Mark from the leather bar had gotten me a cab. While I think I had a lot of Jack and Cokes, my head was pretty clear from all the sucking and fucking. What a great birthday this had turned out to be. More cock than I ever had before both in my mouth and up my ass. There was so much cum on my back, on my face, on my legs and in my hair I smelled kind of funky. Hopefully when I get home my parents will already be in bed and I can just get up to my room undetected.

I wasn't ready to go home yet. I was wired. As luck would have it the cab turned on to a street a couple blocks from the leather bar and I saw the dirty bookstore I had been told about. I told the cabbie to stop. "You sure you want to go in there kid?" he said in a Middle Eastern accent.

"Yes, it's my birthday and I want to keep the celebration going."

"If that's what you want. Your pal gave me $100 and it's late. I'll come back every half hour until you're ready to go home. Be careful." I got out of the cab.

Yes, it's my birthday, I turned 20 today, well, actually it was yesterday now. My parents had thrown me a party, ugh. My friends from my community college took me to my first gay bar. After they left I went to a leather bar and sucked a lot of cocks and a lot of cocks fucked me. There had been all sizes of cocks but I enjoyed the big, thick ones the most. Best birthday ever!

As you can tell I'm a bit of a cum slut and a size queen. My name is Chad and I'm 5'10 and smooth all over. I've got blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I weigh 165 pounds. I like to wear tight jeans and shirts.

If you haven't read some of the earlier chapters, I began to realize I was a cum slut about six months ago when two truckers at a rest stop close to my home made me service both of their dicks. It's also when I found out what a glory hole is. Now I don't find anything hotter than nice cock coming through a hole in the wall. Since then I try to service my trucker friends every other week when they pass through. I also found out what it's like to be fucked at my former place of work by may ex-boss, a delivery guy and a couple of customers my ex-boss made me service whenever I was late to work or I would lose my job. It was also at the mall that I met Jim and his friends who liked me to take care of them. There was even a black security guard that made me suck and be fucked by the biggest cock I have ever seen. Good times!

Since I started at the community college I've found a bathroom with glory holes, have had my new boss at the bookstore fuck me regularly, met a nice baseball coach who liked me to take care of him and an asshole jock that likes me to service him with my mouth and ass. I put him in his place but still like to feel his cock now and then and enjoy his taking control of me.

Now I was looking up at a neon sign that was flashing XXX. The windows were all blacked out except for a sign that said "NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 ALLOWED". My fake ID had gotten me in to two bars so far so let's try again. The inside was actually pretty bright and looked like most other stores with aisles of products. The products were dildos, DVDs, lingerie and other toys. Off to the side I could see some racks with magazines and books. I handed the guy at the counter my ID. He looked at it and then at me and back to the ID. "Shit kid, this is obviously fake but I think you might be good for business so come on in."

Not quite sure what he meant I started walking the aisles and checking the merchandise out. He called me back and said I would need some tokens for the movies and handed be some. "Don't worry about paying for them. Like I said I think you'll be good for business."

I went over to the magazine and book section and started looking at the covers. One side of the rack was typical porn for straight people but the covers still had some nice shots of big cocks. The other side was gay porn and had even more shots of cocks, some even shooting. I may have to buy some.

"Kid, why don't you go into the back and check it out. That's where you can use your tokens." He pointed to a door on the back wall. The door looked like one of those old western swinging bar doors. I went through the door and found what appeared to be several hallways that had doors on each side. Above each door was a light that was either green or red.

There were a couple of men walking around and some others were leaning against the wall. When some of them saw me they started rubbing the front of their pants. Others were going to doors that had the green lights on. Some of them would look in and then walk away or would go in and I could hear them dropping, what I assumed was tokens, into something. I decided to check it out.

I went to one of the doors and opened it. Inside there was a TV screen in the wall with a token box underneath it with some sort of knob. I dropped a token into the box and some porn came on the screen. I turned the knob and a different movie appeared on the screen. It seems there was straight porn, gay porn, and lesbian porn. Some of it seemed pretty raunchy. I looked around the small room and saw that both the right and left walls had kind of place. No cocks came through the holes so I continued exploring. Some of the rooms had Plexiglas walls so you could see into the room next door. Some rooms were a bit bigger and had a sign on the outside that said "Buddy Booth".

