She still hadn't come out of the bathroom and it'd been almost half an hour. He had to grin as he imagined one of the stewardesses knocking on the door and making her come out before she got herself together. But it'd been a decent fuck even though he had to hold his hand over her mouth the whole time to stop her squealing. Well, most of the time except at the beginning when he had his prick in there.

This wasn't the first time he'd fucked somebody in an airplane bathroom; it'd been an army corporal the first time. But getting into her pussy had been almost as much fun as screwing the corporal's tight ass. Since neither one of them was over 5'7" and he was 6'5" their feet had never even touched the floor while he'd had them riding his cock. This girl was a pretty brunette on her way home from college same as him, and had gone goo-goo eyes over him from the moment they got on the plane, so it'd been easy to get his prick into her. There was barely room in that tiny bathroom for his 350 pound bulk to even turn around and Jock was never known for his patience anyway, so there was no way to undress her nicely and he'd made a mess of her clothes. He had to chuckle as he wondered how she was going to manage her torn blouse and jeans since she couldn't stay in there forever, and had to come out before they landed.

Jock had just come from the Orchard University campus where he spent two weeks at football camp, and then another two weeks in the weight room. And he was nothing less than phenomenal. Although he was not quite twenty yet, Jock had been packing on muscle for years, and now after two solid weeks of very strenuous workouts in the weight room, he was at the sheer pinnacle of muscular perfection. Absolutely massive chest, shoulders, arms, tree trunk thighs; an astonishing heroic physical specimen. He may not have been the greatest football player in the college circuit, but he was a good center and because of his enormous size and strength he could walk right through most any defensive player.

But Jock wasn't at all like so many football linesmen who were huge but were padded with fat as well. Jock was ninety-nine percent pure solid muscle, all of it in perfect proportion to his gigantic physique. And although he may not have been the prettiest guy around with his heavy eye lashes, his closely buzzed head and his crooked nose that had been broken three times, he had the body of a Hercules. A particularly enormous Hercules. A 346 pound hunk of massive muscle type of Hercules. Not the kind of guy you'd want to meet in a dark alley but there was no requirement to have a pretty face to be a great football player. He still had three years of eligibility left at Orchard so he hoped he could improve enough to reach NFL quality.

Then the brunette came out of the bathroom. She had somehow found a pin to try to fix her torn blouse-where do girls keep pins anyway?-and she had her hands down over her crotch trying to be subtle about holding her jeans together where he'd torn the zipper. She obviously hadn't had a comb with her because her hair was a total mess from when he'd been fucking her face and it gave away any pretense that she hadn't just got fucked in there. Jock had to look away so she wouldn't see the big grin on his face. His libido was temporarily satisfied and this was a great start to what he hoped would be a really fun filled salacious trip back home.

Jock thought he was probably the horniest guy on the block because he was always looking for someplace to stick his prick. He was a total fanatic about sex and thought about it constantly, probably every ten seconds, and it was not unusual for him to shoot his load five or six times a day. Hell, even walking down a busy street, he always had his eye out for the perfect specimens, male or female, in which he could plant his dick. And he'd had more quickie blow jobs in downtown alleys than he could count.

Jock discovered when he was only thirteen that people loved to get dominated and fucked by a muscle stud. But then again, he'd had a good teacher because he was barely out of puberty when his so-called step-mother had started fucking him, and she definitely liked it rough. And since she'd got him started he found out that most people expected a guy with muscles like him to be demanding and totally controlling, so the rougher he was on them the better they seemed to like it. And now that he was older and a total muscle god he had an endless stream of guys and girls almost begging to get worked over while he fucked them.

He wasn't sure if he was straight, gay, or bi-sexual but it really didn't matter because what he was into was domination fucking. There was just nothing like taking total control of another human being and using them for his own gratification by fucking the shit out of them. He learned early on that his prick was much bigger than most and it was painful for his partners no matter how careful he was. But since they seemed to like it and always begged for more he simply gave up being careful. In fact he learned to love hearing them moan and groan so much that he became a bit sadistic, deliberately abusing them so he could hear them cry and beg, see the pain in their faces and watch them struggle while he screwed them with his big truncheon. There was absolutely nothing like domination fucking.

Even though he was probably bi-sexual, he thought he would give the edge to having sex with guys, because the girls obviously knew they were going to get fucked, and they just seemed to expect him to knock them around a bit. Whereas with the guys some of the them tried to pretend they were butch and act like they didn't expect to get kicked around so he had to use his strength to get them in the right frame of mind before fucking them, and that was more of a challenge and a hell of a lot more fun than doin the girls, especially if they were muscular studs in their own right. There were few things more satisfying than watching a hunky guy with muscle having a shocked look on his face and whimpering while he forcibly crammed his dick into him. Terrorizing and fucking muscle boys was Jock's favorite playtime sport.

Because he was the hunkiest muscle stud around campus he had an endless supply of cock hounds coming in and out of his dorm room at school, and was used to getting it morning, noon and night. But now that he was heading home it was going to be only his kid-brother Chris. But that wasn't too bad because the last time Jock had seen him he had bulked out and was beginning to look like a real hunk. Jock had been fucking him for a couple years now and knew he was going to get his rocks off regularly for the next couple weeks. The kid had learned to be an amazing cocksucker, and could take more abuse than just about any other fuck boy Jock had ever had.

Jock wanted to get away from the U for a couple weeks before school started in earnest, and since his mother was at a convention in Madrid, he decided to visit his father and little brother. Even though they'd moved since his mother walked out on them, they still lived in the same small town and Jock still had friends and acquaintances there. He had fond memories of fucking some of those friends and acquaintances so he definitely planned to get together with some of them while he was here.

Jock hadn't seen the house before, but as he walked up the front walk, he was impressed. Since his mom wasn't supporting them any more he'd expected a dump, but it didn't look bad. He didn't bother knocking but just opened the door which was unlocked, and walked in dropping his duffle bag by the door.

"Anybody home?" he called. There was silence as he walked through the living room to the hall and then the kitchen. "Hello" he yelled. It was the middle of the day so he assumed the old man was working, but he thought the kid might be here. Jock checked out all the rooms and then headed upstairs. He found the bedroom that must have belonged to Chris and was interested to note that the wall was covered with bodybuilder posters.

"Well, well, well" he said aloud with a smirk on his face. "So Chris is into bodybuilders." He couldn't help but laugh aloud. Obviously he'd trained Chris to not only love getting it from a big dick, but also getting it from a big man. Chris was going to be thrilled to see that he was now 346 pounds of muscle and much bigger than the last time he was here, and he was definitely bigger than the guys in the posters on the wall. Even though, as an offensive linesman at the U he was bigger than the bodybuilders, he also had incredible definition, just like them. Jock was truly a spectacular physical specimen. He was looking forward to seeing Chris again and hoped he had bulked out some more because there really was something special about fucking your own little brother particularly when he's a hunk.

Jock took a quick shower and pulled on his blue gym trunks. He was going to have to figure out where to work out for the next two weeks while he was here. He knew his old football coach would let him workout in the high school weight room but he didn't know if it was open this summer. He assumed Chris was still working out so he'd probably workout with him. It was always better to have a partner to help shift the weights, and since he intended to turn Chris into his flunkey while he was here anyway, he might as well use him for the workouts as well.

Still no signs of anybody, so Chris wandered out onto the back porch. The first thing that caught his attention was the two kids next door lying on beach towels getting sun tans. Even lying down on his back he could see that the dark one had a fine looking chest and big shoulders. That kid was really built. The other one, the one with the tawny suntan looked to be in good shape as well. He could see that they were both attractive although the dark one looked to be spectacular. Both were obviously very young; younger than he was used too, but -instant erection- they were hot. All of the schmucks he'd used for sex over the past year had been college students, but Jock had no particular objections to going for something younger; hell, he was still a teenager himself, for a couple more months anyway. If they were into puberty and were hot looking they were ready for his cock, and those two looked ready. Really ready, and the growing bulge in his crotch was telling him so.

Then suddenly he came to the realization that the smaller kid was his little brother. The blond one with the light complexion, definitely not little any more, was his brother. And yes, he had bulked up some and was looking good, and his friend looked absolutely fabulous and was a total turn-on. Jock hadn't put on a jockstrap after his shower, and his giant bludgeon was sticking straight out now trying to tear its' way out of the gym shorts. Fuck yeah, those kids were hot. He decided right then and there that one way or another, he was going to have two hot young boys working his cock over the next two weeks. However, now was not the time and even though his hormones were raging, he took some deep breaths and started to slowly calm down. His cock began to wilt as he went back into Chris' bedroom lay down on the bed and immediately went to sleep.

