Jacob the hot assed twink has now left his past back and is now decided to move forward, towards a new beginning. He has left towards a new city in search of job and in search of a new life. With only 100 dollars to his name and with a jeans and short shirt as his clothes to wear he moved on to the new beginnings. The painful happenings of his life has left him hurt and broken, but he decided to start afresh his life.

But Jacob little did he knew that his new start of life is derailed and this new city will have more new to offer him.

Jacob has now turned 22 the most sexy and the twinky age and he looks a hot twink, with his sexy lips and deep eyes and an ass to die for, his ass has turned more hotter and fit, it's just the perfect ass with the right amount of plump flesh. His face has now the perfect look of a grown up adult, with his well trimmed beard and trimmed moustache he looked extremely hot and spicy. His muscled has also developed and it also was kept in good shape. And his muscles looked perfect, not too much pumped and not too less. He had the perfect hot muscular body.

And his belly button has also got more rounded and it looks deeper and deeper, and looked sexier. Whoever saw the bellybutton felt an unknown whirlpool which just attracted towards his hot navel and his navel hole.

And the most important of all was his ass which has become more big rounded and well bubble butt which is just perfect, and with the hot ass fucking he got earlier his ass has become more big and rounded. And to top it all he wore always low waist jeans with his underwear waist band above his jeans level, and his jeans were so low that half of his sexy ass spilled out of the waist of his jeans, which was so tight and low. ________________________________________

The new city life is quiet tough, the expenses are very high and he got a rented flat from Mr. Jeff a 60 year old bear looking old man.

Mr. Jeff looked like a huge bear with his big belly and huge figure, he had a grown up moustache and he is too fat and out of shape. Jeff is very strict about the flat rents and he gives no compromises in rent, which means tough business ahead. Well Jacob found his way struggling ahead, to find a new job. But he never got any and he hardly had any cash to recharge his mobile.

The following day's things went more out of hands when he was left starving without any cash even to afford a burger. It was then he saw an ad in a newspaper which told a gas station needs an employee there. Luckily he got the job. The salary was less but still he got some meager cash to recharge his mobile and buy some food. Salary was on daily basis. And with the meager salary he fought his way to save some money.

As he has to pay his rent but he soon realized that he will not able to save his cash as then he will left with nothing in hand. It was then he grabbed a job as waiter in the nearby country club. He did the waiter job at night shift and did the gas station job at day time. The country club was a cheap club and there were only 3 waiters and he was assigned with the night time serving.

The waiters were not given any uniform and the only uniform given was a low waist tight jeans with no shirt, this was the attire of all waiters there. This was a way to attract men towards the club. Here also salary was on daily basis and sometimes he used to get some tips. The club was a senior citizen club and the men who came there were all above 50 years of age. Jeff was also a usual visitor there. Jacob did his level best to save the cash and he almost got the rent but unfortunately he lost his purse somewhere and along with it he lost his hard earned money.

It was soon Jacob got famous among the old perverted men of the city. Jacob got famous with his low waist jeans and his hot waist and navel button and his hot hungry ass.

That night is the last date for him to pay rent and it's a Friday evening with not much people in the club. Jacob had no idea of how to face Jeff the next day. And its night 11'o clock, he is preparing to go home, and the next day he shuddered to think the way Mr. Jeff would his kick his ass out of the home. But it's his entire mistake that he has lost his earned rent. Jacob was in the locker room all alone and he was getting ready to leave.

He was removing his jeans as there are no more people left in the club. Jacob is now nude with his erect cock. He felt horny too as he has not even masturbated for two months due to the tough new city life. He felt too broke with his miseries he has left behind and with the new tough life which he don't know where it will take him and above all he felt so damn horny. He deadly felt in need to feel a huge cock inside his hole to abuse his ass and plough his tunnel. He felt to get raped without any lubricant up his ass by some drunkard or any drug addict this night, and with the unfulfilled desires he held the locker door and arched his ass mounts back and imagined a huge daddy cock ploughing his hole and using him.

It was soon Mr. Louis came in, the owner of the club. And Louis was shell shocked to see Jacob like this. Louis was another old hot dog at the age of 50 and he had a crush on Jacob when he walked around in his low waist jeans.

