Jake and Grant starred at each other from both sides of the motel room door. "What the fuck are you doing here asshole?" Grant asked. Grant was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs that left no doubt about the size of Grant's cock.

"I could ask you the same dick wad."

Jake and Grant had been rivals for several years. Even though Grant was the star pitcher on the baseball team, Jake had been elected team captain which really pissed Grant off. They were always in some sort of competition. Grant had fucked Chad twice and had made Chad blow him a time or two to prove that his cock was bigger than Jake's and that he was a better fuck. Chad had set Grant straight by telling him that Jake was better in both categories. To humiliate Grant, Jake had even forced him to drink his cum.

"We don't have anything to talk about. Now, get lost, my girlfriend is on her way over."

Jake knew that that was a lie. Grant had invited Jake over, even though he didn't know it was Jake, for some sort of action. Jake decided to go with the truth.

"That's bullshit man, you're the guy that listed himself on Craigslist as 'muscle only' and I responded. I thought you were going to be some dude that wanted to worship my muscles, give me a blow job and maybe let me fuck him."

"Why would you need that? Where's your faggot 'girlfriend', Chad?"

"Shut the fuck up, he's not my 'girlfriend', he's not anything but some holes to put my cock in." Jake felt like he was lying when he said that. Chad was more than just some holes but he just wasn't ready to accept that fact.

They continued to stand in the doorway, muscles taut, ready to fight. Both men stood 6'2" and had very similar musculature. Both worked out regularly and had the muscles to show for it. Since Grant had opened the door with only his underwear on, Jake was reminded how hard Grant's body was. His pecs were well defined and hard. He had an 8 pack and a narrow waist. His briefs were riding low so the top of his Adonis belt was visible. His shoulder muscles were also well defined due to his pitching. He was one of those pitchers that could throw with either arm.

Jake spoke up again, "Why the fuck did you put the ad on Craigslist? Did you like the taste of my cum so much that you need more? You probably wanted some muscle dude, like me, to come over who wanted to have his muscles and cock worshipped. You probably can't wait to have your lips around a cock like mine. Shit, you may also want to get fucked. I'll be glad to help you out."

Grant shoved Jake back out of the doorway, "fuck you motherfucker. Get lost."

Jake lowered his shoulder like a football player preparing to sack a quarterback and pushed his way back in the room knocking Grant on the floor. Jake straddled Grant's chest and started to undo his jeans and lower his zipper. "You want some more of my cock jack ass, I'll be glad to feed you again."

Using a wrestler's move, Grant got Jake off his chest and they started to grapple on the floor. Since they were of similar weight, height and strength, neither of them had an advantage. As they struggled a lamp fell of the dresser. At one point Grant got Jake on his stomach and straddled his ass. Grant rubbed his hard cock against Jake's ass, almost like a dry fuck. He was pushing Jake's shoulders down so Jake was having a hard time breaking free.

Grant said "You must like having a cock in your ass, you aren't trying very hard to get away from me." Grant rubbed with more force. Grant pulled one his hands from Jake's shoulder and tried to pull Jake's jeans down. When he did he lost his advantage and Jake was able to turn himself over. Grant was on his back and Jake was sitting on Grant's cock. Jake's cock was hard in his jeans.

"If anyone is going to get fucked it's going to you but not before you give me another blow job." Pressing his body down on Grant's body he finished undoing his jeans and lowering the jeans. Since Jake went commando most of the time, his massive cock sprung out of his jeans. When he started to move his body so that his cock got closer to Grant's mouth, Grant used it to his advantage and pushed Jake back getting his body free. Grant jumped up and tried to move in such a way to pin Jake again. Jake's adrenaline was pumping so he too was able to jump up. Grant tried to put Jake in a half nelson as they continued to struggle. Jake pushed Grant so hard that when he hit the dresser again the TV fell on the floor shattering the screen. Jake had seen it coming so wasn't surprised but Grant turned his head to see what had happened. When he did, Jake spun him and Grant fell back on the queen sized bed. Once again Jake tried to sit on Grant's chest so that his cock was close to his mouth, but it didn't work.

