Okay, so Chris and I became friends. Yeah, yeah, I know. It wasn't supposed to be that way. Looking the way I do, an absolutely spectacular Adonis with a body and face that people can only dream about, and with everybody around me kowtowing and drooling over me all the time, I didn't figure I needed any friends. Besides, when you look like me, you're overwhelmed with ass-kissers that drive you crazy while they're all trying to be your best friend. What you end up doing is keeping everybody at arm's length. But Chris was such a nice guy, and right from the beginning he fell madly in love with my cock. He is absolutely cock crazy. I have to hold him back all the damn time because he can't keep his eyes and hands and mouth off of me. Hell, I've got plenty of guys around wanting to service me, but Chris is as good or better than any of them, and none of them are quite as aggressive and dedicated to my cock as he is

But Chris and I, living next door to each other, going to the same school and with mostly the same interests in body building and stuff, it made sense that we'd be friends and do things together. And with Chris it wasn't a matter of him being available for a hot fuck whenever I wanted it, but just the opposite. He was always, always, always ready with his mouth hanging open or his legs spread wide just waiting for the least sign from me that he could get back on my big prick. I mean, he is something else! For god's sake, in the first two days after we met I fucked him twice and he blew me three times. He was insatiable.

I admit, seeing hunky Chris on his knees with my cock in his mouth drove me crazy with lust because he was such a hunk. And having him worshiping my muscles every minute of the day was an incredible turn on too. He was exactly what I'd been looking for after I lost my cock sucking muscle boy Terry.

I had him join me in front of the mirrors in my bedroom occasionally and loved seeing him standing beside me. Mr. Muscle stud and his hunky sidekick. Me with jet black hair and brown, almost black eyes and very dark bronze suntan, and him with blond hair green eyes with the beginning of a gorgeous golden brown tan. Me, with my enormous muscles; I make him look almost puny. But on second glance you can see that he's a knockout as well. He'd been working out for a couple years and is really built; chest, shoulders, arms, thighs; you name it, he was muscular with really impressive cuts. Of course he was only about half my size since he only weighed about 160 pounds or so; more than fifty pounds less than me. I was 6'2" but he was only 5'7". But let me tell you we made a pretty picture.

I mean, here we are lying on the grass on our beach towels in my back yard and he's got his hand constantly moving over my muscles. He just can't keep his hands away from me. And although he'd already blown me once this morning, I swear to god he's literally licking his lips in anticipation of getting my permission to do it again. This kid is really wild.

And on top of that, he is also a muscle freak. Several times now he'd spent almost a whole day licking my muscles. He'd rub oil all over me in the morning and spend hours licking it off, and then after my workout he'd lick the sweat off as well. And damned if he wouldn't want to do the oil thing again later in the afternoon.

Right now he was just rubbing his hand from my chest to my abs and back again, occasionally tweaking my tits. I'd just cum down his throat so I wasn't horny, but Chris' hard-on was making a big lump on his red speedo because I hadn't let him cum yet. I figured that I'd fuck him again later on and allow him to jerk off. But horny or not, having him feel me up was a real turn-on.

"So who is this other guy I saw at your house the other day?" I asked him. "It must be your brother finally. Short and blond like you but kinda slim; but really good looking. A real knockout in fact."

"Forget it Brett. I've told you again and again I don't want to talk about it."

"Yeah, you've told me a dozen times you don't want to fuckin talk about it. And I'm sick of hearing you say that. Now, who the fuck is he" I growled at him. Every time I mentioned his dad or his brother he clammed up and I really was tired of it.

"Well, first of all you've got to be kidding about the 'real knockout'" Chris laughed. "That's my dad."

"Your dad? No fuckin way."

"Yeah that's my dad" Chris laughed again. "You think he's good looking? Do you really? Jesus, Brett, he's old. He's over thirty."

"Well I'll be damned" I answered. "He almost looks like a kid. I don't think I've ever been turned on to anybody that old before. He looks kind of skinny but he's very handsome. You said you'd been fucked before. Was he the one?"

"No way man. My dad? That's a laugh. My dad couldn't fuck his way out of a paper bag. He's a total wimp."

"Honest to god? Is he really? But he looks kinda hot and I could almost make a play for him, even if he is old."

"Brett, come on. Don't say that. He's my dad and he's a fuckin pansy. I just ignore him and so should you."

"Well, you said somebody fucked you, so who was it?"

"Brett, that's a long, long story, and I'd rather not talk about it."

"Well, I like long stories, and if it's got something to do with your hunky old man I want to hear it. Does it?"

"Well, I suppose it does and that's what turned him into such a wuss. I just don't respect him anymore. In fact I don't pay much attention to him at all."

"But he's your dad. You gotta live together."

"Yeah... Well, he doesn't tell me what to do, and I don't give him any shit. We manage."

"Jesus Chris, you've really got me curious now. Come on, tell me. And where is this brother you're supposed to have?"

"That's why the story is so complicated: my so called brother."


"He's not really my brother. He's actually my cousin but we call him my brother."

"How's that?"

"Okay, look. It's this way" he said. "My mother's older sister, I guess she was my aunt, was a real drug addict and died of an overdose when Jock was three or four years old so my Mom took him in. She was just a kid herself at the time and had just got married and I was just a couple months away from popping out of her oven. It was supposed to be temporary so somehow my folks never got around to adopting him. We've lived together all these years but he has a different last name. Jock's last name is Ricci because his dad was Italian. At least that's what it says on the birth certificate. And I swear to god, that was what my mom's druggie sister called him: Jock. It's not a nickname. And his middle name was Strong. Jock Strong Ricci. But if she only knew, she couldn't have been more right because he turned out to be one hell of a 'Strong Jock'."

