I already told you I was an Adonis so you already know that I have a face and a body that stops traffic wherever I go. I am very simply spectacularly gorgeous. Hey, some folks got it, some don't. And I've got way, way more than my share. In fact, I happen to know I've got it all. So anyway, I was going to tell you about the kid next door. I told you that Terry, my butch cocksucker had moved away and I'd been looking for a replacement for him for months. Not that I couldn't get a blow job whenever I wanted, I had three guys in my stable that I could have any time, but they were skinny runts. What I really missed since Terry left was looking down and seeing a real muscle boy giving me head. Dominating a guy built almost like me was so hot that I could almost cum just thinking about it. And I'd been thinking about it a lot.

So, about this kid next door. I knew somebody had bought that house but I'd been at the beach the previous week when they moved in. My dad said it was supposed to be a divorced man with two teenage sons.

My ears perked up when I heard 'teenage sons' but I didn't really think too much about it because I was busy making myself even more beautiful. Okay, so I'll use the word beautiful. But you gotta see me. Hell yes I'm an Adonis, but there just ain't words to describe me when I've got a deep bronze sun tan. After a week at the beach, I look in the mirror and just drool at my magnificence. When I oil up and check out my incredible physique with this dark tan, I'm left absolutely breathless and my prick gets hard, really hard. And yeah, that's the word to use: magnificence.

So anyway, this kid next door. I was setting in the back yard wearing my favorite white speedo. As you can imagine, me without a shirt is breathtaking to begin with while that snug speedo not only emphasizes my very imposing manhood but sets off my suntan like you wouldn't believe. As I glanced up from my kindle, I saw a head sticking up above the hedge separating the two houses. Before I had a chance to react the head disappeared. Whoever it was had ducked down behind the hedge so I wouldn't see them looking.

Now, you have to understand I'm used to people staring at me. In fact I'm sometimes surprised when they don't stare. But this kid, from the glimpse I got must be one of the teenagers I heard about, but he was embarrassed about looking at me. Actually, I'm pretty good at reading people when they first see me. First there is a look of shock and disbelief, which is followed by a look of awe and amazement and then complete veneration, almost breathlessness. With boys that is sometimes followed by fear, but more often it's jealousy and then many times, lust. And when I see that look of lust, I know that just by snapping my fingers I can make them into my submissive worshiper's right on the spot. Hell, you wouldn't believe how many guys get hot and bothered and want to worship an incredible superior male like me.

When someone, like this kid, tries to hide the fact that he's looking, it's almost a sure thing that he is ripe for the picking. He doesn't want me to know that he's turned on to me but he just can't keep his eyes off my spectacular body and gorgeous face. I only got a quick glimpse of him but I knew he was young and attractive and I was always on the lookout for somebody new to join my harem.

Anyway I went back to my reading, but kept an eye out to see if he was still there. And he was. He was trying to be subtle and not be noticed, but he couldn't stop looking. Hey, that's the way I affect people. They just can't pull their eyes away from my ravishing features. But I was being pretty cool about him looking as I pretended not to notice him watching and just let him get an eyeful.

And let me tell you he was getting an eyeful. An absolute vision. I mean, really, there ain't nobody looks as fabulous as me. A deep dark tan on a perfectly proportioned muscled body with a face so stunning that it's impossible to describe. I knew exactly what he was going through because it was what everybody went through when they saw me. He was damn well creaming his jeans just by getting a glimpse of me. And I knew he wouldn't be able to stop looking, because just like everybody, he was going crazy with lust and just couldn't get enough of such incredible perfection in a human being. So I just let him go at it, getting his jollies with subtle little peeks at me over the hedge.

This went on for two days with me getting occasional glimpses of him and I was beginning to think he would be a perfect replacement for Terry. I couldn't see much of him when he was in the yard, but each time he went up on his back porch I could see above the hedge what looked like a hot body. He seldom had a shirt on so I could clearly see that he looked to be quite a hunk which showed he was probably familiar with the inside of a gym. He was going to be damn near perfect, and the fact that he had been stealing glances at me for two days, was going to make him easy prey.

I love a challenge, and this boy was going to be my next conquest. So on the third day when I was looking out of the corner of my eye and saw he was checking me out I felt a nudge in my crotch. He was perfect. Cute face with light blond straw colored hair and light complexion, he was going to look gorgeous next to my dark bronze tan. He had a nice physique, much smaller than me of course, and I wondered what sports he was into. He looked like he was too muscular to be a swimmer, but he looked to be only 5'7" or 5'8" and therefore probably too small to be into football.

Actually, I wondered if he was just into bodybuilding. I know that more and more guys these days are not into sports but just want to have beautiful bodies and spend lots of time lifting weights and admiring themselves. Hell, I was into that myself. Maybe he was like that too.

So I was out in the yard early and wearing a thong, basically just a G-string this time, and there he was peeking at me over the hedge. The G-string was in the gay flag colors, so if he wasn't too stupid or too much in the closet maybe he'd recognize that I was telling him I was gay. Putting my kindle down, I stood up and prepared to put on a show for him. I didn't actually start doing body building poses, but I did pretend to yawn, grope my crotch, flex my biceps, and then casually stretch a few times, making my masses of muscle bulge to their best advantage. Hell, there wasn't a man on the planet whose eyes wouldn't bug out seeing me looking like this. I knew this kid had to be drooling all over himself.

