A late Friday afternoon swim practice is where this story begins. It was close to the end of the season and the Fenrir high school swim team was being pushed to the limit by their coaches to ensure they were ready for states. To make sure that the freshman would properly complete each drill and set, they were paired up with an upper classmen. In young Dante's case he was paired with Tommy, aka Titan- because he was gigantic in both senses of the word--and told to keep up with him. The other members of the team thought that this was cruel and unusual punishment for poor Dante because the stats were so UN even. Dante was the runt of the freshman litter, 4'9", and under developed- meaning he had not gotten to the stage of puberty where his muscles were starting to develop. While Tommy was 18, 6'10, and was on the football team when not doing swimming-so he was ripped- and he had done swimming all four years of high school—so he was cut. But the coaches didn't care and sent them off to complete their training regimen. Dante tried his best to keep up with Tommy, but he just couldn't manage. As Tommy sped along, knowing full well that Dante couldn't keep up, he had begun to think to himself of what he knew of the boy.

Dante was his best friend's kid brother, a freshman with strawberry blonde hair, which turned red when in the summer months. He was about 4'9" tall and had a childish build, no real muscle definition yet. He had milk chocolate brown eyes, a cute button nose and his baby face was speckled with freckles- but only on his checks. Tommy did a flip turn and swam back to his starting position to complete his set; half way there he passed Dante. Tommy noticed that Dante had very fair pale skin with sort of a pinks hue. In all truth Tommy had a little bi crush on the ginger freshman and was glad that the coaches had decided to pair them up- it gave him the chance to sneak peeks at the youngster's body without others noticing. Tommy rested on the wall of the pool and wait for Dante to finish. As he was waiting he noticed Rachel staring at him. He and Rachel had gone out a couple times and he really liked her but she would never let him fuck her. She feared, like most girls, he would split her in half- which angered Tommy so they weren't speaking.

But this feud nor her fear did not stop Rachel from checking Tommy out. 6'10", jet black hair, tan muscular body that could rival Taylor Lauthuer's, and a horse hung dick- what more could a girl ask for- Tall, Dark, and hung like a horse- an award winning combination.

Dante had finally finished his laps and was now breathing excessively to take in oxygen; he was exhausted and did not know how much more he could take. In his hurry to take a breather Dante accidentally brushed up against Tommy's dick, which caused a stirring in the Titan's loins. In Tommy's defense he hadn't gotten any in.... well forever because most of the girls/guys he went out with feared his dick- so Tommy was a little sexually frustrated and this touch was just enough to push him over the edge, he needed to fuck. But he didn't want his dick to burst out his Speedo so he forced himself to calm down. Just then the coach said that practice was over for most but Dante and Tommy had failed since Dante did not keep up with Titan, He charged them both with another set of 2000 yards swim and followed everyone else in the locker rooms.

"Sorry about this Titan, I did try to keep up" said Dante in a high- boyish voice-which made Tommy/Titan think that the boy's balls hadn't drop yet. Tommy grit his teeth. He had planned on dealing with his raging hard on (that he was barely keeping counseled) and was now delayed. But the puppy dog look and the innocent voice made Dante look even cuter. So Tommy forgave him.

"It's alright, I guess" said Tommy a little harsher than he meant to, but he was trying to get his monster cock under control. So they began the set again, Tommy pushing Dante hard to swim faster while "con-cocking" a way to get Dante back for this undeserved punishment.


Tommy and Dante enter the locker room to find it completely empty and the coach tapping his foot impatiently.

"Hurry up, I gotta get going" he growled.

Dante ran off to the showers, trying to avoid the coach's glare, and grabbed his towel while Tommy walked over to talk to the coach.

"I could always lock up for you coach" he said as he finally thought of a way to get his rocks off. Without even thinking about it the coach threw him the keys. "You can give them back to me on Monday" he said as he ran out the door. Tommy smiled from ear to ear as he locked the doors leading out of the locker room. He grabbed his towel and made his way to the showers, with a huge tent in his makeshift kilt.

Tommy found Dante near the far wall as he entered the showers. It was somewhat dark but Tommy could still make out Dante's cute butt from where he was standing. His plan was simple: fuck Dante by any means necessary. So with this in mind he walked over to where Dante is bathing and begins to shower next to him. Dante looked up horrified –like most guys who haven't started puberty-he didn't want Tommy to see his undeveloped body.

