Is Evil born or created? After I tell you my story, you tell me.

I was the youngest of 4 children. I had 2 older sisters and one older brother. I now think that I may have been a mistake because I was 10 years younger than the youngest of my sisters who was closest to me in age. When it came to us kids, my brother was the pride and joy of my father no matter how much trouble he got into, and he got into a lot of trouble. If there was a police car at the house it was because they were there to either drop my brother home and talk to our parents or there to question him. I wish they would have taken him away. I hated him! He made my life HELL! He would steal or break my toys. When his bike got a flat tire, he would take the inner-tube from my bike to fix his. I was too young to fix my own bike so that would be the end of my bike riding until my parents would buy me a new bike at Christmas.

My sisters were a little better than my brother. They had their ways. Sometimes they would ignore me or not play with me. Sometimes they would make fun of me just to be mean. One time my sister gave me a caramel and I liked her for that, then she told me it was an ex-lax.... I didn't know what an ex-lax was but I found out after sitting on the toilet for over and hour.

Sometimes I would wish that a rich and kind family would come and claim me as their long lost son. I just wanted to be loved by my family and adored by my parents. I wanted the life that I saw on TV. I didn't ask for much in return.

On the last day of school, I came home to find all my things packed. My father told me I was going to go live with my Uncle Donald in Baltimore. I think I cried all the way to my uncles house. My mother told me that they needed to save money and my uncle agreed to take me in and was doing them a great favor. They talked on and on about how great it would be for me to live with my Aunt and Uncle and cousin in a new state and making new friends... MY FRIENDS! I won't get to see my friends again! No more kickball, hide and go seek, marbles. We just built a hideout in the woods and now its all gone!

As my parents drone on and on, my sisters are whispering in my ears. 'Uncle Donald is going to beat you every night!' one would say as the other would whisper 'Mom and Dad said they sold you for $2 to uncle Donald!' My brother stayed home to watch the house but at that moment, I would give anything to back home with him. Whey were they sending me away? Why only me? What did I do wrong?

I was only about 10 or 11 years old when they sent me to my uncles house to live. I hated them for sending me away. I hated everyone and everything. Something inside of me changed that moment when I watched my family drive away leaving me alone in Baltimore.

I was to share a room with my cousin David. David and I are the same age. He had blond curly hair and a lean body. We could not be more different. I have Black hair with a smaller body. We work in silence making up my bed. I could tell he didn't want me there. I didn't want to be there either but what could I do? One thing for sure, I decided that I would become a person that everyone would want! When my parents find out that everyone wants me they will take me back! They will be sorry for ever sending me away!

'Will you stop crying!' my cousin said in a hushed whisper as we lay in or beds. I couldn't help it. I could not stop crying and he was making me feel worse. I don't know how I was going to do it but I was determined to be reunited with my family again!

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been some time since my last confession and there is much that I must confess to the Lord.

When I was a young child my Parents sent me to live with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin so that they could save money.

'Were you and only child?'

No Father, I had 2 sisters and an older brother, but they were many years older than I. My parents said they needed to save money but they wanted freedom to travel and just didn't want me around.

'I am sorry my child, maybe.....'

Let me finish Father, I need to get this out, it is eating me up alive.

'Continue my child'.

I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle on my fathers side of the family.

'Did they have any children?'

Yes, one son, my cousin David. He was same age as me; blond curly hair, he looked like an angle right out of one of the stained glass windows here. He was the perfect kid you know.. At least his family wanted him and I guess I was kind of jealous of him. His looks and his family and all.

When I was there, I made a promise that I would make everyone want me.

'No one could live up to.....'

Please Father, let me finish.

'Sorry, continue.'

I worked hard in school, did all the chores. I knew my uncle wanted David to be on the Basketball team so I joined and David didn't make it. Then my uncle wanted his son to Join the football team and he made the team so I joined too and got the spot of quarterback. Anything David did I had to do better. If he got a B, I had to get an A. If he got an A I had to get an A+! I had to be better than him so that they would like me more!

