Ipamena, pt. 3

*** I sort of got stuck finding an end to this, I hope you don't mind sappy erotica, :)  ****

I had just enough time to make a quick stop by my hotel room, pick up my gym shoes and change out of my speedo, the same suit that I had on more than 24 hours ago when I met Alex, before making it down to the beach to meet my trainer for the work out. Of course I traded one very skimpy speedo, for another slim cut swim suit.

Besides the natural beauty of Rio, the incredible food, and passionate culture; being located on one of the most perfect beaches in the world the entire board walk and coast line is one huge outdoor gym. Spanning almost 7 miles from the end of Copacabana around the tip to the end of Ipamena there is a jogging walking biking board walk, with gym stations located about every half mile along the way. Everything from chin and dip bars to all sorts of stationary equipment free for the public and tourists to use.

I met Jorge at the midpoint where the two beaches meet at a large granite outcropping. He was dressed like me, in minimal swim suit and running shoes. I had to admit, he was stunning, fit, buff and hard to keep one's eyes off of, if you liked them young and built to the max. Jorge came highly recommended from the hotel concierge when I asked about a personal trainer to keep me on track while on vacation and I can see why.

We stretched and made a mental list of what the routine was going to be: we would run the entire length in the sand- of course that is 10 x's more grueling than on the pavement, but then he loved to punish me hard and get my money's worth out of each session. We would run from station to station stopping to work the entire body along the way. And from the evil grin in his eye I knew I was in for a good one today.

Two hours later we had made a full circuit from one end to the other stopping at each and every station to work a different part of our bodies. If the equipment did not meet his standards we simply used each other's mass to get the work out both of our bodies demanded. I was drenched from head to foot, even my tennis shoes were full of water from the amount of sweat he worked out of me. While we were winding down and stretching on the last station, I noticed this cute little blonde tourist raise his camera to snap a pic of him and me. I startled both Jorge and the poor young thing when I yelled out "HEY? What the hell man?" he damn near pissed his pants and his face turned beet red at being caught ogling our bodies red handed with his camera aimed. Then I cracked a huge smile his direction, raised both pumped up biceps and flexed a perfect pose- "Wouldn't this be a better pic for you?" Jorge cracked up laughing stepped up beside me and said for sure, and started flexing too. The stunned kid was so confused, but lifted his camera and started snapping a few pics as we both mugged and flexed.

Jorge being the good sport he was took the cell phone from the young guy's hand, pushed him in my direction to take our pic together. If he wanted a pic, I would give him something to beat off with. The guy was so flustered but I grabbed him around the shoulder and flexed the perfect arms and pecs with a flashy smile on my face, before swatting him on the ass and wishing him a good day.

Jorge asked why I was in such a good mood, and he thought the mugging for that tourist was a total rush. I explained that I grew up a total nerd, twig thin, skinny and had the biggest muscle fetish there was on the planet. And I vowed if/when I got built I would not be one of those gym snobs because I remember so well where I came from and only wished some stud had given me the time of day all those years back. Besides I added, those lean little fuckers sometimes are packing the cock of all cocks, so you have to be nice to them too.

We agreed on the same time the next day for our scheduled work out before I headed off back in the direction of Alex's hotel. Even though we had only met the day before, heading back to his hotel felt natural and right. Plus he asked to take me to lunch and spending more time with him was on my mind the entire morning.

By the time I walked through the lobby of his five star hotel, I was not dripping wet, but still flushed and sweaty from the hard work out, I hoped the management would not give me gruff for arriving with no clothing and carrying my wet shoes. I should have not given that any mind, the concierge informed me that I had been added to his guest list and for me to go on up to his penthouse floor.

When Paulo answered the door and let me in, it took my eyes a few minutes for the information to register with my brain, - All of my belongings from MY hotel room were in the foyer of the suite in my luggage. Paulo let the information before me settle in before speaking. "Please do not be upset with Mr. Alex, he was hoping you would not mind having your things moved over to his place. He was hoping to surprise you."

"But"? I was speechless, surprised more like it. "How?" - "When?"

"If I have upset you, please forgive me" I hear Alex speak from behind me. The voice alone with the heavy Latin accent calms me down. "I should have thought this through." "Paulo, please take Jacks belongings back to his hotel." "And Jack Please forgive me."

"No, it is not that." "I am not upset". As I drop my wet shoes on the tile entry and turn to face Alex, "it's just." "Um". I shrug. "But how? Why" I am stammering and a little embarrassed if he thinks I am causing a scene.

"I would like to invite you to spend the rest of your vacation with me. Of course that is very presumptuous of me, but I was hoping." He lays his large soft hands on my chest, "please forgive me. You probably have other plans. And you probably don't care to spend your entire holiday with me".

