I'm an Adonis. No kidding, I'm really an Adonis. I know Adonis was some Greek guy, a god or something, who was supposed to be the most beautiful dude in the world. Yeah I know all that, and I also know that that's me. And I ain't even exaggerating neither because everybody just swoons when they see me. And I mean everybody. Hell, its only luck that I haven't given somebody a heart attack yet. I'm not sure if beautiful is the correct word to describe me, but handsome doesn't really do me justice. Maybe stunning might be a better description since beautiful is usually used for someone feminine and there sure's hell ain't nothin feminine about me.

So I'm stunning. I've got a face to die for and a physique that you wouldn't believe. Actually, I think I was muscular when my mom popped me out of the oven because I always had nice bulges in all the right places. Even as a kid I had really nice definition and once I discovered weight training when I was twelve and started working out, I pumped up almost overnight, with incredible mounds of muscle and cuts that are beyond belief. So with a body like Hercules and a face like Adonis, what else can I be but a god? A perfect body with a face to match makes for one hell of a gorgeous package. Anybody who sees my body, (once they're able to drag their eyes away from my dazzling face that is), is instantly in awe of my incredibly muscular build. I'm one of those guys who they say 'his muscles have muscles'.

Now don't give me any crap about that other Greek guy, the one named Narcissus. I know all about him too. He fell in love with his reflection in the water and turned into a flower or some such shit because every time he tried to reach that gorgeous image it went away. I admit I've got quite a setup of mirrors in my bedroom. When I open my closet doors I've got mirrors on three sides and I've got one of those full length mirrors on wheels that you can move around, so I can see every inch of my body. And I admit I spend time every day, morning, noon and night looking in those mirrors, but hell, you'd do it too if you looked like me. But I ain't no Narcissus. Hell yes I love the way I look and I jerk off in front of those mirrors all the time. But what totally turns me on is the look on other people's faces when the see me. Seeing a really good looking kid my age with his mouth hanging open in amazement at my spectacular image is like a shot of testosterone shooting through my body. Knowing that I can have most anybody and having them literally begging to be allowed to even look at my kisser is like nothing you can imagine.

So I'm a little arrogant and a little vain and perhaps a little spoiled. People generally fall in love with me at first sight, so I dominate and control everybody around me without even trying. People just automatically kowtow to me. At school I can do no wrong because all the teachers are in love with me; both the men and the women. And the students: male or female; a smile and maybe a wink from me causes them to cream their panties right on the spot. In fact, once their eyes pop back into their heads, they're almost willing to drop to their knees and kiss my feet in supplication.

Although the boys are instantly jealous and in awe of me, there is also the fear factor. As big as I am I can be pretty damn intimidating so the boys are either terrified of me and keep out of my way, or they are brown-nosed ass-kissers and will do anything just to have me notice them. I'm sure you've seen examples of a boy carrying his girlfriend's school books? Well, don't laugh, but you should see the number of boys who literally beg me to let them carry my books and do all kinds of other shit for me. And I can really come up with some shit for them to do.

So you think I'm arrogant? Well maybe. But hell, if absolutely everybody around you constantly kissed your ass, drooled over your body, and begged to be noticed, you'd be arrogant too.

Of course I'm always surrounded by girls literally climbing all over each other trying to get my attention, but I do my best to keep them at arm's length since they don't interest me in the least. As you may have already guessed, I'm into boys.

Now I want to tell you about the kid who moved in next door. You won't believe the story I'd got to tell you about us getting into a pissing contest. You won't believe it but it's true.

But wait. I can't get into that yet. Before we get to that I gotta tell you about Terry, the guy who was my number one cocksucker. I'll get around to the kid next door later.

Terry transferred into our school last year from some private school somewhere and he thought he was king shit. He pissed me off from day one strutting around like peacock and acting like he owned the place. Okay, so I have to admit he was good looking and very muscular and all the girls were wild for him. And he also played football and our school was football crazy. And he was the quarterback for God's sake.

Even as muscular and powerful as I am, I'm not into football. I hate team sports. But I'm one hell of a wrestler. My individual muscle power up against some wimp who thinks he might have a chance against me. That's what I like; my Samson-like strength up against all comers. The only problem with high school wrestling is that the rules don't allow me to introduce my opponents to real pain and force them to do anything I want them to do. I want the guy to have to pay a penalty when I whip his ass. I want to put them through so much pain that they will beg me to stop and will do anything for me. A guy loses to me he's gotta get on his knees, kiss my feet and agree to be my bitch. And since I'm partial to blow jobs, he's gotta suck me off as well. Yeah, domination wrestling is the only way to go.