At this point I started to realize that there were several men following me. When I stopped to look into one of the small rooms, some of them would stop at the adjacent rooms as if they were waiting for me. I started to get the picture. I decided I wanted to be the hunter and not the hunted.

I started walking through the hallways checking out all the guys. Some were about my age with a lot of streaked hair and skinny jeans. Not my type. Some were old. Not my type. Some looked like the men that lived in my neighborhood, good family men with a wife and kids. Maybe. Some were in leather and actually looked mean. Maybe. Some looked like jocks or muscle heads. Definitely. I bet that most of these guys come here to get their rocks off in ways that their girlfriends, boyfriends or wives can't do. Or maybe they are like me, single and looking to give some cock or get some cock.

As I walked by the guys that looked interesting to me I made a show of checking out there crotches. If they looked big I would glance back at them after I had passed them by. If they were looking at my ass I knew they were probably interested. After a few passes through the hallways I knew that I had a couple of men following me. One guy looked sort of preppy, but in really good shape, in a polo shirt and a pair of dark khakis wearing a wedding ring. Another guy was one of the rough looking guys in jeans and a leather jacket also in really good shape. There were a couple of others but I put my focus on those two.

I went into one of the little rooms with rooms on both sides that had a glory hole on each wall. Not sure of the etiquette, I didn't lock the door but dropped some tokens in the machine and picked a movie where a buff guy was beating his meat. I heard someone enter the rooms on either side. I heard them each drop in some tokens and flick through their channels ultimately finding something they liked. I looked through each of the holes and found that it was the two guys I wanted.

Still not knowing what you were supposed to do I ran my finger along both holes but neither of them stuck their cocks through. I glance through the hole to my right. Married guy was sitting on the chair in his booth rubbing the front of his khakis. Looking through the left hole I saw leather jacket guy's ass. He obviously was getting a blow job from some guy in the other booth next to his. He was saying something like "yeah, worship my cock." I watched for a while, he ass looked great and he was slowly moving it back and forth like he was in no hurry. He turned his head and glanced at me and smiled. He mouthed the word 'late'.

I looked through the other hole and suburban guy had taken his cock out and was stroking it as he watched his screen. From what I could see he was watching some straight porn with a women with big boobs getting fucked in the ass while sucking another guy's dick. I tapped my finger on the hole, trying to get his attention. He glanced my way but then turned back to his screen. I watched as his cock continued to grow. Wow, he had an impressive cock. He glanced at the hole again and then back at the screen, it seemed like he was trying to make up his mind, beat off or get some head. His dick won and he stood up and tentatively put the head of his cock through the hole. I pursed my lips and pushed them against the tip of his cock. I could feel him push against them but I didn't let it into my mouth. He pushed again and I still didn't open my mouth. A harder push. "Come on you bitch, this is what you always do." What was that? Why would he call me a bitch and talk about what I always do? "God damn it eat my dick, you haven't done it since before we got married." Ahhhh, he was talking about his wife. I guess since he really couldn't see me he was thinking of his wife as he pushed his cock against my lips. Hoping to make him feel better, I slightly parted my lips so he could feel a bit more cock getting closer to my mouth. "That's it you cunt, I'm going to make you eat it and then drink it." He was really getting into his fantasy. I let a little bit more past my lips. "That's right bitch, you know you have to do it or I'll slap you around." Seriously, this guy slapped his wife around? Then it dawned on me that this was his chance to do what he must never be able to do at home, treat his wife like a bitch and speak harshly. I would have liked to go into his booth and really give him a great blow job but I knew he probably wanted to play out his fantasy. I let in a bit more. "Yeah, that's it...take it!" I started moving my lips up and down the shaft that was through the hole. "Shit yeah, I knew this is what you wanted. I always knew you were a whore." I could tell he really wanted to pound my mouth, so I leaned in toward the hole so my face was touching wall and held my head still and pursed my lips around his cock. I could hear the shuffling of feet outside my booth. I imagine the guys were listening to what he had to say and wishing their cocks were in my mouth. Next I heard my booth door open a crack and someone peering in. Suburban guy stopped talking and pounded his cock into my mouth. "Take it, take it, take it! You better swallow all of it bitch." His cock stopped moving, I could hear him grunt and then a geyser of cum flooded my mouth. He pulled his cock away and I heard him leave his booth. Outside I heard someone say "That was great man, you really gave your bitch what she had coming. You have to show her who's boss." Suburban man didn't say anything and I assume he left.