Again, checking him out unobtrusively I saw he just couldn't take his eyes off of me. I knew I had him where I wanted him, on a leash, and all I had to do was pull him in. So I made the move. I walked over to the hedge over near where I'd last seen him, pulled down my G-string and started pissing into the hedge. I heard some rattling of the bushes, like maybe he was moving away, and I wanted to laugh. Maybe I got him.

"Hey kid" I said. "Hey you. I see you there. Stand up." About the time I quit pissing he raised up, lifting his head above the hedge. "Sorry kid. I really had to take a whiz. Hope I didn't get any on you." I gave him one of my dazzling smiles as he looked up at me. Yeah, looked up. He must have been five or six inches shorter than me, but pretty as a picture. A startlingly pretty face with those straw colored bangs hanging down almost into his eyes and with very long eye lashes which definitely gave him a feminine look. My prick took note with a shudder as I saw the prettiest set of lips I think I had ever seen. Rosy and plump. Simply gorgeous.

"Wow. You're a pretty one aren't you?" I said as I looked into those green eyes. "What's your name kid?"

"Ahhh... hi" he said looking embarrassed. "I was just working in the yard. Ahhh... I'm ..... ahhh... I'm Chris. We just moved in." He was wearing a loose white t-shirt but I could see he had nice shoulders anyway.

"Yeah. My dad told me you guys had moved in" I answered. "I'm Brett, how ya doin? I was at the beach last week so that's why I wasn't here. Wha'daya think of my tan? Pretty cool hey?" Hell, I already knew he couldn't take his eyes off of me, but I wanted to make him say it. That would pretty much force him to admit I turned him on and perhaps get him to acknowledge how hot he thought I was.

"Oh yeah, it's amazing. That color really makes you look great."

"Thanks. I'm one of those who turn into a really dark bronze. I love this color" I said as I raised my arms a little and pushed out my chest, flexing my muscles as I pretended to show off my tan. "I guess you haven't had a chance to get any sun this summer hey?"

"Ahhh.... no. With my parent's divorce and dad's new job and the move and everything, I haven't had a chance."

"What are you doing right now?" I asked.

"Ahhh... nothing really" he said. "I'm just working in the yard."

"Yeah. I noticed you working in the yard" I said sarcastically giving him a grin. "Well, come on over and join me. I'll get out the other lounge chair."

"Ahhh.... I'm supposed to...."

"Get a swim suit and come on over" I said interrupting him. "I've got suntan lotion over here you can use." I turned away not giving him a chance to refuse and went to get the other lounge chair. About ten minutes later he came walking up the driveway. He was still wearing the t-shirt but had changed from his shorts into cargo swim trunks. I couldn't believe that he was planning to get a sun tan wearing a suit that damn near reached his knees.

"You can't get a tan wearing those damn things" I said as he walked up. "Let me get you a speedo."

"No that's okay" he said. "These are what I always wear."

"No way man" I said. "You wanna get a decent tan you gotta wear as little as possible, like me." I stood up and groped myself showing off my multi-colored thong and bringing his attention to the bulge there. "I'll get you something." I went into the house and sorted through my collection of swim suits. I wanted him to look sexy, but I didn't give a shit whether it showed his cock or not. The only cock of interest here was mine and I expected him to be giving it lots of attention before the day was out. Since he was a lot smaller than me, I got a pair of small red speedo trunks and took them outside. He was setting on the lounger waiting for me as I handed him the suit.

"Go ahead and put it on. Nobody can see you and I won't look."

"Ahhh.... come on man" he whined. "Mine are okay."

"No they're not" I answered. "Now put these on." With my tone of voice I made it clear it was an order.

"Well okay" he answered. I was pretty sure he wanted to wear them, but felt he had to pretend not to so he wouldn't look too anxious. I could tell, however, that he knew he was good looking and wanted to show off for me. He turned his back to me and pulled his cargo trunks down and off. I said I wouldn't look but of course I watched as he uncovered one of the prettiest butts I'd ever seen. Oh shit was it pretty. Gorgeous lips and a pretty little ass, what more could a guy ask for?

The speedo, which was too tight for me, fit him snugly. He rearranged himself and slipped the t-shirt off before he turned around.

"You look really good in that" I said, figuring that a complement from me, Mr. Perfect Body, would give him one hell of a thrill and make him more malleable. "You like it?"

"Yeah, I do. I like it a lot" he said looking down at the tight low-cut suit as he tried to impress me by pushing out his chest and sucking in his stomach showing nice rippling abs. Me complementing him was definitely giving him a thrill and turning him on because there was a definite bulge showing in those trunks and it appeared to be growing.

"You should see yourself in a mirror. You look great in red, and that suit really shows you off. You lift weights?" I knew he did without asking. Nobody had a body like that naturally.

"Yeah" he answered. "My best friend and I have worked out in the school weight room for two years now. I'm a dedicated body builder."