A little later he heard something which woke him and as he opened his eyes he realized it was a moan coming from Chris who was now standing in the doorway. And what a vision he was. He had blossomed into an incredibly spectacular young man; totally built and way more muscular than you'd expect from a kid his age. In fact he was built just like Armand, the running back on the football team, who was one of the hottest guys on campus and Jock's favorite fuck. Big round muscled caps on his shoulders topped what must have been sixteen inch arms, and his bulging pecs and rippling abs looked like they were made of steel. Jock expected his football buddies whom he fucked to be all muscle, football players always were, but who would have thought that his baby brother would turn into such a jewel. Not only was Chris muscular but he had a movie star face, a tan that wouldn't quit, and the tight little red speedo he was wearing emphasized one of the hottest asses Jock had ever seen.

"Oooooh fuck" Chris moaned again, barely a whisper and Jock started to get a huge grin on his face. As he got out of the bed and stood up he felt his prick begin to take notice of the gorgeous creature standing before him.

Jock had been fucking Chris for a couple years now, every time he came home, so the kid was perfectly trained to be a genuine slave. Totally obedient, one hundred percent submissive and docile. He looked like he had now put on fifteen or twenty pounds of muscle since then, so Jock wondered if he was still going to be subservient or was he going to have to be retrained. He looked so hunky now that in a way Jock hoped he would put up a fight because taking him down would be very exciting.

Without a word Jock pointed a finger at the floor in front of him, just as he had done many times before. With a big grin on his face he waited to see if Chris was going to be a frisky colt and bolt, or was he going to be a good slave and kneel. As he waited his prick rose up like a cobra pushing the shorts until it was stretched straight out to its' full nine and a half inches.

Jock could see beads of sweat break out on Chris' forehead and could see him visibly shaking. Jock actually chuckled aloud as Chris finally stepped forward, got on his knees and bowed his head. Still chuckling, Jock grabbed a handful of Chris' hair and jerked his head back and just looked at him for a moment. "Pretty boy" he whispered. "My pretty fuck boy." Then he gathered a wad of saliva and let it drop in Chris' face hitting him on the forehead.

"Thank you sir" Chris responded softly.

"Louder" Jock ordered.

"Thank you sir" Chris repeated a little louder.

"Pull my shorts down pretty boy" Jock ordered as he let go of Chris' hair. Chris reached and got a grip on the legs of the shorts and slowly pulled them down allowing the hard rod to slap up against Jock's muscled belly. Dragging the shorts down over Jock's massive tree-trunk thighs he pulled them to the floor and then off.

"Kiss my feet" Jock ordered.

"Yes sir. Thank you sir" Chris responded and putting his hands behind his back, began to plant wet kisses on Jock's feet.

After a couple minutes Jock said: "Lick 'em and suck 'em."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir" Chris responded. Jock was standing up so Chris couldn't reach the soles of his feet, but he sucked and licked every inch that he could reach from the arch to the ankle bone, around the heel, up and down the instep and even wedging his tongue between the toes. Moving from one foot to the other Chris knew from experience what Jock wanted and he knew punishment would follow if he wasn't sufficiently servile and didn't cover every single inch.

"You hot for my muscles boy?" Jock asked.

"Yes sir. I am sir."

"Okay. Work your way up."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." Chris moved his tongue to Jock's ankles and began to lick; slowly working his way up and around the bulging calves to the knees, moving back and forth from one leg to the other being careful to cover every inch with his mouth and tongue. When he finally reached the gargantuan thirty-one inch thighs he laved his tongue up and down the hard bulging muscles. As he got closer to Jock's crotch he could see that Jock was playing with his dick with one hand, just enough to keep it hard. Then suddenly he felt Jock grab a handful of his hair with one enormous fist and start pulling on it; hard. Very hard.

"Squeal for me bitch. Go on, squeal." He growled as he twisted Chris' hair viciously.

"Oow, ow, ow, sir. Please sir" Chris whimpered softly. "Please sir."

"I said squeal" Jock shouted.

"Yeeeeooooh" Chris yelled as Jock jerked even harder and it felt like he was going to rip his scalp right off. "Please Jock. Please" he screamed. Letting go of his hair, Jock gave him a hard open handed slap across the face knocking him to the floor.

"You'll call me sir and you'll thank me" Jock yelled sounding really angry. However, he had a grin on his face; no doubt he was enjoying very much torturing his brother. Nothing made him harder than working a hot stud over before fucking him, and doing it to his brother made it even better. He was loving this.

"Yes sir, I'm sorry sir, thank you sir" Chris blurted out all in one quick breath as he got back up on his knees. Tears were flowing and he was sniffling but he knew he didn't dare cry because that would make it even worse. "Please sir, I'm sorry sir" he repeated as he leaned forward and started kissing Jock's massive thighs again. "Thank you sir, thank you sir" he said between kisses.

Grabbing a handful of Chris' hair again, Jock sat down and then lay down on the bed dragging Chris' up on the bed on top of him. Putting his head on the pillows he put his hands behind his head and relaxed.

"Get in there and work that pit boy" he ordered. Chris dove into Jock's right armpit and started licking. "I just took a shower boy so you don't get the good stuff, so this is just for practice. Now suck and make it feel good." Developing lots of saliva Chris sucked and licked Jock's armpit as he'd done many times before.

Actually Chris liked doing a lot of the things that Jock made him do. Big muscles were a terrific turn-on for him; after all he'd been worshiping Brett's body for weeks now and loving it, and since Jock had bigger muscles than anybody he'd ever seen, it really turned him on. He also liked being dominated and forced to keep his hands behind his back and he enjoyed saying 'yes sir' all the time. However, he hated Jock because of his violence. Jock simply couldn't fuck him without deliberately hurting him. And even though he did everything Jock wanted and was totally obedient and subservient, Jock would always make him suffer anyway.

Right now he crammed his nose into Jock's armpit while he sucked and licked and tried his damndest to keep him happy so he wouldn't beat on him anymore.

"My bicep" Jock said.

"Yes sir. Thank you sir" Chris mumbled. Immediately he shifted to Jock's bicep, slobbering all over it and then rubbing his nose back and forth against it just the way Jock liked it. Jock just let him go at it for a few minutes then spoke again: "now my pecs."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." Chris quickly shifted to Jock's right pectoral muscle and kissed every inch of it first, followed by immediately sucking and licking it up and down, back and forth and around and around. Only then did to go to the nipple and started biting it gently, but not too gently, hoping he was doing it exactly right so Jock would be satisfied. Then he started over again with the kisses and did the whole routine again.

This went on for several minutes until Jock spoke again: "cleavage".

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." Since Jock was so massively muscled with huge pectoral muscles, even lying down on his back, he still had a deep valley between those mounds of muscle. Chris dove in and started slurping up and down that deep cleft and, just like all of his worshiping, he rubbed his face in it getting himself covered with his own saliva. Again, doing it exactly the way Jock had taught him.

"Other side" Jock ordered.

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." Chris got busy on he left pectoral, covering it with kisses first, then sucking and licking, and finally gnawing and sucking on the large nub.

Although always terrified when he was with Jock, expecting at any moment to get slugged or strangled or otherwise battered, he did get a certain amount of satisfaction knowing he was doing such a good job that Jock didn't feel the need to punish him. For just about the only time Chris could remember, Jock seemed to be completely satisfied with his struggle to please. And knowing the alternative, Chris would do absolutely anything to keep him satisfied.

"Other arm" Jock murmured. Chris immediately pushed his face into Jock's left armpit and started slurping up a storm. Jock still seemed completely relaxed with his hands behind his head just letting Chris follow instructions. Loading up Jock's armpit with spit, Chris rubbed his face up and down through it over and over. He knew that Jock appreciated anything he could do to degrade and demean himself, and the more slavish he was, the better. Chris thought loading up his face and hair with his saliva was pretty damn demeaning.

Finally Jock moved, bringing one hand around, grabbing Chris' hair and jerking his head up. He just held him there, about a foot above Jock's face, just looking at him for at least a full minute. Chris was a total mess: his hair matted down, his face red and coated with sweat and spit, and he was panting like he'd just run a marathon. Jock loved it.

"You my bitch baby?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yes sir, I'm your bitch" Chris answered through his panting. "Yes sir. Yes sir." Jock got a wad of saliva together and spit up into Chris' face, splattering it all over.

"Thank you sir" Chris answered immediately. "Thank you sir."

"Yeah you love it;" Jock chuckled "you love your big brother being back in town. You've missed me haven' t you boy?"

"Yes sir Jock. Yes sir. I've missed you. I've missed you." Jock developed another wad of saliva and spit into Chris' face again.

"Thank you sir."

"For what?"

"Thank you sir for spitting on me sir" Chris answered breathlessly beginning to expect some kind of punishment. "Thank you sir" he repeated.

