After shooting his load on to the professor's face that had told him the Chad was at a naval base in San Diego, Jake's mood hadn't improved. Up until just then, Jake had wanted to get his cock back into Chad's holes and to talk to him about what was going on. But now his mood was turning into anger, anger at Chad for being away so long and not taking care of him plus anger at all faggots in general.

Why wasn't Chad always available to service him and why hadn't he found another cocksucker as good as Chad so that he could just forget about him and the kiss he had given to him. Fuck Chad, he could fall off the face of the earth as far as Jake was concerned.

Even though he had fucked the gymnast in the training room and dropped the load of the prof's face Jake was still horny, as usual. When he got home he didn't see his mother's or father's cars. He was hoping his brother, Chris, was at home. Jake bounded up the stairs and found his brother in his room doing some homework on his computer wearing just a pair of boxer briefs. Chris would be finishing high school at the end of this semester and he had just turned 18. Chris wasn't as big as Jake's 6'2" muscular body, so as far back as he could remember, Jake could take him at any sport or any other physical activity. Jake found out that was helpful this past 8 months, when Jake couldn't find someone to fuck or blow him he could come home and make his brother give him a blow job.

Today was different, Jake was so mad he wanted to fuck someone and fuck them hard. The gymnast had just ridden Jake's cock, Jack wanted to be in charge now and he wanted to hurt someone and hurt them bad.

Chris looked up when he heard Jake come in his room. He saw that Jake had a crazy look in his eye. Chris cowered in his chair and Jake strode over.

"Get up asshole."

With a tremor in his voice Chris said "Why, what's up?"

"Just get your ass out of that chair." Chris didn't move so Jake grabbed him by the arm and yanked him out of the chair and then threw him face down on his bed. Jake ripped Chris's underwear off of him. He unzipped his pants and stepped out of them, there was no underwear to remove since Jake always went commando so that people got a better idea of how big his cock was. Chris tried to get up and Jake pushed him back down and spread Chris's legs. Jake started to beat his cock to get it to its full length and girth. Chris knew what was going to happen and started pleading with his brother not to fuck him.

"Stop whining, everyone who I've fucked has loved it and you will too. Then I'll have my own little faggot. You already suck my cock and now you're going to take my cock up your ass."

Chris struggled to get to the drawer of his nightstand where he kept a bottle of baby oil for when he beat off. "Please use this" he begged his brother. Jake spread his brothers legs farther and pushed an ass check to the side than then squirted the baby oil all over Chris's hole.

"Is that good enough for you baby brother." It was said with scorn. "Get ready cause your older brother is going to teach how to get and give a good fuck." Jake aimed the head of his cock against his brother's hole and then rammed it all the way. Chris screamed and Jake put his hand over his brother's mouth. "Shut the fuck up." Jake slammed into his brother over and over and over. Chris was surprised that his own cock started to grow. The way that Jake was pounding his ass caused Chris' cock to rub against his bedspread. Even before Jack had cum Chris shot his load all over his bed. The pounding continued.

"Little brother, tell me that you like it. Tell me that I've got the best fucking cock in the world. Tell me that no one can resist my cock. Tell me that everyone should be on their knees waiting their turn to feed on my cock. TELL ME!" Between his own moans, Chris did say all those things. Jake gave out a primal yell and filled his brother's ass with his cum. He pulled his cock out, wiped it on his brother's ass, grabbed his pants and stormed out of his brother's room.

Jake realized that fucking his brother hadn't improved his mood. Still with no pants on he went down to kitchen and got one of his parents' bottles of vodka, took it back to his room and started drinking. While he knew he could call up one of his bitches or go to the park, neither of those ideas were overly appealing. Yes, either would tell him what a great cock but he needed to do something different. He wanted someone who really appreciated his cock and showed it, not just someone who wanted to suck him off because he had a big cock. He wanted someone like Chad. Where the fuck was Chad?

After a couple of drinks of vodka Jake realized that he didn't need Chad. What was Chad other than a hot mouth and ass? He was sure he could find someone as good as, no make that better than, Chad. Someone else who would know how to treat his cock right. Someone who would know how to give him the respect he deserves by being there when he needed them.

After a few more drinks Jake thought he remembered something he had seen in the bathroom stall in the basement of the library. It was something on-line like cruising now or cruising for sex. It was some website. Jake got on his computer and tried to find the website, finally he hit on something about guys looking for guys right then, it also had a list of places were you could find guys who were looking for cum like in the park but there was also section that told you how you could turn on your video camera and beat off and guys would contact you. In his inebriated state he thought that could be fun. Put a camera focused on his cock and let all sorts of men look at it and see who really wanted it.