"Yeah, me too" I answered. "You can keep the speedo and we'll get sun here every day until school starts. You want some suntan lotion now, or do you want to wait?"

"Let me soak up a little sun first before I put it on" he said as we both lay down on the loungers. I couldn't get over how pretty he was, and wearing only a thong there was no way I could hide my growing hard-on.

"So Chris, are you into sports?" I asked.

"I like to play tennis. I play with my dad a lot" he answered. "He almost went pro once, so he's really good. I also like to swim. How about you?"

"I'm a wrestler" I answered looking over and giving him a leer. "I love dominating guys and having them squirm around under me as I force them to submit. Do you wrestle?"

He gave me a startled look at my brazen comment about dominating guys. I'm not sure whether it was surprise that I would say such a thing, to whether it was fear. "Actually I'm not into any sports" he said. "I just play tennis and swim for fun. I wasn't in any team sports at my last school."

"So you don't wrestle?"

"No I never have. What I really like is body building; weight lifting. But it looks like you're way ahead of me. You're build is fantastic."

"Thanks" I said. "Yeah, I work out all the time. But you look really good. Your chest and shoulders are great. How big are your biceps?"

"Fifteen and a quarter the last time I measured. That was two weeks ago."

"Show me" I said. "Give me a good double biceps pose."

"Oh come on Brett. I can't compete with you."

"That doesn't matter" I answered him. "I know I'm a lot bigger than you, but I really like the way you look. You're really hot. Hell, you're turning me on." He looked over at me again and I watched him looking at my crotch as I groped myself. I was being totally aggressive just like I always am, and since he now knew I was a wrestler it was patently clear to both of us that I was twice his size and could easily control him, so he obviously was wondering what I was up to. He was making me hot and I could feel a stirring in my crotch, so I can tell you he wasn't going to have to wait very long to find out what I was up to.

I had to try to restrain myself however because if I get too horny too quick, sometimes my hormones take over. I intended to fuck him but I didn't necessarily want to rape him. I wanted to sweet-talk him for a while and get him in the mood. And if things went really well, maybe I could get him to beg for it.

"Now come on" I repeated. "Show me those biceps." As he stood up and started posing, I could see that he'd spent plenty of time preening in front of a mirror, because he knew how to pose. Although I'd only asked for the bicep pose, he went smoothly through the seven compulsory poses.

"Jesus, you do look good" I said as I reached down and groped my hardening cock again. He wasn't looking directly at me, but I knew he could see me grabbing my big rod. I stood up and stepped over to him. "Show me those biceps again" I ordered. As he flexed I stood in front of him and put a hand on each of his nice lumps of muscle. "Come on. Really grind them. Make 'em bulge." He flexed them over and over making them steel hard as I squeezed and rubbed them.

My cock was now sticking almost straight out so I moved in until it was pressing against his belly button. "Jesus, your muscles really turn me on" I said. "Does it turn you on too?"

"Ahhh.... yeah" he mumbled in embarrassment and started to giggle. "Yeah... sometimes." He moved back slightly to get away from my pressing cock.

"Let's see what mine do for you" I said as I gave him a push forcing him to sit down on the lounger. I reached down with both hands and made a show of trying to get my cock to stay within the thong. I didn't help much because the thong wasn't designed to hold anything as big and hard as my prick. Then standing right in front of him, almost right against his knees, I gave him a double biceps pose. I ground them a couple times making them really bulge. "What'daya think?" I grunted. My cock was not more than a foot in front of his face and it was still sticking out and he seemed to be having trouble pulling his eyes away from it. But hell, I know it's big and the way it was bobbing around within the thong was probably mesmerizing to somebody who'd never seen one that size.

"Look up here" I said with a laugh. "My biceps ain't down there where you're looking." He looked up at me and I could see his neck begin to turn red in embarrassment. "So. What'daya think?" I repeated.

"Shit man, they're fabulous. Unbelievable Brett" he said looking up in awe.

"Yeah, they are aren't they? Get up here and feel them" I ordered him. "Go ahead and grab on." Since I was standing so close, when he stood up he was going to be touching me with my prick ramming into his belly.

"Ahhh.... Brett?" he said evidently wanting me to move back.

"Come on, move it" I growled at him. "Get up here and feel 'em." He tried to get up next to me but I blocked him with my foot. Then, releasing my biceps pose, I grabbed him under the arms and pulled him to his feet. Now he was standing almost right against me, chest to chest so my rock hard post was now pushing against his tummy, and because I was so tall he had to crane his head back to look up at me.

I took hold of his chin, leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "You are cuter than hell" I whispered and gave him another peck. "Now feel these huge bi's of mine. You ain't never felt anything like this before." He didn't react to the fact that I kissed him, so that was sure's hell a sign that we were going to get it on. He still couldn't move back away from me because his calves were tight against the lounger and I was right up there almost against him. I didn't move an inch so he had no choice but stay right there almost touching me. We were both sweaty from the sun so feeling his hunky body occasionally rubbing against me was driving me crazy with desire.

He was still kind of squirming around wondering how to get away, but hadn't made a move to touch my biceps. "I told you to grab my biceps" I growled. "Now do it." It now seemed to sink through to him that there was a giant standing in front of him ordering him to do something and he'd better do what he was told. I crunched them some more and he finally reached up and grabbed them. Both of them.

