i love being in the house naked i'm spending all day with out cloths on , sometimes i forget i'm naked and star to go outside i stop myself. yesterday i thought to put my robe on and venture out side , the first time the robe was tight , it's 20 degrees outside but it was feeling great. it was about 2 hours later i ventured outside once more this time my robe was alittle looser i felt the cold air rushing up past my legs past my ass and the feeling just got better and better after a few minutes i turn to come back in the house and i unloosened my robe all the way , i was cold but feeling great .                                                                                                        I usually get to bed around 10 pm  , i sleep naked i guess i was all wound up about the day's events i couldn't sleep i finally got to sleep and about 3 am i woke up to go to the bath room . i got back in bed and stared thinking i got out of bed at 3:15 am and ventured outside totally naked it was AWSOME i loved it i wandered around the yard for a bit got cold a came in the house thinking to myself i can't believe i just did that i will do it again.



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