In the comments from Part 1, reader Bathhouse Blues stated: This means bananas are the forbidden fruit. I loved the comment by Bathhouse Blues and part 2 should even more stress that bananas are the forbidden fruit. Hope you enjoy.



We took time at both our homes to gather formal dress clothes for a nice evening at a popular restaurant. Sean wore  very tight fitting white pants, white sexy briefs, a blue dress shirt, black shoes and socks and a white coat. Man he looked like he had just posed for a man's clothing magazine. I was horny as hell looking at this heart throb as he was hotter than when I'd seen him at the supermarket. My cock was semi-hard just glaring at the most sexy and gorgeous man alive. I just wanted to have sex and forget dinner but I dared not say so.

I dressed in a pair of dark blue pants, red briefs, white dress shirt, black shoes and socks and wore a dark blue dress jacket. We were a handsome gay couple ready for dinner.

At the restaurant, we were given a private booth. We ordered a round of drinks, had some oysters as an appetizer, lamb chop dinner with a fresh fruit dish as the ending that consisted of whole bananas, peaches and pineapples. This is where the night became very interesting. As we began to eat the fruit, I slipped off my shoes and took a foot and slipped it over to Sean's feet. 

I slowly slid my foot up his inner legs until I reached his crotch. Sean gave me the most sexy grin as I began to feel for his then growing hard horse sized cock. Soon I had him steel hard and I began to pressed my foot hard against that remarkable cock. It was not long until his facial expression turned red and to pure lust with the sign of a man in heat. I was in such a state of pure lust that I could not stop the feel of that cock in his tight pants against my now hot foot. As Sean started breathing more rapid, the low sound of moans, and pushing his crotch back hard against my foot, I began to feel his cock twitching and pulsating. There was no way for us to stop this sex in a public place. In fact, we had become ready for whatever followed as we were in need of a release of our built up semen supply.

Shit I felt my cock grow until it was rock hard and the attempt of my cock to escape my briefs and pants. I began to feel pain from that hard wood trying to push its way out of that trapped cock in those tight briefs. As Sean's cock was rapidly pulsating against his pants and my foot, I became so horny that I reached down and began to rub my cock through my pants. We were on a mission  to unload our nuts from the stirring of our ropy cum.  The scene became even more desperate when Sean took one of his bananas and started licking it and sucking it into his mouth. I took a banana and began to do the same.

Soon I heard Sean say: "Damn, fuck, holy shit, mother fuck, I can't hold back. Holy shit I'm coming in my briefs. Yea, shit yea, fuck, man here I come." 

That set me off as I felt my balls tighten and my cock began to throb and it was not long before that very familiar awesome feel of my oncoming orgasm. The feel of the cum rushing up and out of my cock head was the most glorious physical experience one can ever have. This particular ejaculation was so large and one of the most mind blowing feelings and orgasm of my life. I'm sure it was due to having an orgasm at the same time as the most handsome and sexy guy I'd ever seen plus my foot could feel the thrust of Sean's emptying his nuts and cock with all that ropy cum.

It was not long until my foot felt the growing wet spot on Sean's pants. The warm feeling of that wet spot on my foot from Sean's pants plus the warm feeling of the wet cum in my briefs that was soaking my pubic hairs and cock had me seeing stars. What a great sexual experience this had been but shit it did not end there.

I heard Sean unzipped his pants, he used one hand to explore his crotch and soon I watched as he brought his hand up on the table filled in the palm with a huge gob of his white ropy cum. Holy shit he took the whole banana and ran it through the cum in his palm until all that cum covered the banana. Then he began to lick and suck on that banana and slowly eat the banana covered in his own cum.

I'd never been more turned on. I slowly unzipped my pants, found my cock and a pool of cum, cupped up my seed in my palm, brought it up on the table, soaked a banana and began to eat that cum covered banana until it was all gone. I noticed that Sean had a few drops of his cum on the corners of his mouth. Man I needed to kiss him at that moment. I said: "Sean Baby, lets go to the restroom for a minute. I need to kiss that hot mouth and tongue of yours so I can taste that warm cum of yours."

Sean followed me to the restroom as both our pants revealed widening cum wet spots. I grabbed him as soon as we were in the restroom and our tongues began to battle for position. We savored the smell and taste of each others' cum. As we finished kissing, this really hot hunk entered the restroom. He was a hot blonde standing approximately 6-feet and 3-inches, with a muscled laced body pushing his tight shirt and pants as if they would rip anytime and he must have weighed a hard 220 pounds. And yea he had a huge package in those pants. He began to stare at our wet cum ringed pants and smiled and said: "Well gents, I noticed what you two gents were doing at the dinning booth. Yea, you perverts could not wait until after dinner to get off. Look at those wet cum covered pants. I think that you really need is a real man's cock up those hot bubble asses. How about letting me fuck you now. Take a real man's cock. You see, I'm a rough logger that loves fucking man pussy. How about it, you fuckers?"

Sean and I were both scared and yet so tempted to let this blue collar logger blast our asses with what looked like a massive tool.

Sean spoke first: "Hey dude, what do you suggest?"

"Well dudes, lets get in that large stall and I'll show you what I can do for you."