"Get on my abs" Jock ordered as he let go of Chris' hair. Sliding down Jock's thighs slightly Chris started licking the hard ridges of Jock's abdominals. Moving back and forth over the hills and valleys of the muscled washboard Chris kissed and licked every inch over and over waiting for further directions. Jock didn't say a word for quite a while so Chris started developing more saliva and rubbing his face in it again, trying to degrade himself for Jock's pleasure.

Then, finally, Jock reached down grabbing Chris by the chin and pushing his thumb into his mouth and forced his head down. Grabbing his very hard prick with his other hand he took aim and pushed it into Chris' mouth. Chris' eyes shot open in surprise because he knew how hard it was to take the monster all by itself, without a thumb being in there as well. But Jock removed his thumb almost immediately, put his other hand behind Chris' head, and in one fell swoop, pushed down, forcing the immense pole deep into his throat. Chris had taken it many times before but it had been months, and besides the mammoth tool nearly strangled him every time anyway.

Jock didn't believe in ever making anything easy so as he held Chris down on his cock, he raised his hand and slammed him on the back of the head forcing his bludgeon even deeper and cramming Chris' face into his crotch. Because of Jock's enormous strength Chris knew from experience he couldn't get away, so even though he felt like he was being strangled, he forced himself to keep his hands behind his back and simply endure the pain and lack of oxygen until Jock decided to let him up.

After thirty or forty seconds, Jock jerked his head up by a handful of hair. As Chris gasped desperately for breath, Jock gave him a not very gentle open handed slap to the face immediately followed by a backhand on the other side.

"Suck my cock little boy" he growled. "Suck it." Still holding Chris' hair he crammed him back down on his massive shaft and brought his hips up to meet him. Chris' cheeks stung, his nose felt like it was being crushed against a stone wall, and the huge ramrod seemed to be jammed into his gullet deeper than ever before. He couldn't scream; he couldn't breathe; he couldn't even think; he just wanted to survive.

After another thirty or forty seconds Jock finally let him up, pulling his head up so just the tip of the humongous prick was still in his mouth. Chris was frantically gasping for breath but he was also moving his tongue, trying to let Jock know that he'd suck as soon as he could get his breath.

"Suck it you little shit" Jock growled as he gave his hair a good jerk. Continuing his desperate attempt to get his breath back and keep Jock happy at the same time, Chris closed his mouth over the cock and started sucking on it, breathing only through his nose. He knew what was required and he knew Jock didn't care how much he struggled, so he forced himself to start jacking the big cock in and out of his mouth. He could only hope that he could keep Jock satisfied temporarily so he wouldn't get even more violent.

Beginning to get himself back under control, Chris started sucking and licking as he took the cock in until it hit against the opening of his throat. He knew his only salvation was to make it good enough to get Jock really hot and bring him off as soon as possible.

"You suck cock way better than your mom little boy" Jock said with a snicker. "She ain't a bad cocksucker but she ain't like you." As it sunk in what Jock said Chris was shocked, horrified, and outraged, but not for a single millisecond did he stop his sucking. Right now he had something much more important on his mind than thinking about Jock fucking his mom. All he could think of was when he was going to get his next breath.

Jock was well aware that he was a bit of a bastard and way too rough on his bitches but he didn't give a shit since he knew that with his strength he could do anything he wanted. Of course they didn't have any choice in the matter but he found that the nastier he was the better they seemed to like it, so he just kept getting rougher and more abusive all the time. And of course molesting and terrorizing them was much more thrilling for him, giving him incredible hard-ons, so knocking them around made for super-hot sex. Having a guy prostrating himself in complete obeisance, begging and crying to be allowed to worship him and get fucked by a him, and then using him like a piece of tissue to be thrown away after use, was the most erotic thing imaginable and absolutely exhilarating. It made him feel like a god. And what really turned Jock into a depraved glutton for domination sex, was that after he abused them and fucked them and treated them like shit, they almost always came back for more. They were not only aroused and in total awe of his titanic muscles, but most of them had this fantasy of being raped by a huge demigod like him so they craved being used and abused. He just knew they wouldn't be happy if he wasn't hurting them. It was pretty damn amazing but also pretty damn satisfying.

Of course his 'pretty boy' brother didn't have the option of saying no to him so short of strangling the kid, there was no limit on how rough he could get. But what was really impressing him so far was that even though he knew he was being absolutely brutal, Chris was taking the abuse like a pro and continuing to give great head. None of his bitches had ever taken this kind of violence and still managed to continue giving a decent blow job. Jock had to smile with relish as he realized that this visit home was going to be something extra special this year.

Grabbing Chris by the hair again, Jock jerked his head up off his dick and forcing him to look up at him. "Yeah baby brother. Your mom gives good head, but there ain't nobody does it as good as you," Jock just stared at him for a moment or so. "That was a compliment boy" he said. "I said you suck better'n your mom. Better'n your dad too for that matter."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir" Chris gasped without even thinking as he looked fearfully into his brother's face.

"Thank me for what?"

"Thank you.... Ahhh.... Thank you for the compliment sir. Thank you."

"Say it bitch. Say it. Tell me your mom and dad don't suck my cock like you do."

"Jock. Please." And Jock hit him; with his fist; knocking him completely off the bed onto the floor. "Yeeeaaaoooh" Chris screamed in pain.

"You're forgetting your place you little shit" Jock growled at him as he set up on the side of the bed. "Kiss my feet and tell me you're sorry." When Chris didn't move immediately he screamed: "KISS MY FEET." Chris was dazed from the blow but when Jock screamed he came to his senses. Climbing to his knees he bent down and started giving Jock's feet soft gentle kisses.

"Apologize" Jock ordered.

Without stopping his kisses, Chris spoke up: "I'm -(kiss)- sorry – (kiss)- Jock – (kiss)- sir – (kiss). I'm - (kiss)- sorry –(kiss) - sir – (kiss).

"Okay. Stop" Jock ordered. "Look up at me." Chris looked up at his massively muscled nemesis. Jock was jacking his enormous prick with one hand as he grabbed Chris' head with the other. Jerking his head back Jock dropped another big dollop of spit into his face hitting him on the nose and upper lip. Chris knew better than to touch it so he just stared up into Jock's face and kept his hands clasped behind his back.

"Thank you sir" Chris said weeping softly. "Thank you sir."

"Tell me you love sucking my dick" Jock directed.

"I love sucking your dick sir" Chris whimpered.

"Tell me you're happy you suck me better'n your mom or dad." Jock couldn't help but grin as he waited for Chris to respond. He figured there couldn't be a bigger put-down that a kid calling his mom and dad cocksuckers.

Giving into the inevitable, Chris responded in kind: "I'm.... I'm.... I'm happy I suck you better'n my mom or dad."

"Good boy" Jock laughed aloud and gave Chris a couple love taps on his sore cheek. "Way to go. Now get back on my cock and do your job." As Jock let go of his hair Chris leaned in and started sucking Jock's big prick. Jock still had his hand on it, stroking it gently, but at well over nine inches, there was plenty of cock left over for Chris to suck on.

Chris had gotten his breath back by now and wasn't being beaten on or forced at the moment, so he started really concentrating on bringing Jock off. He knew the quicker he brought him off, the quicker the pain would stop.

"Deeper" Jock ordered after a bit as he removed his hand from the big shaft. Chris immediately started taking more cock into his mouth, thrusting in and out, jamming it right up against the back of his throat with each thrust. He could suck better this way and he wanted to get Jock super-hot and bothered before he was forced to start deep throating again.

"Oh yeah my pretty little cock sucker" Jock murmured. "Suck your daddy's prick. Make love to it baby." Jock actually let him go at it at his own speed for several minutes which was quite unusual so Chris knew he must be doing a great job.

But finally, and inevitably, Jock started panting so Chris knew he was almost there. And, no surprise, Jock took over, gripping Chris' head with one jumbo sized hand and started cramming his cock in as deep as it would go. Chris knew he could handle it; he'd done it many times before, so he just closed his eyes and concentrated on trying to catch a breath whenever possible.

Jock was panting now and groaning softly so Chris knew he was close, but there was nothing he could do but just hold on for dear life until Jock finished fucking his face and decided to cum.

"Yeeeaaah. Yeeeaaah. Fuck yeeeaaah" Jock finally screamed as he expelled his first spurt deep into Chris' esophagus. Chris' face was crushed into Jock's crotch and held there by the prodigious strength of Jock's arm and he couldn't move or breath as Jock fired two or three more times into his gullet.

"Yeeeaaah baby" Jock yelled again as he pulled Chris' head back and fired his final shots of cum into Chris' face. "Ohhhh yeeeaaah." Chris had prepared as well as he could, but even so, he had nearly blacked out from lack of oxygen, and now as he hacked and coughed and took big gasping breaths he actually felt lucky to still be alive. His throat hurt like hell, his cheeks stung like crazy, and his eye hurt and was probably going to be black and blue from where Jock had slugged him. But he had survived.

