I’m Trav, 160lbs (72.5 kg) 5’8" (173cm) 21 year old. Gay and proud. I revel in and enjoy the gay scene frequenting gay bars and clubs, lately tho I have been fantasizing about having sex with straight guys. I was looking for that adrenaline rush that you get when hunting for sex in an unsafe hostile environment. Taking risk for a high.

I drifted into a straight bar the first thing that struck me was the testosterone-laden atmosphere, guys shouting and cursing. I glanced around, there were tables scattered around littered with empty bottles. Guys sat swigging beer from bottles and those that smoked drawing deeply on their cigarettes and blowing clouds of smoke out their mouth and down their nose. There were 6 pool tables, where now and then scuffles and shouting broke out as tensions rose over something that they disagreed over, ending most times in staring and verbal insults. I hope nothing more serious happens while I’m here, like an all out fight. Some guys were flirting with the barmaids and even girlfriends of their buddies, which by all appearances was not just one way. Guys were coming and going, farewells and greetings with high fives and hugs. Loud laughter came from all directions.

The guys in the bar were 30-40ish on average. They were all shapes and sizes. My eyes discretely took in the fit looking muscular guys. Watching some of the guys as they bent over the pool table gave me a stirring in my loins. Some guys wore tight fitting shirts, which showed the Silhouette of their nipples and well-formed pecs. Jeans on some of the guys showed off their muscular thighs and large bulges. My observations indicated that some guys expected and demanded respect whereas the sub guys went out of their way to impress the alpha males. Alpha males down to the omega males each vying for and establishing their place like wolves in a pack. All traits of Primitive man. This and more are taking place before my eyes.

I sat at the bar alone with my bottle of beer avoiding making eye contact with any of the guys. I was in alien territory, invading their space. Made obvious to me when I first entered the bar by the looks I got from some of the guys. When guys came to the bar they would stare at me with piercing eyes, looking me up and down. I was being watched which made me feel nervous and uneasy. In a perplexed way tho I enjoyed the inner sensation it was giving me.

I ordered another beer and decided that I would leave when I had drunk it. No way would I have the guts to approach any of the guys here, they would beat me to pulp. I was well stimulated by what I had seen. I would have to make do with jacking off and fantasying about what I had seen. I held my beer up and could see about an inch of beer left. Even tho it had been a hopeless quest I felt reluctant to leave.

"Hey dude you play pool?" This guy had come from nowhere and was standing in front of me. "WELL", he shouted in an irritable voice. "Yeah I do". "Ok man over here", he said as he walked and pointed to the table. "I’m Rob this here is Chris and Dan, and you? "I’m Trav". They gave me a high five. Rob and Chris are about the same height 6’. Dan is about 6’2". All about 190 to 200lbs

"It’s you and me agen them man", said Rob. There were no politeness or courtesies, it was fucking get out my way or elbowed out the way. They took their pool seriously and were out to win. What they didn’t know was that I am a very good pool player! We played several games the first game rob and I lost I just couldn’t relax. These guys were 30ish and fit dudes, I was intoxicated by them and the atmosphere. I was enjoying the stimulation that the combination of sex and fear gave me. Fuck I was nervous.

I took on the part of a straight guy and cursed and shoved them as much as they did me. Fuck adrenaline was rushing through my veins. I’m glad I hung on just that little longer at the bar. Rob and I won all the next games. That meant the losers at to buy the beers. Cigarettes where freely handed around, If I smoked I could have smoked loads. Rob came up behind me and put his arms around me holding me close hugging me from the back, his mouth was against my ear as he said "man you sure play good pool". My eyes were bulging as I turned my head to look at him. "Thanks man," I said in a nervous voice. Being held by him and feeling his body press against my back made fear and pleasure shoot through the veins of my body, making me tremble. He could see and feel me trembling.