"So he's what, four years older than you?" I said.

"Yeah, something like that."

"So, where is he?"

"You better be happy he's not here because he's an absolute nightmare. Right now he's in summer training for college football, so thank god I haven't seen him all summer."

"You still haven't told me who fucked you. Was it him?"

"Brett, you've got to understand. Jock has been my worst nightmare ever since I was a kid. For one thing, he's always been big. Really big. Huge actually. Right now he's on scholarship with Orchard University and plays center on the football team. And he's 6'5" tall."

"Six foot five? Wow, he is tall."

"You don't know the half of it. He weighs over three hundred pounds, and every ounce of it is muscle. He's on campus right now working out in their weight room to make himself even stronger."

"Jesus, that's incredible. Over three hundred pounds of muscle?"

"So, you want to know who fucked me? Well, now you know."

"Okay, okay, okay, so I don't want to meet your brother. I damn well don't want to mess with any degenerate who outweighs me by a hundred pounds. But I still want to hear the story. Why'd he fuck you and why is your dad a wimp?"

"I can tell you why he fucked me. He fucked me because he's a bully and a malignant sadistic son-of-a-bitch. That's why."

"Wow. Okay, okay. So he's evil. Jesus. Now you gotta tell me" I said as my prick started to perk up. Hearing about someone who was a sadist was like an aphrodisiac to me, and really turned me on. But it's not as if I was sadistic; no way; I wasn't; that just wasn't my scene. But being like a god and a near perfect specimen, and since everybody, and I mean everybody lusted after me, my expectations were always very high and I might have come across sometimes as overly harsh. I loved dominating guys and I loved my sex hot and hard, so if my fuck boys ended up with a sore throat or a sore ass and a bruise or two, that was just accidental. I didn't intentionally hurt them so if they got battered and knocked around a bit, it was just because I sometimes got carried away during a hot session of getting my rocks off. I was never deliberately abusive, but it just happened sometimes when my big wanger got hard and hot and impassioned, I would sometimes just lose-it. But hell, the guys I picked to fuck were so excited about me even noticing them that they were happy to take a little roughing up. They expected it, and I swear to god they liked it. And I have to say, they were fuckin lucky to get a piece of me under any circumstances, bruises or no bruises.

"Okay, tell me everything" I said as I turned on my side with chin in hand to look at him. "Go ahead, tell me."


"Well okay Brett. This is the way it was. Jock was my mom's sister's kid, and she's always doted on him. Her standard comment has always been 'my sister depended on me and I'm going to do right by him'. So when he got into trouble in like the sixth grade she sent him off the military school. That was like eight years ago and I seldom saw him after that except on holidays. Even in the summer he was always visiting his real dad or other family members or going to football camp or something.

"But let me tell you a little about my mom. She absolutely doted on Jock and seemed to think he was God's gift to the human race, but never seemed to notice that I was around. It didn't help that he was always a big muscle boy, very good looking, and very popular. I think he was president of every club and every sports team he ever joined. And until I started working out I was a kind of a wimpy kid, and until I got my contacts I had big horn-rimmed glasses too. I looked like a nerd. So there was no question I was low on the totem pole with my mom.

"She was a high level executive with a cosmetics company and was always traveling. I mean always. She spent more time in Paris that she did at home. My dad even joked a couple times that he couldn't remember what she looked like. And even when she was around they didn't get along very well. She was a tyrant with a temper and he was heavily henpecked. He and I both learned to keep out of her way when she was home, and besides, she visited Jock at military school more often than she visited me and my dad at home.

So she wasn't around that summer two years ago when Jock came home from military school. I guess I was about thirteen and he must have been seventeen. Evidently he spent his whole life in the weight room because every time I saw him he had packed on more muscle and was becoming even more of a giant. The trouble started on the very first day he was home for the summer when he came into my bedroom. Dad was out somewhere drinking with his buddies so just the two of us were home.

"Hey brother, I've got a proposition for you" he said as he sat on my bed. I turned from my computer, rather startled because he'd hardly said two words to me the last couple times he'd been home. I saw he was ready for bed and wearing only his underwear, the same as me. I already told you he was huge; massive is the word; about 250 pounds of gigantic rock hard muscle at the time. I mean, you could have set a coffee cup on that huge shelf of his pectoral muscles. His arms must have been nineteen inches and his thighs; well... his thighs... they were... they were just massive.

I think I'd just gone through puberty that year because when I saw him sitting there on my bed in just his shorts with all those incredible muscles showing my jaw dropped down in shock and my cock got hard in a millisecond. Hell, anybody'd get hard seeing a physically perfect behemoth like that. But, to tell the truth, I already had an inkling that I might have been more interested in boys than girls. There were a couple guys in my gym class that caused me to get hard when I saw them getting dressed. Girls never did that to me, even naked ones on the internet. But Jock. I'd certainly never thought of him in a sexual way before but Christ, he was hot. He was way, way hot!

"Here's the scoop kid" he said. "My two roommates and their buddies got in the habit of giving me blow jobs whenever I wanted this past year and you're going to take their place this summer." He said it calmly with a slight smile as if he was talking about the weather. "You ever blow anybody before?"

"Ahhh... wha...? Wha...?" I answered, totally shocked. "What did you say?"

"Yeah, I didn't think so" he said, very calmly again, "but that's okay, you gotta start sometime. We'll start now. Come here" he ordered.

"Jock. Ahhh... hey. Ahhh... " I mumbled totally flabbergasted.

