My name is Julian and am 57 years of age. My wife died before 30 years and since then i had to take care of my only daughter Amanda. and now ahe is married and is working abroad. Last week i recieved a letter from her husband telling that he will be comming to live with me. My son in law's name is Jacob and they had a love marriage and i was happy with it. But the only saddness was my lonliness. after her marriage i was left lonely. I am a retired military officer and i am i perfect shape. I had thick and fat body with a thick moustache and was tall and built. and my asset was my restless cock. I need to take care of it but not able to do it since the last 25 years. And the most darkest part i am a gay.

Jacob, my daughter's husband is 25 years of age and he is not so close to me and he stood at a distance with me in relation. and one fine morning he came and we hugged. i was at that time getting ready for the gym as i run a local gym and i do work out. 'so how was the journey my son' i asked him. 'it was all fine sir' 'sir dont call me sir, call me dad' 'dad, tahks for letting me call like that' and there were tears in his eyes' 'why son why are you sad' 'you know i am an orphan and till now i had never known the relation of a father' 'it's ok i love you as my own son' 'so wahat's the plan for today' 'nothing dad but i have a plan for next week, i hope we can go for a tour, to any lonely place where we can discover ourselves, i mean a change from the work' 'ok son i agreed' and jacob also joined me to the gym.

But what is this all about Jacob was dressed in his blue jeans and a shirt. he is in a good shape but his ass i could not control my sexy feelins about him. he had a huge ass. I cannot control my wild mind and dreams about him it feels that i must tear his ass with my 12 inch military cock. I am sure his ass is dead tight but i want to get him. But at the same time what of him, he loves me as a father and is the husband of my daughter. But i am a gay and i cannoit control my wild dreams and i just hope that he could also be gay. Nad than his golden words sounded on my ears 'we can discover ourselves' yes i want to get a piece of that ass at any cost.





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