Jock lay back on the bed just relaxing and getting his breath back, but Chris didn't move from his position on his knees. He was beginning to breathe normally but he didn't even try to wipe his face or even move, but kept his hands behind his back waiting for Jock to give him leave. Again, from experience and from previous beatings, Chris knew exactly what Jock expected of him.

"We're going to have good times baby" Jock said as he finally sat up with a big grin on his face. "I've got two weeks here so you and me are going to have a lot of fun. Let's go take a shower." Chris followed Jock into the bath and after washing and drying Jock, he did the same to himself.

When he came down to the living room in the nude per Jock's order, Jock was just sitting in the easy chair, also nude and just waiting for him. "You happy to see me baby brother?" he asked with a big grin.

"Ahhh.... yes sir" Chris answered as he got on his knees in front of him. Chris was a total freak where muscles were concerned, and Jock had the biggest most massive, most defined muscles he'd ever seen or even imagined on a human being. Just looking at his massive body sent his pleasure centers into sensory overload. If Jock hadn't been such a self-centered bastard and so damn sadistic Chris would have been salivating just to be near him. "Yes sir. I'm happy to see you sir" he repeated.

"You fuckin liar" Jock said with a laugh. "When I'm fucking you boy, you call me sir. For now it's just Jock."

"Yes sir Jock. I mean, yes Jock."

"You look pretty damn good kid. You've really bloomed since last year."

"Thank you sir, errrr.... Jock. I work out a lot now, just like you told me."

"Good boy, it really shows. So where is that wimp of a father of yours?"

"Ahhh.... he's working Jock. He won't be back until about six."

"You know he's a wimp, right? A total pansy?"

"Ahhh.... well.... actually. Ahhh.... Jock.... ahhh.... he's my dad."

"Yeah he's your dad, but he's still a fuckin wimp. I may have exaggerated about him sucking my dick" Jock said with a laugh. "He damn near had a heart attack and went into convulsions when I first wagged my big pecker in his face. But to tell you the truth it was fun just scaring the shit out of him. He damn near wets his pants every time he sees me now. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him again." Jock laughed some more. "Yeah, he is such a fuckin wuss. And believe it or not little brother, your Mom laughed her ass off when I told her."

"What? You told her? You told her you tried to fuck him?"

"Hell yes I told her. Whether you know it or not she's been fucking me since before I even knew what cum was all about. She loved hot rough sex and said I had the biggest prick she'd ever seen. She was wild about it. But she knew your old man was a wimp from day one. She told me she was always on top when they were fucking and it was the most boring sex she ever had. Why do you think she was never home?"

"Jock. You're making this up" Chris said.

"I'll come over there and kick your ass little boy" Jock said but he was laughing when he said it. "So watch it. Now, tell me about that kid you were sunning with a while ago."

"That's Brett, our next door neighbor."

"And a real hunk from what I could see. You fuckin him?" Chris started to turn red in embarrassment, and didn't know what to say. He didn't want to admit he was gay to his brother, but he was afraid to lie to him.


"You are fuckin him aren't you?" Jock said with a chuckle. "Hell yes you're fuckin him, I can see it in your face. I'll be damned, my little brother's a faggot after all."

"Ahhh.... Jock...."

"It's okay little brother, I don't care. You can be a fag if you want. Hell, maybe I'm a fag too. I have to admit there ain't nothin quite like hot boy ass." Jock reached down and groped himself as he laughed. "Oh yeah, ain't nothin like screwing hot boy ass." Chris just looked at him realizing there was no way to keep anything like this away from Jock.

"Ahhh.... yeah Jock. I'm gay. I know it now. I've known it since last year."

"You think I couldn't tell?" Jock laughed. "You suck cock like a pro little brother, and I know from experience; lots of experience" he laughed again "there ain't no doubt that fags give better head than straights."

"So, tell me about this kid next door" Jock asked. "He's a good fuck, right?"

"Ahhh.... Jock.... please. Please. Don't" Chris begged. "Please don't go there."

"What the hell" Jock laughed. "He your lover little brother? You in love?"

"Jock please. Brett's a great guy."

"I'll bet he's a great guy. I'll bet he's a great fuck too." Jock laughed some more. "Oh man, that is so hot, you having a lover and a real pretty one too. Well, luckily anything belongs to you belongs to me and I don't let pretty ones like that get away anyhow."

"Jock, please. I'll do anything you want. Anything. Please leave him alone."

Before Chris could even blink, Jock reached forward and grabbed him by the throat. "You telling me what to do baby brother? Huh?"

"Ugggh" was all Chris could come out with because Jock was crushing his larynx with one big hand. "Ugggh" he choked again.

"You don't ever; not ever, even think of telling me what to do boy" Jock said watching Chris' face turn bright red. "Now apologize" he ordered as he let go of Chris' throat.

"I'm sorry sir" Chris gasped out. "Sorry sir. I'm very sorry sir."

"Now I'm going to fuck your boyfriend" Jock said as he reached down and pulled Chris' head up. "That okay with you?"

Obviously that was a rhetorical question since Chris knew how he had to answer, but he hesitated for as long as he dared before answering. "Ahhh.... ahhh.... yes sir. Yes Jock sir; that's okay by me."

"I fucked a bitch on the plane and I've fucked you, but I'm still horny" Jock said staring into Chris' eyes. "Go get him and bring him over here. I'll let you watch while I fuck him."

"Yes sir Jock sir."

"And you don't tell him I'm here. You just come up with some excuse to get him over here.'


Brett was sitting in front of his computer wearing shorts and a wife beater when Chris walked into his bedroom. Chris was now wearing shorts and shirt as well. "What the fuck happened to you?" Brett asked as he turned and saw Chris' bruised cheeks and swollen eye. "Jesus, you look like you got hit by a truck."

"My brother's back" Chris said.

"Oh shit. The monster came back hey?"

"He's only been here a couple hours and he's already beat the shit out of me and fucked me."

"You wanna call the cops?"

"No Brett. I can't" Chris responded looking teary eyed. "I just can't. But I don't know what to do."

"Well first of all, you gotta get out of the house. You'll stay here with me while he's here."

"Okay, that's good. But Brett; he saw you out in the yard with me and he says he's gonna fuck you."

"Well he can say anything he damn well pleases, but I can tell you it ain't gonna happen. No way."

"Right now he told me to talk you into coming over to my house. He ordered me to bring you over."

"He is a total asshole isn't he? An unconscionable arrogant asshole. He thinks he can do anything he wants. Well, we've got to show him that he can't."

"He really worked me over Brett" Chris said with a sob. "I just can't take it anymore."

"Well, don't you worry. You're not going to take it anymore" Brett said as he stood up. "Come on; let's go talk to the asshole."

"You can't Brett. You can't." Chris was shocked. "You simply can't. You don't understand how big he is. You can't possibly stand up to him."

"We'll see about that" Brett said as he took Chris by the arm and headed out the door.

When Brett and Chris entered Chris' living room Jock was setting in the easy chair with a magazine, but was now wearing Orchard University shorts and tank top. Brett was expecting Jock to be big from what Chris had told him, but even so, he could only marvel at the guy's astonishing physique. He was simply beyond belief.

"I hear you're a son-of-a-bitch" was the first thing out of Brett's mouth.

"Yeah, I've heard that too" Jock said with a laugh as he looked up. "My real mom was a drug addict and died when I was a baby and my step-mom's been fucking me for years, so I suppose I am a son-of-a-bitch." Jock put his magazine down. "I take it you're Brett."

Brett pushed Chris down on the sofa, sat next to him, and put his arm around him. "Yeah I'm Brett. And I'm here to tell you that Chris belongs to me and you're going to leave him alone from now on."

"Well, well, well" Jock laughed. "Another son-of-a-bitch; a brazen one at that. Are you the guy that's going to stop me?"

"No, you're going to do it all on your own" Brett answered. "I don't intend to tangle with you, but I intend to convince you to behave."

Jock really started laughing now. "Shit, you're going to teach me how to behave? You? Cute little muscle boy like you?"

"Just tell me why you beat on Chris? What's he ever done to you?"

"Hey man" Jock said, still laughing, "he's a great fuck. And there ain't much of anyone else around here. I'm used to getting it half a dozen times a day at college so he's going to get a lot of my attention while I'm here."

"Okay so he's a great fuck. But you deliberately try to hurt him. Why?"

"Hey kid. He's my brother. I own him. And besides, he likes it."

"I just told you, you don't own him. He belongs to me. So pay attention."

"You're on dangerous ground little boy. You better watch it."