"I said get over here" he growled. I was still in shock and it hadn't really sunk into me what he was saying.

"Jock... ahhh,.. what are you talking about?" Without another word he got up, stepped over to me and grabbing my hair with one hand, gave me an open handed slap to the face with the other.

"Yeeeaaaaaoooh" I screamed as he damn near took the skin right off my face. If he hadn't been holding on to my hair I would have been knocked completely off the chair and half way across the room. With a jerk, he pulled me to the floor onto my knees, and casually walked back to the bed dragging me along

"Okay, let's get you started" he said as he pulled my face into his cotton covered crotch. Grabbing my head like a basketball with his enormous hand he started moving my face up and down against his cotton covered cock. I had no experience with anybody's cock except for my own and what I'd seen in the showers at school, but right now I could tell the one crammed against my nose was a hell of a lot bigger, even though it was still soft.

I yelled for him to stop and tried with all my strength to push away from him, but he didn't even seem to notice as he held my head and continued massaging his growing cock with my face. "You're going to find out I don't have a lot of patience Chris" he said softly "so you're going to have to learn that you're going to do what I want whenever I want. And you're going to learn that tonight." I was pushing so hard against him that when he let go of my head I went flying backwards onto the floor banging my head. Jock got down and put a knee on my stomach forcing a 'wooof' out of me. Grabbing my hands, he pulled them above my head and just held them there with one big paw around my wrists. Then he grabbed my throat with the other hand and started squeezing.

"Okay Chris. Let's see how quickly I can teach you to listen and obey" he said as he squeezed my throat. "Are you listening?" I was trying my damndest to get my hands free but it seemed to take no effort at all for him to hold them above my head with one hand. "Are you listening Chris?"

"Uggggh" I choked as he was almost crushing my larynx.

"Okay, I think you're listening" he said grinning down at me. "Good boy. Now relax your arms. Stop trying to get away. Do it boy. Do it." The pain in my throat was so intense that it was difficult to focus on what he was saying, but I finally understood and relaxed my arms. "Good boy Chris. Good boy." He was really beaming down at me, obviously having a great time. "Now I'm going to let go of you, but you are not to move. You hear me Chris? You don't move. Answer me."

My face must have been beet red and I couldn't breathe and was nearing unconsciousness but I was finally able to nod my head slightly. Chris let go and got up. I just lay there gasping for breath with my hands grabbing my aching neck.

"Oh shit" I gasped, as I slowly began to come back to my senses.

"Okay now, get on your knees" he said. I was still trying to recover and get my breath back so I just looked at him. "NOW" he yelled at me. And I jumped and got on my knees.

"Now I'm going to tell you some things and you're going to answer 'yes sir'. Got it?" When I didn't answer immediately he reached forward and gave me a sledgehammer blow to the chest knocking me over backwards. "I said, got it?" Now I started crying and was really afraid. It was finally sinking into me that he could really hurt me if he wanted to. And he seemed to want to.

"Please Jock. Please don't" I pleaded through my tears. Jock got up, grabbed me by the neck, jerked me back to my knees, and slammed me in the chest again.

"You will answer 'yes sir' little boy" he growled at me. "Now say it."

"Yes sir Jock. Yes sir" I cried. He let go of me and sat on the bed again just grinning at me while I sat crying in front of him.

"Good boy" he said. "Now you're going to be my fuck boy for the next couple weeks. Got it?"

"Jock. Please...." I started to say.

"SAY YES SIR" he screamed at me as he reached forward to slug me.

"Yes sir. Yes sir" I yelled crying even harder. "Please Jock. Yes sir." He didn't slug me but just grabbed a handful of hair and gave it a hell of a jerk. I yelled because that hurt almost as much as getting slammed in the chest by him.

"You're going to be my fuck boy for the next couple weeks" he repeated as he held onto my hair. "And you're going to do whatever I want you to do. Got it?"

"Yes sir Jock. Yes sir" I answered as I looked into his face and saw his grin. I couldn't believe that he could look so calm and collected as he worked me over. He was acting like he was already bored with stomping me and wasn't at all excited because this seemed to be some normal drudgery that he had to go through to a new fuck boy into the fight frame of mind.

"Good boy. You're getting there" he said. "Now, repeat after me. 'I want to be your fuck boy'."

"Ahhh..... yes sir. Ahhh...." He gave my hair another jerk.

"Say it" he ordered.

"I want to be your fuck boy" I said, finally understanding that I must do exactly what he wanted. Exactly. It was pretty clear now that he was going to beat me to a pulp if I didn't.

"Okay, that's a good start, now stop that damn crying" he said as he pulled my face back into his crotch. "Put your hands behind your back" he ordered and that's what I did. "Now kiss my prick" he said.

I'd never kissed a guy's prick before; hell I'd never done anything sexual before, but now I was really afraid and knew I had to do what he told me. I gave his still soft cock a kiss through the underwear.

"Atta boy" he said. "Do it some more. Get me hard." So I kissed his cock as he maneuvered my head and jammed my nose against it with his hold on my hair. His cock was already bigger than when we started but now it was really growing. There was no doubt Jock had a big one. Then he roughly jerked my head back so I was looking straight up into his face.

"You're one lucky little shit baby brother" he said giving me a big smile "but you're going to have to learn how to serve me really quick. I've got so many guys at school wanting to submit to me that I have to trade off every day to try to keep them all satisfied. But now it's just you. They all learned to do me just the way I like and you're going to learn that too. Right now." He laughed when he said this. "Yeah, you're going to learn that I like it rough. Now pull my shorts down." He let go of my hair and stood up in front of me and waited.

