Jake burned rubber as he left Chad and the gas behind at Chad's car. Even though he had told Chad to go ahead and use his holes to please the gas station attendant while Jake went to get some money to get gas to fill up Chad's car, it still pissed him off that anyone but he got to touch Chad. Before he left he had yanked Chad from the car and took him behind some brush along the road. He forced Chad on to his knees and made him suck his cock. He held on to Chad's head, keeping it still, so he could fuck his mouth. Jake had been rough but Chad deserved it. Once he had filled Chad's mouth with his cum he made Chad get on all fours. Jake got behind him, spit on his cock and forcefully entered Chad's ass. Holding on to Chad's hips he continued to slam his cock into his hot, moist asshole. All the while Jake was telling Chad that he was a whore, letting anyone into his mouth and ass so he was treating him like a whore. He didn't give a shit if Chad was enjoying the fuck, Jake was just going to get his rocks off.

As he was speeding away in his Audi, Jake's mind kept returning to Chad. He thought about how perfectly his cock fit into Chad's mouth and ass. He thought about how Chad seemed to worship his cock and treat it like it was supposed to be treated. But he also thought about how Chad didn't listen to him when Jake had told Chad that Chad's mouth and ass were his alone. Since they were his he could give them to other guys but that was it, Chad couldn't service other guys without his permission which he continued to do.

Jake was over it, he was going to find someone else who would worship his cock and make him feel good, he didn't need Chad, there were probably hundreds of men that would service him the way he liked to be serviced. Fuck Chad.

When he got home he went looking for his brother. His brother would give him a decent blowjob. Maybe he would even fuck his brother, yeah, it was about time for his kid brother to really take care of his cock. His brother, however, was not home. It was too early in the day to go to the park and find someone to service him. He thought about going to the glory hole on campus but didn't think there would be anyone around since it was Saturday afternoon.

Just thinking about the options was getting Jake horny. He sat in his room and pulled up some straight porn on his computer. He kept flipping through different videos but the ones that got him going were the ones where the guy was plowing some chick's ass like he did with Chad. Just the thought of plowing Chad's ass made him cum all over the screen of his computer.

Beating off still didn't stop his horniness. He needed to feel his cock in warm hole. He called his girlfriend but had forgotten she was out of town with her mom doing some shopping. God damn it, what was he going to do?

He remembered hearing some of his friends talk about a website called Craigslist where you could find women looking for hook-ups with men. He wiped his cum off the screen of his computer and found the site. There were a variety of choices beyond women seeking men, there was men seeking women, women seeking women and men seeking men. He perused the ads for women seeking men. There were hundreds of them. He narrowed his search down to the part of the city where he lived and there were still dozens. He did run across one that said she wanted to get fucked up the ass. Her faceless picture did show a pretty hot body. Using his phone Jake took a shot of his cock and sent it back to her. Almost immediately he got a response asking him to come over to her house, she said it needed to be quick since her husband would be home soon. Jake got in his car and went to the address she had given him. When she opened the door he realized he had made a mistake. He wasn't sure whose body she had shown in the pictures but it sure wasn't her. He turned back toward his car. She swore at him the whole time until he got in his car and drove away.

Jake almost wanted to jack off in the car he was so horny. When he got home he went back to Craigslist and continued looking through the women seeking men. After his first experience he was a bit leery. He decided to check out the men seeking men section and was surprised how many cocksucking faggots had ads posted. About half of the ads were for tops looking for someone to suck them off or to fuck. The other half were from guys that wanted to suck cock and be fucked, those got his attention. Having some guy get him off would work until his girlfriend got back.

Jake was amazed to see that the ads even listed how long ago the ad was posted. Some of them were just posted in the last hour. Those were the ones he focused on. One interesting one that caught his attention was from some guy who had made a glory hole in his garage. The ad said to just come in and stick your dick through the hole while straight porn was playing on a monitor. That sounded good, Jake wouldn't have to look at the cocksucker. He replied, then the guy replied saying to send a picture of Jake's cock. Jake used the same shot he had used earlier. Almost immediately the guy replied with the address and directions on how to get into the garage from a side door. As Jake walked out to his car he was already getting hard knowing that some faggot was going to worship his cock like it should be.

Jake got to the address and followed the instructions he had been sent to the side door of the garage which was open. As he stepped into the garage he saw the porno playing on a monitor. It was a video of a big boobed woman sucking a cock almost as big as Jake's. A partition was in front of Jake with several holes cut into the wood so that the holes would work for men of different heights. Like the guy had said, Jake just went to the hole that was for his height and stuck his cock through it. Immediately his cock was enclosed in a warm mouth. Whoever was behind the partition put his hand around the base of Jake's cock and slowly stroked the part of Jake's cock that wasn't in his mouth. Jake pushed forward, he liked when Chad had his cock all the way in his mouth and throat, and this guy didn't seem to be able to do it. The guy was good enough to get a load from Jake. Jake pulled his cock back, stuffed it in his pants and headed out of the garage. He heard the man behind the partition say "thank you."