'Your parents must have been proud of you....'

They didn't care. I would hear my Aunt and Uncle whisper about the trips my folks were going on. They were sending money to take care of me. I don't know how much but it didn't matter because it was all a lie. They told me they sent me away to save money but it was ALL A LIE!

'My Son..'

Sorry Father, You see, David had the thing I wanted the most, I wanted attention and love. At first Uncle Donald was proud of my accomplishments. When I made the Basketball team he would he seem so happy and I was the center of attention. That all changed during football season. No matter how much I scored all he would talk about was David on the field. Even when David didn't get the ball he began to blame me for not throwing the ball to him.

'It's his son'

I know Father, but I still wanted his attention. His love. But as long as David was on the team there was no way. One day while at the gym we were working out together like we always do. David was always envious of my body and I knew it. I would do and say things to remind him that I had a stronger, better body. I would even pretend to help him when I was not helping him at all. He would ask my advice on his workout and the advice I would give him would not help him at all. I think he was catching on and he began to try to watch my workout and routine to copy it. Some of the guys on the team noticed him watching me and I kind of gave them the impression he was hot for me.

'How did you give them that impression?'

When one of the guys on the team asked me if he was gay or something, I went up to Byron, his best friend on the team and asked him why did he say anything!? He of course said he didn't tell them anything. That planted the seed. The guys went to the coach and David got kicked off the team.

David and my uncle didn't talk for weeks after he was kicked off the team. David couldn't figure out what happened or why he was kicked off the team and Byron made me promise not to tell David that he had anything to do with it.

Pretty soon the rumor spread around school that David was gay. Even a blind man could tell that everyone was treating him different but I don't think he knew why. Not until some guys tried to get him to suck their cocks. Hahaha! Sorry, but if you could see him. I mean here is this big dude, 6 foot tall with blond curly hair, blue eyes, movie star looks, washboard abs, legs of steel.. and his guns.. When he bends his arms his muscles have no choice but to bulge. He is a woman's dream dude and everyone thinks he is a fairy! Hahaha!

He confided in me that he found out why he was kicked off the team. His best friend told him that everyone things he is gay, but that was not all. His best friend tried to get him to suck his cock. David was at Byron's house to talk about getting kicked off the team and the rumors going around school about him. He told me he helped Byron finish cutting the grass and then helped him put the lawn mower away. Now you have to picture Byron. He is Latin and Asian mixed. He is almost as tall as David but maybe 5'9 or 5'10. His brown, but dark and real long. He has like this permanent tan and this tight lean muscular body. He also has a big cock and a slim waist. He claims it is 9 ½' uncut inches. I know for a fact that David has 9' inches but I have him beat! I have 10, almost 11' inches!

'My son!'

Sorry father, Anyway. David said after they cut the grass, Byron when to shower and Dave was in his room waiting for Byron to finish so they could talk. He said he was sitting on the floor and leaning back against the bed so he wouldn't get any grass on the bed. Byron's mother is Asian and she demands a spotless home. They even have to remove their shoes when they enter the house. So David said he was watching TV when Byron came back into the room still wet from the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and one being used to dry his hair. He reminded David that they were in the house alone and that he could sit on the bed but he stayed where he was at, on the floor just looking at the TV.

David came closer, dripping water on him and from the way the towel was folded and wrapped around his lean waist, he could see the head a Byron's cock peeking out under the towel. He promised me that after he saw it, he looked away. 'You know what they are saying about me?' he asked Byron. 'Yeah, I heard.' Byron said. 'What do you think?' David asked Byron. Byron's cock began to get hard, first lifting the hem of the towel and then stretching past it. He couldn't believe his best friend was showing him his hard cock! 'I wish someone was here to suck my cock for me' Byron whispered to him as he let his towel drop from his waist and moved closer to him. Numb with surprise, David watched the large uncut cock come closer to his face, his mouth. With Byron's cock only inches away from his mouth, David put up his hands and tried to push Byron back but only seem to hold him in place. He had the muscle, but he didn't want to hurt his friend, his best friend.