So, overnight, this Terry kid became the hottest thing since baked bread. You might think I was jealous, but that was not the case. Hey, I know myself. I'm hot shit. The best looking and hunkiest dude in a hundred miles and everybody, I mean everybody, panders to me. That's the way it has always been and that was the way I planned to keep it. So me jealous? Hell no. I told you I'm an Adonis, so there ain't no way I'm gonna be jealous of anybody, especially that pretentious shit Terry. But that son-of-a-bitch was encroaching on my territory and I wasn't about to allow that.

Okay, so I had a chip on my shoulder, but that prick seemed to think he was my equal and never once even tried to talk to me or acknowledge me in any way. He fuckin knew that I was king of the hill at our school; everybody knew that and he wasn't so blind that he couldn't see it. So, since he was being such an ass, I decided to humble myself and speak to him first. That shows you how considerate I can be, by not making him come to me first and kiss my ass like everybody else. But what'd he do? He just kinda stuck his nose up in the air and pretended not to even know that I was 'the man' in our school. It went something like this:

"Hey man" I said, walking up to him after school one day. "I saw you on the field yesterday. Lookin pretty good." Now how's that for kissing his ass? I sounded like a fuckin brown-nose.

"Oh thanks man" he says, smiling at the four girls standing there mooning over him. "Yeah. The team's beginning to shape up." The girls started giggling, although I didn't see anything funny. Although I could see why the girls were so wild over him, because up close that smile of his was dazzling.

I waited for him to say something else; like maybe giving me a complement in return or introducing himself or something. When he didn't say anything, I finally spoke again. "You going to go out for wrestling this year?" I asked.

"No" he says. "I'm keeping busy concentrating on football and baseball. I won't be able to support the team this year." What the fuck did he say? He can't support us? What a brazen son-of-a-bitch. I gave him a big grin, and the girls stepped back because they could see that it wasn't a friendly grin. I guess you'd call it a scowl or a sneer. A very angry one. I was about to go ballistic.

"I think you and me need to have a talk" I said softly as I clenched my teeth while boiling inside. "Right now, in private." I couldn't believe this A-hole. I come up to him, playing nice, and he dares to challenge me. I mean what the fuck? He's got a god-damn death wish. "Get lost" I say to the girls, and when they see the look on my face they back off. Remember, everybody knows me and I have one hell of a reputation, so you bet they skedaddle.

And Terry, Mr. King Shit, doesn't seem to know what's going on. "Hey man, don't get all bent out of shape" he says. "All I said was I won't have time to wrestle this year."

"You know what Terry?" I said. "I don't like your attitude. I don't think you know your place around here."

"Well, I don't like your attitude either dude" he said belligerently. "So just bug off." I grabbed him by the collar and pushed him back against his locker. Not hard, but just enough to challenge him and make him pay attention. I knew better than to fight him here in the hall and get kicked out of school. Now I'm 6'2" but Terry is maybe an inch taller, but I think I might have him by forty pounds since I weigh in at almost 220.

"You think you're so fuckin hot. Well, listen kid, there's only room for one honcho around here and that's me. I'm head honcho here and you are getting way outa line." I was really proud of myself for keeping my cool and not destroying him on the spot. I had him against the locker but I hadn't slugged him.

"Hey man, stop it" he said, finally realizing how angry I was getting. "I haven't done anything to you; hell, I don't even know you, so just cut it out." He tried to push me away, but I wasn't ready to let him go yet, but shit was he strong. It took all my strength to hold him.

"Listen up kid" I said. "You don't seem to realize how to be properly respectful to me, something that every other kid in this school knows. I think you need a couple lessons in how to treat your betters." Pushing hard, he was finally able to make me back up away from him, so I let go of his collar.

"Cut it out man" he said again. "I don't want to mess with you, so just leave me alone." I don't know if he was afraid of me or pissed at me, but I wasn't about to let him off the hook.

"I said you need to be taught a lesson, and I'm the one to do it" I growled at him. "You got the balls to face me or do I have to drag your ass outside and show you how to behave?"