Jake went home, it was about 9 pm and he was still horny. He went back to Craigslist and looked at more ads again. The ones that had been posted in the last hour were:

chill gl guy with great hands awesome touch 36 pic

Masc for masc 26 pic

Looking for hung men 18 to 55 BB Party pic

Use me 25 pic

Bottom for Top - m4m 38 pic

Normal guy here - m4m 29 pic

Get Amazing Head Today 49 pic

White jock looking for a masc black top 30 pic

Bodybuilder / Athletic Type Free Massage pic

a straight hung guy needs a good blowjob - m4mw 25 pic

U down? Te animas? 28

Guys for Muscle Worship! 37 pic


Bottom with simple request - Xtra Large Top pic

Urinal fun 18 pic

Car play 45 pic

No drama / sin complicaciones 28 pic

Muscle only pic

Trying to do this before work! pic

Heavy or a few extra pounds? - m4m 28 (south phoenix) pic

Wanna see me bust a nut? 28 (Your place) pic

Younger latino tops 4 now (i host) - m4m

Jake didn't know what some of the ads meant but he did focus on a few to respond to: "looking for hung men", "use me", "bottom for top", "bottom with simple request - Xtra large top" and "muscle only". Just the ads themselves made Jake hornier. Jake looked at all the pictures and all of them showed asses in the air or the guy on his back holding his legs back showing his ass. Jake replied to them all with the pic of his cock. All immediately replied. Jake asked for more pictures to try to narrow it down. Some looked pretty old, were way to skinny or were more than just a little overweight. Jake didn't realize it but the ones he found interesting were body types similar to Chad's.

Jake decided to go with "use me". Sounded like a guy that wanted it rough and that was just the mood that Jake was in. The guy was staying in a hotel downtown and said that he would have the door to his room unlocked and propped open by the latch. He also said he would be in bed pretending to be asleep and that Jake should just come in and use him any way that he wanted to. That made Jake's cock hard again.

Jake drove to the hotel and went to the room number the guy had said and the door was propped open by the latch. It didn't look like any lights were on in the room so he cautiously pushed the door open. He could see the outline of someone in the bed. Jake quietly closed and locked the door and started taking his clothes off. Then he jumped on the bed straddling the guy who acted surprised and started to protest. Jake clamped a hand over the man's mouth and told him to shut up. Jake moved his hand away from the man's mouth and moved over the man's chest so that his cock was mere inches from the man's mouth. Even though the man was being quiet now he did struggle to get away from Jake's hard cock.

"Come on faggot, I know you want it. Suck my cock." The man continued to struggle. Jake put his hands on either side of the man's head to hold him still. Jake rubbed his cock over the man's mouth. "Take it asshole."

The man tentatively opened his mouth while Jake continued to rub his cock against his lips. The man began to lick Jake's cock as it moved over his lips finally taking his cock into his mouth.

"That's a good cocksucker, take in more." Jake forced more of his cock into the man's mouth. The guy started to gag and tried to pull off of Jake's cock but Jack wouldn't let him. "I know you want it all, stop fighting me." Jake pushed more in while the guy struggled to breathe and get past his gag reflex. "Shit man that feels good, you've got a good mouth. Keep doing a job like that and I'll reward you with a nice, big load of my cum. Only a few guys have ever tasted it but I've spoiled them to anyone else's cum."

Jake started sliding his cock in and out of the man's mouth. "You've never had a cock as good as this have your faggot?" The guy shook his head no. "Yeah, that's right and you never will again."

"Ready pussy it comes." Jake growled like and animal when he filled the man's mouth and throat with his cum.

"You've gotten me nice a wet now cocksucker, show me your ass." The man started to turn over on his stomach but Jake wouldn't let him. "No, pull your legs up and let me see it." The man complied and showed Jake his twitching ass.

"Man, you must really want my cock."

"I don't know if I can handle a dick as big as yours."

"Sure you can, your pussy is just waiting to feel a cock this big." That said, Jake slammed his cock into the waiting hole. The man started to yell but Jake clamped his hand over the man's mouth for the second time. The man's hole felt nice and warm around his cock and Jake enjoyed ever thrust and withdrawal. He was going to make sure that this guy knew what it meant to be fucked by someone like Jake. "Tell me how bad you want it."

"I want your big cock up my man pussy."

"You can do better than that."

"Fuck me with your big cock."

"That's better but I'm sure you can do even better." Jake rammed his cock to the hilt.

"AHHHHHHH....oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Your cock is fucking huge, you're splitting me open. Oh fuck yeah, your cock is awesome."

That's just what Jake wanted to hear. He pulled his cock from the man's ass and started getting dressed.

"What the fuck, why did you stop?"

"I just wanted to hear you say that. I'm going to find a better ass to fill."

Jake left and went back home thinking that the guy's ass was pretty good but not as tight as Chad's. He gave himself a virtual head slap and told himself he had to stop thinking about Chad.

"Muscle Only" grabbed his attention when he got back to his computer. He traded pics with the guy. Maybe if he hooked up with another muscle guy it might be more fulfilling. The guy wouldn't exchange face pics but sent a lot of pics of his body. Jake took a few more headless selfies and sent them along. They agreed to get together at a nearby motel since the guy wasn't willing to host Jake. Jake agreed to meet the guy at a certain time.

Jake drove to the motel and went to the room that the guy had told him. He knocked on the door and Grant pulled the door open.

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