'Go on'

Ha! 'I'm not gay' he told his friend. 'Who said anything about being gay? I just said I wish someone would help me out..' Byron pushed forward again, his cock made momentary contact with David's lips! David pushed Byron back, snapped his head to the side and tried to spit away the dick snot on his lips. By reflex his tongue licked his lips to get the stickiness off and when he realized what he did he broke down crying!

'I'm sorry! I'm sorry!' Byron said. He pulled David off the floor and up onto the bed with him and comforted him. 'I'm not gay! I'm not gay' David cried into Byron's arms. 'Shhhhh' Byron said trying to sooth this big muscular guy crying in his arms. Byron was saying soothing things to him while slightly rocking back and forth and running his fingers through his blond curly hair.

'I didn't know! I swear I didn't know!' 'Know what?' I asked him. 'Byron was jerking his cock and I didn't know it because I was crying stuff, I felt him wipe away my tears on my cheeks. I didn't know, I swear I didn't!' 'What?' I demanded. 'It was his cock! He was rubbing his cock on my face! He came in my mouth! He was supposed to be my best friend! I trusted him! He was wiping away my tears and all and when he told me to open my mouth I just did it without thinking, I swear! It all happened so fast, one moment my mouth is open and then his cock is in my mouth and then he is blasting his cum in my mouth! He got it down my throat and everything!' 'His cock?' I ask.

'No, his cum! I swallowed it. I didn't have a choice. I had to bite my lip to stop from laughing in his face! 'Why did you let him?' I asked.

'I didn't. I don't want to hurt him.' He said.

'You could have bit him.' I said.

'I just couldn't do it' he cried to me.

'So you sucked his dick. You're a cocksucker now and you're tell me about it why?' I asked.

'You're like my brother, you're the only one I can tell'

'Did you try to make things right my Son?'

No Father, I made things worse. Something came over me. I couldn't stop myself.

David cried himself to sleep and a part of me felt sorry for him but another part of me.... Another part of me could not stop thinking of him and Byron. I never had my dick sucked before. If he let Byron force his cock into his mouth than I thought about forcing my cock into his mouth. I couldn't shake the thought of him sucking my cock.

I looked over at him in his bed. I could easily see his face from the glow of the moonlight. At that moment he did look like some angel or something. He was there sleeping on his side facing me. His head was almost off the side of the bed. His knees were bent and his hands were clasped together between them. I quietly lifted my covers away and swung my body around to face him. I lifted my foot and used my toe to touch his nose and he didn't respond. I pushed my toe on his nose harder. Still he didn't move. I used my toes to play with his lips. He liked my toes in his sleep. I balanced myself on the bed and pushed my big toe in his mouth. He sucked on my toe! I could not believe he was sucking my toe in his sleep! I pulled my toe out of his mouth and pushed it back in and he would suck it each time!

I whispered his name. No response. I got up and softly walked to our bedroom door checking that the hall was clear and that everyone was sleeping. The only thing I could seem to hear was my heart THUNDERING in my chest! I closed and locked out bedroom door and slowly crept to David's bed. I pulled my cock out of my boxers and pressed my knees to his box-spring, leveling my cock to his lips. I swear I was as hard as steel at that moment. All my senses were centered on my cock. I felt the cool air on the engorged head as he berated in, and the warm, moist air as he breathed out.

I leaned in closer and my cock was touching his lips! This was the first time my cock has ever felt lips, soft and warm lips. Before I could pull back my skin his tongue slapped at the end up my cock! The surprise of it knocked me off balance forcing me forward, forcing about 2 inches of my virgin cock into his mouth. I froze in place, then the sucking started... I could not help but moan and gasp. I held tight to his headboard and my other on the mattress behind him. His mouth was working my cock unlike anything I felt before. Inside his mouth it felt hot and cold, most and soft with sucking and his tongue was licking and probing. I wanted him to take more! I had 9 more inched to go, he only had 2' in his mouth but I was scared to move! I dared not push anymore into his mouth. I let go of the headboard and used my finger to trace around his lips sealed around my cock.