After wiping my mouth, I left my booth. There were a group of men gathered outside the booth. It also looked like more men were in the hallways and more of the doors had red lights shining. I glanced around but didn't see leather jacket guy. I started moving through the hallways again. The men were getting a little more brazen and were feeling my ass. Several of the men were grabbing their crotches and one guy even said "I know what you want, come and get it."

Turning a corner I saw leather jacket guy staring at me. "I looked through your door, you have a pretty good mouth boy."

"Uh, thanks."

"Get over here. Closer. Do it." I stepped closer. "Get on your knees." We weren't in a booth, we were in the middle of a space where two hallways come together. This guy was taking control of the situation. Guys started gathering around us. He pulled out his cock which was quite impressive. "That's a good boy."

I glanced around at all these guys whom I didn't know at all. Unlike the backroom at the leather bar it was bright enough here that everyone could see us clearly. It's one thing to have a couple guys watching me get fucked or sucking some guy's dick but there must have been more than 20 guys standing around us.

"I want you to kiss my biceps." I grabbed hold of his arm and kissed his right bicep and kissed it. I then took his other arm and kissed his bicep that was ringed with what looked like a native American tattoo. "That's it, you're showing some reverence, as you should." He turned around and I saw his jeans were assless. "Kiss my ass." I glanced up into his eyes which were dark with menance. I kissed both cheeks. "I bet there is something else you want to kiss. I saw you checking my crotch out earlier, I knew you wanted my cock."

"Why don't you tell me why you followed me around?" I hadn't, he had followed me. "Tell me!"

"I wanted to taste your cock."

"You can do better than that."

"I wanted to feel your cock in my mouth."

"What else?"

"I wanted you to feed me your cum."

"I think you wanted to worship my cock, didn't you?"

"Yes, I wanted to worship your cock."

"I guess I have to teach you how to worship my cock."

The crowd around us continued to grow. Some of the guys had there dicks out and were stroking them. Some guys were even stroking the cocks of the guys next to them but I was the only one on my knees.

"Take my cock in your hand boy." I did. "Now rub my cock all over your face." I started rubbing his cock on my cheeks, over my eyes through my hair. "Now tell me what you want to do."

"I want to suck your cock. I need it. Please."

"Why do you want to suck my cock?"

"Because it's nice and big. Because I now it will taste good. Because I know you will fill me with your seed." Not only was I saying these words that I thought he wanted to hear but because I really did want his cock now, more than I did before.

"What are you willing to do to suck my cock boy?"

"Whatever you want Sir."


"Yes Sir."

"I want you to take all of your clothes off."

"Here? Out in the open?"

"Do you want me cock? Do it!"

I stood up and took my clothes off. One of the nearby men took them for me so that I didn't have to leave them on the floor.

"What else Sir?"

"Stand here and beat off until you cum."

"Yes sir." I began beating off.

As I was beating off I glanced around. The crowd seemed to have gotten larger. I noticed a couple of cell phones being held up. Were these guys sending out pics of me on social media? That was hot. Some of the crowd started speaking. "You tell him what to do big guy." "Beat that meat kid." "You can come over and worship my cock when you're done with his." "Choke him with your cock." As bizarre as this whole thing was, I was getting in to it.

I started getting close. Leather jacket guy said "aim your cock at the floor boy."

I did, "yes sir." Not long after I shot my wad on the floor.

"Good boy, now take the cocks of the two guys next to you and start beating them off." I did as he ordered.

From the crowd, "lucky bastards." "When's my turn?" "He really knows what he is doing."