For the next few minutes they rolled around on the bed, each trying to get on top of the other but they were too well matched. As they struggled, Jake's jeans slide off his ass and were hindering his ability to fight. When he could, he kept sliding his jeans farther down his legs so he could get rid of them so that they wouldn't give Grant the advantage. He was also able to kick his shoes off when Grant had him pinned for a few moments. Finally Jake was free from his jeans so that he was naked from the waist down while Grant was naked from the chest up.

As they continued rolling around on the bed, the phone was knocked off the night stand. The head board also was smacking into the wall adding to the noise of their heavy breathing. Both were swearing calling each other derogatory names.

From the doorway, "Wow, you two must be porn stars."

Both Jake and Grant stopped fighting and looked over at the door. Grant recognized the man as the desk clerk that had checked him in. The guy was maybe 5'11" and about 175 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. He reminded Jake of Chad.

"Guys, I've gotten a lot of complaints about noise coming from this room. It looks like you were not only making noise but you've broken a lot of our property."

Jake tried to grab his jeans but the man grabbed them from the floor. "Not so fast."

Since Jake was proud of his cock, he didn't try to cover up. Grant didn't try to cover up the mound that was obvious in his boxer briefs. Both men started walking toward the desk clerk.

"You guys better stop or I'm going to call the police and file charges against you for damage to our property. If you try to do anything physical, I'll also file charges of assault."

That stopped both Jake and Grant. Both had scholarships for the coming year at State, they didn't want risk losing them. Grant spoke up, "how much do we owe you for the damage, we'll be glad to pay." During the interchange both men's cocks deflated but Jake's still looked huge hanging over his balls and the mound in Grant's underwear was still impressive.

The clerk stepped into the room and closed the door behind and latched it. "I don't want money, I want to watch you guys play around, and just from what I already saw I'm hard as a rock." The clerk rubbed the bulge in his pants.

"No fucking way man, we aren't queer."

"I didn't say you were, but I'm sure you don't want me to call the police."

"We could just beat the shit out of you and leave."

"That won't work, I have a copy of Grant's driver's license that I copied when he checked in."

"God damn it Grant, you really are a stupid fuck."

The clerk pulled his cell phone and started taking a video of the two of them.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Just making sure you do what I say or I'll give either your refusal to the police or I post the video on-line."

"Fuck," Jake looked over at Grant who just shrugged.

"Let's get started. Grant take off your underwear," ordered the clerk. Grant slide his boxer briefs down, freeing his pretty impressive cock, while the clerk took the video. "Grab each other's' cocks." Both men hesitated. "Do it."

Grant and Jake put a hand around each other's dicks. "Move your hands." Both men complied and as they stroked each other both of their cocks started to thicken. "Sure looks like you guys are queer." Both men shot daggers from their eyes toward the clerk. "Now kiss."

"No fucking way asshole, like we've said we aren't faggots."

"Just got that refusal on film. Come on it's just a kiss."

Jake and Grant closed their eyes and leaned in toward each other, still holding on to each other's cocks. Their lips touched but then they both pulled back. "You can do better than that." The clerk brought himself and his cell phone closer to Jake and Grant. "Give him a good kiss."

Both men leaned in again, with closed lips, and held a kiss a little longer. "Open you lips." The clerk had pulled his own cock out and was stroking as he directed the two men. With the camera just inches from their lips, Jake and Grant locked lips again, Jake tried to pull back but Grant put a hand behind Jake's head and held him to his lips. Grant tried to slip Jake some tongue causing Jake to try to break free again but finally surrendered. "Yeah, that's it guys."

Jake was embarrassed to feel his cock growing in Grant's hand. Grant's cock had gotten equally hard in Jake's hand. The clerk lowered himself so that he could take video of the two studs stroking each other then stood up again. The clerked looked at Jake, "you, get on your knees." Jake hesitated, "now asshole."