Looking into his deep brown eyes and hearing him try to explain himself to me, I can't help but smile and remember the entire day yesterday and evening and morning spent with this stunning gentleman and I smile. His posture relaxes a little. I lean in and give him a very open accepting kiss. "But how did you know where I was staying, or better yet, get into my room and get my things."

"Ah, that." He kisses me again. "Paulo would you get us some drinks, I am sure Jack is very thirsty." Paulo smiles at me, "it would be my pleasure." As his eyes enjoy the view of my sweaty pumped up mass in front of him. I see him eye me from head to foot. I smile and give him a polite wink, I don't mind him looking, hell he is damn near as cute as they come. "Water would be great. Thank you"

Alex led me into the room, leading me with his hand in mine. "I happen to own many hotels in this city, including this one. This is actually my home." He added. "I made a few calls, found out you were also staying in one of my properties and took the liberty to surprise you."

Paulo had returned with a large pitcher of ice cold water and two glasses filled. I smiled at him, "so you were in on this too huh" I gave him a friendly nudge. The huge smile across his face said all I needed to know. But he did not reply.

Alex laughed, "Yes he was. Paulo has been with me for many years, and well, he knows my tastes very well. In fact you might even say he arranged all of this. He likes to be very helpful around here."

"Again," Alex continues. I would like to apologize, I was obviously using my other head and my heart, and not my brain when I took it upon myself to impose on you like this."

I run my fingers over his lips, in a silencing mode. I pull him closely to my wet body. "I am thoroughly flattered." I lean in to kiss him again. "And to be honest myself, I was hoping to spend more time with you. Know I know you feel the same way." I turn to see Paulo, a huge smile across his face. "Does that mean I can unpack your things" he asks? Without waiting for an answer he has my bags in his hands scurrying off with a skip to his step.

Alex giggles, "I think he has about as big of a crush on you that I do"

"He is very hot, and he must be a great employee to have around." I step back just a little bit, "I need a shower. I must stink like a rank mess"

After a much needed shower and scrubbing, I return to the living area. "And now. Someone had mentioned lunch and I am starving after that work out."

The rest of the day, Alex entertains me like a professional tour guide. Treating me to a very hearty lunch and wowing me with his vast knowledge about the history and areas of Rio de Janeiro. It is an incredible city to be proud of, and one that is very easy to impress the tourists with.

While dining on a tree lined shady side street on the patio of a popular Bistro the conversation flowed easy and natural between us. He was interested and hung onto every word about my life back home, the landscape business I own, my friends and family.

He filled me in on the hotel and property business he built from the ground up. A real self-made man, and beamed with pride about his pet Hotel, the one he chose to live in full time, and the one I was moved into earlier today. The Dollar signs alone would be enough to attract most men to Alex, but I understood the passion behind his dreams. Like mine back home, it was not about the money, although it is nice, it is about the mission and drive to create something. The struggles, failures, successes and triumphs along the way that drive a man in business is intoxicating to another entrepreneur like myself. Of course there was the raw masculine sexuality of this beautiful man, his finely toned rock hard body and let's not forget the massive cock that he wields so professionally and passionately, this man is the entire package.

After we had enjoyed our meal, neither one of us were in a hurry to leave. Getting to know the man behind the cock is as much a turn on for me as the sex and physical chemistry we shared, and we had all evening. Hell, now we had the entire 10 days of what is left of my vacation thanks to him taking the liberty to move my things into his place.

I feel his barefoot and toes travel up my calf and thigh. His foot wiggles between my loose cargo shorts and comes to rest on my now hardening dick. The table is covering most of the action under there, but the feeling of his strong foot nudging my balls and hard dick cause my entire body to shiver with excitement.

"I love how sexually charged you are" he speaks, and of course I melt from the touch and the sound of his voice. "And how it seems so natural that whatever I initiate with you that you seem to eat it up and enjoy it."

I tell him that I enjoy his every move, sexual or casual. Being with him makes me the most

"I promise. It is all you Alex" as I rub his foot over the fabric of my cargo shorts. "You have the most seductive effect on me, you have no idea" as I spread me legs out wider to allow his foot total access for the erotic play going on under the table. "Would you be surprised to know that you have me very close just using your foot on me? Here in public at this table I could come all over your sexy toes."

Alex rubs his foot more vigorously along my heavy balls, mashing them into my hips and rubbing the tip of my cock head, "it would turn me on to have you come on my foot right here, right now".

I reach under the table to adjust my shorts so there is plenty of room for my hard cock and his foot, sit back in my chair as the first wave of come ejects out of my cock with such force my body jerks. A slight gasp and groan escapes my lips as he works his toes over the head of my pulsing cock. I can feel the wet hot come being rubbed back onto me as it leaves the end of my dick.

