I sat on my bed strumming away on my guitar; singing the chorus to cage the beast when someone approaches my doorway. I could hear their footsteps approaching my door very slowly. I felt threatened; i put my guitar on my bed and slowly stood up. my mom was working, so nobody was home. I changed partially. The person turned the knob and the door opened. My jaw dropped at what I saw.

"hey 'lil bro!" 

"SCOTT!!" I jumped. I ran over to my older brother and gave him a hug. "how are the cyclones doing? Score any goals?" he asked. "yeah. I scored one but that was after I-"

"after you what?" I could tell that my brother knew what I was. My brother's eyes glowed red, mine glowed its golden-yellow. "your an alpha?!" I gasped. "yes."

 "dont feel bad, Scott. I have the same problem you do. The person I love, his dad is a hunter and shot me..." I looked at the floor. "I hate this life, I hate it! I want do die, Scott!!"


"I just can't take it anymore, it hurts too much."


"I didn't ask to be this way. Why did he--"

he roared at me and flashed his red eyes. I quickly submitted. 

"sorry I had to do that, but you are getting ridiculous." 

"I feel so alone, Scott."

"don't you have a pack?"

I hung my head in shame.

 "No, can I join your pack?" I asked. he smiled "you already have." My brother is an alpha! How will Dylan take this?! "believe it or not, I've been watching over you. Dylan was telling me what was going on. I would never let the Sampsons to hurt you." he said flashing his beautiful smile. "how's dad?" I ask. "he's alright, but I don't really talk to him. I'm too busy with Allison." 

"is her father still trying to kill you?"

"no, we are at a mutual understanding." Scott said. 

 Scott and I soon went for a walk and I pointed out a strange insignia on the side of my house. It was the same one that was on my bike! "what's that?" I ask. "alpha pack." dylan answered. He was joined by Derek Hale, Scott's mentor. "I didn't know that Scott had a younger brother." Derek said. "I didn't know Ryan had an older brother." Dylan added. "what are we gonna do?!" I ask slightly panicked. "They're here"  Scott said as his eyes changed to red. I Shifted as well. We were soon surrounded; alphas on all sides. They lunged at us; Scott and I stood our ground as Derek and Dylan lunged for their own alphas. Two Alphas lunged at us; fangs lashing at us as Scott grabs one. He spins it around and I slice it's torso open. Scott looked at me and I at him; that moment, we were connected, fighting as brothers. One by one, no problem. Dylan and Derek worked together as well. I was picked up by the alpha leader and hurled against a wall. I climb to my feet and I dust off my shoulders. The alpha growls at me menacingly and I give him an evil grin. I wait for him to strike. I ram my claws into his stomach. I look deep inside his red eyes as they turn to grey. I head for another one and he swipes my torso. "UGH!!" I grunt. He knocks me down and I watch as he gets ready to kill me. He is quickly tackled by Scott. I join my brother and stand with him as the Alphas retreat. All of the others changed back, but not me. I feel an immense pain. I fall to my knees with Scott by my side. "ugh...." I grunt as a different feeling fills me. "RYAN!!" scott yelled as he ran to my side. I shoved him with such strong force and I grab the side of my head. "UUUGH!!!!" I scream in agony. I lift up my shirt; my scratch marks aren't healing. I feel light-headed; my head is spinning as I drop to my knees. I feel numb, with no control over my body. I fall face first into the pavement; unable to move. I start to shake violently, almost involuntarily as I struggle to remain calm. "SHIT he's poisoned!" Scott said. One of the alphas must have had some sort of toxin. He rushed over to me and grabbed my arm. He twisted it in one swift motion; breaking it. "AAAAAAAHHH! Damn it!!" I scream. I can feel it start to heal as he cuts into my arm; releasing the toxin from my body. My shaking stops as he pulls me to my feet. My arm is now fully healed and he pulls me into a tight embrace. "I thought I was going to lose you." he said with sadness in his voice. I covered the scratch marks on my stomach with my hand and walked back to my house with Scott by my side. "hey, I gotta go to the store; i'll be back in an hour ok?" Scott said. "ok." as Scott left, I walked up to my house and found my door unlocked. I walked inside cautiously; my senses are heightened, my instinct to hunt is upon me when I hear something coming from upstairs. I slowly climbed the creaky, carpeted stairs and saw my door open. I slowly pushed open the door and found Josh naked! I shy away as he walks towards me. He turns my hand and kisses me romantically. He led me to the bed and I watch as he slowly lowers himself onto it. I climb onto him and kiss him once more. I looked out of my window and saw the moon. It was almost completely clear from clouds. I felt an urge and a pain in my head. "ugh." I wince. "what's wrong?" 

"go away...." I whisper.

"what? Why? Ryan, what is going on?!" he yells. I jump off and run into the bathroom and shut the door. I look in the mirror; teeth are already extended, eyes aglow with it's golden tint. I start seeing double, the room starts to spin as I drop to my knees. "Ryan, are you ok?" I heard as Josh knocked on the door. "I said go away!" I screamed. I looked around; and saw the open window. I jumped onto the ledge and out. I started running towards the woods and all the sudden I'm blinded. I was knocked down and my vision returns. I see Mr. Sampson standing over me with a gun pressed to my forehead. My golden eyes are wide with fear. I turn back to my human form and Josh came running out. "Dad! No! He saved our lives. He saved YOUR life! Don't kill him! If you kill him, you kill me dont you get that?!? DAD!" Josh screamed. Mr. Sampson withdrew his gun and pulled me up. "never...again." he said pointing at me. I scrambled away back into my house and slammed the door to my room. I collapsed on my bed and cried into my pillow.


"where were you?!" will yelled at me the following morning. "we had to cancel the show 'cause of you!" Alex added. "sorry guys, but trust me when I tell you, it was for a good reason." I said. "oh? And what might that be?" Alex asked impatiently. I hesitated for a moment; I didn't know what to say. "I got really sick. I-I was seeing double, I couldn't stand, it was a nasty bug." I said covering up what really happened. I could hear their heartbeats slow down, and their faces softened. "sorry we overreacted." Alex said. "it's ok." I say smiling. I started walking to English class, when a new, strange, yet interesting scent filled the air. It was a scent i had never smelled before, and it intrigued me. I started looking for it; catching Whiffs of everyone as I walked by them; trying to find the source. The scent led to a dark haired, pale skinned, skinny yet toned boy. He had grey eyes and had a pretty smile. The boy stood up; and the two of us locked eyes. "Who was this boy? More importantly, what was that scent?" he smiled at me once again and walked away from me. I spun around and watched him go up the stairs, and out of sight.


Aaron Heights

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