Several readers have emailed me asking to focus more on Jake. While Jake continues to make appearances in Chad's diary as their relationship evolves I thought I would share Jake's perspective about what has transpired.

What the fuck just happened? Jake thought to himself while he was sitting at a study carrel in the library. Did I just really call that faggot 'babe' and kiss him? What the hell is wrong with me? Jake thought he remembered maybe calling him 'babe' a few other times, most recently in Mexico.

Just a few minutes ago he almost killed a guy for having his dick in the faggot's mouth. Why the fuck should I care? Who cares who that faggot sucks? Had he really said 'your mouth and ass are mine and mine alone', what the fuck did he mean by that??

Since Jake first realized that he really was good looking and had a really large cock he thought of himself as hot shit. He excelled at every sport he played. Every girl he wanted would spread their legs or open their mouths or both just to have some of what he had to offer. Every morning he would get up and look at himself in the full length mirror in his bedroom. He liked what he saw, a 6'2" stud with muscles on top of muscles. He would even lightly stroke his cock to get it as long and thick as he could without cuming. He didn't need to beat off, he could always find someone to swing on his cock. When he couldn't find a girl to take care of him he found out that there were men in the park close to his house that wanted to take care of his cock. He also found out that his younger brother would suck his cock because he worshiped him. Christ, it was even reinforced in bathrooms, all he had to do was pull his dick out and some guy would let him know that they wanted to suck it. Some of his friends said any guy who let some other guy suck his cock was a faggot too, but Jake didn't see it that way. He wasn't gay, he just liked putting his cock in any moist hole, he didn't suck cock and there would never be a time that someone was going to fuck him.

As he was having these thoughts he absentmindedly started rubbing his cock through his blue jeans. Just thinking about having something warm and tight around his cock was such a turn on. Jake gave his head a shake but he couldn't clear his mind, he kept thinking about how good that faggot, Chad, made him, no made his cock, feel good.

He remembered seeing the faggot on the first day of classes. He was walking with some of his jock friends and he saw the guy checking him out. He remembered calling him faggot as he walked by. Later that day he had gone to the bathroom in the basement of the library because he heard you could get a quick blow job there if you were lucky and guess what, the faggot he saw earlier in the day was there. The faggot had done a great job on his cock, better than any of the other guys who he had fed his cock to, and definitely better than any girl had done. He told the faggot to be back every Monday to take care of him. He would stop by that bathroom whenever he had a chance and got lots of blow jobs but none as good as that first faggot had done.

A few weeks after school had started there were try outs for the baseball team, of course Jake was the captain of the team. He couldn't believe it when the faggot had shown up to try out. He actually thought the fag did pretty well but there was no way that a cocksucker was going to be on the team so he black balled him. The fucking coach must have felt sorry for the fag because he made him the team's assistant manager. He found out that the fag's name was Chad Cartwright.

Later, in the locker room, he fucked the fag but the little fucker had balls, he shoved a jock in Jake's mouth and told him that he would let everyone on the team know that he was a faggot if he ever treated him bad again.

For a while Jake tried to be nicer to the dude but he just couldn't keep it up which came out on a road trip for the baseball team. While they were on the bus Jake fucked Chad in the bus bathroom but then he ended up finding out that the star pitcher, Grant, had also fucked him to show the fag that he was a better fucker than Jake was. It bothered Jake that he had inadvertently let an opposing team use Chad for sucking and fucking because his team lost the game. Not only should Jake's team have won the game but he didn't like the idea of other cocks inside Chad. He also showed up at a bachelor party of a friend's brother to find Chad there sucking cocks from behind a wall. He only wanted Chad's mouth on his cock.

Jake kept thinking that nobody was a better fucker than he was. He even proved it one day in the locker room shower when Grant and Jake had both fucked Chad and Chad agreed that Jake was the better fucker.

Jake knew that Chad liked to be fucked quick and hard, so just to make Chad suffer he started to tease Chad's asshole with his cock and do little thrusts instead of the hard deep ones that he thought the fag liked better. Yeah, he knew how to keep his bitches in line.

It bothered Jake that he kept thinking about Chad and it was making him crazy. To try to prove to himself that it wasn't Chad but just that the fag was a guy who knew how to blow and fuck better than any other fag he had found. He started going on line to find out what he could about where fags hung out so that he could find someone that was better at sucking cock or getting fucked than Chad.

He found some ads on line that said if you wanted fun to show up at a certain time and certain address and just come. That sounded like Jake's kind of place. He went to one of the addresses at the right time and went through the door that was mentioned in the ad and he saw a wall with a hole as he closed the door a cock came through the hole. No fucking way was he going to suck some dude's cock, however, he was curious to get a better look at someone else's cock, mostly to prove to himself that he had the better cock. He got closer and he heard someone say, "touch it." Out of curiosity he did. It felt different than his, it was spongier and not as veiny. When he realized what he had just done he bolted.