"That's enough god damn it" he shouted as he shoved me hard, almost knocking me down. "You want your ass kicked maybe I'm the one to do it. I ain't afraid of you." I was stunned at his aggressiveness. I knew he was built and could probably put up a good fight, but he must have a death wish to think he could stand up to me. Hell, he wasn't so blind that he couldn't see that I was one solid block of muscle, with shoulders and chest and arms half again as big as his. I got a big grin on my face and felt a twinge in my pants as I thought of taking this kid down and making him beg for mercy. Oh yeah! But I wasn't just going to take him down a notch; no way man; I was going to own him.

"You turn me on man" I said with a laugh as I reached down, grabbed my crotch and humped at him a couple times. "You make me hot to trot.' He just stared at me in surprise, and then I saw a look of fear begin to show on his face. I think he was beginning to realize he was in way over his head.

But he really was making me hot.

I owned three kids already that I used to service me. I'd trained all three to suck cock, but they were all skinny runts, and slapping them around and forcing them to do me just didn't get my juices flowing like I wanted them too. Generally they were boringly willing to do anything I wanted. I needed some excitement in my life and Terry looked like the one that could provide it. He was going to be a challenge because he was really built. Those muscles of his were hot, but man I know all about hot muscles, because mine are a lot hotter than anybody's and definitely bigger than his and I knew how to use them. I had no worries about taking him down. In fact I felt a hot flush of excitement shoot through me right down to the tip of my prick as I pictured stripping him naked, putting him on his knees and making him beg to suck me. Oh fuck yeah! That was gonna be great.

So I walked away and let him think I'd let him off the hook. Actually, I started tracking him so I could find out where he lived, and how he got to and from school every day. I found out that on days he had football practice he missed the bus and had to walk home. He only lived about a mile and a half from school but he had to go across the football field and through some trees to get to the highway. Then he went through the city park to get to the street where he lived.

I didn't want to take him on the football field because there could be somebody around, so I decided on the area by the highway. There were plenty of bushes and trees so we could have some privacy if we needed it but I really didn't intend to spend too much time working him over. I figured it wouldn't take more than ten-fifteen minutes to soften him up and get him begging me to stop.

So, a couple days later I went to the park and waited for him. I stepped out in front of him from behind some bushes just as he was walking by.

"Hey pipsqueak. Where ya goin?" I had just come from the school weight room so I was pumped to the max, and to try to intimidate him I wasn't wearing a shirt. All I had on was my gym shorts and shoes. And let me tell you, with my muscles bulging to their limit of perfection and sweaty from my workout, I would spook anybody. And he was definitely spooked.

He looked up in surprise and jumped back as he saw me, and then did a double take, his eyes bugging out. Hell, he was not only flabbergasted to see me, but was obviously astounded by my physique. I got a big grin on my face as I saw how easy this was going to be.

"You the guy who thinks he's king shit at my school?" I asked giving him one of my amazing smiles. "You the guy who thinks he's better'n me? Well, here's your chance to prove it." I gave him a 'most muscular' pose making my muscles bulge even more, and he just stood there with his mouth open totally taken in by me. Holy shit. This was going to be fun.

"Brett, come on" he said with a quiver in his voice. "I ain't done nothin to you. Just leave me alone will you?"

"No I won't leave you alone. Not until you understand whose boss around here."

"Okay, okay" he said. "So you're Boss." That sounded like sarcasm to me and got me pissed.

"Smart ass hey?" I said. "So I'll be just that much harder on you." With that I slugged him in the stomach, giving him one of my sledgehammer blows. He let out a 'woof' as his book bag went flying and he landed on his ass struggling to breathe. I stepped in and grabbed him by the hair and gave it a jerk. He couldn't scream because he still couldn't breathe but I know it hurt like hell. Holding his hair, I slugged him in the face.

All he did was grunt "Ugggh." I slugged him again. "Ugggh." His hands had been holding his stomach but now came up to try to protect his face. He was still sitting on the ground, so I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to his feet, and before he could move, I hammered him in the stomach again. As I let go of him he collapsed to the ground and curled up in the fetal position.

His nose was bleeding and he was crying but I don't think I broke anything. I didn't want to maim him like breaking his nose or knocking his teeth out or anything; I just wanted to get him under control. I just stood there looking down at him while he cried and held his stomach. I know my blows are like steel pile drivers so I knew I'd damn near rearranged his intestines with those wallops to the stomach.

I just waited a couple minutes while he tried to breathe. Then I grabbed him by the hair again, and gently this time, pulled him up so he was sitting on the ground and looking up at me. "Who's Boss?" I asked very softly. He was still crying but I know he heard me.