Hell, I knew I didn't have any choice. Mom was never around, and Dad was out for the evening, so unless I wanted to get seriously battered I had to do what he wanted. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down and watched as his enormous prick slapped up against his rippled abs. And it was enormous; way, way bigger than my six inch dick. Jock put his hand behind my head and pulled me in.

"Lick it baby. Up and down the shaft. Anytime you see my prick you start by licking it." And I licked and guess what? It wasn't so bad. Actually, it was exciting. It was erotic and I actually got chills up my spine and I could feel myself getting hard.

"Oh shit I'm hot already" he said as I licked. "Training a new pussy is always a kick and you being my little brother is making it really hot. Now don't fuck it up by copping out on me." Still holding onto my head like a basketball, Jock jerked me back and stuck all four fingers of his other hand into my mouth. "Suck it bitch" he ordered. "Show me you can suck." So what the hell could I do? The fingers were already in my mouth. Of course I sucked on 'em. He was holding my head back so I had to look up and see the big grin on his face.

"Now the real thing" he said as he grabbed his cock, took aim, and pushed it into my mouth. Shit, I could barely get my mouth around it as he pushed it in deep. I instantly choked and gagged but he pulled it back out immediately. But giving me time for only one deep breath, he pushed back in. Again I gagged so he pulled out and then pushed in once more. When I gagged this time he pulled back, but not quite all the way. My mouth was full of cock and snot was coming from my nose and I was choking but at least I was able to breathe. "You'll learn babe" he said, looking down and laughing at my convulsions. "Oh yeah, you'll learn." Then he pulled all the way out again, leaving me gasping but finally giving me a chance to get my breath back. "It's okay babe" he said, still laughing "I've trained lots of cocksuckers and before you know it you're going to be swallowing me whole and loving it."

"Now suck on it" he ordered as he forced three or four inches back into my mouth. "Come on, suck." And I sucked. You bet I sucked. Right now if he'd said to jump off a cliff, I'da jumped off a cliff.

I was trying to suck on it, and since he wasn't forcing me at the moment, I was finally getting a feel for what I had to do. I didn't mind the feel of the cock, kinda hard but spongy, but it was just so damn big. It filled my mouth. Actually, I think I kind of liked it and from what I seen and read on the internet this was a really big one and all the guys seemed to be wild about big ones. So if I had to suck a cock it might as well be a phenomenal one for my first time. I developed lots of saliva, swirling my tongue around the monster, and really got with the program and sucked up a storm.

Jock seemed to be satisfied because he didn't do anything for several minutes except look down at me and chuckle as I sucked and started moving my head to try to simulate a jacking motion.

"Look at me" he ordered and I looked up at him as I continued sucking. Hacking up a big wad of spit he let it drop on my face hitting me right between the eyes. Then he grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked my head back and gave me a stinging blow to the cheek.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" I screamed and looked at him in shock. I thought I was doing what he wanted. Then he switched hands and gave me a blow to the other cheek. As came clear to me later, I was beginning to understand that Jock was a true sadist. He not only wanted to fuck and/or rape his victims, he also wanted to degrade them and torture them. He wanted to make his cocksuckers suffer while they serviced him.

After slamming me twice he pushed his cock back into my mouth. "Now suck on it" he snarled at me. "Put some energy into it you little fucker." And now I was frantic. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on what it would take to satisfy him. I grabbed his cock with both hands to try to help but he slapped them away. "Put your god damn hands down" he ordered.

Then he grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my face. He didn't actually drive it into my gullet but each thrust rammed right up against the back of my throat. I choked each time and was desperately trying to breathe as he rammed into me relentlessly. Then he yanked my head back viciously with one hand, almost pulling my hair out, and grabbed his cock with his other and started jerking it violently.

"Fuuuuuccccck" he yelled as he fired his first shot of cum directly into my right eye. In the throes of his ejaculation with his hand still holding my hair, he was jerking me back and forth as he aimed and shot every blast of cum into my face; getting me in the eyes, on my chin, both cheeks, my forehead, and even into my mouth. And as he fired his last shot he let go of my hair and slugged me in the face, this time with his fist, and sent me flying. Then he picked up his underwear and walked out of the room leaving me there crying on the floor.

He was a true sadist. There was no doubt that he liked beating people up while he fucked them.

I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up the next morning with a black eye and bright red splotches on both cheeks and purple bruises on my chest. Of course I told my dad about it before he went to work and he said he'd take care of it. I was shocked that he seemed to think it was just roughhousing between boys and wasn't all that serious. Hell I was only thirteen and Jock outweighed me by a hundred and fifty pounds and had just beat the hell out of me and fucked me. What could be more serious than that?

I stayed in my room all day, keeping away from Jock at all costs, and didn't even go down and join them for dinner. Along about bed time as I was cruising the internet my door opened and Jock walked in wearing just his underwear again. I looked over at him, totally shocked and terrified, as he sat on my bed.

"Come here" he ordered.

"J-J-J-Jock.... I t-t-told dad" I stuttered. "He s-s-said you had to leave me alone."

"I said 'come here'" he repeated.

"N-n-n-no J-J-J-Jock. Dad's downstairs and I'm g-g-going to tell him."

"Take those pj's off. I hate pj's" he said as he got up and went to the door. "I'll be right back." And he walked out of the room. I thought I would run down and tell Dad but when I stuck my head out the door I saw that Jock was already heading downstairs. So I waited.