Jake took off his clothes and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked better than he thought he usually did. Broad shoulders, great arms, big pecs, six pack and the cock of death. He laughed to himself for thinking about that.

He angled the camera so all that was showing was his cock. He put in whatever code the website said he needed to put in and then he saw his cock on the screen looking even bigger than it usually did. All of sudden message boxes started appearing on his screen.

Beat you cock for me

Stroke it

I want to taste your cock

Feed me stud

All these messages got Jake going. He started stroking his cock and more messages started popping up on his screen.

I wanna watch you cum

Will you fuck me

Let me come ride that monster

Can I meet you

Show me your abs

While Jake kept stroking his cock he moved the camera so more of his body showed on the screen. Yeah, let's give these faggots a show.

God, I wish I was there with you, I'd suck you good

Fuck me, please fuck me

Jake was getting into this. He had no idea how many guys were watching and getting all hot and bothered by his cock but it was turning him on. He decided he was going to give them a show. He raised the camera a few more inches and slid his chair back. Now whoever was watching could not only see his cock and abs but also see his pecs. While still stroking his cock he started to move a hand across his pecs, that let the viewers also see his guns. He started wondering how many guys were watching him, hundreds maybe even thousands all getting off seeing his cock and god like body.

The vodka was getting the better of him. He decided he was going to shoot for the audience. He leaned back enough so that his cock was sticking straight up. A few more jerks on his cock and he shot a load straight up into the air.

That was fucking awesome

Save some for me

I want a taste

You're one fucking hot dude

Now that he had cum what could he do to keep them all watching him? He had an idea. "Chris, get your ass in here."

"What do you want jerk."

"I want your mouth on my cock, I'm putting on a show for a ton of men."

Jake could hear his brother's footsteps getting closer, "What the hell are you talking about?" When Chris got in the room he knew right away what was going on, "you're fucking kidding me?"

"No man, these guys want to see what a great cock I have so I thought I would make them happy. Come here."

"I don't want to show my cock on-line, that stuff stays out there forever."

"I don't want you to show your cock and I sure as hell don't want you to show your face, I want them focused on my cock." Jake shut off the camera.

Where'd you go

Bring that cock back


"Get between my legs and face my cock but get low, out the shot." Chris did what Jake told him to do. "Now don't turn toward the camera, just do what I want you to do. Got it?"


Jake turned the camera back on and the messages started again. Jake started to stroke his cock again. He took his hand of his cock and told his brother "start licking up my cock." Chris did just that. Licking up one side and down the other.

Shit I wish that was me

Yeah man, eat that cock

Lucky man

Jake raised Chris' head so that he could take just the head of Jake's cock in his mouth. He put his hands on each side of Chris' head and started to lower him down on his cock. Since Chris had been blowing Jake for a while he was good at swallowing Jake's cock. Jake started sliding Chris' mouth up and down his cock.

God that looks tasty

Can I be next

Fill his mouth and then fill mine

Just as he was getting ready to come, Jake pulled Chris' head of his dick and started to beat his meat again. "Chris, turn slightly to the side and open your mouth." Chris did it, keeping his full face out of the range of the camera but so his mouth was there. Jake moved slightly so his cock was aimed at Chris' mouth. When the pic was set up just right, Jake let loose with his 5th load of cum for the day, getting most of it in his brother's mouth. Jake turned off the camera. What was the old saying, 'leave them wanting more."

Jake woke up with a killer hangover. When he made it downstairs he found that his parents and Chris were already gone. He poured himself a cup of coffee and remembered what had gone on last night. While it was fun showing off his cock and part of his body to who knows how many fags on-line it really didn't make up for having someone swinging on his dick and really appreciating what they were getting. His brother just didn't count.

He remembered seeing on the cruising site that there was a section about places where fags went to get cock. Maybe he should try that, get some guys to really treat his cock good. Fuck, if Chad wasn't around he had needs that needed to be met.

Jake went back on the site and saw that there were a couple of places close by that he could probably find some cocksuckers. Each of the places noted indicated that they had glory holes. Jake liked that idea. He wouldn't have to look at the faggots as they took care of him, he could just feed them his cock and then move on to the next mouth.

One of the places was a dirty bookstore that he actually had been to when he was looking for some lube that one of his girlfriends had said was good. It seems that there was a back room where you could watch videos and get a blow job. The other place was a bathroom at the mall. Jake decided he would visit both places and get a couple of fags to take care of him.