"Okay big man, now that I have your complete attention I can tell you Chris likes to fuck. He likes to get fucked. But nobody likes getting the shit kicked out of them. Nobody. So where do you get off beating him up?"

"I told you, he's my brother" Jock growled, beginning to get angry. "I can do what I want with him."

"Yeah? Is that right?" Brett growled right back. "But Chris tells me you beat everybody up. Why's that?"

"Hey man, that's my style. I go for hot sex. People see these muscles they just expect me to be a little rough. I just give them what they want."

"A little rough? Is that what you said? A little rough? Bullshit. Beating the crap out of Chris is not being a little rough. And that sure's hell is not what he wants."

"Okay so I'm a little rougher on Chris than others. But he expects it."

"Yes he expects it. He expects it because you're a son-of-a-bitch. But he doesn't want it and he sure's hell doesn't like it. Tell him Chris."

Chris had been following the conversation as Brett kept his arm protectively around him, holding him tight. He was still fearful, for Brett and for himself. "Jock" he said "Look at me. I'm probably going to have a black eye tomorrow. How can you do this to me?"

"Oh shit Chris" Jock said, almost looking apologetic and then ruined it by developing a big grin. "I just get carried away sometimes, particularly with you. You've always been a hot fuck. And now that you've turned into such a stud, it's even better. And you guys are making me horny by just setting here."

"Well, fuck you too" Brett said angrily. "I'm telling you that that's all over and you aren't going to hurt Chris again."

"You're beginning to annoy me little boy" Jock sneered at him as he stood up. "You don't tell me what I can do and what I can't do."

"I didn't say you couldn't fuck him" Brett said evenly, still remaining completely calm and collected. "I said you couldn't hurt him. There's a real difference."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. If you'll set down and listen I'll tell you how it is."

"Okay, you've got one minute and then I tear you a new asshole" Jock growled as he sat back down. "Go ahead. Tell me."

"Ahhh.... Brett?" Chris spoke up.

"Shut up Chris" Brett ordered. "Just listen."

"Okay, here it is man" Brett said to Jock. "You're incredibly hot. I never even imagined that anybody could have muscles like yours, and I can tell you, I'm totally into muscles. But Chris and I ain't no slackers. I know muscles and so does Chris. I know what you've gone through to get that incredible body."

"So?" Jock said with a grin, definitely enjoying the compliments. "Go on."

"Okay, so I'm used to guys worshiping me. Hell, you can see I'm a fuckin Adonis. Everybody calls me Adonis and there ain't nobody around who's got a face and body like mine. The kids at school climb all over each other just trying to get my attention, and I pick and choose who I fuck. But you; big man like you. I'll bet they lay down in front of you and beg you to let them kiss your feet."

"Hey man, that's the way it goes" Jock said with a laugh. "They fuckin compete with each other to see who's the best ass kisser. And after I let them kiss my ass I make them beg for my cock. And they do; they always do. You may think you're an Adonis, but you ain't had even half the muscle boy ass that I have."

"Maybe most of them beg to kiss your ass big man, but Chris is not begging, and neither am I. But...." Brett hesitated.... and then repeated: "But...."

Jock waited but then finally asked: "But what?"

"But.... you are really hot. I'm hot for you. I'll bet Chris is too. At least he would be if he knew you weren't going to try to kill him. But...."

"Get to the goddamn point. But what?" Jock snarled.

"I'm willing to worship that hot bod and your big cock if you promise to keep your hands off of me. You just lay back and enjoy it and I'll do all the work."

"Sorry babe" Jock said with a chuckle. "That ain't my style. I'm always in control, and hell, half the fun of fucking a guy is slapping him around a little getting him ready for my prick."

"Well, there's a first time for everything" Brett answered. "Chris said you wanted me. Well, I'm making you an offer. You keep your hands off me and I'll give you one hell of a good time. And, I'll even throw Chris into the deal."

"Hey, wait a minute" Chris said looking startled.

"Shut up Chris" Brett whispered in his ear. "You're just as hot for those muscles as I am, so just shut up."

"Okay, I'm interested" Jock said. "So, how is this going to work."

"Well first, you let me tie you up" Brett said with a grin. "Then...."

"You've got to be fuckin kidding" Jock said, interrupting him. "There ain't no way you're tying me up."

"Okay, okay" Brett laughed. "So we don't tie you up. But imagine this. Look at my kisser. I mean really look at me" he said with a big grin on his face. "I know you ain't never seen nobody looks like me. Now, just imagine lookin down and seeing me in your crotch with your prick in my mouth. Can you picture that?"

"Okay pretty boy; Adonis boy, I get the point" Jock said. "Yeah. That makes for a real pretty picture."

"Well, first of all, let me show you what you'll be getting" Brett said as he stood up and removed his wife beater and his shorts, tossing them to Chris, leaving him standing there only in his jockstrap. Brett knew the compulsories backwards and forwards since he performed them hundreds of times in front of his bedroom mirrors, so he went through them now, gracefully moving from one pose to the next. Starting with the front double biceps, pumping up his huge arms, Brett moved smoothly to the front lat spread and then to the side chest, followed by the back double biceps, the back lat spread, the side triceps, and finally the abdominal-thigh isolation showing his perfectly defined muscles in all their glorious perfection. And then for an encore and holding each pose for only a second or two, he went through all seven poses a second time. He got a huge grin when he saw that Jock's jaw had dropped down, his mouth was open, and he was almost drooling in lust.

"Tell me this doesn't make you hot?"

"Show me your ass babe" Jock said, trying to pretend he wasn't totally turned on. "That's what I'm interested in."

"Bullshit. You talk constantly about hunky guys, husky guys, guys with muscle; you're as turned on to my muscles as I am to yours and you damn well know it."

"Alright, so you're a hunky number for a little guy. And, okay, so I know why they call you Adonis. You are pretty goddamn spectacular."

"So, you're going to admit I turn you on, hey? Well, what do you want to do? You wanna touch?"

"Don't get carried away with yourself kid. I fuck pretty boys like you all the time."

"Somehow I doubt that babe" Brett said with a grin. "You damn well know I'm special, and you damn well know you want me. Hell, I can see that tent pole in your shorts. So, why not admit it."

"Okay, so I want you. You're fuckin hot. But you know I usually take what I want."

"Yeah, I know. But not this time. Definitely not this time. This time I make the rules."

"Okay, so tell me. What have I gotta do?"

"You've gotta promise to behave. You don't force us to do anything. You wanna touch the merchandise; you do it nicely and gently."

"So what do I get if I'm a good boy?" Jock said with a laugh.

"Hey, I'm hot for you man. I want to lick every inch of that incredible body of yours. I know Chris is hot for you too. You let us do our thing and we'll promise to give you a good time. Otherwise, we're leaving and Chris is staying at my house while you're here."

"Okay, okay, so I'll go for it" Jock said licking his lips in anticipation. "Let's do it. I'm ready."

"Oh shit, I'm ready too" Brett said as he started to get excited. Of course Brett had never worshiped anybody before since he was always surrounded by ass-kissers begging to be allowed to worship him, but there was a first time for everything, and Jock was unquestionably the most spectacular muscle man he'd ever seen. This guy had the biggest and most gorgeous body on the planet which made Brett weak in the knees with desire, and he was willing to do most anything just to be able to rub his hands over those muscles. Here was a man totally deserving of worship. "Chris where's that body oil you've been using?"

"Ahhh.... it's in your backyard Brett" Chris answered.

"Jock; you wanna get worshiped outdoors?" Brett said. "It's totally private; nobody can see anything, although I bet you'd like to do it in public."

"Hey man, I love an audience. My roommates at college love to watch" Jock laughed "and I let them join in sometimes. The more the merrier."

"Okay, let's go" Brett said as he put his shorts on, pulled Chris to his feet, and headed out the door.

Brett's backyard was just a lawn surrounded by a tall hedge. In the middle there was a large bed sheet and two beach towels where Brett and Chris had been sunning themselves earlier. Next to the towels were a couple empty soda cans, some magazines, and four different flavors of edible body oil. All four bottles of oil were half empty signifying their regular use.

"Which do you want to use" Brett asked Chris. "The lemon or the strawberry?"

"The strawberry stinks to high heaven" Chris laughed "but it sure does taste good. But my favorite is cherry; it's not quite so strongly flavored as the others.'

"Okay, cherry it is" Brett said, picking up the bottle and handing it to Chris. "Jock, let us uncover those incredible muscles of yours and we'll give you an oil massage that will drive you mad."

"Let's get to it man. I'm ready" Jock said as he reached down and groped the big rod that was pushing his shorts out like a tent. Brett walked over to him, leaned in and kissed Jock's right un-flexed bicep and gave it a quick lick. Then he did the same to the left bicep.