About twenty minutes later my door opened and Jock came back in. "I told you to get rid of those pj's" he growled at me. "Now get 'em off and get over here." I didn't know what was going on, but it was obvious that dad was not going to come to my rescue. I took off my pajamas and got on my knees in front of him.

That's the first night he not only spanked me, but fucked me. That was the first night of many. The next morning dad refused to discuss my problem and said that was something between me and my brother. I noticed he had a cut lip and a bruise on his cheek. Obviously Jock had knocked him around until he saw the light.

After that Jock used me every night, and he enjoyed hurting me. Seldom did I come out of a session without new bruises. Believe it or not, I admired his strength and his muscles and his big cock, and I learned to not only fear, but to respect his total dominance over me. I mean, I told you I already knew I was gay and the idea of getting fucked by a muscle man was everybody's favorite wet dream, but even after I got used to him fucking my face or my ass it was never enjoyable. He was always rougher than hell and only interested in his own pleasure and was never satisfied unless he was hurting me. In fact if he had the slightest inkling that I might be enjoying it he would start slugging me or something until I screamed for him to stop.


"So that Brett is the story of my so called brother and what a bastard he was; is" Chris said. "After that every time he came home he fucked me and I had no choice but to endure it. So, what do you think of that?" he asked me.

And I'll tell you what I thought. I thought that story was hot as hell and my cock was trying to burst its way out of my speedo. Half way through the story I couldn't help but to start groping myself, and now I was leaking precum by the gallon. I was hot and bothered and needed to fuck.

"Oh shit man, that was hot" I said. "You gotta do me Chris." Chris actually had a smile on his face as I climbed onto his chest and stuck my cock in his mouth. I now understood why he was a muscle freak and a cock hound since the only sex he'd ever experienced had been getting fucked by a dominant hunk of muscle with an enormous cock, so of course he was submissive, and since I was pretty big down there myself and didn't beat him up when I fucked him, he was really falling for me.

So, it wasn't even noon yet and I already got my second blow job. And let me tell you Chris was good. He was really good. With all his experience he was a master at sucking cock.

"So your brother is at the University this summer?" I asked.

"Dad said he was at something called football camp on campus for a couple weeks and has stayed on to work out" Chris answered. "I hope to hell he doesn't show up here at all. Since he's mom's pet and she's now divorced, I suppose I'll never see him again. But who knows. He never tells us anything."

"So, what actually happened with Jock and your old man?" I asked as we lay there soaking up the sun.

"I don't know Brett. Neither Jock nor my dad ever said anything about it, but from that time on dad very seldom talked to him, and never, ever told him what to do. Jock liked to talk so at dinner time my dad and I mostly just listened."

"Do you think Jock fucked him? Your dad I mean?"

"No Brett, I don't think so. I think he just slapped him around and told him to mind his own business. Jock warned me not to say anything to mom, and probably told my dad the same thing, so I don't think she ever knew what was going on. I doubt she would have cared anyway since Jock was her little-little?-angel and could do no wrong."

"But your dad is really good looking. Wasn't Jock interested in him?"

"Brett; I'm not sure Jock's gay. At the very most he's bisexual. He wasn't interested in dad and I don't think he was particularly interested in me either. I'm damn sure he was just using me as a convenient hole to stick his prick into. He had boyfriends and girlfriends who I know he was fucking because in a couple cases I actually saw their bruises the next day. I swear that's true. I wasn't the only one he abused. And it didn't seem to make much difference to him whether it was a guy or a girl as long as he could get his rocks off. But lucky for me, most times after he had one of those dates he'd just go to bed and not bother me"

"Okay, so let's get back to your old man" I said. "How old is he?"

"Well, I know he's over thirty" Chris answered. "I think he's thirty-one."

"That means they got married really young. Is that right?"

"I guess so" Chris said. "I know they had a head start on me because I was born only a month or two after they got married."

"Well, you're fifteen, so that means they got married at fifteen or sixteen. That's why he looks so young. Hell, he looks like a kid."

"Yeah, I know" he said. "When we signed me up for school, he had to show his ID because they thought he was my brother."

"Well, I think he's hot. He doesn't have the muscle that you've got but he turns me on. You think he's available?"

"Come on Brett. He's my dad. And he's an asshole wimp besides. During those years when my mom was never home, he never went out or did anything except sometimes joining his drinking buddies. He was either a-sexual or the most loyal husband on the planet. And when mom finally left him two months ago he cried for weeks. What a fucking baby."

"So, does he date? Is he into girls?"

"Come on Brett. Drop it. I'm sure he's one hundred percent hetero. And he's a jerk and I just ignore him, so just forget it."

"I want to fuck him" I said bluntly. "I want his ass." Chris actually yelped in shock, gasped for breath, and then started coughing.

"Fuck man" he squawked. "What are you saying?"

"Do you care?" I asked. "Do you care if I fuck him?"

"Brett. No" Chris said looking shocked. "No way man."

"No way what?" I said, giving him a grin. "No way don't do it, or no way you don't care?"

"Brett" he sputtered. "He's my dad."

"You want to watch?" I said giving him a devious grin. "Huh?"

"Oh shit Brett" he answered with a quiver in his voice and then a laugh. "If you do it, I definitely want to watch. But he ain't your type at all."

"He looks pretty damn fuckable to me" I said. "Pretty face and nice ass; looks good for a quickie. Besides, it really turns me on that some guy that old turns me on. I mean, yeah, he's old but he's hot. I gotta do him."

"He's still my old man Brett and I think that's what's turning you on. You're turned on because he's my dad and that's why you want to fuck him. Just because he's my dad. But you can't man. I mean, I don't think you should do this."

