In the days following the night that he had seen Chad at the restaurant and made him give him a blow job and then had gone to Grant's and fucked the hell out of him, Jake was in a funk. Even his parents were worried about him. He didn't go to classes, he had already stopped playing for the baseball team, and he just sat in the family room watching TV. His Dad tried to talk to him but Jake just kept shutting him down.

Jake's mind was just all jumbled. What had made him say to Chad that he'd never see him again? He knew he wanted to see Chad again. He knew that no one took better care of his cock than Chad did. Shit, he was even starting to like the guy, even though he was a fag.

Why had he been so mad and upset that he went to Grant's place and fucked him? It didn't make him feel any better, in fact, Grant was a lousy lay. He didn't know what to do with his ass to make him feel good. Why was everything falling apart around him?

After a couple of days and after a lot of nagging from his Mom, Jake got out of bed one morning and took a shower. When he was done he looked at himself in the mirror, as he often did, but this time it was somehow different. He didn't focus on how his muscles looked or how big his cock was. Instead he looked himself in the eye and tried to answer some of the hard questions that had been bothering him.

Though he would never consider himself a faggot, he knew that he cared more about Chad than he had for anyone else in his life besides his family. The guy was a pain in the ass but whenever he looked into his eyes he saw that Chad cared about him. There had even been a few times that Jake had kissed Chad in the heat of some of their sex. He'd never felt like this with any of his girlfriends throughout high school and junior college. Jake felt like his head was going to explode.

As Jake stood there and thought about Chad, thought about his mouth and thought about his ass, Jake started to finger his growing cock. He looked in the mirror as his dick got harder and harder. Is this what Chad saw? Just a hard body and a big dick? Or did he really see something more than that, is that why he would show up now and again and let Jake use him?

The more he thought about Chad the faster he stroked his cock. In his mind he could smell Chad's hair and the cologne he always seemed to have on. He saw his head swinging from his cock. He saw the small mole that was on his right shoulder that Jake could see when he was fucking him and how he had licked it a few time. He thought about how Chad's body felt when they were together. The heat that would come off of it. The way Chad's ass fit his cock like they were meant to be joined. Jake shot a load all over the mirror he was standing in front of. What the hell was happening? He just had to think about Chad and he'd blow a wad?

As his cock softened Jake's mind turned. Why wasn't he good enough for Chad? Why did Chad let other guys fuck him or let him blow them? What did they have that he didn't have? In his mind, nobody had a better cock than him.

As his anger built his thoughts turned to Grant, that piece of shit. He realized while he didn't enjoy fucking Grant he did enjoy making sure Grant knew that he, Jake, was #1 and not the other way around. He was the best baseball player. He was the better looking. He had the better cock. But most importantly, Chad had said he was the better fuck.

Jake didn't know what he was going to do but he knew he had do something. The first thing he had to do was go back to campus and try to find Chad. He had no idea what he would say or do but he knew he had to do something. Classes would be over in two weeks and after the ass he made of himself at the restaurant, he may never see Chad again. Even though they were both going to State it was a big school and their paths might not cross.

Jake finished getting ready and headed back to campus.


For the next week, every afternoon, Jake would go to the bathroom in the basement of the library hoping to find Chad there waiting for him, but he never showed up. A couple of guys even came on to him in the john wanting to suck his dick but he just walked away.

He thought Chad worked somewhere on campus but he didn't know where. He didn't even know Chad's last name to try to find him that way.

He knew, of course, that Chad was the assistant manager of the baseball team but he couldn't bring himself to show up in the locker room or at one of the games because he didn't want to run into Grant. He was afraid he might actually try to kill him.

Toward the end of the week, and after the baseball team had won the semi-finals, Jake ran into one of his buddies from the team. His friend told him about the deal Grant had made with the team, that for every one who got on base, Chad would give them a blow job, and for every homerun they could fuck Chad. Jake wanted to punch his friend but couldn't let on that he gave a rat's ass for Chad. He did say that Grant was an asshole and his friend agreed but that he had to admit that Chad did have a pretty fine mouth. Jake held himself back for the second time.

As he walked back to his Audi, Jake didn't even notice all of the girls that were trying to get his attention nor the couple of guys who were checking him out. Jake slumped behind the wheel of his car. He had no idea what to do.


Jake woke up the next morning with an idea. Since the baseball team was in the championship game that weekend he would go but stay out of sight as much as he could. Since Chad was the assistant manager he was sure he would be there and that he could figure out a way to talk to him without Grant or any of the other players seeing him. On Saturday morning Jake went out to his car for the two hour drive to the game feeling better than he had in days.

The closer he got to the game the hornier that Jake got. Not only was he going to see Chad, he was sure that Chad would want to fuck around. Jake couldn't remember the last time he had gone so many days without getting laid or having someone give him a blow job. He rubbed the growing bulge in his jeans for the last couple of miles.

