Jake was still in a foul mood. That cocksucker Chad hadn't shown up on Monday to give him his weekly blow job in the basement of the Library. While he was really there for the blow job he did want to talk to Chad about the thoughts he had been having. He couldn't keep his mind off of Chad, Chad's mouth and Chad's ass. He had told him that his ass and mouth were Jake's alone. Now he hadn't shown up, he better not be with anyone else or he would take care of both of them.

When Chad hadn't shown up he had gone to the athletes training facility to work off some of his frustration. For the next hour he did free weights working each of his muscle groups. Even though he was pissed that Chad hadn't shown up he was still going to make sure he kept his body in the form that it should be. Broad muscled shoulders, 32" waist, a great set of guns and legs that were like tree trunks they were so strong. All that with his 6'2" frame and his big cock is how Jake defined himself as the best looking guy at the community college if not in the whole city. He loved the attention he got from bitches and faggots. It just confirmed to him that he was as hot as he thought he was.

It had been a week since Chad had blown him. Each day since he'd found someone to service him. He went to the park near his house to get some faggots to take care of his dick, no, worship his cock. He took a couple of girls out for the sole purpose of sucking his cock. He even got his brother to give him a blow job, it had been a while since he had done that. He even called one of his regular booty call girls so he could fuck someone but when they got together he realized he didn't want to fuck her, so he took another blow job instead. Where the fuck was Chad?

He put his mind back on his work out and did the last series of reps for his pecs. He had taken his shirt off a while ago because it was so soaked with sweat. While resting between sets on the bench he noticed that one of the guys on the gymnastic team kept glancing his way. Jake knew what he was looking at. Before his next set he reached down to pull his jock off his dick and balls, now the outline of his cock was clearly visible in his workout shorts. He did his next set and when he rested again he saw that the gymnast had moved closer to where Jake was working out. Since no one but the two of them were in the training room, he moved his ass around so some of his cock was now visible sticking out of his workout shorts. As Jake was getting ready to do his last set the gymnast came over and said "looks like your lifting some pretty heavy weight, do you want a spotter? Jake thought he was looking at more heavy weight than what was on the bar. "Sure."

The gymnast didn't go behind Jake's head but instead took the non-traditional spotting stance of straddling Jake. Since the gymnast was only about 5'6", his ass was just above Jake's cock. Jake purposely made it look like he couldn't get the bar up. That caused the gymnast to have to squat so he could lift with his legs to help Jake get the bar back up. When he did, his ass grazed Jake's crotch which in turn made Jake's cock grow some more. He did the same thing again making sure the gymnast felt his growing cock now.

After Jake had gotten the bar back in its resting position, he reached through the gymnast's legs and felt up his ass. The guy didn't flinch. Instead of pulling his hand back, he moved the opening of one of the leg openings of the gymnast's shorts and found his asshole just behind the strap of the kid's jock strap, now he knew where to aim. Jake pulled the opening of his workout shorts back so his cock was fully out and aiming up. He stuck his cock through the leg opening of the gymnast's shorts and aimed his cock at the kid's waiting hole. The kid slowly lowered his ass on to Jake's cock while holding on to the bar. The kid starting riding Jake's cock. Jake helped by raising his ass up each time the kid starting sliding down Jake's cock. Jake was thinking that this kid's ass didn't feel as good as Chad's which made Jake angry again. He grabbed the kid's hips and started moving him up and down his cock so that he was giving it to him hard. The kid groaned, this was probably the biggest cock that had ever been his ass and Jake was going to make sure he knew it. He pushed the kid up and down slamming his ass on each downward pull. Jake thought he was going to make the kid pass out but he didn't care. "Take it faggot, take my cock, feel it all the way up. It's so deep in your ass it's probably going to be coming out of your throat." The kid's head rolled back and forth. Finally Jake shot his load up the kid's ass. He had gone so deep that none of the cum was dripping out of the kid's ass. As Jake was catching he breath, he heard "well look who's here, the baseball team's faggot." It was Grant, the baseball team's star pitcher. He had wanted to be team captain but the team had elected Jake instead.

"You fucker, you're just jealous because you probably haven't gotten anything since that time you fucked Chad to prove who was the better fuck. If I remember correctly he picked me."

"I did that to try to prove you're not better than me, but that faggot chose you, there's no accounting for taste is there."