I couldn't believe how small his hands looked when put against my enormous biceps. They looked like a child's hands and the contrast between my dark bronze tan and his almost completely white hands was amazing. It also felt good having him touch me, and it was hot knowing he was doing it because I'd ordered him too.

I was still in control of myself, but my hormones were raging and my cock was throbbing and I wasn't going to be able to wait much longer. I wanted to fuck. Releasing the pose I reached down and grabbed his firm ass cheeks with both hands, and jerking him in tight against me, started humping my hard pecker against his abs. "You are one hot little number Chris and you're making me hotter than hell."

"Please Brett, don't" he said. "Don't. Please don't" he said as he put his hands on my shoulders and tried to push away but I wouldn't move so there was nowhere for him to go, and there was no way that was going to let him get away anyhow.

"Feel that baby" I swooned as I humped into him again. "You got me turned on big time now. Hot little number like you really makes a man want to rut" I said as I laughed. Hey, I know I wasn't even eighteen yet but as big and muscle bound as I was, it was easy to say I was a man, not a boy. Then he raised his fist like he was going to slug me, so I grabbed both of his wrists and twisted them behind his back, still holding him tight against me. He was making grunting sounds as he tried to pull away, "uggh, uggh, uggh" but there was no way he could even budge me.

"There ain't no way we're gonna stop now baby. This man's got to fuck." I gave him a push, forcing him to sit down on the lounge chair. Then grabbing his legs I straightened him up on the chair and climbed on top of him. Grabbing his wrists again I pulled his arms above his head and held them there. Our faces were about six inches apart as I leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the nose. I was still humping my corn dog into him, almost going out of my mind with lust.

"Don't man. Don't" he pleaded. "Brett, Brett. No." I just laughed.

"Don't worry Chris" I laughed. "You're going to love it. Hell, everybody I fuck loves it. You're going to find out what it's like to be fucked by a real god." Chris had a look of total terror on his face while I was laughing but that was okay because it made it even more exciting. Having a guy squirming around while I was forcing my dick into him made it a lot more fun, and I hadn't had anybody fight me since Terry moved away. In fact I forgot how really exciting it was to take a guy against his will.

And that reminded me of the first time I took Terry. The most exciting thing I'd ever done had been to piss on him that day. I almost swooned with excitement as I considered doing it again. Oh yeah, I had to do it. Dominating this guy and humiliating him, particularly a hunky guy like Chris, and turning him into a plaything to be used for my pleasure was driving me to extremes of passion. And debauchery.

Standing up and straddling the lounge chair as he lay under me, I pulled the thong aside allowing my prick to bounce out and then bang against my abs. And I let loose. My nine inches was rock hard so I was pissing almost straight up, but by the laws of gravity it had to come down somewhere so as I grabbed hold, I aimed it so the stream landed directly in his hair and face.

Chris put his hands to his face trying to protect it from my piss and yelled at me to stop, but I had an endless quantity of urine stored up, so I stepped to one side of the lounge chair and shooting straight up like a fountain I carefully soaked him from head to toe and back again. Putting his hands in front of his face wasn't much protection when I was determined to soak him.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I screamed in total euphoria. "Man oh man, fuckin awesome." Chris was screaming at me to quit but I was almost delirious with a sense of power as I controlled and humiliated him, so I was beyond even hearing him. Besides I think I was screaming louder than he was. "Oh fuck yeah" I screamed again as I leaned down, pulled his hands aside, and whizzed directly into his face.

And man, you think I wasn't turned on? Shit. I was going out of my fuckin head with excitement. I jerked my thong down and off, and then grabbed Chris' speedo and ripped it off as well, and then threw myself down on top of him. That wasn't the smartest thing to do since the lounge chair broke with a loud cracking sound and Chris landed on the ground with me on top of him. I grabbed his pissy hair and latched my lips onto his and started trying to stick my tongue down his throat. Chris didn't do anything at first but then I felt him stick out his tongue and start kissing me back. Shit, I couldn't believe it. I think he was beginning to enjoy it or maybe he was just shocked; I don't know. But we were really going at it.

Then - you won't fuckin believe this - but then - I felt hot urine shooting against my abs. Oh yeah! Really! This kid let loose and started pissing. Now I was the one that was shocked but the feeling of that hot liquid shooting between our bodies and against my stomach was incredible. "Oh yeah baby, let it go. Let it go" I yelled as I let up on the kiss for a second. "Go ahead and piss. Yeah. Oh yeah." I could feel his little prick was rock hard against me but it didn't seem to interfere with him pissing in the least.

And then. Well, this was just too much but he actually started laughing. Yeah, laughing. And I admit it was pretty damn funny so I started laughing right along with him. But he was still pissing too. I started humping my hard-on against him spreading the urine as he continued going on and on and on. Shit, was he ever loaded up with piss. I clamped onto his lips again and we started dueling tongues with a vengeance.