"I wish I could lick your foot clean" I tell him once I come down from the incredible waves of Pleasure.

"I slipped my foot back into my loafer with your cum all over it" he whispers loudly for me to hear, "you can lick it all off when we get out of here and back to the apartment.

We did not make it ten feet in the door before I was on my knees slipping his loafer off, the heady smell of the fine leather mixed with his natural aroma and my cum meets my nose before I start devouring his sexy tanned foot. I reach for the neck of my tank top, and instead of slipping it off my body, I rip it apart and let the fabric fall to the floor. I am in lust and horny for this man, right here, right now and I need him to know it. I devour his entire foot like it was my last meal on earth, every inch and every toe, licking the last remnants of my juice off of his foot. For a man who had never before even looked at another man's foot, chalk up another fetish to add to my growing list.

I get to my feet and lift his naked torso off the floor and carry him to the patio and lay him gently on the bed outdoors. Making love in the fresh air is about as romantic and sexy as I have ever imagined and with Alex it is ten times so. We spend the next few hours making love several times. At times the passion is so intense it is more like wrestling writhing bodies lost in the heat of sex, and other moments were filled with tender passion that only two men can bond over and share as one.

Alex is free and giving with his passionate love making and his entire soul while making love. His stamina is mind blowing and he seems to never flag even after blowing copious amounts of semen either down my throat or deep within my bowels. His age belies his physical ability while in the bedroom. Now I see why every sinewy muscle on his frame is so finely honed and lean, with that sort of work out who would need a gym.

The golden red shadows beaming across the sky are as beautiful as anything I have ever witnesses while we enjoy the view of the setting sun. "Would you like to go out on the town for dinner?" Alex breaks the silence. "Or we could dine out here. The choice is yours."

"I would love to spend another evening with the two of us right here." I squeeze him tight.

"I feel the same way" as he nestles into my warm muscles. "I don't want you to miss seeing the city. It is your holiday after all."

I reposition to sit beside his flawless nude body laying beside me, "This! Is the most magnificent tour I could ever want laying right here beside me." I run my hands gently over his torso cupping his heavy meat in both hands. "Plus we don't have to wear clothes here" I add with my best smile. I lean down and softly kiss each nipple, roving up his neck, I suckle on his prominent Adams apple, around the side of his neck and lick the soft lobes of his ears.

I light laugh and boyish giggle escapes his lips, "if you keep that up dinner will be delayed".

I bolt upright, "Okay then" I raise both hands away from his body in mock defeat "after all of that, I am starving."

We dined lazily on the veranda with the soft ocean breeze only adding to the atmosphere with the candle lights and our nude bodies. If I could, I would remain naked the rest of my life. There is something so freeing about being nude. No cares, No worries, a little sexual and totally free. I can tell by the way Alex carries himself he is very comfortable with it too. Plus looking over at his fine sleek build is a total turn on. The way he is so free with his anatomy, my hands or piece of my body is in constant contact with him. I have always been very affectionate, and with Alex he seems to enjoy the physicality as much as me.

The rest of the evening until the wee hours of the morning were spent chatting aimlessly, caressing, nuzzling, some very intense tongue wrestling and lots and lots of touching and feeling. Our entire bodies explored every inch of each other many times over in one of the most relaxed easy way imaginable. Unlike the pure raw sex earlier in the day tonight we just enjoyed each other with no rush or agenda.


My morning routine with Jorge remained intact for the rest of my holiday, while the days were spent enjoying the city and its sights, but mostly enjoying the company or this incredible man. I was equally as happy spending time in his suite or on the streets with Alex. I have never felt as completely devoured as I did with him. His actions, words and physical desire for me inside and out were unlike any connection I have ever felt. It felt genuine and natural at the same time. I did my best to put off any thought of my vacation ending. I wanted to enjoy every second with this man and I did.

When the day did arrive for my departure, it was filled with promises of staying in contact, promises of meeting again and not losing touch. As sad as I was to leave, I had traveled a lot and realized this was more than likely the most incredible two weeks of my life, the best sex of my life with the hottest man I have ever met but accepted it for what it was - a really hot time with a really hot man.

The next few months flew by, phone calls, visiting Rio every chance I could get away, Alex traveling up to the States. I was one happy man for sure. The head long rush into the full-fledged relationship was fast furious and passion filled. The next few months we both spent half our time in the air visiting each other. It took a while to get things sorted out and settled but finally made the move as soon as I could. And now, I am the proud owner of a first class gym in Rio.

Life has never been better!



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