''Jacob I think you need to stay some longer this night as there are no more waiters left'' said Louis. ''but sir there are no more men here all have left'' ''yes I know that but Mr. Jeff has come in and he is our regular customer so you got to attend him''

Jacob was shocked again as Jeff is his landlord and if he sees him then he will ask about the rent. And he had no other way other than to stay some more time to attend Jeff. He felt his cock going down. Louis felt like he hit a jackpot by seeing Jacob fully nude. Jacob then had an idea why doesn't he ask Louis to lend some cash.

Well Louis never knew that Jacob's land lord was Jeff. ''Mr. Louis can you please lend me some cash I need it badly as I have to pay the rent tomorrow.'' And he explained the whole story how he got lost his purse.

Jacob was still nude in front of Louis with his prick now gone down. Louis was scanning the hot body of Jacob, his hot red lips, his trimmed beard, his well rounded deep belly button and hot navel. His erect hot nipples and well trimmed pubes.

'' well Mr. Jacob I know that it's so sad that you lost your purse and your hard earned money. But what will you do for me, how can you help me if I give you money.'' ''Mr. Louis you don't need to pay me for the next one month and like wise cut that much of salary from me'' said Jacob. But Louis was not satisfied. He looked with lust at Jacob.

''ok boy lets make a deal, you know am profit minded always, and you also know the pathetic state of our club. If I can get some rich people as my permanent members and get them to sponsor for the well being of my club I can get this cheap country club more famous and that means more cash and more cash means you will also be benefited only you'' ''I do not understand sir''

'' I will explain boy; you will be paid well with a descent cash if you do good work. And I will lend you your rent also tonight, I will give you the money you need, but you must do what I want you to do.''

''yes sir anything for cash'' ''that's my boy. Now what you have to do is to get your tight ass hole fucked by Mr. Jeff, you have to seduce him with these hot butts, and then Jeff will become our permanent member and he is rich that means I can get some more cash, and if you do it I will give you your rent tonight, after all you have a hot hot ass'' and Louis just squeezed Jacobs tight buns, with a perverted horny smile

Jacob had no other way and he thought that it will be a good way to fuck his life ahead, and an easy one.

And tonight he is horny too and he got to work hard all night over the pool table with his hot tight butt to get his cash. And he never told that it was Jeff his land lord to Louis as he had more brilliant plans.

So why not get his horny ass to get fucked, and more over jeff is a bear and he loves bear old men, and surely jeff has a huge pole somewhere 10 inches and he loves huge poles up his tight hole.

Louis just patted Jacob's nude ass ''what are you thinking get in business'' ''yes sure Mr. Louis and I think I can get a permanent job here with good salary right'' and saying this Jacob lightly touched Louis's hot daddy cock. ''oh you sluttish boy you are not new in this business right, well I will make sure that you get more than you bargained for you get your cash and a free fuck up this hot arse with my cock also. Now get that old Jeff's cock up this hole. Then it's my chance and you will get a good salary here and a fuck from me also''

''yes Mr. Louis I love night duty and I love to get barebacked and I want you also to breed my hole, you don't know Mr. Louis how sexy you are and am damn horny tonight, I just need a fuck up my hole'' ''yes my boy I promise to fuck you every night, I just want you only you, but unfortunately I cannot fuck you first, but its ok business is important, and me too my boy your ass is the most sexy thing on earth''

''And to be in business you got to sell what you have right Mr. Louis '' ''yes my boy'' and Louis gave a hard smooch on Jacobs lips. And Louis left the room.

Jacob had but another plan, he will seduce Jeff and get his cock up his ass instead of the rent and he can get the cash from Louis and he can keep for himself. Jacob looked at the time and its half past eleven.

He soon wore his low waist jeans without his briefs under and wore his pants so low that even his ass cuttings were visible. Jacob was so very cunning to get these two old men to fuck him and get his life and some cash, after all its just business and he is loving this business of getting fucked up his ass which is his jack pot, and he ahs to do when he has it.

And his cock is having a hell hard on and with trembling legs he walked towards the pool table where Jeff was seated, and he was also trembled to think how long is this night with the two terrible cocks that will go up his ass hole tonight which will tear his hole and reduce him to a sluttish horny dog...........................

To be continued.......................................



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