"Well luckily I'm not asking what you think. I've already decided." So I started planned my next escapade.

Chris' dad was a high school math teacher but even though it was summer he was giving private tennis lessons, as well as coaching the local tennis team. But he was home most days at 4:00. So he was home most evenings. I'm not one to fuck around once I make a decision so I went over the very next night.

You already know I'm irrestible to pretty much everybody whether they were straight or gay. Hell, I'm gorgeous and I know it and so does everybody else. Since Chris told me that his dad had probably been beaten up by his brother, I figured he was probably intimidated by big guys with muscle. Hey, I might not be three hundred pounds like Chris' brother Jock, but I've got more muscle than almost anybody and at 234 I can be pretty intimidating. If he was afraid of Jock's big muscles, he was probably going to be afraid of mine as well. So I wore a tight wife beater and tight shorts so every one of my incredible muscles was showing to its best advantage, including the big muscle between my legs. Hell, I expected him to melt at first glance, just like everybody else.

"Well hello Mr. Stater. Nice to meet you" I said as I shook his hand. I didn't try to crush it, but was just firm enough to let him know there was a lot of muscle behind it. When I walked into the room he did a double-take at my muscles, and hardly looked at my face at all. Most people looked at my face first and were dumbfounded by my beauty and then took note of my incredible body. Even at first glance I could see that he had a wary look on his face and was worried about my muscle. He was undoubtedly comparing me to Jock and hadn't decided whether to fear me or not.

"Ahhh... hi, ahhh.... Brett" he stuttered. "Ahhh.... ahhh.... you're the neighbor."

"Yep" I said giving him a big smile and still holding on to his hand, "that's me. Chris and I have become good friends. He's over in my backyard all the time."

"Yes. I noticed" he said as he tried to retrieve his hand but I still wasn't ready to let go. "I'm ahhh... I'm glad Chris is making friends." When I finally let go of his hand he was pulling so hard the he had to take a step backwards and almost flopped back into the chair he'd been siting it.

"Yeah, we've been getting great sun tans" I said still giving him one of my glorious breathtaking smiles which I think was wasted on him because he seemed to be focused on my chest shoulders and arms. "What do you think?" I asked as I raised my arms a little, not quite doing a double biceps pose but flexing all my muscles just the same. "Pretty cool heh?" I was surprised that the guy still wasn't looking at my face but seemed to be mesmerized by my muscles. I began to realize why Chris called him a wimp because he seemed to be terrified of my hunky body.

"Chris is beginning to look super. Have you noticed?" I gushed. "With his workouts and a little sun he looks great. Show him Chris" I said, turning to Chris. "Go ahead. Show him. Take your shirt off."

"Ahhh.... Brett" Chris mumbled. "Ahhh.... it doesn't matter."

"Come on. Show him" I said as I reached over, grabbed his t-shirt and started pulling it up. Chris gave me a dirty look, but raised his arms so I could pull the shirt over his head. "There" I said "doesn't he look fabulous?"

"Yeah, I guess" Mr. Stater said. "Chris always looks good."

"Yeah he looks good" I said. "But since he's had me to emulate he's been doing a hell of a lot better. Haven't you Chris?"

"Ahhh.... sure Brett. Ahhh.... yeah " Chris answered.

"Just look at this Mr. Stater" I said as I pulled my wife beater up and off. "Pretty damn terrific hey?" Mr. Stater didn't say anything at first. "Well come on. What'daya think? Pretty spectacular hey?" I said as I stepped into his space, not more than a foot away, and gave him a double bicep pose. "You ain't never seen nothin like this."

Since I'd moved in close, Mr. Stater tried to back away but ended up falling back into his chair instead. "Ahhh.... why don't you boys go outside and play" he whispered and I could see beads of sweat begin to pop out on his forehead.

I laughed, and Chris even giggled a little, as I stepped forward actually touching the chair with my knees and straddling Mr. Stater's legs. "Sometimes it's a lot more fun playing inside" I said with my most seductive tone of voice. "Yeah. A lot more fun."

"B-B-Brett. P-P-Please. D-D-Don't" he stuttered. "Ahhh.... d-d-don't."

"Stand up Mr. Stater" I swooned. When he didn't move I reached in, grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to his feet. Then taking hold of the shirt, I ripped it open popping all the buttons. Then grabbing his undershirt I ripped it from the collar almost all the way down and then pushed both shirts over his shoulders. Unbuckling his belt and opening his pants I pushed them down so everything fell to the floor. Mr. Stater hadn't said a single word and offered no resistance whatsoever as I pushed him back into the chair and pulled everything down and off his legs leaving him totally nude except for his socks. "I like my fuck boys in the nude Mr. Stater" I whispered in his ear as I pulled him back to his feet. "You want to be my fuck boy? Hmmm?" He still didn't say anything but tears were beginning to drip down his cheeks.

Jesus, he was not only a wimp; I think he was catatonic. I'd never had a case where a guy didn't at least try to fight back but he didn't do anything at all. He was like a rag doll, with no backbone whatsoever, just waiting for me to do whatever I wanted.

"I don't fuckin believe this shit" I said as I felt my cock begin to wilt. Me, the Adonis, Mr. hot to trot super stud; for the first time in my life I was getting turned off when it came time to fuck. This guy was not only old, but he seemed paralyzed; totally apathetic; damn near comatose The funny thing is it didn't seem to be fear; he just seemed to have temporarily withdrawn from the world. I'd never seen anything like it. Looking into his eyes I saw they were kind of glassy and unfocused; he didn't seem to be looking at anything. I'm not sure he even saw me standing there in front of him.