But. And this was a big 'but'. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. I'm an Adonis for god's sake. I always have been and always will be a butch stud dominant. I control everybody and everything around me no matter what. I'm the definitive alpha male and definitely the top man and everybody fuckin well kowtow's to me. Everybody! Always! Chris was supposed to be my submissive just like everybody else that I picked out to serve me. Hell, the two of us laughing together almost made it look like we were equals, and there ain't no way I was going to allow that. I didn't want any god damn equal and I didn't want any god damn lovey-dovey boyfriend either. That just wasn't my thing. I wanted Chris to be a malleable fuck boy who would submit to me and who I could train to service my cock whenever I wanted. I wanted to use my strength to enlighten this muscle boy on what it was like to be controlled by a real Alpha Male. Any guy I picked out to fuck had to be my lackey, call me Sir, and be my personal ass kisser.

So I instantly scooted up onto his chest, grabbed a handful of hair, and pushed my big nine incher into his mouth. I saw a shocked look on his face and then he gagged. I had to pull out but grabbing my rod I used it as a bludgeon and started banging it against that pretty face.

"No, no, no" he shouted. "Don't Brett. Don't." I put my knees on his arms to hold him down, but even though I probably outweighed him by fifty pounds, he was still able to push me off. I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him back into my crotch pushing my rod back into his face. However, I didn't have leverage to hold him and he pushed himself away. "Hey man. Stop it" he shouted at me. "Stop it." He definitely wasn't laughing any more, but was fighting me to get away.

But hell, there was no way I was going to stop now because I was out of my head with lust. Getting back on top of him, I grabbed him by the wrists and pulled his arms up over his head. This put my cock in a perfect position for pushing it back into his face. So I started humping his pretty face.

And damned if I didn't overdue it again. I let myself get so excited that before I had a chance to even think about it I felt myself reaching my climax. "Shit, shit, shit" I screamed, both in frustration and in exultation as I started to shoot. And just as I started firing, Chris bucked me off of him and my gism went to waste on the ground next to the broken lounge chair. As I finished I just rolled over onto my back next to Chris, panting like mad.

Actually, I had to start laughing. It was damnably frustrating to have a premature ejaculation right when I was about to fuck a guy's face, but it felt wonderful anyway and was very exciting. But it was kind of funny.

However, Chris didn't think it was funny. "You son of a bitch" he shouted at me as he sat up. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" Oh shit, was he mad. And it didn't help any that I was laying there laughing. Standing up, he grabbed his cargo shorts and pulled them on. "Fuck you Brett. Just fuck you."

As he turned to go I reached over and grabbed an ankle. Giving him a jerk, I forced him to fall back down on the ground. I was still giggling a little as I grabbed his cargo shorts and pulled them back off and tossed them aside.

"I like my fuck boys in the nude Chris" I said as I finally stopped laughing but was still grinning up a storm.

"What the fuck you doin man?" he yelled. "Stop it."

Now I was ready to have fun. He was pretty and hunky and my perfect type but he was way smaller than me, so I knew I was going to enjoy playing with him since it was a no-brainer that I could make him do anything that I wanted. So now that I had my first ejaculation taken care of, I could concentrate on a nice slow domination job followed by a great fuck. As he tried to set up, I grabbed both of his wrists and pushing him back, lay down on top of him, face to face and chest to chest and pushed his arms above his head.

"Sorry about that baby" I crooned with my face just inches away from his. "You are so fuckin hot you just got me too excited."

"Let me go man" he said. "Stop this."

"No way Chris" I chuckled. "You and me are going to have a little fun." Chris was using all his strength trying to pull his arms loose but he couldn't even budge me. I bent down to give him a kiss but he turned his face away.

"Come on man. Give me another one of those hot kisses" I said. However he refused to cooperate and kept turning his face away. Actually I didn't mind his non-cooperation because that's what made it the most fun. I wanted to show my power and have to use my strength to subdue a guy before I fucked him. Raising up and twisting his arms, I forced him over on his stomach.

"Ugggh, ugggh, ugggh" he grunted as he fought me and tried to get away as I took hold of both wrists with one big paw, grabbed my jockstrap and used it to tie his hands behind his back. As I rolled him over onto his back I stood up and looked down at him.

He didn't yell at me now, and I could see that that look of anger was mostly gone from his face and had been replaced by something else. Maybe surprise or maybe even fear. "Come on man. Come on Brett. Don't do this. Please." I guess he decided that since yelling wouldn't work, he'd try reasoning with me. "We can be friend's man" he pleaded. "Just don't do this."

"Oh yeah. We're going to be great friends" I said giving him a big grin. "In fact I'm planning on you being one of my very best friends. Once I teach you a few things, you're going to be my number one play-mate. And I plan on doing a whole lot of playing."

Getting down on my knees I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up to his knees in front of me. As I tried to kiss him again he turned his face away.

"Kiss me" I said.

"No" he said so I slapped him; hard. Tears immediately sprang to his eyes.

"Kiss me" I repeated. He didn't say anything, but he didn't react either, so I slapped him again. The tears started dripping down his cheeks now.

"P-p-please" he sobbed softly.

