hard cock.

'What's wrong, Lil Nigga. You can't take it?'

He's laughing at me-I hate it when people laugh at me-I will teach him.

'You just caught me, unprepared. Bring it, daddy-I'm ready,' I responded.

With that, Khalil holds my head and begins to mouth fuck me.

'Ugh! Ugh!' he whined as I slobber on his black tool.

I shove his dark piece down my throat until my lips kiss his balls.

'Damn, Lil Nigga. I didn't know that you could get down like that,' he praised.

That's right, Big Dick Daddy. Just because I am short, does not mean that I am innocent.

'Swallow my knob, man,' Khalil said.

I delicately rub his hairy nuts-causing Khalil to roll his head in pleasure.

'That's right, Lil Nigga, suck my grown man's dick.'

I know that Khalil is ready to cream when he pulls my head updownupdown on his shaft.

'Uh! Ah! AHHHHH!' he screamed.

Tasting his sweet-salty cream, makes my body tingle in estacy.

I feel more like a slut when Khalil spreads cum on my full brown lips.


Instantly, I lay face down on my dorm room's bed.

Khalil's wet tongue plunges inside of my dark asshole.

'Your ass tastes so sweet, Lil Nigga,' Khalil said between munching on my booty.

'Owww! Fuck me, Khalil. Please fuck my ass,' I begged.

Instead, Khalil's tongue continues to tease my dark hole.

I bite my pillow as Khalil's tongue drives me insane with pleasure.

'That's right, Lil Nigga. I'm going to make your ass wet for my cock,' Khalil said.

'Oh! Oh!' I moaned.

Slowly, I rub my 7.5' black dick on the bed sheets as he makes me wet.

Khalil surprises me by pulling my ass cheeks open-his tongue pierces my dark eye.

From feeling this incredible pleasure, I sway my dick in the bed sheets.

When Khalil's left index/middle finger probes my asshole, I can no longer hold back.

'Oh Khalil! Yes Khalil! YEEESSS!' I whimpered.


'Get on your knees, so that I can fuck you,' Khalil ordered.

While I am not new to taking dick-I am scared of Khalil's 8.5' blunt monster.

'Please be gentle, Khalil,' I muttered.

'Shut the fuck up! I know you want this dick.'

With that, Khalil slides his blunt tool inside of my dark cheeks.

OH MY GOD! I screamed inside as Khalil's big dick strangles my tight asshole.

'Yeaahhh Lil Nigga! Your ass is tight!'

Oh shit! This man is going to kill me.

'Why you trying to run away, Lil Nigga. I thought you were ready.'

As Khalil holds my hips steady-forcing me to take his cock-I grab a hold of a pillow.

'I'm going to bust your ass wide, Lil Nigga. You hear me? This ass belongs to me.'

I bite on the pillow as Khalil's black dick stabs my booty hole.

'SLAP!' was the sound that Khalil's right hand makes spanking my sensitive ass.

'HMMPH! HMMMPH!' was the sound of my muffle protest.

Still, Khalil keeps fucking me with deep/long strokes.

'Stop trying to get away, Lil Nigga,' he said while crushing my ass.

Khalil will not be satisfied until I cry-but I will not give him the satisfaction.

'Give me that fucking ass, boy!' he ordered.

Knowing how much Khalil wants my toddler body-I feel a fire ignite inside of me.

'I see you, Lil Nigga. You finally getting used to my dick, aren't you?'

In response, I circle my hips on his large bone.

'Yeah, Khalil. Fuck me!' I wailed.


Khalil lays on top of the bed as my booty rides his cock.

'Yeah, Khalil. Give me that dick,' I moaned.

My ass rapidly bounces on his dick.

'That's right, take this dick,' Khalil said.

He grabs my ass cheeks, so that he can grind his big dick inside of my hole.

'Now you taking the dick, baby.'

I lay my body on his chest, allowing Khalil's hard dick to throttle my once tight hole.

'It feels so good, daddy,' I said.

As we passionately kiss, Khalil's dick fills my miniature booty with his gigantic pole.

'That's right, Khalil. Make love to me.'

Instantly, Khalil flips me on my back.

'AWWWW!' I yelled in pleasurable pain as Khalil child molests me.

I rub my dick as Khalil's hard cock glides inside my ass.

'Can you take it, Lil Nigga? I told you that I was going to bust you wide,' he teased.

Although Khalil's black cock is huge, I love how he fucks me.

'Don't stop. Please don't stop,' I cried.

I hold my legs in the air-giving him better access into my asshole.

'That's right, give me that ass!'

From jerking my cock in a steady rhythm, my 7.5' dick is ready to blow.

'PLEASE FUCK ME! YEAH!!!' I screamed.

My water gushes on his chest-yet, Khalil continues fucking me harderHarderHARDER!

'Tell me you want this nut, Lil Nigga!'

'Yes! More than anything, I want you to nut inside of my ass.'

Khalil grabs my shoulders while his dick bludgeons my ass.

'DAMN! I'm gonna give it to you, baby! You ready?'

'Yeah! Hell Yeah!'

'Oh shit! OH FUCK!!!!!!' Khalil screamed as his cum thunders inside of my hole.


My dream was so hot, I thought while laying on sticky bedroom sheets.

Thankfully, I do not share my room with anyone else.

As if on cue, my bedroom door opens.

A cute brown skin guy walks in. Hmm...Have I met him before?

'Oh, I'm sorry,' he said then closes the door.

I quickly dress so that I may investigate this stranger. We meet in the living room.

On sight, I marvel at this guy's beauty.

He has a shaved head, hazel eyes, even brown complexion, and large bubble butt.

'I'm your new roommate, Donald Jones, Jr. You can call me, DJ.'

'Cool. You know you look so familiar,' I said with intrigue.

'I was a student here for a minute, but I left to care for my parents,' he explained.

As we conclude our conversation, I cannot help but feel smitten.

Nonetheless, I am in love with Khalil-and it's about time that I told him.


After a quick shower and change, I leave to meet Khalil in the school's study lab.

There, I see Khalil reading an advanced statistics book.

Just as I am about to move in closer-DJ walks into the lab.

'Hi roomie,' DJ greeted me.

'Hi,' I responded.

Surprisingly, DJ continues walking until he stands next to Khalil.

Khalil looks away from his book to see DJ.

In a flash, my heart breaks from watching DJ and Khalil share a passionate kiss.

What the hell is going on?

When the 2 finally come up for air, Khalil smiles at me.

'Hi Janal. I didn't see you standing there. I want to introduce you to my boyfriend-DJ.'

Instantly, I remember where I saw DJ. On Khalil's dresser there is a picture of the two.

I thought that was his brother-not his lover.

'I missed you so much,' Khalil said to DJ.

As the 2 smile in love-I shrink into a world of empty expectations.




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