He was whimpering softly and tears were streaming down his cheeks, but that was it. No other reaction at all. I know guys can stick their cocks anywhere and into almost anything, but this was too much. This guy was like dead meat, and there was no way I was gonna be able to keep a hard-on while trying to fuck him. And besides it wouldn't be any fun. Dominating and controlling and fucking is fun, but necrophilia is definitely not my thing.

"What the fuck is going on Chris?" I asked in bewilderment. "Does he always act like this?"

"I don't know Brett" Chris answered. "I've never seen him like this before. It looks like he's paralyzed with fear." Chris walked up as I stepped back. "Dad, dad, are you okay?" There was no response.

"I think you'd better put him to bed. I sure's hell ain't gonna fuck him. It'd be no better than fucking a cold fish." Chris took him by the hand and led him out of the room. So, what is that phrase: 'the best -laid plans of mice and men'? I sat down and waited for Chris to come back.

Chris and I had already taken our shirts off, but when he came back into the living room he was totally nude. Without a word he walked over and got on his knees in front of me and looked up smiling.

"You planned all this so you could get back on my cock didn't you?" I said giving him a big grin.

"How did you guess" he said with a laugh.

"Hell yes you did you son-of-a-bitch" I laughed. "You told your old man to act like a zombie so you could keep my cock to yourself, and him being a good daddy, he agreed. Yeah, right."

Chris laughed. "Well, why not? You know I'd do anything to get at your cock."

"Yeah, I know" I laughed. "So how is the old man?"

"He'll be okay. He was talking to me" Chris said. "I guess Jock put such an incredable fear of god into him that he's terrified of anybody with muscles. I think if you'd had more clothes on so he would have had a chance to admire your pretty face, he might have been okay."

"Yeah, my pretty face" I laughed.

"Hell Brett. You know everybody falls in love with you at first glance. You know that."

"Well, yeah, I do know that" I said with a smirk.

"So, I've put my dad to bed" Chris said. "I'm here, and you're here and he's not here. What do we do now?"

Rather than answer I leaned forward, taking his head in both hands, and started kissing him. Chris and I had had a lot of practice kissing recently so we really went at it: me in the chair and Chris on his knees in front of me. While we continued the kiss I gradually leaned backwards pulling Chris up off his knees. When I was finally sitting all the way back in the chair Chris was partially standing and leaning over me.

Still holding his head with both hands I slowly pulled his face down to my chest. I already knew this was one of Chris' favorite activities, licking my bulging shelf of pectoral muscle, so I let go of him and let him do his thing. And that's what he did; slurping and kissing and licking all over my pecs and then dragging his nose up and down my cleavage as he licked, and then finally moving to the other side. When I raised my arms and put my hands behind my head he automatically dove into my arm pit, sucking up a storm and swallowing any and all the sweat that he could find.

I told you Chris was a total muscle freak and loved doing this and there was nothing that turned me on and got me hard more than having my muscles worshiped. Particularly by a hunk like Chris. He was doing such a fantastic job that I just let him go at it for like twenty minutes or so. He would work his way across my chest giving the cleavage and the nipples extra special attention until he reached an arm pit, and then cram his nose in tight as he sucked and licked. Then he'd move back across and do it all over again on the other side. I was getting covered with his saliva but since he was rubbing his nose in it constantly, he was getting more on his face than on my chest.

Chris was a muscle freak, but he was particularly a pec lover. He'd suck on my tits all day if I'd let him, and I figured one of these days I would let him. But for now, I was hotter than hell, and wanted to fuck.

"You'd better get it wet before you sit on it babe" I whispered in his ear. Chris let out a moan as I said that and I felt his cock jerk against my leg where he'd been humping me. You think I don't know how to get him excited and turn him on?

After weeks now of Chris worshiping my muscles, giving incredible blow jobs and being one hell of a fuck, I'd learned to just let him go at it without direction because he was so fuckin talented. I liked to be in control and direct the action but Chris was so extraordinarily good that I would just lay back and enjoy his efforts.

"Oh fuck yeah" he murmured through his kissing, and then he very gradually began to move his kissing from my chest down across my rippling abdominals aiming for my crotch. He wasn't in any particular hurry and I wasn't either since I loved his worship. He was humming softly to himself in total ecstasy as he slowly licked and kissed his way back and forth across each ridge and valley of my abs moving steadily lower and lower.

"Please stand up Brett" he whispered. I stood up, unfastened my shorts, and let Chris tug them down over my muscled thighs as I sat back down again. Then he went back to my rippling abs, not licking now but just kissing them over and over again in total adoration. Then he finally moved down further into my crotch where he spent a good couple minutes just licking and combing the hair above my cock as he held the rigid nine inch pole down with his chin. He then pushed it back and forth a couple times with his nose, rubbed his face up and down against it, and then moved down to my balls.

"Ooooooh shiiiiiit" I moaned; my moans joining in with his soft humming in a chorus of sensual pleasure. Both of us getting intense erotic gratification from doing or receiving the thing we loved best. Chris was absolutely driving me mad with his exquisite attention to my every possible need and desire. The pleasure of having my body worshiped was so extraordinary that it was almost torture.

"Baby, baby" I moaned. "Ohhhh baby." Chris was now getting to work on my balls. He couldn't take them into his mouth, he'd tried previously, but he could suck on them and lick them and lust over them enough to drive me crazy and that's exactly what he did. Finally, I just couldn't stand it anymore.