"You're going to do it babe, even if I have to beat you to a pulp. Now kiss me" I ordered. After a couple seconds hesitation I raised my hand ready to slug him again, and he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. "Again" I ordered. He leaned in and did it again. "Now, give me some tongue." This time he held the kiss and started tonguing into my mouth. I just let him go for a few seconds before I joined in and started tonguing him back. "Good boy" I mumbled through the kiss.

Now. This was the way it was supposed to be. He was kissing me before, but he thought he was my equal and thought he could make his own decisions. Now he was kissing me because I was forcing him to do it. He now knew I was the guy in charge, and he was going to find out real soon that he was going to do whatever I wanted him to do. This was the way it was supposed to be. The only way. Me in charge and him doing what I told him to do.

I got up off of him, and grabbing a handful of his hair, pulled him over to the other lounger as I lay down on it. Still holding on to his hair, I pulled him into my chest.

"Lick" was all I said.

"Brett" he said as he looked up at me. "Please." I saw that he now had tears in his eyes, and I have to admit, that turned me on.

"You will do what you're fuckin told" I growled at him. "Now lick." I really didn't figure that this was going to be a big deal for him, because he'd been peeking at me and lusting over my body for three days. He knew I was a god, and he damn well knew I was twice his size, so if he had a functioning brain he had to know he was going to do whatever I ordered him to do.

And he did. He gave my nipple a kiss and then started licking it. And I was thrilled. I knew he was still a little angry, but I also knew that anger would go away once he really got into the body worship. As I mentioned before, everybody wanted a piece of me, the Adonis, and since this kid had been admiring me for days from next door there was no question he was going to love worshiping me once I showed him how.

"That's it baby" I swooned. "Worship my big chest. Oh yeah. Just like that." Hell. This kid was really getting into it; licking and sucking and kissing up a storm as if he'd been doing it all his life. Surprisingly, he already seemed to know how to be subservient to a muscle god like me. Without me even touching him he moved to the other side of my chest and kept licking and sucking and even rubbing his nose against my rock hard slabs of muscle. "Oh yeah baby" I said. "You know how to make a man feel good."

I just let him go at it for a while as he moved back and forth between my bulging pecs, but then I pushed his head lower giving him access to my ripped abdominals. Without saying a word he got busy slurping up and down the hills and valleys of my rugged abs. Shit was this kid ever good!

"Oh baby. You are terrific." Shit, it took me weeks to train Terry, my last muscle boy to do some of this stuff, but Chris already knew what he was doing. This kid was already trained; somebody must have beat me to it. It was really hot to slap a guy around and teach him to obey and force him to do what you wanted because the results, once he was well trained, were terrific. But hell, this kid was really going at it already. I'd barely started the slapping around so it was obvious that he didn't need to be trained.

"Okay babe. Time to get acquainted with my prick. Kiss it" I ordered as I pushed his head down to my cock. "Just kiss it babe." And he did exactly what I told him, kissing up and down my rigid nine inch pole. "Oh yeah babe. Now lick. Up and down babe. Get it wet with that hot tongue of yours." And he was game as he obeyed me perfectly by licking up and down my pole giving me shivers of excitement. Oh fuck he was good.

But I was hot. Really hot. And I wanted to fuck. Watching a pretty boy bury his face in your crotch and give a blow job was great but there was really nothing like fucking a hot muscle boy ass. I pushed him back and stood up, and just to show him my strength, I grabbed him by the ass and shoulders, lifted him up, and lay him down on the lounge chair. Then I lifted his legs, put them on my shoulders, and looked him in the eye.

"Gonna fuck you babe" I said giving him an evil look. Or maybe it was more like a 'lecherous' look. "You gonna be my slut babe. You gonna make my big prick feel good." There were tears in his eyes but the anger and fear were gone from his face. He was simply accepting the inevitable that I was going to do whatever I wanted. Grabbing the sun tan lotion, I poured some out and started working on his ass. Thank god it was the Hawaiian oil based type that was more for dark tanning rather than protecting, so it was really oily and slick.

Chris didn't say a word as I stuck a finger up his tight hole and stared into his eyes. God he was pretty. Those cute blond bangs and green eyes and those beautiful red lips made him look gorgeous. He was going to be a prefect new member of my groupie and I intended to spend a lot of time with those pretty lips wrapped around my cock. But right now I was really hot and ready to fuck that cute little ass of his.

I'd just finished shooting my wad, but as over sexed as I was, I could cum every ten minutes all day long if I had to. Chris still didn't say anything as I kept smiling at him and worked two and then three fingers into his ass.

"You ever have a cock up that cute little ass of yours Chris?" I asked. "You ever get fucked?" He didn't say anything but he got an embarrassed look on his face. "Oh shit" I said with a laugh realizing what that meant. "You have! You have been fucked."

"Well. Yeah. Ahhh... yeah."

"Hot little number like you, it's no wonder somebody beat me to it" I said as I kept laughing and kept working my three fingers in his hole. "Baby, you got an ass that won't quit." I leaned down and started dueling tongues with him again. As we kissed I lined up my super hard ram rod with his little pucker and pushed, hard. And, slick as a whistle, the head of my prick popped into his hole. "Oh fuck yeah" I mumbled as I pulled away from the kiss.