Jake's cock slide out of the kid's ass. The gymnast had glazed eyes and almost look drunk. Jake thought to himself that's what his cock could do just proving the point that he was better than anyone.

Jake sat up. He put a hand on the kid's face and turned it toward Grant. "How would you like a piece of that guy's meat, faggot? You want to suck his cock?"

"No fucking way am I letting some cocksucker put his lips on my dick."

Jake pushed the kid toward Grant as Grant continued to back up. Although Jake and Grant were the same size, Jake was a bit faster. Jake let go of the kid and put Grant in a head lock. Grant struggled but Jake was stronger as well. "Stop fighting asshole or this could get a lot worse for you."

Jake took his free hand and pushed the front of Grant's workout shorts and the front of his jock down. Jake's fingers grazed Grant's cock, which was actually firming up. Jake thought he had never felt another guy's cock before but then threw the thought out of his mind.

"Ok kid, come feed on this guy's dick." The gymnast engulfed Grant's cock in his mouth. Grant moaned. Jake whispered in his ear, "feels good doesn't it, neither you nor I are faggots because we put our cocks in guy's mouths and asses. It's them that are the faggots because we give it to them and they like it. Don't fight it, enjoy it." Holding Grant the way he was, Jake's crotch was against Grant's ass and Jake's cock started to grow again. "Maybe I should stick my cock up your ass, then who would be the team's faggot? The guy who fucked you or you because you let me fuck you." He pushed Grant away but Grant kept his dick in the gymnast's mouth while Jake walked to the locker room.

While Jack was showering he thought about fucking the gymnast, even though he got his rocks off and the kid obviously loved having his cock up his ass, it just didn't feel the same as fucking Chad's ass. Where the fuck was Chad?

After getting dressed Jake thought he would go speak to one of Chad's teachers to see if they knew anything about where Chad was. He realized he didn't know what classes Chad was taking. God damn it. Then it came to Jake that he should be able to get the information from the Registrars' Office. One of the girls that regularly swung on Jake's dick was a student worker there and could probably find out for him. He gave her a call and had to promise to meet her the next day but she gave Jake the information. She wouldn't however give Jake Chad's home address or phone number due to privacy laws.

He went to Chad's math instructor first but she wasn't in her office. Next he went to the Civics instructor's office, again not in his office. Jake just kept getting more and more angry and upset. His next stop was the psych professor who was in the office. As Jake walked in the professor let his eyes wander over Jake's body. He had never seen anyone that had such a good body. Of course his eyes lingered on Jake's crotch and the outline of his cock.

"Hey, I've been trying to find Chad Cartwright. Do you know where he is? Have you seen him lately?"

"I haven't seen him since last week."

"But do you know where he is?"

"Yes, but I can't tell you that, it would be a violation of the school's privacy policies."

Jake had noticed how the fucker had been checking him out. He stepped a little closer. "You sure you can't tell me?"

"Uhhhhh...", he cleared his throat, "no, I can't I'm, uh, sorry. He should be back later this week."

Jake started to rub his crotch. "How do you know that if you don't know where he is?"

"I can't say."

"Oh you can't huh? What if I let you have this?" Jake grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze. "When you open your mouth for this you can tell me, how about that cocksucker."

"Well, we might be able to work something out."

"Good", Jake opened his jeans and pulled out his cock which was spectacular even when it was flaccid. He started fingering his cock. "Where. Is. Chad? Tell me."

The professor licked his lips. "I want to taste it first."

"Ok asshole, get on your knees." The prof drops to his knees and waited for Jake to come closer. "If you want it, crawl for it." When he got close enough Jake rubbed his cock head across the prof's lips but didn't let him take it in his mouth. "Where. Is. Chad?"

"He's in San Diego. Let me taste it please."

"What's he doing in San Diego?"

"I'll tell you after you let me taste your cock."

Jack pushed his cock against the prof's mouth. "Taste it faggot."

The professor licked around the head of Jake's cock. All this time Jake had been stroking his cock.

"Why is Chad in San Diego?"

"He's doing some volunteer work."


"Can I have some more please?" Jake let him run his tongue under the crown of his head. Jake kept stroking.

"Come on ass wipe, where is Chad doing volunteer work?" Jake kept stroking.

"The Naval base."

Shit! Jack shot a load all over the professor's face, stuffed his cock back into his pants and walked out the office door.

Shit! Shit! Shit!


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