Tommy noticed Dante's tenseness and said "Don't worry it'll grow just give it time, you might even be as big as me when you're older." Tommy held up his dick and smiled- for he caught Dante looking. The boy's whole face went red and began to leave the showers- partially to hide his kid size dick and partially because he was getting hard-- it unnerved him (+) he did not want Tommy to think he was gay.

Dante was almost out of the shower room door when Tommy picked him up and hugged him close-- so close that their bare flesh touched- which didn't help either's erections.

"Put me down Titan, this isn't funny!" Dante yelled. Tommy--grinning from ear to ear-- began to lowered Dante to the ground when, just before Dante's feet touch the ground, the boy's bubble butt came into contact with Tommy's semi erect dick. Dante jumped as if he had just been electrocuted. He turned around and saw that Tommy was completely hard. Now Dante completely understood why everyone called him "Titan". Tommy's dick was a foot long and scary thick.

(No wonder all the girls feared that thing going in them!) Thought Dante as he tried to back away.

"Where do you think you're going?!, Fresh meat" Tommy growled as he took a step towards Dante. Dante flinched and took off running through the locker room. Tommy calmly followed after him, strolling like a predator. Dante ran towards the door, arms out stretched to push through it. He instead hit it--hard-- and slide down to the floor. It was locked and he was trapped in the locker room with a horny Titan. Dante suddenly felt an arm rap around his mid-section and was lifted off the ground.

Tommy started to whistle as he carried Dante back into the showers. Dante was shaking violently; he's heart racing, as Tommy laid him out on his back. A chill ran down the boy's spine as he lay on the soaked tile floor of the showers with Titan's hungry eyes staring down at him.

"Titan, what are you going to do?, I..I I don't really, I.." he started to stutter; fearing what would happen if he called Titan gay. But as Titan/Tommy held up his club of a dick, it slipped out. "Titan I'm not gay!!!!" he gulped

Tommy laughed out loud.

"Neither am I, I'm bi bud, what's your point?" he said as he pulled Dante's towel completely off, leaving Dante's most private parts exposed. Once the towel was off, Tommy got a good look at Dante's package. His dick was a little on the small size- about 4.2" cut- but cute and it laid on top two hairless golf ball sized balls. After taking in the sight Tommy put his one hand on Dante's abdominals (to hold him still) and began to suck on Dante's dick. Dante squirmed with pleasure as he felt Tommy's tongue run up and down his dick, taking his tongue and licking the underside of Dante's head, he even lick Dante's piss slit . It only took Dante two minutes of bj before he blew his load into Tommy's mouth, which Tommy spit back out on to Dante's chest (he did not like the taste of his or anybody's cum-cum swallowing was one of the lines he would not cross). Dante was on cloud nine-it had been his first blow job and most powerful orgasm to date- and didn't notice Tommy lubing his dick up with spit and shower water. It only came to his attention what was going on when Tommy got down on all fours and started licking his ass hole.

"What are you doing?! I'm not gay Tommy!!" Dante yelled. Tommy said nothing- hormones were driving him now- as he positioned the head of his dick at the opening to Dante's ass. Dante kept squirming to get free but was held in place by the giant jock with the massive cock. Before Dante could protest more, Tommy shoved his dick in. A shriek of pain filled the showers and echoed around the room in stereo. Dante was in tears and even more poured from his eyes as Tommy kept on pushing his dick in ever deeper.

"Relax; it'll hurt worse if you don't relax!" Tommy managed to grunt as he continued inch by inch to sink into Dante. Dante tried and through the sobs, managed to relax enough that the penetration didn't hurt as bad. Dante's hole was extremely tight, almost to the point of hurting Tommy but he gritted his teeth-he needed this he need to get off and what better way than to screw a crush. Tommy got about 9 inches inside Dante before he decided to actually fuck him, going in and out, in and out faster and faster as the great sensations he was feeling increased. Grudgingly Dante was somewhat enjoying being fuck. As Tommy's dick rubbed up against the inner walls of his ass a certain spot was granting him great pleasure. After about 5 minutes Dante began to violently shake and wraith underneath Tommy-(orgasm) Tommy thought. As to confirm Tommy's thought, Dante cummed all over himself and Tommy as his dick flopped around from the force of Tommy's fuck power. Tommy thought this was so hot that he got too excited and could feel his cum building up, so he pulled out of Dante- who felt "empty" and lighter. Tommy then rammed it back in all the way, which made Dante scream with pain (it was like taking a tree straight up his ass). Tommy then grunted and groaned, unloading his balls' complete contents deep in Dante's ass.