Jake arrived at the field where the championship was being held after the game had already started. From off to the side of the field he looked for Chad but didn't see him. While the team was on the field, Jake snuck into the locker room to see if Chad was there, but he wasn't.

Jake went out and stood under the stands listening to the announcer call the game. He realized he may never see Chad again. His sadness grew into anger. Anger at Chad, at Grant and everyone else who had been with Chad. Then his anger turned on himself, how the hell could he care about someone who he hardly even knew and was a fag no less? As he had done so many times before he told himself that he didn't need Chad, that Chad meant nothing, that he could get whoever he wanted and that was exactly what he was going to do.

As Jake was getting ready to leave he noticed a guy come down from the seats and go under the bleachers. The guy dropped down on the ground Indian style. He looked at lot like Chad, same size, similar coloring and wearing what Jake considered Chad's uniform, a t-shirt and jeans that showed off his ass.

Not seeing Jake, the guy pulled out a joint, lit up and took a long drag. Jake was still so horny he wondered, since this guy was about the same size as Chad, if he ass would be similar. Jake walked over to the guy.

"How about sharing that joint?" The guy raised his eyes and let them move from Jake's face down to his crotch. He handed Jake the joint who took a long hit and then passed it back to the guy.

"What are you doing down here instead of watching the game?"

"Some of my friends who like baseball wanted to come to the game and talked me into coming. Someone just broke up with me and my friends thought it would cheer me up. Baseball is so boring." There was a lengthy silence as the two men passed the joint back and forth until it was gone.

Jake took a step forward and took a stance so that his package was prominent. "That sucks bro, but you're good looking, you should be able to find another chick soon."

The guy looked up into Jake's eyes. "It's not a girl I want." His eyes moved backed to outline of Jake's cock.

Jake had decided he wasn't going to just take this guy. He wanted this guy to beg for it, to love his cock as much as Chad did. "Gay, huh? That's cool. I know a couple of fags, uh, sorry gay guys." Jake adjusted himself.

The guy couldn't take his eyes away. "Have those guys ever given you a blow job?"

"Sure, when I let them."

"Would you let me, it's been a couple days since I've had some."

"Go for it, dude, glad to help you out."

The guy moved from his sitting position on the ground and rose to his knees. Jake didn't move making the guy have to move forward on his knees. Jake's arms hung by his sides, he wanted the guy to work for it.

The guy leaned forward and rubbed his face against the outline of Jake's cock, then he started chewing the denim covered outline. After the guy had done that he unbuckled Jake's belt, opened the button and then pulled his zipper down. The guy slowly pulled Jake's jeans down almost as if he was opening a present.

When Jake's cock popped free the guy just stared at it. He put his hand under it and seemed to be weighting it. "It's beautiful." Jake thought "damn right it is."

The guy wrapped his fingers around the shaft just below the head and pulled it toward his mouth. He kissed the tip of it then began to lap it with his tongue. Jake wanted to put his hands on the guy's head and force his cock past his lips but he held off. No, this was supposed to be like Chad worshipping his cock.

As the guy took the head of Jake's cock into his mouth, Jake closed his eyes and imagined that it was Chad. While the guys mouth was warm and his lips gentle against his cock it just wasn't Chad. Jake pulled his cock out of the guy's mouth and put it back in his jeans, zipped up with difficulty and buckled his belt.

There was a questioning look in the cute guy's eyes. "Sorry bro, I gotta go." Jake turned and started back to his car.


Jake slammed his hand against the steering wheel of his Audi. There was something seriously wrong with him. He just had some guy worshipping his cock and he walked away before getting off. It all came down to it not being Chad.

Jake leaned his head back against the backrest and closed his eyes. When he did he saw Chad's face in his mind, not just his mouth or his ass; no, it was he eyes he saw and his crooked smile and the way he looked at him. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Jake didn't know how long he sat there but at one point he heard a cheer coming from the baseball stadium which indicated that the game must be over. He really didn't care who won. In the scheme of things, baseball just didn't seem important. He continued sitting in his car just thinking about his life and what the future may hold.

As he was just getting ready to start his car there was a knock at his window. He turned his head and saw it was that prick, Grant. Grant was moving his hand indicating that Jake should lower the window.

"What do you want, you piece of shit?"

"Whoa, whoa, I come in peace."

"What do you mean?"

"I saw you come out of the locker room, so I knew you were here somewhere. We lost by the way. Probably would have won if you had been playing."


"Seriously dude, don't you think it's time we buried the hatchet? For the last two years we've been at each other's' throats and for what? To prove we were better than the other guy. Shit man, we've tasted each other's cum because we are assholes. We're going our separate ways in a week, why not just end the bullshit."

Jake just stared at Grant.

"Come on, its time. Some of the team have decided to stay the night at a hotel near the highway. We just want to drown our sorrows and have a few laughs. Join us."

"I don't think so."

"It's just a couple of beers, what have you got to do that's more important to spend one last time with the team?"

"What the fuck, ok."

"Follow me."

