Being 16 and grounded on Halloween; Charles Brown, aka, Charlie couldn't have thought of a worse fate. He and his friends had spent weeks planning how they would snatch trick or treat bags from unsuspecting little kids then been the rest of the night watching scaring movies and smoking weed , while devouring their loot. It was pretty lame, but at least he would have been hanging out with the fellas.

You had better not let anybody in this house once I'm gone." scolded his mother for the millionth time, "Maybe a little time alone will help you think about how important it is to keep your grades up." Charlie was so pissed he didn't even bother to tell his mom she looked like a fucken fool in her afro wig and giant hoop earrings, and no one at her office party was going to get that she as going as Cleopatra Jones, and not some random black chick from the hood. Fuck her; she was going to go have fun with her peers and he wasn't.

"Yes Mom."

"I mean it Charlie!"

"Mom, who am I gonna let in; all of my friends are somewhere having fun tonight."

"Well, if you get your grades up, maybe next year you can join them."

"Bitch!" he thought to himself as the door closed behind her. He watched from the window as she backed out of the driveway and down the street to join her colleagues in night of drinking and in appropriate dances and groping that no one in the office would acknowledge the next day.

Not hanging out with his friends would be a drag, but not entirely. After a ten minute grace period to ensure that his mother was not coming back for anything, Charlie turned out the porch light, so no trick or treaters would disturb him, locked the door and headed upstairs to his room for some "special fun"

Unbeknown to his mother and friends, Charlie was a subscribe to the adult entertainment site BGB or Black Gay and Bold, where well built fine assed bothers of various shades sucked and fucked each other to the delight of anyone who dared to log onto the site.

Charlie had just clicked Inch Worm, the featured freak of the day's image, when there was a loud banging noise coming from the back door.

"Retarded ass kids!" he huffed. "No lights mean no goddamn candy; fuck em, they'll figure that shit out cause I'm tryna see Inch Worm do the damn thang."

The banging became so loud it sounded as if someone was trying to break the back door down, as much as he hated to, Charlie knew he had to go regulate shit. Fucken kids! He bolted down stairs and tore open the backdoor only to find darkness, immediately there was a knock at the front door. Pissed off and not taking time to lock the back door, he stormed to front and flung it open to the gleeful cry of "Trick or Treat!"

"Why the fuck was ya'll banging on my goddamn door back door like you crazy?" he yelled at the little princess and two transformers on the porch.

"My kids didn't bang on your back door. "said their mother stepping up to protect them, "We only got here a few seconds before you opened the door"

Charlie didn't know if she was lying or not, he didn't want to waste anymore time; he just wanted to get back upstairs watch Inch Worm bust a nigga's ass open then pump his dick. "If it wasn't you I'm sorry; I'm also sorry, we don't have any candy, could you please pass that on to the other trick or treaters."Without waiting for a response he shut and locked the front door again. "Oh yea." He remembered. "Let me lock the backdoor again." To his complete horror, the back door was already locked. His heart began to race; he knew he hadn't locked the door himself. Someone was somewhere in the house.

He looked around the kitchen and armed himself with a knife. He needed to call the police. Damn his mother! Months ago she decided that it would be cheaper if the two of them just had cell phones and got rid of a land line. She now had his fucken cell phone in her purse while she did the hoochie coochie with some random employee at the fucken office party. The only wise thing to do was leave the house while he could and go to the neighbors and call the police. Just when he was about to go out the back door, he heard a sound from upstairs as if a shoe had been thrown across a room, seconds later he heard it again. Curiosity outweighed common sense, and he abandoned his plan to leave the house and began to climb the stairs slowly. He held the knife tightly in his right hand and tried to control his breathing. He silently prayed that whoever was in the house, it was only one of them and he or she wasn't too much bigger and stronger than he was. Years of running track kept him at a slight 145 pounds. Thankfully there were only three rooms upstairs, his room, the guest room and the bathroom. The bathroom was wide open the lights were on the way he'd left it earlier, he could see from the light in the hallway that it was unoccupied. The guest room and his bedroom were side by side. The guest room was closed and he could see from underneath the door that there were no lights on. The door to his room was closed, but the light he had left on shone from beneath the crack in the door.

"There is no way an attacker is going to hide in a fully lit room." He told himself. "At this point, the smart thing to do is lock myself in my room until he's gone." He slowly turned the knob to his room door in case he had been mistaking about where the intruder was hiding. With knife held firmly, he flung his room door opened. His heart nearly stopped for the second time that night.

On his bed, buck naked and stroking a dick so thick and long, Inch Worm would hide his face in shame was his best friend KeeSawn Anthony.