However the jizz did not back flow, instead it kept going right up Dante's intestines and into his stomach. Dante- to say the least felt weird and in pain- he began to cry as Tommy pulled out. Tommy, feeling somewhat responsible-for he did not mean to hurt the kid, cradled the redheaded freshman in his arms, and petted his head.

Through his sobs Dante asked "why, why would you rape me.... what have I ever done to you."

"Because when I was younger I was just like you until you brother raped/fucked me." Tommy answered, shuddering at the memory "At the end he told me it was a gift and bit me on the shoulder, you just remind me of me. The other reasons I was horny and thought you were hot". Dante sobbed even harder at the reasons, he was violated and the fact that his ass now had blood dripping out of it- but still no cum--worried him. Tommy just sat there patting and rocking Dante as he stroked Dante's little dick. When Dante had settled down a little, Tommy held him close and whispered "this is a gift" he opened his mouth wide--with teeth that looked too sharp to be human-- and bit Dante on his shoulder, hard. The bite was deep and drew blood but the weird heat sensation Dante received from it was scaring him the most. He started to feel siring pain spread all over his body, his body temp sky rocketed, and he began to hyper ventilate. The boy's body was going haywire. Swam to exhaustion, raped and now poisoned, it was all too much for Dante--he blacked out, in Tommy's arms.

Tommy carried Dante out into the locker-room, dressed both of them then carried Dante to his pickup truck and drove him home. Tommy did not want Dante's parents to see him like this so, Tommy scaled the side of Dante's two story house and climbed into Dante's room window – he knew where it was because he lived three houses down from Dante and had watch him grow up. Thinking to himself as he laid the redhead on his bed, "maybe that's why I granted him the gift?", but he couldn't dwell on that now, he had things to do. Dante would need to be guided though his new puberty stages and his new abilities, so he would need a mentor. Tommy would have to figure out a way to spend more time with Dante. But he'd figure that all out later because now he was horny again and he need to get off, "maybe Rachel would let him stick it in her pussy, then her ass and this time 'no' is not an answer" he thought as he jumped out of Dante's window and strolled back to the street for his truck.

Back in Dante's room

Dante was thrashing around in his bed, his body felt like it was engulfed in lava. His bones creaked and cracked, his muscles seemed to be ripping and mending over and over again, He was in indescribable agony. He also felt in the pit of his stomach Tommy's cum starting to bubble, churn, and what felt like spreading all over the inside of his body. The worst of the pain was originating from his dick as it felt like someone had strapped it to one of those medieval torture devices that stretch you till you break. Though all the pain, he somehow had an orgasm. He cummed on his stomach, but his body temp was so high the cum literally evaporated as soon as it touched his skin. The pain was too much for Dante to bear and he blacked out for the second time. Leaving his body to be reformatted at the genetic level while he dwelled in the realm of unconsciousness.

Dante awoke to find himself naked and drenched in sweat, disgusted he whipped some of it off. Dante decide to take a shower and was about to leave his room when he notice two things: 1. He was taller than he was yesterday, and 2. His Dick had gotten huge, he was soft at the moment but his dick was at least 7" longer and lot thicker. Dante took a closer look in the mirror, he marveled at the changes that had taken place over night: His strawberry blonde hair was a lot longer and shaggier than it used to be, his baby face had gotten a little more mature but he still looked rather young, he was taller –yesterday he was 4'9" now he was 5'10", his body was now more toned and cut- but it still kept its childlike softness. But the piece of the resistance was his dick– it had grown from 4" hard to 11" hard in one night, though it wasn't as thick as Tommy's was. At the thought of Tommy, Dante check his ass.

It was as if Tommy had never raped him, the only evidence it had happen was now trickling out his butt. At this Dante realized he had been holding something in, he relaxed his butt muscles and let it out. Dante regretted not releasing it over the toilet as about a gallon of cum poured out his ass and onto the floor. As relief wash over him, Dante remember what Tommy said to him "this is a gift". So that's what he meant thought Dante as he explored his new body in the shower- especially examining his new cock, balls, and brand new red pubs. Dante was so happy with his new body that he didn't mind the crescent moon scar on his left shoulder-from where Tommy had bit him. After about an hour of "showering" Dante got dressed and went down for breakfast only to be met by his mother.

"Wow someone sure hit a growth spurt" his mom said with a smile, taking in the new him. Dante smiled back and said "Mom you don't know the half of it".

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- to be continued

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