"Please" he bleated.

"Answer the fuckin question?" I snarled at him holding his head back so he had to look up at me.

He hesitated for a moment, still crying. Then he said it. "You're Boss. You are Brett" he said.

"Hey" I said as I laughed at him. "That wasn't so bad was it?" Shit, I couldn't believe how easy this was. The look of fear on his face really turned me on and I could feel my cock start to grow. Two minutes was all it took and now I owned him. I was still laughing as I reached down and grabbed his shirt, pulling it out of his pants, and then up and off of him. Then I pushed him back on the ground and put my knee on his neck. As he reached up to try to push me off I quickly unfastened his belt and his pants. Then standing up, I grabbed his shoes, jerked them off, and taking hold of his pant legs I pulled them off of him as well.

He was now lying there in only a pair of boxer shorts and his socks. Boxer shorts for God's sake. I hated boxer shorts. Grabbing my workout shorts, I pulled them off. Then standing there in only a jock strap, I gave him a most muscular pose again. Even being in pain and still sobbing he must have been amazed at my physical perfection. I already told you I was an Adonis with a body of Hercules, so I was actually envious of Terry being able to see me in the altogether for the first time.

I knew what he was seeing. A true demigod with a stunning face and incredible pumped muscles, sweating slightly and panting a little, performing the most muscular pose. Looking up at me towering over him in my stupefying perfection, he had to know I was a god and I'll bet it made him feel totally insignificant. Hell, just watching him looking at me in awe made me so fuckin hot I wanted to scream. I was definitely going to make love to my mirrors when I got home tonight.

Pushing him flat on his back, I settled down on top of him, putting my knees on his arms and setting down on his chest, with my crotch just below his chin.

"Okay pussy boy" I sneered at him. "You can push me off if you want, but if you do, that pain you're feeling is going to be a hell of a lot worse. So go ahead because I'll enjoy kicking your ass good." He was still sobbing as I smiled at him. I gave him a light slap to the face. "Tell me again who's boss! Tell me".

I waited for a moment but he just stared at me still sobbing. I slapped him again, a little harder. "Tell me who's Boss, I said."

Finally he spoke. "You are Brett. You're Boss."

"That's more like it" I said giving him an enormous grin. "Yeah, I like that Terry. I think you finally understand." With that, I slid up on his chest and grabbing him again by the hair, I rubbed my rock hard bludgeon all over his face: in his eyes, along his cheek, against his nose and between his lips. Then I stood up and put one foot on his chest.

Can you picture that? A spectacular Adonis, me, standing over my new conquest, showing my superiority by putting my foot on his muscled chest. I couldn't help but perform the double bicep pose and give a victory yell just like Tarzan. "Aeeeaaaa-eeeaaa-eeeaaa" I screamed in triumph. Terry had stopped sobbing now and just looked up at me, probably thinking I was crazy. That was okay by me because that would make him even more afraid and even less likely to give me any more trouble.

"To the victor goes the spoils" I said as I reached down, took hold of his boxers and jerked them down and off. Then I stepped back. "I like my pussy boys in the nude" I said with a laugh. "Now get on your knees." Terry slowly got to his knees. And what a vision he was. He was really built and very handsome, and sitting there in front of me on his knees with his face streaked with blood and tears and a look of fear in his eyes, I was about as turned on as I've ever been.

Grabbing his head, I pulled him in to my cotton covered nine inch pole again. Oh fuck, what a feeling. I felt him put his hands on my thighs. "Get your fucking hands off of me" I yelled at him "before I really kick your ass." He immediately removed his hands. Oh yeah, he was mine. I totally owned him now. And I was ready to collect my reward. Holding him tightly and watching closely, I humped his face over and over again. And what a vision and what a feeling. Watching my big monster rubbing over his handsome face and feeling it throbbing as I pressed it against his cheek and nose and mouth was beyond anything I'd ever experienced.

"Okay, showtime" I said to him. "Kiss it." I knew this would be the show stopper. He'd either do it and everything else would be downhill, or he'd refuse and I'd have to kick his ass some more and force him. I hoped to hell he'd go for it, because, although I loved knocking guys around, my quivering cock wanted some action right now. I was still holding his head and looking down at him as I saw him pucker up and kiss my cotton covered dick. Nirvana! Oh fuck yeah!