"Yeeeaaaooooh. Easy, easy, easy" Chris screamed. "Shit man. Easy." His whole face was scrunched up and he was obviously in pain. But hell, anyone getting fucked by me for the first time has got some adjusting to do since I'm not only nine inches long but my fist-like knob opens a guy up wide when it's forcing its way in.

"Deep breaths baby. Deep breaths" I said. "You can take it. Just relax." I only had the head of my pecker in him but it was already feeling great because he was tighter than a drum. Jesus, taking this tight ass was going to be a fuck to remember. I pushed and got another inch or so in him.

"Oh fuck man. Wait, wait, wait" Chris gasped. "Please. Hold on." He was panting frantically and gasping for breath so I stopped and just held on for a moment giving him a chance to try to adjust. Waiting for at least a full minute I just looked down at his pretty face. He wasn't pretty now though with that look of agony on his face with his eyes squished closed,

But I was hot. I wanted to make it good for him but my cock was telling me to get with the program. And at times like this my cock usually takes control of the situation. I pulled back just a smidgen and then pushed hard, forcing my rod in another couple inches.

"Yeeeaaaooooh" he screamed again. Shit was he ever tight. Working the oil and my three fingers into him had to have loosened him up some, but obviously not enough to allow my wanger to slide in easily. But hell, one way or another, I was going to get it in there. Pulling back just a smidgen once more, I forced my monster in another inch.

"Brett, Brett. No. No" he howled. "You're killing me."

"Okay babe. Okay" I said as I pulled back a couple inches to try to give him a little relief. He was sweating and groaning as I just held myself there with barely two inches of cock in his ass. My cock wanted to take over and just ram into him, but with all his yelling and screaming I guessed maybe he really was hurting.

"Come on babe. Relax" I whispered. "You can take it."

"No, no, Brett. I can't. Please take it out." Oh shit. What a wuss. I've fucked lots of guys but never had one try to wimp out on me like this. He was getting me pissed, but I wasn't going to enjoy fucking him if he was going to be screaming all the time. And maybe I just hadn't loosened him up enough.

So; I pulled back and let my rod pop completely out of him. Grabbing the sun tan lotion again I pushed some more into his ass and then rubbed a fair quantity onto my dick. Then taking aim again, I pushed back into him. And it did go in a little easier this time, but it still felt pretty damn good. Still hot and tight. Chris didn't scream this time, but was just moaning. Hell, I could deal with that, so I pushed a couple inches more into him.

"Oh man" he moaned. "You're so fuckin big."

"Yeah baby" I said with a grin. "Big cock reaming your ass. Feels good babe. Feels real good." I must have had four inches or so in him now, so I pulled back slightly and started pumping really slow, with an easy fucking motion driving a little deeper into him with each stroke. Chris kept moaning, but I knew it couldn't be hurting him that much now. Once I got him to open his eyes and really look at me he was going to realize that having his ass plugged by a demigod like me was worth a little pain and I was going to get him to beg me to continue.

I knew that adding this kid to my entourage was going to be fabulous. He was so good looking with a hunky body that wouldn't quit, that just looking at him while I dominated him and fucked him was an incredible turn-on. He was going to be a perfect replacement for muscle boy Terry.

"Open your eyes baby" I swooned. "Look at your man. Come on, open 'em." I stopped fucking him momentarily and leaned down and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Come on baby. Open 'em up." Finally he opened them and looked up at me. He still had a look of pain on his face and tears in his eyes, but I gave him one of my dazzling smiles. "You're getting fucked by a god baby" I said and gave him another kiss. "A god."

"Oh shit Brett" he moaned. "You're so fuckin big."

"Oh yeah baby. You know it. A cock fit for a king. And it's yours baby. It's all yours."

"But it hurts Brett. It really hurts."

"That's okay baby. You get fucked by a god you gotta take a little pain. Pain is good." I continued smiling at him as I started pumping slowly again. "Take it baby" I swooned. "Yeah baby. Take my big prick up your ass." He had stopped moaning now and was just grunting a little each time I pushed into him.

"Almost there baby" I said. "Almost all the way up you tight ass" I groaned in pleasure. And then I was there. All nine inches up his gorgeous little butt. "Oh fuck yeah Chris. All the way in your hot ass."

Chris just stared up into my eyes as I stopped pumping and just held my cock steady. "How does it feel babe?" I asked with a grin. "Biggest damn cock you've ever seen and it's all the way up your ass?"

"It hurts Brett."

"Yeah babe. But it's going to get better. You're going to love it." Very gently I pulled back almost all the way until just the tip was still in him. Then slowly and gently I pushed all nine plus inches back in. Oh shit. I almost screamed from the pleasure of his hot little ass almost crushing my cock.. Pulling back, I did it again, very slowly. "Oh shit baby" I cried. "What a hot ass. Super baby."

Going slow was good but going faster was better, and I started to gradually speed up my fucking. Still pulling almost all the way out, I pushed in all the way to the root. He was still super tight and squeezing the hell out of my cock and driving me to new levels of pleasure.

"Keep your eyes open baby" I said and he opened them again and looked in my face. I gave him a wicked grin. "That's it baby. Watch your man while he fucks your tight ass. See how good you're making me feel. Oh yeah." I had to remind him a couple times to keep his eyes open as I fucked because I wanted him to see and feel and know that he was getting plowed by a superman, a Hercules, a true Adonis.

