'Leave me alone!'

'No, no i'm sorry please Robert.'

'Fuck you'

'Please I take it back I didn't mean to do it. I just - I don't know'

'Yeah that's what I thought now leave before I kick your ass and I swear I will Kevin' he was slurring. I had to leave or I don't know what would've happened and I didn't know if it was him or the alcohol.

That was a year ago. I haven't talked to Robert since then. That was my last year in this boring ass town. What happened that day well, first I am going to start over from the beginning of that day.

First I want to know about myself. My name it Kevin Ortiz, an 18 year old fully gay closeted to most of my family, a senior at SunnySide High School. In school I was in track, swimming, and tennis so I myself was very fit. I have jet black hair, I am fairly tall 6 feet 2 inches, I have gray eyes, and my body is virtually hairless except for my pubes. I am of Latin decent. I have a 9 inch cock.

The boy who is screaming at me up there 'Robert' he is or was my bestfriend we were born only one day apart. So he too is 18. He is of Latin decent too he has short black/brown hair he has nice tan dark skin, he stands at about 6 feet, he has light brown eyes, and has a puff of hair on his chest and legs. It looks cute on him. I've never seen his dick but what I've seen is impressive size.

That day started out like any other. I woke up at 9 in the morning on a beautiful Saturday. I got out of bed and put on my running shorts and ran for an hour and a half. I came home and mom and dad were awake, eating breakfast.

'Good morning honey' my mom said to me.

'good morning mom, morning' dad'

'Morning son'

'So you want some pancakes'

'I'm going to take a quick shower first'

'Okay but i'm going to be leaving in 20 minutes to work'

'I have to go now actually' my dad said getting up and putting the plates in the sink. He got the car keys gave my mom a kiss and patted me on the shoulder on his way out. I went up to my room got a towel and headed for the shower.

I took a nice cold relaxing shower. It woke my body up and I felt reenergized. I started running my hands all over my body feeling all my muscles then I started playing with my nipples which were feeling sensitive this morning. I then ran my hand over my semi hard dick. The cold water was keeping it at bay but I wanted to relieve myself. I turned the hot water up to warm and started stroking myself to awaken my dick. I was proud with all the work I've done with my body. Working out daily and track and swimming kept me in excellent shape. I started thinking of my bestfriend Robert in the shower along side with me. Us washing ourselves up me going down on him. Then I pictured us in my room, me eating him out and him moaning under me to fuck him and I feel the cum rising from my nut sacks. And the release that felt amazing. I imagined I cummed all over his face and then the water started to get cold that brought me back into reality. I finished up. I cleaned myself up again. I got out and dressed. I went downstairs and started to eat my breakfast. My little sister came down rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand.

'Hey kiddo'

'Hey kewen'

My little sister was 6 years old. She is the cutest thing ever and my favorite person.

'You hungry?'

'Yup she said smiling and ran over to me to give me a hug'

'Ima make you some pancakes, sound good?'

'Yay, I love you'

She always said that when I did things for her. Mom left a note on the refrigerator.

** Kevin please cook your sister some breakfast, and stay with her till 3. The babysitter will be by that time. I and your father won't be back till 9 and you've got the sleep over with Robert tonight. Be nice, respectful, and please don't get drunk I don't want to go to the precinct tonight. I left some money for you kids if you want anything.**

I looked up on the refrigerator and there was 40 bucks. 'Thanks mom' I said out loud.

'Mommy?' I heard lily say.

'Mommy is going to be back later at night. Susie is coming today'

'Yay Susie' she said excitedly

I cooked her some pancakes and put on cartoons for her to watch. I stayed with her until one and then I wanted to pack little clothes for tonight. Robert invited me to sleep over tonight after the movies. We wanted to watch this horror movie that came out today at midnight. My parents were cool with it since I would be with someone they trusted. Robert and I grew up together. We have been bestfriend ever since we were babies. We met through our parents that just clicked. And we helped each other out in school and the fact the we only lived a couple blocks away didn't hurt. Robert's parents were out of town on vacation. We planned it out. We were using my car, and staying in his place. I was very happy about that.

Robert doesn't have a problem with my sexuality. He had a king sized bed and doesn't object to us sleeping in the bed. It wouldn't be my first time. This time was going to be different. I didn't know but Robert's been giving me signs that set off my gaydar. And tonight I was going to find out. 3 o'clock hit and the babysitter showed. I said my goodbyes and got my stuff and left to Robert's house. I was excited about how tonight might end up. I ended up in Robert's driveway him in the doorway waving and smiling. He had basketball shorts on and nothing else. I got my book bag with my clothes and toothbrush and other essentials I need for tonight. I ran up to him and he gave me a hug. We were use to that but it felt different we hugged for a while.