Jake lowered himself to his knees, hand still around Grant's cock. Grant had to let go of Jake's cock as he lowered himself. "Bring the head of his cock to your lips." Again Jake shot a look of disgust at the clerk but did what he had been told to do. Even though Grant's cock was hard, the head felt velvety against his lips. "Open up." Jake parted his lips and the head of Grant's cock slid into his mouth. Jake had never had a cock in his mouth and wasn't quite sure what to do. He thought about what Chad did to his cock as well as all the other men he had fed his cock to and emulated what they had done. Grant knew what he wanted so pulled Jake's mouth farther down his cock. Jake started to gag and tried to pull back but Grant wouldn't let him, he just kept pushing more of his cock between Jake's lips. Jake's cock was so hard it started to hurt.

The clerk turned the camera toward Grant's face, "tell him what you want."

"I want you to suck my cock," Grant told Jake.

"That was pitiful man."

"Eat my meat you cocksucker."

Jake didn't like being called cocksucker but couldn't say anything with a mouthful of cock. Just as Chad would do, he started sliding his lips up and down Grant's shaft. Jake could taste, what he assumed, was Grant's precum. "Fuck man, your mouth feels so good. Get ready, I'm about to shoot my load." Jake tried to pull away again, "no way faggot, you're going to taste and swallow my cum." A thick load of Grant's seed filled Jake's mouth, again he started to gag at not only the taste but that there was cum in his mouth.

"Open your mouth so I can see the cum on your tongue," ordered the clerk. Jake parted his lips and some cum spilled out. "Fucking hot man. Now let me see you swallow." Jake choked down Grant's cum and then spit Grant's cock out of his mouth.

"God damn, that was awesome," announced the clerk. Aiming the camera toward Jake's cock, the clerk said "looks like you need some relief now." Turning toward Grant, "get on the bed, on your back." Grant knew what was coming and protested but the clerk didn't mind and just kept recording. Turning toward Jake, put his legs over your shoulders." Jake loved to fuck anything so this was easy direction for him to follow. "Tell him what you are going to do him."

Jake looked into Grant's eyes, "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, you son of a bitch." Jake was getting into it. He hated Grant and was going to enjoy fucking the prick, he wanted to hurt him. He had the head of his cock against Grant's warm asshole. Grant's cock was starting to harden again, "you want my man's cock up your ass don't you....you really are a faggot." Jake pushed his cock through Grant's ass lips. Grant screamed. Jake clamped a hand over Grant's mouth. "Shut the fuck up."

The clerk had the camera inches from Grant's hole. "Man, his ass just swallowed the head of your cock." He turned the camera toward the agony on Grant's face. Grant's cock was still hard and was rubbing against Jake's abs as Jake got his rhythm going.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll become a fag boy looking for other cocks like mine but you won't find any better." Grant was fighting against each thrust of Jake's cock which just made Jake fuck harder. Jake was thinking that Grant's ass was almost as good as Chad's. Chad didn't struggle against Jake's cock like Grant was doing. Jake enjoyed being rough and dominating Grant. "I'm going to fill your ass with so much cum that you're going to feel it all the way up to your mouth."

The clerk got another close up of Jake's cock pounding Grant. "No, I want you to pull your cock out just before you cum so I can catch you shoot on the video."

Even though he was struggling Grant must have liked having a cock up his ass because he shot his second load all over his and Jake's chests. When Jake felt that he pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Grant and the head board. When that happened the clerk turned the camera toward his own cock as he shot all over Grant and the bed. "Ugh, fucking A."

Grant had a dreamy look on his face as he relaxed on the bed. Jake said, "I always thought you were a faggot that would like getting fucked, now I know for sure."

As Jake started to stand up the clerk spoke up again, "not so fast, lick the cum off of Grant's body. I want to film you lapping up your, his, and my cum. Even though it made Jake gag again he did what the clerk said to do. He noticed that his cum and the clerk's cum tasted different from Grant's.

When he was done, Jake stood up and asked "are we done here?"

The clerk responded "for now."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"It means, I may get a hold of either one of you or both of you to come back and make another video for me. If not a police report goes in about the damage you caused."

"Whatever," Jake pulled his jeans on, opened the door and walked out. As he looked back he saw Grant grab the clerk's cock and pulled it closer to his mouth.

As Jake walked toward his car he didn't give a second thought to the video.


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