"Chris baby, please. Pleeeease." Yes I was begging; my eyes were scrunched closed, my fists were clenched and I could barely stand the exquisite torment he was putting me through. "Suck me baby. Please baby. Please." Chris evidently was not ready to stop my excruciating suffering because when he actually got to my prick he merely licked up and down its' nine inch length, not giving me the satisfaction of sucking on it yet.

I was now moving my hips against his face making it difficult for him to lick, but he still didn't take it in his mouth. Then I finally screamed at him. "Suck me damn it. Suck me!" I screamed. Slowly and casually he finally, finally took the tip in his mouth and started licking it; just the tip. As I opened my eyes I saw him looking up watching me squirming in my throes of passion. He knew he was driving me totally bat-shit.

He slobbered on it for a couple moments getting it loaded with his saliva, and then stood up. Getting on his knees on the chair, straddling me and getting on my lap, he reached down and lined up my hefty sex tool with his ass. Then slowly, very slowly he lowered himself so my cockhead was pressed against his little pucker. Then with a quick jerk and a loud groan he forced the head of my prick into his ass.

"Oh shit" he mumbled as he gasped for breath and groaned. "You're so fuckin big." But big or not he pushed down some more forcing another inch or two into him. He wasn't dry because he'd slobbered all over my dick, but he wasn't well lubed either and he was giving my cock incredibly sensations of delight. I was beginning to think he hadn't prepared himself enough though, because he was really struggling to get me in.

I slid down in the chair some and spread my legs giving him better access as he forced my massive bludgeon deeper into his ass. "Ohhhh man" he mumbled as he started panting like mad trying to adjust to the pain in his severely stretched ass and I could see he was beginning to sweat.

"Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah" I moaned as he pulled up just slightly and then pushed down even harder. "So fuckin tight."

"Oh shit Brett" he moaned even louder. "Oh man, oh man. Please. Ohhh.... Let me try again." Then, very gradually, he pulled up all the way allowing my ramrod to pop completely out of his ass, and he just sat there for a moment panting madly with sweat dripping down his face.

"Let me help baby" I said as I hacked two wads of spit into my hand and reaching around and under him, pushed it into his ass. He'd already opened himself up so there was no need to try to open him up any more with my fingers. All he needed was a little more lubrication so I just pushed one finger in spreading my saliva around.

"Now baby" I said. "Now. Try again." Holding on to my cock and giving aim to Chris' little pucker, I watched his face as he pushed himself down on my giant dick once more. No look of pain this time, but just stoic determination as he slid down completely and bottomed out on my dick. "Oh fuck yeah" I moaned. "That's it baby, that's it. You're there. Now fuck me. Go."

I knew that Chris was the greatest cock hound in the county because we'd had really great sex over the past few weeks, but a guy can only be just so patient, and I was getting tired of his reticence. As he raised his ass allowing my cock to slip almost all the way out I reached around and gave his ass a good hard swat.

"Oooow" Chris yelped.

"Get with it, god damn it" I said roughly although I had a grin on my face as I said it. I knew that swat stung; hell I wanted it to sting. I wanted him to get going. "Stop fuckin around." This seemed to get Chris' attention as he pushed down hard forcing my dick all the way into him again. He immediately pulled up and did it again, ramming down hard. Then he started a slow, very slow, motion of raising his ass up and sliding it back down on my prick.

"Yeah. That's more like it babe" I crooned. "Ride my big pecker." I just let him go at it for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of his tight hole swallowing my cock. "Okay, babe. That's it. Now speed it up a little." Chris did as he was told and started speeding up his bouncing up and down on my dick.

I liked the idea of Chris submitting himself to me and slavishly setting on my cock and doing all the work. I mean, there's nothing more servile than a guy riding on your dick. But from my experience I knew that sometimes the fuckee began to think he was in charge, and that was not anything I would ever allow. So even when a guy was groveling and slavishly fucking himself on my cock I wouldn't let him bring me off that way. At some point I would always take over control of the action, and besides, when I was in command I could be as rough as I wanted.

So, putting my arms around Chris, I stood up with him attached to my dick. I jerked my hips a couple times ramming my cock into him even deeper, and then turning around, dropped him into the chair on his back. Now I started to fuck! Hard and fast. I mean really hard, rocking the chair up off its' front legs as I plowed into him with a vengeance.

Chris' head was twisted against the back of the chair and he was grunting: 'ow, ow, ow' each time I pounded into him because his head and shoulders were being mashed against the back cushion. And now I was there: hot and hard and in a frenzy as I started grunting like a bull in heat. "Yeah, yeah, yeah" I barked as I rammed into him as hard as I could. Finally I grabbed him by the hair, gave it one hell of a jerk getting a yelp out of him, and banged into him one last time.

"Fuuuuck" I screamed as I fired my first shot into his ass. "Fuuuuck yeaaah." Even though I was yanking on Chris' hair he was looking up at me with a look of total devotion and lust, and as I pulled back and rammed into him again and gave another yank on his hair, I saw him reach down to his own little weeney and almost immediately he started shooting up across his stomach.

Now we were both screaming and ejaculating, totally lost in the excitement of the moment.

After a few moments as we both stopped shooting and started to calm down, I pulled him off the chair, and lay down on the floor pulling him on top of me. Our lips joined. My cock slid out of his ass as we continued kissing and trading spit for the longest time; probably five or ten minutes. Then I pulled his head onto my shoulder and just hugged him for a while.

After a few minutes Chris whispered in my ear. "Was that better than doin my old man?" he asked.

"Oh hell" I said with a laugh. "No comparison Chris. Ain't nobody around that can fuck like you can. You're a superstar."

Chris started laughing along with me. "A superstar. Yeah, you betcha I'm a superstar."



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