One day when I was 12 I was in the 5 or 4 grade I was lookin out the window and ms. Lauren said class we have a new student this is jack the class said hi jack he was so cute he had green eyes and had dark brown hair he sat in the back of the class later when I was 15 we became friends I noticed some times he would look at me different I would just ignore it I didn't have much feelings for him anymore I got out from eating lunch we had a big fight over a girl named jennie he moved to beverly hills all I could think about was him I rembered the first second day he was at skool he sat by me he gently tapped my shoulder and said hey can I borrow a pencil I said sure I kept thinkin about him til I was 18 I almost forgot about him then one day I was in class and my pencil droped then I rembered jack I wanted to cry how could I forget my first crush I kept asking my self I went home and my mom said you have a letter from a kid named jack turner I ran down the stairs in exciment I opened the letter it said dear Rodrico I'm back in town and want to see I you want to hang out love JT I almost past out from excitment then it said ps rod he would call me rod we need to talk I said uhoh I thought that he hated me then I said wait if that was true why would he put love JT we went to mcdonalds I felt a tap on my shoulder I froze then I heard a rough ruged voice hey can I borrow a pencil I looked and it was jack he smiled his smile was soooo hot he was tall dark and sexy he said hi

Hi I told him

We shook hands

How have things been jack said

Fine I replied

Oh he said the pops came I went to go get them he said I want coke ok I said then I felt it that peercing stare he looked at me in such a intence but sexy way I said oh my god is he checkin me out I got the pops and sat down

he said the reason why I came out here is I saw you on the cover of an magizene

Oh I said the mag was me in my underware on a rock

He said you've been workin out huh

I said yes of course I droped my phone as it rang I felt that stare again I got up and said so what's new with you

Nutin he replied with a grin

I said what's so funny he just stared at me in a few seconds we ate our sandwitches and we went to a store called rush he looked at the clothes earlier he said he was gonna take me to a party we picked out clothes and paid and left we went to my house and he saw the letter he sent me on my desk I said I'm gonna jump in the shower k he said k I just turned on the water and looked out through the crack of the door he was searching my room he looked at a used condom I had under my bed he said dam it he's seeing some one he got a paper and wrote that he was gonna leave I ran In the shower and wraped a towel around me then I ran out and cought him at the door where ya goin I said

I'm....... he kind of sounded sad he went and sat on my bed

He said the whole reason I came out here was to have a realtion ship with you

I stood their in awe I sat on the bed and told him you still can but why are you leavin he got the used condom and said

this is why I said that was from this moring that I jacked off he kised me on the neck I looked at him and said jack I'm still a virgen he looked at me and kised me more we went to the shower holding hands he took off his cloths then kissing me on the lips the neck the shoulder then he took off my towl he took me by the hand to the shower where he let me touch his big brown dick he said you know after this things will be different I said yeah I know he opened my butt and said gently I hope you like this he put his dick in me and it felt like my but split in half I kinda scram he said do you want me to stop I said no he pumped my but nice and easy until he came he moaned ahhh after our 5th time of sex we went to bed I woke up with me layin on his pecs I said good mornin sunshine he kised me on the for head we got up and got dressed we began to kiss as I wraped my hands on his neck he put his hands on my waist as we layed in bed talking about old times he reached over and kissed me he said I love you rod I kissed him and said I love you jack we huged and kissed for hours he said do you rember the day we fought I said yeah on my birth day he pulled out a note writen in his 15 year old hand writing it said dear rod I was wondering if you want to go on a date or somethin

I said wow that was a long time ago he kised my fore head and said I know I looked at him and he looked at me he said I love you rod I said I love you jack

The end if you liked this story all of it was true thanks 4 reading it



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