He found listings for a couple of gay bars on the north side of town. He decided he would go and see if he could find someone who could do a better job of making his cock feel good than Chad. The first bar he went to was a dance club. Using his fake ID he got in and ordered himself a beer. He leaned up against a wall and he found out he was like a magnet. All these swishy guys came up to him and wanted to talk. Some even had the balls to grope his crotch and try to kiss him. None of them were anywhere near the kind of hard body that Chad had. Chad was really in great shape for being a fag. When Jake went to the bathroom he was followed in by a group of guys that just stood around and watched as he took a pee. He stepped back to give them a bit of a show and he could hear some of them sigh at the sight of his cock. He went into one of the stalls to see if anyone would follow him. They lined up outside the stall and he ended up getting two pretty decent blow jobs but nothing like what Chad could do. He had to push some of the guys out of his way when he left the bathroom. He didn't stay much longer, it didn't seem like there were any guys at the bar that he would like to fuck.

The next bar he read about was called a leather bar. He thought he might be able to find some fag closer to the kind of body that Chad had that he would like to swing on his cock. When he walked in he could feel the testosterone in the bar, it had the feel of being in the locker room, something that he felt very at home in. About a third of the crowd was very muscular guys very much like Jake but wearing some leather, either vests, jackets or just straps around their chests. The other two thirds were a lot like the guys that had been at the other bar, they just were following the masculine guys around trying to get their attention.

Jake went up to this buff guy at the bar. Although he was taller he had the same coloring and body type as Chad. He decided he wanted to meet this guy. He offered to buy the guy a beer which was accepted. They shot the shit for a while talking about sports as they each drank another beer. Jake got the feeling that the other guy was getting closer because he could feel the heat coming off his body and his masculine scent. The guy kept putting his hand on Jake's arm and even squeezed his biceps a few times. Jake was at a lost on how to ask the guy if he wanted to suck Jake's cock. What he decided to do was to start rubbing his crotch to try to get the guy to know what he wanted. The guy didn't seem to care but a couple of the faggots nearby noticed and kept smiling at him. The guy Jake was standing with just gave the other guys the evil eye and they moved on. Without any preamble the leather guy took Jake's hand and put it against his own crotch. Instead of pulling his hand away Jake kept it there and felt the warmth coming off the guy's cock. The leather guy started moving Jake's hand all around his bulge and with the other hand starting to feel Jake's ass. Jake was caught up in the moment and realized he enjoyed feeling the outline of the guy's dick and liked the feeling of the guys hand on his ass. Through his alcohol hazed mind it was just proving to Jake that he had a good body that someone wanted but then like a lightning bolt he realized he was feeling up a fag and that same fag had his hands on Jake's ass. Without even saying goodbye Jake left the bar.

When Spring break started Jake's parents wanted him to come down to Rocky Point with them. They didn't want to leave him alone in the house afraid that he would throw a party. He didn't want to go, especially before he saw Chad again. He was desperate for a blow job from him. He was pissed when they left. When they got to Rocky Point Jake wasn't able to figure out where to get a blow job when they got there, so for a couple of days he actually had to beat off which he hadn't done since he was about 14 and started getting girls to suck him off. While he was beating his meat he kept thinking about Chad which freaked him out. To keep his mind off of the fag he started walking around the beach. He saw that there were men that were walking to and from an area of dunes and rock outcroppings. He decided to check it out and found a lot of guys that would suck him off. Even though a lot of fags wanted his cock and did a decent job on getting him off all he could do was think of Chad.

When he ran across Chad and his fag friend, Patrick, he was really happy but he couldn't let Chad know. He told both Chad and Patrick that they needed to work his cock over. When Patrick got close to his cock he told him to get away, he really only wanted Chad on his cock. Chad did just that, he worked Jake's cock just the way Jake liked it. Chad even let Jake watch as his cum hit Chad's tongue and watched as he savored each drop. Jake told the faggot Patrick to get lost. Jake then pushed Chad on his back and slid his cock into his favorite ass. Chad was begging Jake for his cock, as it should be. Chad kept saying he wanted it harder and deeper, that's when Jake called him Babe and then shot his load deep into Chad's ass. At the same time Chad shot all over Jake's chest. When Jake realized what he said, he jumped back and told Chad to lick his cum off of his chest.

Before he left Jake ordered Chad to be back the next day so they could fuck again. Jake walked away thinking only about Chad. When he and his parents' left Rocky Point, Chad was the only thing that Jake could think about. He had a hard on all the way home.

He needed to talk to Chad. He needed to understand what was going on. When he was back on campus on Wednesday he was going to find that faggot and let him know that he was nothing to him, just a hot mouth and ass. Yeah, that's what he would do, he would make sure the cocksucker knew his place. Yeah and that he should only service him from now on, no other guys. Yeah, he'd make that very clear but that there was nothing else between them. Yeah, that was it. Or was it?

Little did he know that Chad was out of town for a week.



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