My group was on a meeting and I felt like they are not talking about the business I felt like they are talking about the party on Monday, I saw my closest friend Notter who was good looking, has a dark hair and had a perfect shape of body.I remember when we are high school, sometimes we are finished in the training and touching each others cocks but of course we're at the shower room already holding each others cock.His cock is long and mine too.I feel my cock getting hard in remembering those high school days.

I'm Ryan I'm 20 the cock master in my group the best jacker in my group, and the best blower in my group.

I'm inside the house talking with Notter about the high school days we had.'Man!!!My cock is getting hard.'When I heard him, my cock gets hard a little bit.I stroke his cock saying 'You shouldn't say that....'And I felt his cock harder and harder.And later he pulled me inside my room and undid his pants and shirts.And he told me to strip my clothes so I strip my clothes and my boxers.I saw my cock long and thick I smiled to Notter and I saw his boxers there was a shape of his cock bulging and I pulled his boxers off and saw his cock,his long cock and I jack him a lot,until he moaned loud and there was cum shooting in my face and lick it,it was hotand he pulled me into him and kiss me and licking my face to taste his own cock.'Tastes good'And he stroke my cock and jacking my cock and I moaned loudly and I felt my cock shoot.





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