"Damn Nigga," moaned KeeSawn, "I thought you'd never bring your ass upstairs; dick or treat Charlie, I'm bout to give you both."

That's what's up." Said Charlie stripping out his clothes, He and KeeSawn had traded blowjobs in the past, but it never went any further. Charlie had always wanted to take things to the level it was about to go to, but was scared to make the first move.

Charlie began sucking on KeeSawn's sweet caramel colored dick, made all the sweeter by the precum that all ready begun to drip. KeeSawn, maneuvered, Charlie onto his back, spread his legs wide and began to eat his ass like it was his favorite Halloween candy. Charlie's back arched as KeeSawn's thick tongue moved deeper and deeper into his tunnel of love. Just when Charlie though there could be no greater pleasure, KeeSawn, began sucking on his rock hard dick while fingering him at the same time. The first finger had Charlie damn near scampering up the headboard, the second finger, which came moments later combined with KeeSawn's expert cock sucking had him in tears and sputtering incoherent phrases. When KeeSawn's whole fist was in his ass and twisting around, Charlie screamed like a tortured Halloween spirit brought back from the dead, and filled up KeeSawn's mouth with more cum than he knew one guy could produce in a single nut busting.

"That shit felt good?"Asked KeeSawn after swallowing the load.

"Mhmm." Moaned Charlie

"You gonna give me that ass now, nigga?"

Charlie answered KeeSawn by throwing his legs up giving him access to his waiting hole.

"That's what's up." Said KeeSawn reaching over onto Charlie's nightstand and removing the bottle of lube Charlie had intended to use for his solo act. He liberally lubed hid dick until it stood its full eleven inches,

"Goddamn!" shrieked Charlie, his back bowing from the shock of KeeSawn's entry. KeeSawn was not the first dick to go in Charlie's ass, but by far his was the biggest, and the way he was laying it in ,was starting to make Charlie think it was the best. Before long Charlie was throwing the ass just as KeeSawn was throwing the dick.

Charlie, who loved to ride dick, forced KeeSawn over onto his back, so that he could have the pleasure of Charlie bouncing up and down on his piece. KeeSawn underestimated how skilled his boy was, he completely thought that he would have to do all the work, but the way Charlie rode his dick slowly while tightening his asshole with every stroke, KeeSawn knew he was dealing with a pro.

"Hell yea." He encouraged smacking Charlie's ass "Bounce on that shit nigga; make me bust."

"Hell nall." Said Charlie stopping mid bounce. 'You ain't busting shit til you tap this ass doggy style!"

"Oh it's like that?" smiled KeeSawn

"Just like that."

KeeSawn forced Charlie into the doggy position and proceeded to plow into his ass. The bed began squeaking as if it were being torn apart. Charlie began screaming as if he were being torn apart. Even KeeSawn was producing sounds he wasn't used to from the pleasured of Charlie pushing his tight wet ass against his big hard dick.

Without even touching himself, Charlie busted for a second time flooding his comforter. He could feel KeeSawn's dick head pulsating and knew he was going bust soon.

KeeSawn knew from jacking off and trading head with Charlie that he was into super soaking. Charlie laid flat on his back while KeeSawn stood up over him on the bed and shot his load up and down Charlie's hot body.

"That's what's up!" they both panted as KeeSawn collapsed onto the bed next to Charlie who had begun rubbing KeeSawn's love lotion into his skin.

"Damn nigga where you learn to throw ass like that?" asked KeeSawn.

"Probably the same place you learned to throw dick."

"BGB website." Smiled KeeSawn. "I was just planning on scaring you when I snuck in, but when I came upstairs and saw how you was entertaining yourself, a brother got hella horny, and figured my dick's just as big as inch worm; why not give you the real thing."

"This is the best fucken prank anybody's ever played on me; damn that was good dick."

"You want another go round." Asked KeeSawn, his dick starting to pound erect again.

"Chill." Said Charlie. 'My mom will be back soon, but we will definitely be doing this shit again."

"My folks are going to be out of town all weekend."Said KeeSawn gathering his clothes.

"I'll be off punishment by Friday." Smiled Charlie.

"That's what's up!" they both said exchanging a fist pound. Once KeeSawn was gone, Charlie couldn't resist jacking off while showering.

It had been the best Halloween ever. Not only had his best friend laid a fuck on him to rival anything seen on BGB, in a few short days he'd be able to do it again over a longer period of time.

"That's what's up." Smiled Charlie as he went to sleep thinking of all the nasty shit he and KeeSawn would do over the weekend.

The End



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