'Hey dude'

'Heyy Robert'

'I'm so excited'

'Yeah sounds awesome'

He got my stuff and through it in his room.

'Want to play some video games?'

'Yeah sure I got money if you want to order some pizza'

'Yeah sounds great'

I called for 2 medium pizzas pepperoni and one extra cheese. He set up the video games in his room. I paid for the pizza and brought it up to his room.

'Great i'm starving' he said as I entered his room. I set them down on his desk.

We ate a little and played a little. Then the gaydar got set off when we just started watching some TV together. Nothing out of the ordinary except he said he wanted to nap a little. So I let him. I lowered the TV sound and he turned down the lights and closed the blinds. I felt a little weird. He told me to lie next to him. It would help him sleep. So I didn't object. I got comfortable and lay next to him under the covers. I was lying on my side.

'Thank you' he said before he went silent. I heard him snore faintly and I knew he had fallen asleep. I sat up a little and put my back up against the head board and tried to pay attention to the TV but I couldn't help looking over at Robert. I looked at his face. He looked so innocent and cute. I started getting a boner looking at him. He then turned his back towards me. I turned my attention back to the TV until I couldn't help but turn back to him and stare at his ass. I lifted the sheets a little and I wanted so much to just grab his ass in my hand. Robert was a pretty heavy sleeper when he wanted to be. I felt him stir so I pull down the sheets to cover up the boner pressing up against my shorts. He turned back facing me and what happened next made me almost shit my pants. His hand landed right on my cock in a cupping form. My eyes bugged out. I was going to take his hand off but this was as close as to what I was going to get of him jerking me off. And I was afraid I would wake him up. I was really nervous and I couldn't do anything. I stayed there till I stopped feeling my heart beat in my ears and I could breathe normally. I poked him a little so he could stir again. And he did. I was so afraid I was holding my breath. And as fast as he did it he was off. I got off the bed quietly and ran to the bathroom. I couldn't imagine that he had just grabbed my cock. It was the best thing. I sat down on the toilet and started to beat my hardon as fast as I could. I would never forget this.

I finished up and laid back down with my back towards him. This time he winded up with his arm wrapped around me and his semi hard up against my thigh. I couldn't believe I was getting spooned by my bestfriend. We pretty much woke up in this position.

'Hey dude'


'Oh sorry I didn't mean to be wrapped all around you. You should have woken me up'

'No it didn't bother. I didn't mind'

'I bet you didn't' he said smiling and laughing. 'I'm going to go shower'

'Okay ill take one after.'

He got mostly undressed in front of me. All the way down to his underwear and then smiled and turned away and went out the door to shower. I got my clothes ready. He came out the shower and I ran in. I wanted to clear my head. I turned the water warm and got in. I soaped up the bath scrub and started washing. Why did this have to happen? I know I wanted it but now i'm all confused. I'm scared if I try anything it will ruin my friendship with Robert and I won't see him again. And that scares me to death, he truly is very important person in my life that I wouldn't be able to live without. I guess I took too long when I heard Robert knocking on the door.

'Oh come on Kevin stop jerking off and let's go I want to get a move on'

'Ha very funny. Don't be mad because it takes you two seconds to bust and i'm not that easy. I'm going to be out in a minute.'

I washed all the soap off and got out of the tub. I was shocked when I walked out and saw Robert leaning against the counter. So scared I slipped and knocking the towel off of me and me straight into Robert's arms. I was horrified that I had just landed on my bestfriend butt ass naked and embarrassed. He on the other hand found it hilarious.

'Sorry Robert you scared me'

'HaHaHa that was epic. You should have seen your face'

'Yeah maybe next time. Can you get out I need to change thank you very much'

'Aw come on I already seen everything down there. We have the same junk anyways i'm not looking'

'Up to you so whatever'

I felt weird changing in front of him. Not because I didn't like the attention but because my dick didn't know when to go up or down and I was getting pretty turned on being on display for him. I felt like he was staring at me the whole time even though he said he wasn't. I got dressed as quickly as possible and walked out. It was nearing the time to start leaving or the movie would be sold out.

'Okay put on your shoes and we could go.'


We finished up and got to the movies. We got some popcorn and drinks. The movie wasn't as packed as I thought it would.