He spun me round to face him, "My hug excite you"? He said with chuckle as he looked at me. "Maybe you a gay boy," he said as he ran his fingers over my thighs making me shiver. I was now feeling shit scared. The other 2 guys looked at me with a grin on their faces. They could be homophobic gay bashers. "No, no, no", I said. I was thinking I’d come here looking to get fucked now I was chickening out. Fuck, fuck, fuck I thought, what am I gonna do. It was now fear I was experiencing. I only lived a few blocks away the hardest part is getting out the bar door. They could not do anything to me here, when I got out the bar I could run. Yeah that was my plan. "I gotta go guys it’s been a good night," I said. "Yeah play agen sometime? Said Rob. Rob grasped my shoulder just as I was about to walk away, "you got far to go", Rob asked. "Nah just a few blocks", I replied. "I’m gonna get some fresh air and walk some of the way with Trav", said Rob. "You don’t need too". I replied. He was insistent. "We can talk boy".

I feared the worse; I needed to shake Rob off, What’s he planning? Robs a fit guy, I don’t think I could outrun him. We walked and talked. Several times he asked if I was gay, saying he liked gays, I still didn’t trust him. All the time I was expecting something to happen, when it did it was sudden and quick. We were chatting I had not noticed the dark alley ahead leading off the sidewalk. He pushed me into the alleyway and pinned me up against the wall. I was struggling to get free, fearing the worse. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins making my heart race. "Hold still, HOLD STILL! I’m not going to beat you; I want to have some fun with you". I was shaking with fear as I tried to calm down. He slipped his hand inside my shirt and ran his hand down my chest. Grasping my hand he placed it on his bulge. "Take it out and suck it" I unzipped his zipper and slipped my hands inside. WOW! His cock was hard, long and thick. I struggled to pull it out eventually I managed.

"On ya knees and suck it deep," I liked the way he was controlling me. Pleasure was now mixing with fear as I knelt down and sucked his cock. I moaned with pleasure as I bobbed my head back and forth. I could feel the head push against the entrance to my throat. My throat muscles relaxed as Rob pushed forward with his cock. He slowly fucked my face working his hips back and forth, working more of his cock in and out of my mouth. "Fuck that feels good", he said as he moaned with pleasure. I grabbed his hips and held them tight as he continued to fuck my face more vigorously. He held my head firmly between his hands as he cried out, "you ready boy I’m gonna cummmmmm ahaaaaaaaaaaa!" Blast after blast hit the back of my throat making me jolt back. I could barely swallow all of the juice Rob spewed out of his cock. Some spilled out the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin.

Rob pulled his cock out my mouth and raised me up and pressed me against the wall. He stood there shaking trying to control his breathing as he kissed me. I had this awesome taste of Rob a straight guy in my mouth as I stood there. He sucked some of his juices out my mouth. He spun me round so I was facing the wall then undid my pants and pulled them down to my thighs. He spat some cum onto his fingers and told me to stick my ass out. Whispering into my ear he told me "I’m gonna give you what you been hoping for all night a good fuck." Inserting first one finger, two, then three in my hole he finger fucked me until he was hard and ready to fuck me. I had already prepared myself earlier in the hope of getting fucked, now I was re-lubed.

I felt his cock press against my hole, I moaned and sighed as his cock slid effortlessly all the way into me. My cock was rock hard and pressed up against the wall as he pounded my ass. He had one arm around my neck and the other on my hip as he continued to thrust deep into me. He withdrew his cock nearly all the way out then thrust in deep and held, repeating several times. He almost lifted me off the ground when he thrust into me. It was a great sensation to feel his cock sliding up and down inside my gut. His body was shaking and he was moaning as his cock throbbed in my ass. He delivered a heavy load, over-spill ran down the inside of my legs. Having just previously ejaculated it was a long enjoyable fuck. I was moaning in pure ecstasy my sperm juices squirted out my pee slit and hit the wall and trickled down the bricks.

He stood there with his cock shrinking in my gut when he asked; "you want more cock? Two guys back there waiting to fuck you. You wanna do some more cock play, or you still say you’re not gay"? He laughed. 

(To be continued)



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