"You're fuckin beautiful man" he swooned. Then taking hold of Jock's tank top at the waist, he pulled it up, and as Jock raised his arms, pulled it over his head.

Chris was standing back just watching, not sure whether he should participate or not. Actually, he'd never really looked at Jock as a sex object before because he'd always associated him with pain. Now it seemed that Brett was not going to allow Jock to hurt him, so for the first time he began to realize what a really spectacular body Jock had. Muscles upon muscles upon muscles. And watching Brett standing there lusting over Jock's body was an incredible turn-on, and he was definitely getting hard in his shorts.

"Come here Chris" Brett said and Chris stepped over. Putting his hand behind Chris' head, Brett pushed his face into Jock's left pec. "Kiss it babe. Big wet kiss." As Chris kissed Jock's left pec, Brett kiss the right one.

Jock groaned softly as the two boys kissed his enormous pectoral muscles.

"How's that man?" Brett asked as he stepped back and looked up in Jock's face. "The two hottest guys in town kissing your hot pecs."

"Fuckin hot man" Jock groaned; "fuckin hot."

"Help me here Chris" Brett said as he got down on his knees in front of Jock. "Let's get these shorts off of him." Brett grabbed one side of the shorts and Chris the other and they pulled them down and off. Then grabbing Jock's jockeys, they pulled them off as well.

"I guess you're hot to trot" Brett said with a laugh as Jock's big cock bounced out in his face, almost fully hard. "Oh yeah, you're ready." As an automatic action, almost involuntary, Jock grabbed Brett by the hair and pulled him into his crotch.

"Whoa man" Brett shouted. "Whoa. Stop it!" Putting his hands against Jock's thighs Brett pushed hard, forcing his head back. "Remember the deal man."

"Okay, sorry" Jock said with a laugh as he let go of Brett's hair. "That was instinctive. I always do that." Jock may have been laughing, but Brett wasn't. In fact he was pissed.

"We have an agreement god damn it" he howled. "I make the rules this time, and you keep you damn hands to yourself."

"Okay, okay" Jock said as he continued laughing. "I'm sorry man. I'm sorry. Come on, it was an accident."

"Alright" Brett said, calming down a little. "But let's not have any more accidents."

"Okay" Jock said still chuckling. "I promise. No more accidents."

"Good" Brett said, slightly mollified. "Okay, strip time Chris." He and Chris both stripped down to just their socks. Brett's fully hard nine inch rod banged up against his belly. Grabbing his own cock in one hand and Jock's with the other, Brett started massaging them gently. "Pretty hefty piece of meat you've got there man" he said. "Almost comparable to mine."

Jock let out a guffaw. "That little weenie of yours?" he said. "Wait till mine gets hard."

"Hey, I'm not criticizing man; you've got a pretty tool here. But look at mine. Pretty big hey?"

"Okay, so you've got a nice one. But you wanna see a big one you just wait until I'm completely hard."

"Go ahead and feel it" Brett said as he took hold of Jock's right hand and pulled it over to his cock. "This is what a killer nine incher feels like. Go ahead." With Brett holding his hand, Jock gripped Brett's shaft and stroked it a couple times before he let go.

"Okay, I said you got a nice one, but only nine inches? Only nine?" he said with a laugh. "Hell, mine's that big when it's soft."

"Yeah, right, tell me about it" Brett laughed. "So we'll measure 'em later on. You ever sucked a cock Jock? Cock Jock. Jock cock" he laughed again.

"Hell no I ain't sucked no cock" Jock said. "Jock don't suck cock" he said with a snicker.

"You ever want to suck a cock? You wanna suck a nice one like mine?"

"Hell no I don't."

"You liar" Brett said with a laugh. "Every guy has fantasies about sucking cock. Mostly about big ones. Like mine."

"Hey man, that ain't me" Jock said with a chuckle. "I fantasize about fucking, and only fucking."

"Bullshit" Brett said, really laughing now. "I know that ain't true. Hell, just the way you've been looking at me makes that a lie. You're totally turned on to me man. Hell, you can't keep your eyes off my cock."

"Wishful thinking little boy" Jock laughed. "Wishful thinking."

"We'll see about that" Brett said. Brett had his own ideas about Jock sucking cock, but he wasn't ready to say anything out loud yet. Not yet.

"Okay, now go lie down on the towel and let us oil up those muscles of yours. And to keep your hands out of trouble, pretend that you're wearing handcuffs."

"Okay. Alright already" Jock said as he lay down on the beach towel and clasped his hands behind his head. "So I'm wearing handcuffs. Okay?" Chris poured some of the oil on Jock's hulking chest and he and Brett starting gently rubbing it over the massive pectoral muscles. Sharing the oil between them, Chris and Brett smoothed the oil on Jock's shoulders, moving to his biceps and triceps, then his forearms, and finally back to his chest and down to his abdominals.

"Oh shit, you are incredible" Brett moaned as he rubbed his hands over the titanic muscles. Both he and Chris, and Jock as well, were fully hard and dripping pre-cum. Chris didn't say anything but he was making humming sounds in the back or his throat and kept licking his lips as he spread the oil. As much as he thought he hated Jock for beating him up and raping him, he was so into muscles that he couldn't help but be turned on to this phenomenal block of powerful virile humanity. He wanted to lick every inch of these incredible muscles.

Jock just lay back completely relaxed with a big grin on his face as he looked down and watched the two beautiful muscle boys caressing his body. He had to admit that this was starting out really well even though he hadn't taken control of the action. He decided that Brett really did know how to pleasure a man.

Moving down from Jock's abdominals, the boys continued spreading the oil, taking turns and giving extra special attention to his cock and balls; not enough to bring Jock off but just enough to keep him excited and on the edge as they spread the oil. Continuing on down, they massaged the massive thighs, then the calves and finally the feet.

"Okay so far big man?" Brett asked as he looked up into Jock's eyes.

"Oh yeah" Jock gushed. "Keep going."

"Turn over man. Let us do your back." Jock rolled over and Brett and Chris continued oiling him up, going from his feet up his legs to his hot hard ass and on up to his neck. "Back over now man" Brett said, "and flex those huge biceps for us." Jock rolled over and flexed his arms. Brett and Chris dove in, one on each arm, and started licking the cherry flavored oil off of Jock's twenty inch biceps.

"That's it kids" Jock swooned. "Worship my biceps. Oh yeah, work on those motherfuckers." Brett and Chris licked and sucked and kissed every inch of the humongous mounds of muscle while Jock kept crunching them, trying to make them even bigger. After several minutes on the biceps, the boys gradually moved up to the rounded shoulders and then to the traps, and finally, finally down to Jock's most impressive feature, his gargantuan slabs of pectoral muscle. Both boys started moaning and groaning as they slobbered over that titanic chest.

"Ohhh....shit, ohhh....shit, ohhh....shit" Chris muttered, totally overwhelmed as he licked and kissed and worshiped Jock's pecs. Brett was not only kissing and licking on his side but rubbing his nose and face against the hard muscle in complete ecstasy, totally making love to it. Two gorgeous muscle hounds and one hulky demigod, all of them intoxicated with worshiping and being worshiped.

All good things must come to an end, so after many long minutes worshiping the pecs and then nibbling on the tits for a bit, the boys started licking Jock's rugged abdominals, and heading down towards his crotch. Brett and Chris seemed to be of one mind since they seemed to be working in perfect tandem on either side of Jock's body. As they reached his crotch they both dove in and started licking his balls, allowing the enormous prick to bounce back and forth between their noses. Then, perfectly together, they started kissing up and down either side of Jock's steel hard prick. First kissing and then licking, matching their movements up and down Jock's nine plus inches.

Jock, of course, had not kept his hands behind his head, but had moved them down to his sides, but so far, with great difficulty; he had kept himself from grabbing the boy's heads and taking control. Brett leaned over and gave Chris a kiss on the lips, and then took hold of Jock's prick, took aim, and pushed it into Chris' mouth. "Do a good job" he whispered, for Chris' ears only. Then he got up on his knees, took hold of Jock's right hand and pulled it into his crotch.

"Feel this Jock" he uttered. "Big hard cock. Totally hot for you. Go ahead and feel it. Rub it for me man." Brett held Jock's hand against his dripping cock until Jock finally started fondling it. Continuing to hold his hand Brett then got him started squeezing it and working it back and forth. Jock was pretty far gone since Chris was doing wonderful things to his prick and Brett was going crazy with lust as this giant started jerking him off. But Brett was just getting started; he definitely had other things in mind for Jock to do with his prick.

Jock had his eyes closed now and was groaning in ecstasy as a very talented Chris sucked his big shaft. He hardly seemed to notice when Brett climbed up on top of him and started jacking his cock up and down within the cleavage between his prodigious pectorals.