'Hey didn't this movie come out today, I thought it would be packed'

'Yeah but this isn't those famous movie theater thank god or else they wouldn't be no where to sit'

We found a spot up in the back where only two people could sit. Perfect I thought no one to bother with. We sat down and the movie began shortly. The movie was pretty good. It made me jump a little. Which made me jump into Robert's arms. I hid in his chest which I loved. And to tell the truth I wasn't even paying much attention to the movie to know why I should be scared. Throughout the movie we pretty much stayed so close together. I jumped more at the loud noise then knowing what made the loud noise. And when it finished I listened to Robert talk about it. I just nodded and agreed as to actually knowing what happened.

'Want to go to a club?'

'Um sure but are we going to get in?'

'Yeah I got fake ID's'

'If you say so'

We went to my car and drove to his house. He ran to his room and came back with two ID's one mine one his.

'How long have you been planning this? You already have an id for me'

'These we just incase we wanted to ever'

'Okay I hope they work'

'Oh they do I already used mine a couple times I wanted to test them out'

Mines didn't look bad except the name

'Blake Runt? Really you couldn't have picked out a better name? That sounds so fake'

'Mines is James Johnson so deal with it'

'I'm going to call the cab'

'Why do we need a cab?'

'Well if we get pretty hammered I don't want to drive drunk and end up in a car accident'

'Good call'

The bouncer at the club looked threatening but we played cool. I was impressed with Robert. That was a bold move and it was going to be fun being in a club. Well we got in and went straight for the bar.

'Give me a whiskey sour and a coke and rum'

'Wow you already know all that huh'

'Yup I heard that when I first came here. And it's not bad.'

We started drinking and Robert more then me. I was more sober. He only got tipsy though so I thought we could call it quits and went home. It was around 530 when we got home.

'Come on lets go sleep i'm tired'

'Aigh i'm cool with that'

He was drunk and I could smell the whiskey and other alcohol on his breath.

'Come with me. I put on of his arms around my shoulder for support and took him to the bathroom and out him over the sink. I got his toothbrush and put a lot of toothpaste on it. I began washing his mouth out. After I could bear to talk to him with out feeling wick from his breath I laid him down. He looked sloppy so I got him to lay down right. I took his shoes off and then his shirt. I don't know if it was the alcohol talking but all I wanted to do was reach out and run his tits. And that what I did. I tweaked his right nipple first and he moaned and then his left one. And then I bent down and put his right nipple in my mouth and started to suck like a mad man. Then the left one. And then the way down his treasure trail. I unbuttoned his pants and took them off. In doing this I exposed his pubes. I couldn't help but pull them down too. My heart was beating. I knew what I was doing was wrong but the alcohol wouldn't let me stop. I ignored his dick and went back to his face. I looked at him asleep now. And I started to kiss him. At first really soft and gentle and after time I started kissing him hard and I was rubbing his now hard cock and playing with his balls. And that's when it all went wrong. He started stirring and I jumped off him. He woke up half way and saw he was naked then more he woke up the more confused he got. And then he looked at me and was horrified. I had taken off my shirt and lowered my pants. I picked them back up but didn't say a word.

'What the hell'


'What the fuck dude, what were you just doing'

'Uh um'

'What the hell!!'

'Robert calm down i'm sorry'

'Fuck you don't tell me to calm down. You faggot you touched me? Is that what you did?'

'Robert look i'm sorry' I said backing up into the corner.

'Fuck you and your sorries'

'Please calm down'

'How dare you, I invite you into my home and you freaking touching me in my sleep. Do you do this every time I invite you over? Huh you little faggot?'

'Shut up let me explain'

'Fuck you mean shut up'

His eyes were red, I don't know from anger, sleepiness, or the drunken stage he was in. but I was afraid.

'Calm down please'

'Get out of my house and don't you ever talk to me again'

'No wait Robert let me talk, i'm sorry, I don't know what happened'

'Leave me alone!'

'No, no I'm sorry pleasing Robert.'

'Fuck you'

'Please I take it back I didn't mean to do it. I just - I don't know'

'Yeah that's what I thought now leave before I kick your ass and I swear I will Kevin' he was slurring. I had to leave or I don't know what would've happened and I didn't know if it was him or the alcohol.

I left home half drunk. And I drove so slow so I wouldn't crash. I got home and heard my parents so I was as quiet as possible and snuck in the back way. I was in no mood for talking. And that was the last day of mines and Robert's friendship.

--Now its present day. I'm a freshman at college and happy to have a new start. I got dropped off by my parents and I went to go find my dorm room where I would be with my roommate of four years to see if he was a dick or not. I find my room and my roommate still hasn't arrived. Good things they aren't bunk beds. Wouldn't want to have a problem on who gets top bunk. I get the left bed and start to unload my things. I hear a key turning the door. I go to open it and my roommate with his luggage, when I see Robert at the door both of us surprised..........

**To Be Continued.................**



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