In a couple days I would jump on my green crotch rocket with my duffle bag strapped to the back and my backpack riding in front over the gas tank heading west. I would be leaving behind heartache for my lost online lover. However, my hope was high for finding sexual fulfillment along the way. With my junior year of college concluded I would be heading out on a well-deserved cross-country journey over my summer break. I planned on making the trip across country last while my parents paid for the summer of fun.

This would be the last vacation for which my parents would foot the bill. Next summer would be a whole different ballgame, but this summer I planned to retrace the famous Route 66 across the nation to California on my Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. I would begin my journey on the Mother Road at St. Louis, Missouri and travel across six states ending at the Santa Monica Pier in California. I had notified family and friends along my path and found I was welcome by all to stop, stay for a while and visit. Even with all the excitement ahead my heart was still breaking over the thought of possibly never again hearing from or meeting the boy of my fantasies, but hopefully I'd meet someone new on my journey west.

During the past semester I eagerly looked forward to and had grown to enjoy my evening online trysts with my cyber buddy. In fact, I had become addicted to those online rendezvous. I fantasized numerous times about his naked body while I lay in bed masturbating or jacking off in the shower. Sometimes during the day I would experience one of those bothersome spontaneous erections that I used to get all the time in high school thinking about him.

I desperately wanted to meet him in person. I wanted to meet him; hold him, embrace him, touch and taste his flesh. I wanted to make love to him much like the characters in those steamy stories I'd read on the Internet. I thought to myself maybe my online buddy had grown tired of me making excuses why we couldn't meet up. Even though he was supposedly of consensual age I was still just too scared to take that final step, that fateful plunge into reality - I was filled with fear of getting busted. Good thing there is some security in online anonymity.

My e-mail address that was registered under my pseudonym for my online sexual exploits would be kept open in the event that my online boyfriend ever wanted to contact me again. I would be carrying my laptop with me on the journey and would check my e-mails at some location with Wi-Fi access on a daily basis. I don't know what it was about this particular individual that intrigued me. We met online while I was cyber cruising late one night. From then on we would secretly seduce each other with our words for hours, two to three times a week through the Internet, dependent upon our schedules. During those final days we had exchanged a couple of nude pictures of our genital areas.

The photos included nipples, asshole and crotch shots. If he was as beautiful in person as those parts of his body he would be one hot mother. After exchanging the photos we'd pulled off some pretty intense sessions of cybersex using instant messaging. Of course, all the naked photos we'd exchanged were headless nude shots. Neither of us wanted our identities of full nakedness flaunted around the world by way of the Internet. He did have a special little tattoo above his pubic hairline. I guess, in the past six months, neither of us had come to fully trust the other.

Early in our virtual sex sessions my online partner revealed that he was a student at a California college and that he was nineteen almost twenty; however, the naked photos he had sent to me appeared to be that of a younger teen. Over our months of cyber relationship I had become totally infatuated with him and his body, especially his physical attributes. He had a great looking physique with the most beautiful circumcised cock I'd ever seen. I badly wanted him next to me in my bed to have my way with him for many long hours of lovemaking. Of course, my young cyber buddy had given me many compliments in the past months about my own body, telling me that I looked younger than my age, too.

I knew that I appeared younger than my age. Damn it, I really wanted to meet the young cyber stud on the other end of our anonymous conversations for some one-on-one in the flesh sex, but still I was unsure of a meeting with him. I also didn't want to get busted showing up to meet the guy who was underage along with a television crew filming the meeting.

We had not indulged in phone sex, so there was no way to verify each other's phone numbers or other personal information. At one point I suggested that we fax or scan our driver's license, thereby sending them to each other as proof of age. Then we could talk on the phone before actually meeting face-to-face. However, he told me that although his computer was private he did not have a scanner or a private landline, only a cell. He told me that he was still living with his parent's while attending college. That made me suspicious: big red flag.

I had to somehow verify my cyber boyfriend's age before I met up with him in person. More importantly, I needed to know whether or not this anonymous person was a cyber narc trying to set me up before I would commit to a face-to-face meeting. I was somewhat skeptical with regard to personal information, thinking some of it may have been exaggerated, including his age. The one thing that was not exaggerated was his totally hot bod and beautiful cock.

His cock appeared to be about seven inches erect, gently curving back towards his bellybutton. The cockhead that adorned his shaft was provocative to say the least. The striking looking cockhead swept back to prominent crimson coronal ring at the base. Definitely one of the best looking cocks I'd seen on the Internet. I'd rate it a ten. There were two things I had not lied to my cyber boyfriend about: my age and the things I enjoyed doing as far as sex with another guy.

The guy of my fantasies appeared and sounded so sensual in all those messages and the posed photos he had sent to me. I just knew that they were all the same person. He had a small teddy bear tattooed on his lower abdomen above the pubic hairline. He also used a digital camera with a time and date stamp on the photos. The provocative pictures and seductive dialogue made me drool to taste his dick and then cum many times during our online sex sessions.

Yes, he was one deliciously desirable dude that I desperately wanted to have real live sex with at some point and time. He had tried to entice me to meet him on several occasions with money offers. He offered to pay my airfare to Los Angles, all expenses, and then put me up at posh hotels in L. A., but I was reluctant. Not knowing for sure who was on the other end of the anonymous e-mails and instant messaging I'd come close but hadn't taken the bait.




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