"Way to go man" I crooned. "Now do it some more. Kiss it. Loud smacking kisses. Let me hear it." And he really got at it. He kissed up and down my rod for a good five minutes. And guess what. He didn't seem to be under duress anymore. Hell, I think he was enjoying it. Isn't it amazing how a guy can come across as a really butch stud but when the chips are down he becomes a cringing wimp? There was no doubt in my mind that this is what he wanted all the time. As hunky as he was, he was just waiting for a big butch stud like me to take over and show him what it was like to be controlled by a real Alpha male.

I let him go at it for quite a while because it was such a wonderful feeling and I loved watching those pretty lips kissing my dick. I was so hard that my prick was trying to peek out from under the jockstrap. Then I finally gave him an order. "Pull my jock down" I said. He leaned back away from my crotch and looking up at me, gazed into my eyes for a moment. He damn well knew what was coming. But I swear to you the look of fear on his face was gone and had been replaced by lust. I swear on my mother's grave this was true. This kid was enjoying it. He wanted me to use him. He slowly pulled my jockstrap down. Then he looked up at me again with a look of... I'm not sure. You might call it a look of reverence. And I'll be damned if he didn't lick his lips. Wow!

"Keep kissing it baby" I said. We hadn't even started doing anything yet; hell he hadn't actually touched my prick yet, but I was getting super-hot. But Jesus, who wouldn't? A gorgeous muscle kid, the quarterback of the football team for God's sake, on his knees in the nude looking at my prick with a salacious look on his face. Fuck yeah I was hot. Then Terry gave me a kiss and a lick.

"Fuck no. Noooo...." I shouted as I started to shoot. "Ugggghhh...." I was shooting my load already. My first shot had actually gone right over Terry's head and the second landed on his shoulder. I grabbed it and got him in the nose with the third. As I pushed my cock against his face, he didn't even try to back off and I let the rest of my gusher land on his cheek and drip down his chin.

I was pissed with myself and couldn't believe that I lost control so quick. That can be fuckin embarrassing when I'm trying to show a new cocksucker how butch I am. But when I looked down I saw that Terry was looking up at me and grinning.

"Premature ejaculation hey?" he said with a laugh.

"Fuck you" I answered and I had to laugh as well. As I stepped back Terry picked up his shirt and wiped off his face. "Next time I won't cum so quick" I said.

"No way Brett" he said as he stood up. "There ain't going to be a next time."

"Like hell babe" I said. "I'm going to make you my number one cocksucker." And that's when he slugged me in the stomach. Luckily I had a split seconds notice and tightened my abs so he only knocked me back a little and didn't knock the breath out of me or knock me down as he'd planned. But then he leaped on me and we both went down wrestling on the ground.

I told you I was all solid muscle and I outweighed him by about forty pounds so it wasn't much of a contest. He did get the upper hand at first since he caught me by surprise, but it only took me a couple minutes to get him into a headlock. I said I was all muscle and I know how to use it. I was literally crushing his neck.

He grunted a few times but there was nothing he could do, and I kept increasing the pressure of the headlock. After a couple minutes of him trying to escape I felt him beginning to go limp, so I let up a little. Just a little

"Put your hands down" I snarled at him since he'd been trying his damndest to try to break my hold. "Put 'em down." And he did put them down so I let up a little more on the headlock, at least so he could breathe.

"Tell me whose Boss" I ordered. I think he was barely conscious so I gave him a minute or so to recover. "Who's Boss" I asked again.

"You are Brett" he croaked trying to talk through his almost crushed larynx.

"I was going to be a nice guy here Ter" I said. "But you bein such a prick, you can forget it. Now you're gonna to be my bitch." And you can bet I was angry. He'd pretended to be beaten and then turned on me, so of course I was angry. Goddamn little prick; nobody does that to me. "Now tell me you're sorry for turning on me." I still had him in the head lock, so I started to squeeze harder again.

"Okay, Brett. Okay" he croaked. "I'm sorry. Hey man, I'm sorry."

"Tell me you're my bitch" I ordered him. "Say it! Say you're my bitch." I squeezed even harder.

"Brett, Brett, please....." he choked out. "Please.... I'm your bitch. I'm your bitch." As I let go of him and stood up he dropped to the ground and put his hands to his neck. I could see it was really red, and he was going to have a nasty bruise there for a few days.

Surprisingly, I'd lost my hard-on during the fight, since I was usually really turned on when whipping a guy's ass. It must have been because I was so angry. But since he was handy, lying there underneath me, and he needed a lesson in humility, I grabbed my cock and started pissing.