I pulled my cock from his mouth with a 'Pop!' I put just the head in and when he began to suck I pulled out and again the room echoed with a 'Pop!' I pushed back in his mouth and kept still and just enjoyed his sucking. Looked down at his handsome, angelic face sucking my big cock and grabbed a fist of his soft curly blond hair. His hair was long enough for me to grab it without him feeling it as long as I didn't yank or pull it. I imagined him on his knees before me... No. I imagined I was Byron and David was crying and begging me to take my big cock out of his mouth. I imagined him drinking down my cum and crying even harder! His head lurched forward and now he had about 5' inches of my big meat in his mouth. I leaned down and held his earlobe between my lips to stifle my moans and my cock throbbed, pumped and spewed a mighty load of cum in his mouth. I heard him gag, and I pulled out of his mouth with a 'Pop!' Then I heard him swallow! That was my cum he swallowed!

I went back to bed but that was not the end of it Father. I fucked his mouth 4 times more that night and every night since. One night he slept with his back to me and I could not get him to change positions so I had to jerk off on his pillow. I felt as if I had to punish him for not servicing me. The next night he slept on his back with his mouth open. I jerked off into his mouth. I think I must hate him because I continued to use his mouth in his sleep.

That same night, after I jerked off in his mouth, I let my cock go soft and I let put it in his mouth so he could clean it. Then I had an evil thought. I wondered if I could piss in his mouth?

'Oh Lord...'


'Con.. Continue'

He was laying on his back and after shooting a nut into his mouth, I let my cock go soft and rest in his lips and in his mouth. His mouth was on automatic and started so suck my cock again! I closed my eyes and relaxed my body and soon I could feel my cock pissing. I was afraid to wake him or choke him so I only did a little you know. But I kept trying more and more to find out how much I could do without waking him or making him choke. I could hear my piss splashing in his mouth and I could see his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he drank my piss to go along with my cum.

I felt like this was all too good to be true! I had to share this, him, his mouth! I had to show someone what I could do! Once I was done pissing in his mouth I wanted to find out just how heavy a sleeper he was. After a few nights of using his mouth, I found that if I could do just about anything to him within the first 4 hours of his sleeping, after that he would be uncooperative and start to wake-up.

I remember one evening, we were sitting down to dinner and Uncle Donald was heaping praise on David. Even though he wasn't on the team anymore he continued to recount his precious sons past glory days. He thinks his son is so great! His cum breath, piss drinking son little angel. He thinks his son is so great. If he only knew... I bet if he knew his son was a sucking my cock he would send him away like my father sent me away!

The things I knew, I could tear this family apart. It was as if I was in total control. At any time I could destroy David, my uncle, my aunt. I could even hurt my father if I wanted to.

'My son, let me help you. You must stop..'

I'm not done. David came to me for help. He thinks of me as a brother to him. He came to me to help fix his problems. I was in our room thinking about everything, you know? His family, my family, my father, school, the team, the things I knew, my secrets, David's secrets. Then David came in the room. I razzed him a little. 'Hey cum breath! Where were you?' I asked. The look he gave me, I thought he was going to cry so I switched gears and pretended to be concerned.

'I'm sorry man, I was just razzing you.' I joked.

'It's not you' he said in a sad voice while pulling off his shirt. You know, he doesn't even have any hair on his chest? Just swelled muscle, smooth skin and small nipples. I have a little hair on mine. I have bigger muscles and more definition. I could not help but to look at him and think that he has such a powerful body but yet be so weak. I could not wait for bed so I could fuck his mouth again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I was getting about 7' inches of my cock in him now! It was only a matter of time before I got the full 11 inside. My nuts would on his face and my cock down his throat. You know, I began to wonder if he was truly asleep or awake when I was feeding him my cock? I think he was sleeping but I am just not 100% sure anymore?