"Oh fuck yeah" Brett said with relish as he grabbed Jock's big rounded shoulders and continued humping his tool in the deep cleavage. "Big goddamn muscle man" he mumbled. Brett took note that Jock was groaning even louder now and humping his crotch up against Chris' face, totally bewitched by what Chris was doing to him.

"Okay Chris; take him deep" Brett ordered. "All the way man." Then Jock's whole body shuddered as Chris forced the giant prick deep into his throat, driving him to stratospheric heights of delight and euphoria. Brett took advantage of Jock's distraction to climb up onto his chest putting his knees on his shoulders and dropping his cock into his face. Jock's eyes flew open in surprise but he was still gasping and groaning with pleasure as he looked up at Brett.

"You wanted this man" Brett said giving Jock one of his devastating smiles. "Here's your chance to try it. Big hard cock just waiting for you. Go ahead and take a taste." Sticking his thumb into Jock's mouth forcing it open, Brett let his big boner slide in. Nirvana! Brett almost screamed aloud when Jock actually started sucking on it!!! It just seemed to be a totally automatic response from Jock to suck it. Completely methodical: Step 1: put cock in mouth; Step 2: suck on cock.

"Oh shit yeah man" Brett gushed with exhilaration. "I knew you wanted to try sucking a cock. Luckily you got a big one to work on. Go to it man." Grabbing Jock's head with both hands and holding him steady, Brett pushed four or five inches into his mouth. Jock's eyes kept opening and closing as Chris was driving him to new heights of rapture but he kept sucking on Brett's cock. "Oh shit yeah" Brett howled as he started slowly sliding his big rod in and out of the giant's mouth. Still moaning in pleasure, Jock looked up at Brett's smiling face. He wasn't so far gone that he didn't know that he had a big cock in his mouth but in the heat of the moment, with Chris deep throating his cock, he was really getting into it.

And all three boys, delirious with pleasure, were coming close to their climaxes.

"Oh fuck yeah" Brett screamed as he felt his big prick began to throb, ready to shoot. "Ohhh fuuuuuuuuck" he screamed again and to avoid having Jock throw him bodily across the yard, he pulled out as the last second, firing his first shot over Jock's head. However, his second shot hit Jock's cheek and the third landed on his forehead.

Jock was so far gone that he was not totally aware of what Brett was doing. As Brett fired his third shot of cum, Jock grabbed Chris' head and crammed him down hard into his crotch, forcing every last centimeter of his cock deep into Chris' throat. And then, letting out an enormous roar his cock let go and blasted into Chris' gullet.

Chris had not even touched himself yet, keeping his hands behind his back, but was so turned-on that even as Jock roared and ejaculated deep into his throat, his own throbbing cock exploded.

Jock pulled Chris' head up and jammed it violently back down again as all three boys screamed in euphoric exaltation, or in Chris' case, attempted to scream, as they shot their loads. After three or four shots Jock pushed Chris' head back, grabbed his ejaculating cock and jerked it madly allowing the last few shots of cum to shoot up onto his abs. Chris, while still firing his load started jerking his own cock as he sprayed against Jock's thigh and frantically took huge gasping breaths.

Brett had a head start so he was the first to finish shooting his load and began to relax. Almost his entire load had gone into Jock's face, and Brett couldn't help but grin as he used his hand to smear it all over, giving Jock an 'Adonis Boy' facial. As Jock and Chris finished and began to calm down, Brett rolled off of Jock's chest, and all three boys just lay there not moving, as they slowly got their breath back under control.

Brett was the first to recover, and he grabbed the other beach towel and wiped his cum off of Jock's face. "Hey, that was fabulous man" he exhorted leaning in and giving Jock a peck on the lips. "Sucking cock ain't so bad is it?"

"Fuck you little man" Jock said, but he had a smile on his face as he said it. "I tasted yours; now you taste mine" he said as he grabbed Brett's neck and pulled him into his ridged abdominals. "Suck it up boy. Suck it up" he ordered. Since he had little choice otherwise, Brett lapped up Jock's cum off of his abs. "Good boy" Jock said.

Chris finally sat up. "Jock; you damn near strangled me man. You weren't supposed to do that."

"Yeah, I know" Jock chuckled. "I just got carried away. But you suck me like that what do you expect? And hey man, just be happy I didn't give you another black eye."

"Thank God for small favors"

"Hey man, that's just the way it is. I've always done it that way. Ain't nothin like cramming a pretty face down on my dick." Then Jock stood up, towering over the two young muscle studs. "Now Chris, what am I going to do about boyfriend here?" he said with a laugh as he looked at Brett. "Do I just break him in half, or do I let him live."

"Hey man" Brett said with a startled look on his face. "I liked it, you liked it, Chris liked it; what's the problem?"

"The problem is, little man, you think you're cool but you're too damn big for your britches and need to be taken down a notch or two. You didn't really think I was going to let you get away with putting your dick in my mouth did you?"

"Come on Jock" Brett rejoined. "You know damn well you wanted to try it. And hell, I could see that you liked it. And besides, you been eyeing my dick ever since we got out here. I just gave you the opportunity to do what you wanted to do. You can't tell me you didn't like it?"

"What I didn't like, little man was you; pretending to be the top dog and thinking you could make me into your sub. Chris, don't you move until I tell you to."

"Okay Jock" Chris said with surprise. "Okay." Then, literally in the blink of an eye, Jock dropped on top of Brett, flipped him over on his stomach and pulled his arms behind his back.

"Hey man" Brett yelled in surprise. But then he really yelled as Jock began twisting his arms, pushing his hands up towards his shoulders. "Yeeeeeaaaaaoh."

"Chris" Jock said looking over at Chris who was just sitting and watching. "Tell this kid who's in charge around here.

"You're the boss Jock" Chris answered. "You are."

"Whose boss here kid?" Jock growled at Brett. "Whose boss?"

"You're boss Jock. You're boss" Brett yelled in pain. "Shit, I know you're the boss, man. Ain't no doubt about it."

"You seemed to think you were in charge here" Jock growled at him as he jerked his arms. "You think you can handle me little boy?"

"No way man; no way" Brett pleaded. "Please Jock. Please. I know you're boss."

"Tell me you're sorry for being a prick" Jock ordered as he gave Brett's arms another yank.

"I'm sorry for being a prick" Brett howled, almost crying now. "Please Jock."

"I'm in charge here and I can do anything I want. Say it."

"You're in charge and can do anything you want" Brett howled again, really crying now.

"Good boy" Jock said with satisfaction as he let go of Brett's arms. Brett stretched his arms out but couldn't do much else since Jock's three hundred plus pounds was sitting on top of him. Grabbing Brett by the hair and pulling his head up Jock said: "Say it again boy. I can do anything I want."

"Yes Jock. Yes. You can do anything you want."

"Good, because I want to fuck you." Jock had been sitting on Brett's butt, but now he lay down on top of him, wrapping his arms around his neck and allowing his prick to fit into his ass crack. "That okay with you?"

"Oh shit no man" Brett pleaded. "No. I ain't never been fucked."

"You're going to get fucked now babe, no matter what. You fight me and I'll tear you apart first and then fuck you. Don't really matter to me." Jock jacked his now growing cock up and down Brett's sweaty ass crack a couple times. "Oh yeah babe" he chuckled. "I love taking a virgin. Hot virgin ass on a pretty muscle boy like you, there ain't nothing like it."

"Oh fuck man" Brett groaned. "Please man, please." But Brett was giving into the inevitable, knowing there was no way he could stop the behemoth on top of him from doing whatever he wanted. All he would end up doing by fighting it was getting mangled and then fucked anyway. He knew he could probably buck Jock off of him temporarily, but he also knew it would end up the same, except Jock would be madder than hell and would probably tear him a new ass hole.

"You got a hot little ass kid" Jock chuckled. "Making me hard just thinking of getting my big dick in there." Brett's sweaty ass was slick and Jock's cock slid smoothly up and down the crack. "Oh yeah. My dick wants in there bad."

"Ohhhhhh fuck" Brett groaned in despair.

"Almost ready babe" Jock said as he raised up a bit, still sliding his cock up and down Brett's ass, but now feeling around for the hole. "Getting hot and hard."

"Hey man. Wait, wait" Brett shouted. "You can't take me dry. You can't. You can't"

"I can do anything I want babe" Jock chuckled. "Anything."

"No, no, you can't" Brett pleaded. "You can't." Up to this point although Brett was trying very hard to get away, he basically knew Jock was too powerful and it was probably futile. However, now, he became violent, frantically trying to escape. But jock, in a very quick move got him in a headlock and rolled over pulling Brett on top of him. Then wrapping his legs around him to hold him still, he started putting the pressure on his neck and shoulders.