He was still holding his neck and trying to get his breath, so he didn't react much as I pissed on his crotch and then slowly moved up and really let go into his face and hair. He tried to cover his face and turn away, but hell, I was loving it and actually laughing aloud as I soaked him with my piss. I'd never pissed on anyone before but what a turn-on. Talk about dominating and humiliating a guy. This was as exciting as making him blow me. Luckily I was about done pissing because I was getting so turned on that my cock started rising up like a python. In just seconds my prick was up and throbbing.

Taking hold of it I started stroking it hard and fast. I noticed that Terry was crying, actually bawling, but that just made it more exciting. I was so fuckin hot that I knew I was going to blow in seconds. I'd intended to make Terry suck me off since that was the ultimate show of my power and superiority, but I was so hot looking down at him crying, covered with my piss mixed with blood and tears, and holding his sore neck that I couldn't wait. I started to shoot. For the second time in, like, five minutes.

"Ohhh fuuuccck" I screamed in ecstasy. God was this fantastic! Total intoxication! I don't think I'd ever had an ejaculation this good. I fired a good four or five shots onto his face, and the rest dribbled onto his chest. Shit, let me tell you, people say they know all about having great sex, but I'm here to tell you that great sex combined with total domination is freaking awesome.

I was panting like crazy as I began to come down from my high. I was still laughing from the excitement; in fact I really hadn't stopped laughing and giggling since I'd started pissing on him. I'd never felt more powerful than I did at that moment.

Stepping up to straddle him and reaching down, I pulled his arms down, kneeled on them and sat on his chest again. I wasn't laughing anymore but I had a hell of a grin on my face. Terry was a total mess. His face was covered with my piss and my gism and his tears, and he was still sobbing.

"Hey man. It's over" I said as I gave him a couple friendly slaps to the cheek. "You did good Ter. Come on man, stop crying." I just sat there for a bit trying to look sober, but I just couldn't hold back a big grin. This had been probably the most exciting thing I'd ever done. The feeling of power was intoxicating. I felt like a God, totally owning another human being; and a pretty one at that.

"Come on man. Calm down" I said. Terry's arms were trapped under my knees so he couldn't move or cover himself but he wouldn't look at me. But I wanted to look him in the eye. I wanted him to see my grin, and I wanted him to acknowledge my superiority.

"Look at me baby" I said as I pulled his face around so he had to look up at me. "Open your eyes babe and look at me." Then he did look at me. "We're done babe" I said. "I ain't gonna hurt you anymore. But you're still my bitch. Okay?" He hesitated for a moment, and then nodded his head. "Good boy" I said showing him my grin. "Good boy. Now say it. I wanna hear you say it."

I was patient and just waited for him to realize he had no other choice. "I'm your bitch" he mumbled, so softly that I could barely hear him.

"Good boy" I repeated and I gave him a couple more friendly slaps to the cheek.

I said that Terry became my number one cocksucker, but actually, he never did get very good at sucking. But dominating this hunky football player was every bit as exciting as good sex anyway. I had another kid, Timothy, who gave fantastic blow jobs, so I didn't use Terry much, but it was always exciting to see my prick in his mouth. I taught him to kiss my feet before sucking me and then thank me afterwards for allowing him to do it so it was always very entertaining.

I never pissed on him again after that even though it was one of the most exciting things I'd ever done. I haven't pissed on anyone else either, at least not yet. I guess I'm just waiting for the perfect guy and the perfect opportunity.

So over the next eight months I made Terry blow me half a dozen times just to remind him that he was still my bitch. The cock sucking wasn't all that great but the domination was really super. But to finish my story here, Terry moved away a couple months ago, and I've missed him. The skinny runts that are servicing me now are okay, but I want a husky stud with muscles that I can dominate. I know a blow job is a blow job and a fuck is a fuck, but I really like built guys taking my pecker. Even Timothy, the kid who gives incredible deep throat blow jobs doesn't get my juices flowing the way I'd like them too because he's such a skinny runt. I needed to prove regularly that these muscles of mine weren't just for show, but could be used to take guys down and force them to serve me. Fucking a ninety pound weakling was acceptable but I needed something more exciting; something more challenging. There just ain't nothing quite like watching a subservient muscle boy on his knees in front of you as you're pounding your cock into his face.

Okay now. I was going to tell you about that kid that moved in nest door. I'll tell you all about it as soon as I get a chance.



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