Another voice from the crowd, "guys, I need some of you to finish up and leave. I'm already breaking the law by having too many people in here. I got a line outside of horny men that want to come." It was the clerk. He moved closer to me and leather jacket guy. "Guys you need to take it in a booth before I get into trouble."

Leather jacket guy responded, "no fucking way asshole, I'm going to do what I want, where I want, got it?"

The clerk just walked away but mumbled "I knew that kid would be good for business."

The two guys next to me were ready to drop their loads. "Aim their cocks at the same place your cum is on the floor." As both guys let loose they hit the mark leather guy told me. "I think that's enough. Ok boy, back on your knees right on top of all that cum. How's that feel? You like that cum? I wanted you to know that anybody's cum but mine isn't worth it. I think it's time for you to get some of mine."

The area we were in was pretty small, two of the walls weren't far from me. I don't know why or how but there was some sort of material hanging from each of the walls. I assumed it was there so a hallway could get blocked off for cleaning every once in a while. Leather guy looked over at the two guys I had beat off. "Hey assholes, grab that line and tie his wrists up so they are away from his body. Not too hard but enough that he can't move them." They followed his orders. This guy must be the king of this place. "You ready to worship my cock now cocksucker?" This whole time his cock had stayed hard as a rock. He stepped closer to me, spreading his legs so as not to step in the sperm on the floor. He teased me with his cock, bringing just close enough to my face that I could lean in and try to catch it but he never let me. I could hear beating of cocks all around me. No one was saying a word, they all wanted to hear him and maybe me.

"Tell me what you worship boy?"

"Your cock sir."

"Why do you worship my cock boy?"

I had no idea what to say.

"Have you ever seen a cock as big and beautiful as this?" he wiggled his cock close to my face but not close enough.

"I worship you cock because it's the biggest cock I've ever seen." That was a lie. "I've always wanted to suck a cock as big as yours but I don't know if I can." Another lie.

"One way or another you will suck my cock because if you don't worship it you're going to have to pay the price." No idea what that could be. He turned toward part of the crowd, "has he worshipped my cock enough?" A mixture of yeses and nos. "What should he do next?" "He should swallow your cock." "How should I give it to him, slow and steady or fast and hard?" "Fast and hard", came the reply. "Do you all worship my cock too?" Almost in unison, "yes sir." "Good, you better."

He came close, with my arms spread there wasn't much I could do to move. "Open up!" I did. He just moved his hips and rammed his cock all the way to my throat. I gagged and felt like I may throw up. "Don't pretend you don't like that boy, you should be honored that I've put my cock in your mouth and down your throat." He started picking up the pace. He was ramming away so hard that my head was rocking back and forth as much as it could. Leather guy yelled "somebody hold his head still, NOW!" Some guy complied and made sure my head was still so that leather guy knew I was getting every inch of his cock. Knowing I had to do the best I could I start tightening a loosening my throat muscles. "Yeah that it's boy, you know how to worship a cock now." He kept pounding away while the crowd kept getting closer to watch his cock slide in and out. From the crowd "this is fucking hot."

"Here it comes boy, you better make sure you get every drop of my nectar because it's the nectar of the gods." This guy was truly twisted but did have a primo cock. This guy produced a lot of "nectar", I was surprised I got it all.

One of the guys next to me said "my turn."

"No way asshole, this boy will only worship by cock from now on. If you see him in here you don't touch him, he's mine. Everybody understand?"

Leather guy took a business card out of his pocket. The only thing on it was a phone number. He stuck it between my teeth. "Listen boy, if you ever want to worship my majestic cock again, call this number and we'll put on another show here, maybe next time you can worship my cock with your ass. I don't ever want to see another cock in your mouth or your ass." With that he walked away. A couple of the guys untied me and handed me my clothes. I dressed and as I walking out of the store I passed a trash can. I took the card from my mouth and was about to throw it away but thought better of it, I stuck it in my pocket. You never know when you might need a religious experience. The cab was waiting for me.

As I got in he said, "I hope you don't mind but I came in to see if you were alright. I saw you tied up and sucking some guy's dick, something I've never seen before."

The sun was just starting to come up. "Please take me home now."

"Sure thing. Hey kid have you ever had Persian cock?"

I hadn't but I did on the drive to my parents.


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