I am in love with women; I always have been in love with the female form, all type's sizes and shapes of the female body. I particularly love the sides of woman's breast, that soft curve starting from the front of the arm that perfectly outlines the breast, it is a place that I am always drawn to and I never forget to kiss. I love the small of their back just above the buttocks especially when they have those matching dimples. I love women with athletic strong bodies muscular and shapely. I love the Renaissance woman who is full figured and has ample breasts and full hips the women that are often portrayed in famous nude art from our past. I love women with long beautiful hair such as the women that are part of the singing group Celtic Woman and I am very attracted to women with very short hair, with little boy haircuts like Charlise Thereon has often worn .

I am attracted first to their eyes, women that have unusual eyes immediately grab my attention, beautiful euro Asians often have amazing eyes and I can't take my eyes off of Taylor Swift. Women have this way of using their eyes to show their sexual mood and it is amazing when you pay attention.

A beautiful woman's lips, although not as frequently as other some other features, some women have lips that just embody sensuality. They could be full lips, or pouty lips or just those that outline a beautiful smile. They can be an amazing attribute.

I have always been attracted to women's legs. A great set of legs with beautiful calves drive me crazy. Add a pair of nice heals and stockings and I am hopelessly lost and in my humble opinion, all women should occasionally wear nice smooth silky dark stockings with garter belts. There is nothing sexier than hot lingerie on a woman's body regardless of size or shape.

Skirts that have a classic slit to mid thigh, blouses worn open to show a hint of cleavage and a pair of stylish glasses completes the look that screams, "'I'm hot, my panties are wet come take me away and make love to me".

I have been with women that meet these various descriptions. I have met them in the most unusual places, as jurors in a criminal trial, in stores, in hospitals and as nurses in Emergency Rooms and in gyms. I have met them as secretaries in the work place and in a Chiropractor's office as a medical assistant.

The story I am about to tell is about the woman in that latter circumstance. Several years ago I was receiving treatment for my back at a Chiropractor in Los Alamitos, Ca. On my first appointment I took notice of his receptionist who was a few years older than me perhaps in her early forty's but still a very attractive blonde. She wore an attractive pair of glasses. She was wearing a white lab coat and a white blouse that was unbuttoned just beyond what might be considered professional for the work place. She was very pleasant as she took my information as a new patient but I really didn't notice anything particular about any mutual attraction.

After seeing the Chiropractor, he suggested some ultra sound, heat packs and massage prior to any adjustments and further recommended a series of appointments repeating the process to allow him to adjust my spine due to my muscularity and the deep spasms in my lower back.

As I was leaving the office he instructed his medical assistant, (the attractive blonde) to set up my therapy appointments for the next several weeks. I noted that she seemed to take particular interest in making my appointments around the lunch hour, since I was not working it really made no difference to me and I was more than agreeable to the schedule.

On my next appointment, nothing of particular importance happened. When I arrived, she told me that the Doctor was gone to lunch... She directed me into a treatment room where she asked me to disrobe and lay on the treatment table. It was upholstered in leather and had adjustments all over the place, a horseshoe shaped place for your head, but not a typical massage studio table. She busied herself preparing hot pads wrapping them in towels and placed them on my back. While I was relaxing and letting the damp heat relax my muscles she remained in the room just out of my sight and engaged me in small talk. What I did, how I became injured, was I married? The usual.

When the timer went off she removed the hot packs and then started what I learned to be an ultrasound, a paddle resembling a small iron that she coated with some clear gel that was very cold and then she started moving it around my lower back and after pulling the towel down she moved it on to my buttocks. As she continued the paddle became warm as did the gel and it was actually quite pleasant. The treatment lasted perhaps 15 minutes and then she toweled off the gel from my body and said, "well, that's all I have for you today"

By that time the Doctor had returned and she escorted me to another treatment room. He did my adjustments and gave me a good massage and that ended our session. As I was checking out, she said well, how do you think it went? I said I think it was fine except for her cold gel. She smiled, we laughed and I left.

On my next appointment it was pretty much the same regime, the Doctor was nowhere to be seen and she greeted me as I entered the office with a Hi Bob. Apparently there were no other patients scheduled for this time period as I saw no one else in any of the rooms. She took me to the same treatment room and asked me to get ready and get on the table. This time she didn't leave the room but started getting things ready, I thought it a little odd but I'm not particularly shy about my body. So I took of my shirt and shorts and climbed up on the table.

She immediately applied the heat pads and then stepped back out of my peripheral view. It was quiet for a few minutes and then she said you're married right? I nodded; she said, have you ever had an affair? I said, regretfully no. She said, have you ever thought about it. I replied of course, I'm human. She said that she was married but she wasn't interested in her husband any more. I just listened, as she continued to tell me about his alleged inadequacies. Then she dropped the bomb, "Bob why don't you come back later this afternoon the Doctor leaves at 3:00 today and my husband doesn't pick me up until after 5:00. I was at a loss for words. I said something stupid like... won't that get you in some type of trouble? And she responded no one will ever know and I don't care if my husband finds out.

I was in the process of avoiding the question when the Dr. stuck his head in and said that he was ready for me.

It later when I was checking out, I said, I really am flattered, but I don't this is a good idea. Perhaps we can have lunch sometime and... She interrupted, "that's too bad, I have always wanted to fuck someone on one of the tables, and I'm sorry it's not going to be you". I replied me too and thanks for the compliment.