Jake showered and trimmed himself up. He checked himself out in the mirror and liked what he saw when he flexed. He decided he was going to blow off his classes today to hit both spots. He put on one of his tighter pairs of jeans to make sure everyone could see the size of cock he said. He put on a button down shirt and rolled up the sleeves so that they were tight across his biceps. He might have done something different if he had known that Chad was back from San Diego, but he didn't.

He had read on the site that lunch time was a good time to go to the bookstore since that's when a lot of businessmen came looking for cock. He sort of liked the idea of having someone like his dad down on his knees sucking on his cock. Fuck, who knows maybe his father would be there. Now that would be funny, it would show that his father really was a pussy who let his mother walk all over him.

Jake got in his car and went to the bookstore since it was almost lunch time. When he pulled into the parking lot he saw that there were a number of cars. He went into the store. There were definitely not anywhere near the number of people in the store as there were cars outside. When he looked around he found that there was a swinging door, like those in old fashioned westerns, that went into another part of the store that he hadn't seen the last time he had been there.

He went toward the door when the clerk called out to him "you need to buy some tokens first." Jake thought why should he have to buy tokens, the guys who were looking for cock should have to pay and he should get in free but he went and bought the least amount possible. He walked through the swinging door into a dark hallway with doors. Above the doors were lights that were either red or green. There were some men in business suits walking around. As they passed Jake they looked directly at his cock. He also noticed guys who were more his age that were just leaning against the wall. He knew right away that he was better looking than any of them. He even checked out their crotches and knew he was hung much better as well. Several of the guys gave him nasty looks as he went by.

Jake noticed that the businessmen would walk by one of the guys, step into a booth while looking back at the guy then shut the door and the red light would come on. Sometimes the hot guy would enter the booth next door and the red light would come on. Jake looked into one of the empty booths and saw that there were glory holes like he had seen in bathrooms he had visited.

Since some of the younger guys were looking kind of cocky Jake decided to out cocky them. He unbuttoned his shirt so that he was showing his abs and pecs. The businessmen started paying more attention to him. One businessman kept walking past him, looking at his crotch and then up into his eyes. Jake didn't move, he stayed in one place and let the businessmen come to him. He started to rub the bulge in his jeans and that seemed to get him even more attention.

One of the businessmen stopped in front of Jake and asked if he had a cigarette. Jake told him no and then looked away. The businessman reached down and fondled Jake. Jake pushed his dick against his hand but didn't look at the guy. The man nodded his head toward a stall and then went in and the red light came on. Jake didn't move, he wanted to make the guy work for it. The light went from red to green and the businessman came out and looked at Jake again. Jake looked straight ahead. The man walked away. Another businessman came up and rubbed his hand across Jake's crotch as he went by. All the attention was getting to Jake, his cock started to grow in his jeans which resulted in even more attention.

Jake saw that someone new had entered the hallway. He wasn't a businessman and he wasn't like the guys like Jake that had been standing around. It was a guy who looked about college age since he was wearing a State t-shirt. He had dirty blonde hair and a bubble butt. He was a couple inches shorter than Jake and probably weighed about 20 or 30 pounds less that Jake. The guy walked by Jake and looked his square in the eyes and then went into one of the booths and the light turned red. Jake decided that he would go into the booth next door to see what would happen. As he entered the booth and dropped some coins he could see the guy looking through the hole. Jake thought it felt like déjà vu. He pulled out his cock, stroked it a few times and then stuck it through the hole. He felt a warm mouth engulf his cock. He felt the tongue start to work the underside of the head of his cock. He pushed more of his cock through the hole and the guy moved back. What the fuck? The guy moved forward again and the guy tried to take more cock this time but Jake could hear him gag. Finally the guy got off Jake's cock and just started to stroke him. Jake pulled his cock back and shoved it back into his jeans, left the booth and left the store.

Jake drove over to the mall and found the bathroom that had been on the site. He stood at the urinal waiting for someone to come in. A couple of men came in and took a piss but then left. One guy took the urinal next to Jake's and looked down at the cock in Jake's hand. Jake didn't like the way the guy looked so he stepped closer to the urinal blocking the guy's view who zipped up and left. God, there were faggots everywhere and yet he didn't feel like feeding any of them his cock. After a little while longer he put his cock back into his jeans, left the mall and drove home.

God damn it, where the fuck was Chad?

Be Well,


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