Jack followed Grant's car to a convenience store. They went in and got a couple of cases of beer and then headed back out ending up at an old Holiday Inn that still had exterior doors to the rooms. Jake noticed the cars of some of the players as they walked up to the room.

Grant knocked on the door with his foot since he was carrying some of the beer. One of the players that was more a part of Grant's crew than his own opened the door. He took the beer and stepped out of the way. As Jake walked into the room he saw four other guys that were all close to Grant.

"Where's the rest of the team?"

"They went back, only we stayed."

Two of the guys grabbed Jake's arms. Jake kicked out but their grips were too strong to break free.

Grant spoke up "If you make any noise, I swear I'll cut your balls off." Grant got up in Jake's face. "You've been a pain in my ass since the day I met you. I can't fucking stand you. I told these guys that you weren't really the stud that you play that you are. I told them you were just a faggot just like Chad. Now that the season's over you can't go running to the coach."

"If I'm a faggot then I'm just the same as you." Looking at the other guys Jake said "Did he tell you I've had my cock up his ass and he liked it."

"Don't listen to him, he's a fucking liar. Get him out of his jeans." While still being held tight by two of the guys, two of them got to work on removing his jean. Jake struggled but they finally got his jeans off.

"What should we do first boys?"

"I think we could all use a blow job."

"Tie up his wrists and ankles. We wouldn't want him to leave before we've had our fun." The two guys who had pulled his jeans down got some rope and tied his hands behind his back and then trussed his feet together. They pushed him to his knees. Jake tried to get back up but his balance was all screwed up because of the ropes.

Grant was the first one to pull out his cock. "I've wanted you on your knees in front of me since the day I met you." he moved closer and swung his cock, smacking Jake in the face. "Now you are going to suck my cock and be the little faggot that we all know you are." Jake clamped his lips shut. "Oh come on you pussy, take my cock or we could just mess up your face a bit. Jake opened his lips and gagged when Grant shoved his cock in. "That's it, doing just what a good cocksucker should do."

Grant put one hand on the top of Jake's head and pulled his mouth farther down his cock. The other guys had taken their cocks out and stroked them while they watched their former captain impaled by Grant's cock.

"I think it's only fair to share." Grant pulled out of Jake's mouth and one of the other guys shoved theirs in. Jake thought he had each guy in his mouth two times before they all had pulled back. "Just like we talked about guys, cum all over his face. They all picked up the pace of their stroking and one by one they shot their loads all over Jake's face. The cum burned his eyes. Com was dripping from his nose and stuck to his hair. "Someone get a picture." Cell phones came out and Jake could hear the clicks of pictures being taken.

"What now guys? Do you think we should fill his ass with our cum? Mark him our bitch?" The rest of the guys mumbled their approval as they all continued to finger their cocks. "Untie his feet but keep his hands tied." When that happened Jake tried to kick out again but it just resulted in them pushing him onto the bed. It was uncomfortable to be on his back with it pushing down on his hands. Two of the guys had grabbed his legs and were holding them tight.

Grant turned to two of the guys and said "move him so his ass is on the end of the bed and then pull his legs up and back". Grant's boys did what he told them to do without question. Grant stepped closer and spit on Jake's ass and in his own hand. He used his spit to lube up his cock and then he rammed his cock into Jake's ass. Jake started to yell but one of the guys put a hand over his mouth. Jake kept moving his head but the guy kept his hand just where it was.

"How does it feel to be fucked by a man, faggot?" As Grant hit Jake's prostate over and over Jake's cock started to get hard. "Look boys, he likes it, Jakie likes it." Grant had a cock almost as big as Jake's and he was so rough that Jake didn't even care when the other five guys dumped their loads in his ass.

When they were done, the six guys sat around and talked about how hot Jake's ass was. Jake just laid there, he didn't want do anything that would make them do it again.

After a while Grant untied Jake's wrists and said "I hope I never see your sorry ass again. Feel free to stay in the room, it's already paid for." The six guys took what beer was left and exited the room laughing.

Jake lay in the bed wondering if this is what Chad felt like when he treated him rough. If he ever did see Chad again he would have to apologize. Jake closed his eyes and fell into a troubled sleep dreaming about Chad and what had just happened to him.

When he awoke in the morning he jumped in the shower and then dressed in his dirty clothes. Jake went down to his car and headed home. It hurt to sit in the car. Even with everything that had happened, Jake realized he was hungry and needed some coffee. He noticed a truck stop and he pulled in. He took a seat at the counter and placed his order.

As he sipped his coffee and waited for his food he noticed that there was a stream of guys that were going into the john but then coming right back out. The guy in the seat next to him turned to him and whispered, "Those are some disappointed guys."

"What are you talking about?"

"They probably heard about the two guys that were here yesterday sucking any cock that they could. They were pretty good too, never had a blow job like that before. I was lucky, I got mine before the cops showed up."


"Where did they take them?"

"Probably to the next town down the highway, they have a jail there."

Jake jumped up before his food arrived and ran out to his car and sped out of the truck stop.


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