The next appointment the following week, I was a bit intimidated by our last encounter so I really didn't notice much about her, avoiding eye contact. She put down her pen and said okay, you're ready? I followed her like a puppy to the treatment room, went through the usual steps of disrobing and climbing up on the table. She deviated from her normal protocol and started massaging my back, telling me that she thought a massage might be of some help. It was wonderful, she was very thorough and she smelled amazing her perfume was intoxicating. I could just catch glimpses of her as she moved around the table. She was wearing a grey skirt with a slit up to just below mid thigh dark stockings and expensive high heels. I could just see the bottom of her white lab coat that she always had worn.

After about fifteen minutes she said would you mind turning over? I complied, she turned away to the counter retrieved something and turned around. I looked in her direction and noticed that she had put on latex gloves and was holding something, cupping it in her right gloved hand. She then slowly removed the towel that was draped across my body and firmly grabbed my cock. The substance in her hand was the gel that she used on the ultrasound during my previous appointment. I gasped as she began to massage my cock and spread the gel all over my genitals. I was in shock and it was very cold.

She didn't utter a word as she massaged my privates she would occasionally look at me I suppose to see if I was enjoying her advances but never said a word. A few minutes later she removed her glasses, she tossed them to the adjacent counter and bent forward taking my entire cock in to her hot mouth, she was about to give me the most amazing blow job I had ever experienced. She was obviously enjoying herself as she was really going at me like a hungry animal. She would suck me fully taking my cock and then with her tongue trace the line down the underside of my cock and then burry her tongue in my balls. She licked below my balls while spreading my legs and just teasing with her tongue at the edge of my anus.

It was not very long before I was feeling the urge to cum, I warned her and with my cock deep in her throat she just moaned and firmly squeezed my balls. She became more aggressive so much so that it was a little scary. Seconds later I arched lifting my hips off of the table and she gently shoved two of her gloved fingers into my ass. I exploded into her waiting mouth. She continued to suck and pump very aggressively on my cock until I collapsed, completely spent, laying there on the leather table. She took my towel wiped her mouth, wiped my genitals. She turned, grabbing her glasses, left the room without so much as a word.

I gathered my clothes and stepped out the door. There she was, leaning against the wall with her legs crossed at the ankles; she smiled and pointed to another room where the Doctor was waiting for me.

After my adjustment, which by the way not even close to as satisfying as the one I had just received, I walked to the front desk where she checked me out, she conducted herself as though nothing at all had happened. Except for a slight smile there was nothing that indicated any hint of what she had just done. I was dumfounded.

The days between appointments passed slowly, but finally the day came. I arrived right on time and comported myself just as she had at the end of my prior appointment. I said hello, and she responded glad to see you again. Right this way, I said, No doctor? She shook her head, no patients, she responded not right now in an almost lyrical tone.

We entered the room she shut and locked the door. She looked right at me, right in the eyes as she took off her lab coat and unbuttoned her pink blouse exposing a beautiful pink lace demi bra. She was not huge but her ample breasts certainly filled her bra. She dropped to her knees and pulled at my 501 Levis, I complied quickly kicking off my deck shoes and ridding myself of my Levis and underwear. She attacked my cock, already aroused it didn't take more than a few seconds before I was fully erect. I was being treated to another amazing blow job, but it was apparent that she had something else on her agenda.

She was very good, she knew how to treat a guys cock, just where to focus her attentions, where to lick just how to drag her teeth to keep it exciting and arouse every nerve ending. She spent a lot of time rimming the head of my cock with her tongue and then plunging it deep into her hot wet mouth. I leaned back and just held her hair out of her way, loving every minute of her expert handling.

She stopped, wiped her mouth on my shirt and told me that now it was her turn. She stepped past me and climbed on the table and pulled up her skirt revealing that she had no panties on. She was wearing the stockings that went to mid thigh the type that didn't require a garter belt. My mission was clear and I began at her stocking line and kissed her inner thighs licking them alternately and nibbling very lightly on her skin as she lifted her amazing legs onto my shoulders. I advanced towards her beautifully pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed very short and was neatly groomed. Her labia were quite small and I could easily identify her clitoris just peaking out between her lips. I kissed, and probed with my tongue; I pulled gently on her labia and her clit with my lips and drove my tongue deep into her pussy. I withdrew and then concentrated on her clit while inserting my middle finger and ring finger inside of her wet pussy lifting upwards attempting to reach her G spot. She was writhing on the table, moaning and quietly saying yes, yes, directing me where to touch her and not to stop. I ate her for a very long time and she had at least two very substantial orgasms, evidenced by my soaked moustache and beard. As quickly as it began she stopped. She got up gathering her blouse and jacket, straightening her skirt and running her fingers through her hair in an attempt to make it look as though nothing had happened. She turned to me smiled and said, "You're something else". And left the room.

After seeing the Doc, I left and as per our usual, she was at the front desk to check me out. She seemed a little more flustered than past days but was obviously happy. She smiled and said hurry back as I turned for the door.

On our next meeting everything was as per usual but when she greeted me at the front desk she said, I have a surprise for you Bob, the Doctor has called in sick. We both smiled broadly as she tossed her black framed glasses on her desk and we walked hand in hand like kids to the treatment room.



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