We got in a big roomy stall, this dude closed the lid on the toilet, pulled his pants and boxers down around his knees and sat down as his cock stood stiff at attention. Holy Louise, his cock was huge both in length and thickness. Man he must have been at least 12-inches even bigger than Sean's 11-inches.

Sean and I lowered our pants and briefs down to our ankles and decided I would go first as I am a true bottom. I put my feet on each side of the toilet, climbed up on his crotch and began to lower my big open ass down on that huge cock that looked like a flag pole. As I began to lower my ass onto that horse cock, the dude grabbed hold of my shoulders and with all those manly muscles, he used his logger big hands to push my ass down on that cock with one hard thrust. Shit the pain was so severe but yet it was so awesome to feel him began to use that monstrous cock to explore every inch of my inner ass. He fucked me with the hardest thrusts as he grunted like the wild logger he was. I had never been so roughly fucked. He must have drilled my ass for several minutes when his cock head actually grew larger and he thrust his hips forward as I felt a river of warm cum flood my ass. I'd never felt a more warm load of cum. It felt as if he had blasted at least a pint of creme inside me. He ordered me off his cock as his cum began to spill out of my ass and all over his cock and pubic hair.

Then he ordered Sean and I to get down on his crotch and use our mouths and tongues to lick and suck off all that cum. Gee that was a big load of cum. As soon as our mouths were filled with his creme, he ordered Sean and I to kiss and share his big load of seed.

He looked at Sean and said: "Well dude, you are hot. I love hot hard blondes like you but I'm drained so maybe next time if you two get back here. I eat here every weekend after logging all week including fucking lots of man pussy in this restroom. Hope to see you soon."

We pulled up our cum ring wet pants, went back into the dinning room, paid for dinner as the handsome hot waiter glared at our wet pants and he said: "Look like you guys had some extra creme tonight. By the way, that logger that just went out the door has one great hot meat. I've had it several times up my ass. Hope you guys visit again and maybe the next time we can have some fun together. By the way, my name is Steve."

I replied: "Steve, we will be back. this was our first time here but not our last. Loved the dinner and extra meal."

By the time we got back to the home, Sean was really horny as he had watched me get fucked by that hunk.

We went straight to the bedroom, got out of our clothes and Sean threw me on the bed on my back. I knew what was coming next. He had to have a piece of my still soaked cum ass after that logger had bred me.

He took my legs and placed them over my head and told me to hold them there. He shoved a big pillow under my now red and raw ass, he got down and began to lick my red hot balls, lick between my balls and ass crack and soon he said: "Man, Jess that loggers cum smells and taste so salty and yet fruit like. I think I smell bananas."

Although the logger had been big and fucking hot, he was not the cute and heart throb that was Sean. I was getting hot and horny to have this hot heart throb to fuck me again. As he prepared to fuck me, I could see and feel his incredible body that was ripped with hard muscles, pumped quads and calves, muscled hot thighs, his hard abs, big strong biceps, thick and sensuous red lips, those sexy light blue eyes, muscled hard legs, smooth hairless body, light blonde fuzz pubic hair and yes that big smooth 11-inch cock ready to plunge deep into my ass channel and breed me raw.

But before he fucked my ass, he took lots of time to suck and plunge his tongue into my asshole. I could hear him suck that loggers cum out of my ass and heard him swallow that warm cum. Then he took a couple of fingers and fucked my ass as he split me open to provide a bigger hole for his soon to be manhood inside his bitch. Yea, I was becoming his willing bitch. I felt his fingers massage the rings around my ass. I was dizzy with lust and chills all over my body. How I wanted his big warm cock in me. 

Shit, he then took his rock hard rod and ran it up my stomach, across my chest, used it to fuck my nipples and finally he used that monstrous cock to fuck the hell out of my underarms as his cock leaked pre-cum on my underarms hair and on my body. He bent down and planted the warmest kisses on my lips. I was about to faint from all that heat.

I then begged: "Oh Baby Sean, please fuck me, fuck me, give me that awesome cock, drill my ass and shoot that load inside my ass. I need you so bad. I want you to breed me now."

This did it as he moved that huge cock down and began to inset it inside my ass. I felt his cock go inch by inch inside me until he had the whole snake deep in me. He began a magical use of his hard cock to explore ever inch of my ass from top to bottom and all around the sides of my ass walls. He was so good as he used the head of his big cock to massage my prostate. I felt his cock as it moved and slid over every inch of my ass. His cock was both hot and slowly leaked pre-cum that greased my ass and mixed with the loggers remaining cum in me. He began to speed up with his thrusts of that huge cock in my ass as he leaned down and put his hands on my face and started kissing me as he fucked my ass. His warm breath and the feel of his cock had my cock rock hard and pulsating.

After a long fuck, I felt his breathing become rapid, he grunted, his cock head swelled inside me and he yelled: "I'm coming. I'm coming, here it comes."

Then a flood of his warm ropy white cum blasted deep in my man pussy. The feel was warm and smelt so good. That climax by Sean caused my nuts to draw hard and soon I shot blast after blast of my cum between our bodies. It was not long until our bodies were wet with cum and the smell was so awesome. We just laid there for the longest time as we embraced and enjoyed the feel and smell of all that cum until we fell asleep. It had been a great night of man sex.

We had a love for bananas that had brought us together. Yea bananas might become the forbidden fruit but how good they tasted.


Naughty Eric


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