"You're getting fucked by a god baby" I said again as I grinned at him. "A fucking god." And now I started moving; speeding up just slightly and hesitating at the end of each downward thrust. "Oh yeah baby. Your ass was made for my cock. Fuck yeah!"

Bending down I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, a peck on the nose and a couple licks. "You're terrific baby. You're making my cock go crazy." Of course I was grinning like crazy but he wasn't grinning back at me. He was just kind of stoic; kind of like a 'I'll put up with this shit but I don't have to like it' look. "Come on baby. Come on" I said. "It ain't so bad is it? Come on. Tell me it doesn't hurt."

"You are so fuckin huge Brett" he whimpered. "You're tearing me apart." Humping into him one more time, I just stopped for a moment with all nine inches crammed up his butt.

"It's got to be good baby. You've got to love it." Just holding my cock in him without moving, I leaned down and kissed him again. "Baby. You ain't never seen anybody like me before. You're damn well lucky to be fucked by a god. Take a look baby. Look at me." As I said that I lifted up slightly and raised my monster arms into a double bicep pose and expanded my massive chest. "A god baby" I said. "A god damn muscle god."

Chris just looked at me for a moment, but then the look on his face seemed to change from one of pain into what I thought might have been awe. I think he was finally over the worst of the pain and was beginning to really look at me and recognize that I actually was a god. "A little pain is good babe when you're getting fucked by a superman. What'daya think? Tell me babe. Tell me."

"Shit Brett. You're so big. You're incredible."

"Yeah baby I'm big. I'm big everywhere. But I'm also gorgeous. Just look at this body" I said as I continued flexing my big bi's. "You ain't seen nothin like this before."

"Okay Brett. You're gorgeous."

Zowee!! Nirvana!! He wanted me. He wanted me to fuck him. He wanted to worship me.

"Oh yeah baby" I screamed. "Oh yeah. This muscle man's gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before." Dropping my bicep pose and lifting him slightly, I reached behind him and released his hands. I was positive he was not going to give me any trouble now. Then I bent down and started a spit exchanging kiss with him as I slowly began to fuck him again.

And now it was time to get down to business. He wasn't hurting much, or at least he was putting up with it, and he seemed to know that being used by the most gorgeous guy he'd ever seen was an honor. "Get your hands on my chest babe" I said. "Feel your man's muscles as he fucks you." And that's what he did; reaching up and rubbing his hands over my massive pecs.

Even though I'd been holding still I was rock hard and hot, and knew I could come at any time. I was ready. So now I started really slamming it to him and was getting a loud grunt from him each time I banged into his butt. And then, I'll be damned if this lounge chair didn't collapse just like the other one. Chris let out a yell as I landed on him evidently knocking the wind out of him, but I didn't give a shit because I was too far gone, and I just kept slamming it to him. His hands moved to my rounded caps of deltoid muscle, but he couldn't stop feeling me up. There was no question he was a real muscle freak and it seemed that he was beginning to love being dominated by a perfect Adonis like me.

I was going hot and fast now, really slamming it in. Chris was staring into my eyes with a look of awe and perhaps even adoration as his hands had now moved to my triceps as I slammed my prick into him.

And then it happened. "Oooooh Fuuuucccck" I screamed as I banged it to him one final time and fired my first shot deep in his ass. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." All my pleasure senses were screaming in ecstasy as I fired my gism into him and flashes of delight were shooting through me from the tip of my toes to my brain and back again.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" I yelled as I grabbed Chris' shoulders and almost crushed him to me as I fired time after time into his hot ass.


A half hour later we were just lying on the grass, Chris' head on my shoulder. When I finished fucking him I'd noticed that his little prick was fully hard, so I did my duty and jerked him off. We'd hardly said anything since then but had just been lying there next to each other in the nude, kissing occasionally.

"You're a gorgeous kid Chris" I said finally, giving him another kiss. "Really terrific. I loved fucking you. You're gonna be my new boy. Okay?"

"Mmmmm..." Chris murmured as he just lay there taking in the sun.

"Yeah you are" I laughed. "Cute little thing like you with those pretty lips and a really hot ass; I ain't letting you get away now."

"Do I have any say in this?" Chris asked with a quizzical look on his face. But I think there might have been a twinkle in his eye as well.

"Hell no you don't" I said, grinning at him and then giving him another kiss. "You just got requisitioned to keep my prick happy babe. And these muscles of mine gonna need a lot of attention from that hot tongue of yours as well."

"Okay Brett. Whatever you say" he answered as he leaned over and gave my pec a kiss. "Whatever you say."

"Yeah baby. These muscles going to keep you busy" I said as I put my hand on his head holding him against my pec as he started to lick.

Dominating a hot muscle boy and slapping him around as I forced him to serve me had always been my image of a perfect sexual relationship, but perhaps I could reconsider. Having a hot muscle boy as a willing worshiper instead of a reluctant one that I had to rough up to get to obey me, might be pretty great as well. Since Chris was such a hunk and so cooperative, I was certainly willing to give it a try.



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