"Settle down boy. Settle down" he said calmly, not even breathing hard as Brett was wildly trying to get away. "You want me to break your neck or you going to settle down" he said as he intensified the pressure. "Maybe we can make a deal."

Brett's arms were useless, he wasn't able to move his legs, and the pain was becoming unbearable. "What..... deal.....?" he gasped.

"Relax babe and I'll tell you" Jock said.

"Okay, okay. Please stop" Brett said as he stopped his attempt to get away and relaxed his muscles. Jock let up a bit on the pressure he was exerting in the headlock.

"You want to make a deal?" Jock asked.

"Okay, okay" Brett gasped.

Jock was totally calm and collected and had a grin on his face. "You are a scrappy little thing and I like that in a guy" he said with a laugh. "I'm going to enjoy fuckin the virgin ass of yours. Hell, I'm going to love it and if I have to knock you around a little first to make you cooperate, that's okay too. But I'll make a deal with you. You behave yourself and not fight me and I'll let Chris lick your ass and get you ready. Otherwise I'm going to ram it in right now. That's it, take it or leave it. But either way I'm taking your ass."

Okay, okay, I'll do it" Brett answered.

"You behave yourself and do anything I tell you" Jock demanded. "I say jump, you jump. I tell you to put your legs in the air, you throw them in the air. Got it?"

"Yeah Jock. I got it" Brett said in total surrender. "I got it."

"Get on his ass kid" Jock said to Chris as he let go of Brett and pushed him back on his stomach. "Now" he demanded. Chris jumped to obey. Chris knew exactly what to do because Brett had been fucking him regularly for a couple weeks now so he was used to preparing himself for the onslaught of a big cock. Brett's nine inch prick may not have been as big as Jock's, but it was pretty damn close to it. Sticking his face into Brett's ass, Chris generated as much spit as he could and started pushing it into Brett's little pucker with his tongue.

Jock lay back on the towel with a big smile on his face, playing with his big wanger, keeping it hard while he waited. Brett and Chris were humming softly, one licking ass and the other getting his ass licked, but both deep into their own pleasure. Since Jock wasn't really paying attention, and Chris knew the Brett had never been fucked before, he eased a finger into his hole and started wiggling it. Continueing to use lost of saliva, he gradually added a second finger and then a third. Once Chris was satisfied that he had loostened Brett's ass as much as he could, he removed his fingers, crammed his face into the crack and just enjoyed fucking Brett's ass with his tongue.

Jock actually was showing more patience than usual, but he finally couldn't wait any longer. Pushing Chris away, he flipped Brett over on his back and just looked down at him.

"Jesus you are a pretty one" he said in admiration. "Now I understand why they call you Adonis. You could be a god baby, but I think your ass is going to be the best part. Holy shit. A Greek God with a virgin ass and it's all mine."

"Chris, get on my cock" Jock ordered. Chris was surprised since Jock had been playing with himself and keeping himself hard the whole time Brett was getting his ass licked. However, he jumped to obey, Jock was on his knees, so Chris lay down on the ground and took the mammoth tool in his mouth. And Jock was hard, but Chris figured the more saliva available the easier it would be for Brett so he slobbered on it, loading it to the dripping point with his spit.

After only a minute or so, Jock pushed him away, lifted Brett's legs, moved in and took aim. Then he simply pushed, forcing the head of his enormous ramrod to pop into the tight hole. Brett let out a scream of pain, but Jock had his legs on his shoulders, and now reached down and grabbed his arms, holding him as he pushed in.

"Yeeeeooooh" Brett screamed in agony. Getting a beer can rammed up your ass is very different from having three fingers up there, and Brett was finding that out. What he was also going to find out was that that beer can was over nine and a half inches long.

Jock had never been careful while fucking in his life and he wasn't going to be careful now so he just pushed it in. It was his pleasure that counted here and it didn't particularly matter to him if Brett was hurting. Actually he was learning to admire Brett so he wasn't going to deliberately hurt him like he usually did while fucking, but he certainly wasn't going to let a few screams interfere with his having an exquisite fuck.

He simply rammed about four inches into Brett's butt. Nothing could withstand Jock's enormous strength as he forced his bludgeon into the tight ring of muscle, but only a muscle boy ass could withstand the onslaught as long as it did. And the feeling was incredible.

Brett was screaming and crying and Jock remembered that he was only a high school kid, and younger than his usual fuck and had probably never felt this much pain before, so he decided to relent. He pulled back an inch or so and just waited.

Brett was now panting frantically and crying, but the screaming had stopped. "Babe, it's okay" Jock said. "The worst is over. It's going to get better I promise." Jock couldn't remember ever being this patient while fucking, but Brett was so gorgeous and so young, that he wanted to enjoy the fuck without hurting him too much. So, he just stayed stationary for a couple minutes with only a couple inches into the tight ass while he waited for Brett to adjust.

But, kid or no kid, Adonis or no Adonis, Jock couldn't wait forever, so he finally started to move. Chris had made the ass nice and slick so he started slowly jacking in and out, moving slightly deeper with each thrust. Keeping it slow he kept going deeper and deeper and deeper reaching to get his entire length into the ass. Brett was whimpering now but Jock was beyond caring. He was ready to fuck.

And finally he was there; his crotch crammed in tight against the hot little ass under him. Not willing to wait any longer, Jock pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in. The feeling was exquisite so he did it again; and again; and again. Then he really started to fuck. Raising Brett's legs a little and lifting his ass for a better angle, he started slamming it in hot and heavy. And he was hot; very hot. There was no question that fucking this gorgeous virgin boy was not any ordinary fuck and it was getting Jock close to cuming, much quicker than he expected.

"Oh shit, what an ass" he exclaimed as he continued slamming into the tight hole. Brett was letting out a loud grunt with each thrust, but was not yelling or screaming. He was not hurting any more but he was still not to the point of it being pleasurable. Being fucked for the first time and with a tin can sized bludgeon was perhaps going to be bearable, but certainly was not going to be pleasant. Besides Brett was a dominant butch stud and was never going to like being dominated and fucked. Even as Jock was pounding into him he told himself he was never going to let this happen again.

"Ohhh Fuuucccck" Jock finally screamed as he slammed into Brett's ass one final time and let fly. He fired a shot or two then pulled back and slammed back in again in total ecstasy as he looked down into the most beautiful boy he'd ever fucked. "Oh man, oh man, oh man" he stuttered as he fired his final few shots. "Ohhhhh" he groaned finally as he pushed Brett's legs off his shoulders and lay down on top of him, chest to chest and crotch to crotch.

As he slowly relaxed and his big wanger began to go soft, it slowly slipped out of Brett's ass. "What an ass you got babe" he whispered in Brett's ear. "Hot, hot, hot ass. Just made for my cock" he said with a chuckle. "Oh yeah."

"Get off me man" Brett groaned as he tried to push Jock off.

"That was hot man" Jock said as he rolled off of Brett and just lay there on his back, still panting from exertion. Brett tried to set up but found that too painful because of his sore ass, so he rolled over on his stomach and then pushed himself up to his knees.

"Oh shit, that hurts" he moaned.

"It'll be better next time" Jock answered.

"Next time?" Brett shouted. "There ain't never going to be a next time man."

"Okay kid, I understand" Jock said. "It just ain't your thing. I'm okay with that. Besides, I really don't want to have to rape a guy every time I fuck. Sometimes it's actually better when my fuck boy is willing, like Chris here. He gives a great fuck."

"Hey man" Chris protested. "Hold on just a second."

"Easy does it Chris. Easy does it" Jock interrupted. "I already promised I wouldn't rough you up. And I meant it. I always fucked you rough, and I kinda thought you just expected it that way. But I promise I'll make it good for you from now on."

"Hey man, I have an opinion here" Brett said. "Chris is my boy, not yours. Isn't that right Chris?"

"Well..... ah..... yeah" Chris answered, rather embarrassed that Brett said he owned him.

"If Chris is going to get fucked, it's me that's going to fuck him" Brett said. Chris didn't reply, but he didn't dispute it either.

"Alright already" Jock protested. "He belongs to you. I got it. But you got to understand, I'm horny all the time. And when I'm horny I kinda get carried away and sometimes do things I probably shouldn't."

"Not to Chris you don't" Brett answered. "But I have an idea. Chris and I need to go to the gym and workout this afternoon, and there are always hot studs there. Why don't you come with us and see what you can find."

"Now that's a good idea" Jock answered with a smile. "Hell, I'll be twice as big as anybody there, and the day that I can't find a stud at a gym that want's to worship my muscles is the day the world comes to an end. Let's go. I'm getting horny just thinking about it."

And the three spectacular, gorgeous, impossibly beautiful muscle boys got up and headed out.



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