Oh yeah, so he came home and I could tell he wanted to talk. He sat on his bed, toed off his sneakers and pushed his jeans down and off, taking his socks off along with them and was sitting there in his boxer briefs. You know, he could be an underwear model if he wanted.

'So talk to me, what's wrong?' I thought he was aware of what I was doing to him at night.

'You remember that stuff about Byron?' he asked me. I shook my head 'yes.'

He just sat on his bed with his hands in his lap and said nothing. I moved over to him and put my arm around his shoulder and pulled him back to lay flat on his bed next to me. I put my left leg over his right leg to keep him in place. It also let me see just how much nicer my body was than his. I was in my boxers next to him and laying back I could feel by the breeze that my boxers had gaped open but didn't care.

'Come on man, tell me what happened.' I asked, I had to know what was going on? I suspected something but I didn't know what.

'He made me do it again.' He told me.

'How?' I asked.

'I went over his house to make things right. I told him I wasn't gay.' He wanted me to prove it. I didn't know how I could but he had something to try. 'He said that if I got hard looking at a naked dude than I was gay. If I got hard looking at a nude woman that he figured that would prove I was straight.

'We went up to his room, he had me strip down to my underwear so he could see if I got hard. I only went along to prove to him I wasn't gay. He had me put my arms behind my back and he used a sock to bind my wrists so I wouldn't cheat. I asked him why he was tying my legs together? Again he said so I wouldn't cheat. I just let him do it to get it over with. He had me sit on his bed facing the TV. He took off his shirt and went to the closet to get a DVD he had hidden. He was getting out of his clothes as he approached the playstation to play the dvd. All he had on was his black CK briefs. When the DVD stated, he pulled up his computer chair and sat facing me.'

'What are you doing?' I asked him.

'Checking to see if you get hard, you watch the movie and I'm gonna watch your cock.'

I couldn't get hard with him sitting there looking at my cock and I told him that. He rolled his chair closer, lifted his foot and rubbed it on my cock. I could feel my dick getting hard from him touching it so I told him to stop!

'Ah, so maybe the porn don't turn you on, but your cock seems to like my foot. Maybe I turn you on?' He joked.

He lifted his other foot and used his toes to free my cock from my underwear. I didn't say anything, I just let him do it as I kept watching the movie. He started massaging my cock with the bottom of his foot. I looked down, when I saw that my cock was longer than his foot it made my cock pulse or throb or something. Anyway I knew he felt my cock jump, he raised his other foot and used his toes to pinch my nipples on my chest. I guess I was breathing hard or something. He turned to look at the TV but nothing was happening on the screen when he checked. He focused back on me and I realized my cock was hard and leaking lube all over his foot and my stomach. I not sure what was happening. I looked at him and he was looking at me, He stuck out his tongue and said 'Ahhh' So I stuck out my tongue and said 'Ahhh.' He stuck his toes in my mouth, pulled them out and used his damp toes to play with my nipples. I closed my eyes and just kinda gave into the feelings.

'Ah, you like that' Byron Whispered.

I just gave into the feelings I was having. I never felt those feelings before and I could tell I was ready to come.

All at once, he stopped. He turned off the TV and pushed the chair away.

'I want to try something' Byron said.

He moved me on the bed so that I way laying on my back with my head hanging over the side. My cock was still a little hard and hanging out of my briefs. He reached for his CK's and stepped out of them...

That is all I got right now guys. I am not even sure if this story is readable. It has been a very long time since I wrote erotic fiction and I think I may have lost the hang of it. If any of you have any ideas for the story please let me know and I will try to make it happen.

I only plan to do one more part and end it there, once I decide on how to end it.



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