After spending an awesome night with Raff in his room in the bunk house, he, I and my 16 year old cousin, headed up to the ranch house for Christmas morning. Just to bring you up to speed, Jason fucked me, but not well, and he got caught by Raff who then fucked him and told him be better not treat anyone like he treated me. My knight in shining armor. Raff threatened him to not say anything to his folks which seemed to do the trick. If you read the last chapter you know I described Raff as a cross between the Marlboro Man and Mr. Clean. A body that would make any man or woman's knees spread in a minute, and believe me that's exactly what I did.

Who am I? I'm Chad, a struggling student who still lives with my parents. I'm 20 and have been told I'm pretty hot...5'10", 165 pounds with dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes. I could tell you more but you can go back a couple of chapters and get caught up. I do have a group of guys who regularly feed me their cocks and plow my ass with them. That should explain why I'm a cum slut and a size queen. There isn't a big cock that I have ever turned down.

So we spent the morning opening presents and drinking egg nog. Since my father had already paid my tuition for next semester I didn't get many presents. Well, looking over at Raff I should say I got a pretty big present.

After a mid-day feast of turkey and all the trimmings, going through all the family news and watching the "Miracle on 42nd Street", Mom, Dad and I headed off for home after saying good bye to everyone. My cousin Jason just stared at me. Fuck him!

My Aunt had packed a picnic basket in case we got hungry on the way home, which for me would not be happening. Raff gave me three servings of protein throughout the night and that was only in my mouth. I also got some additional injections if you know what I mean.

About 45 minutes into the drive we approached a rest stop. My Mom said "it's such a nice day let's stop and have a picnic with the leftovers. My Dad, who is always ready to eat, happily agreed. We pulled in and parked. Typical rest stop, bathrooms in a separate building, a little building with vending machines and a couple of picnic tables. Mom started setting out the food and I told her "I'm not feeling that good, too much food earlier. I think I'm going to hit the john and then just walk around."

"Are you Ok honey? You know I worry about you. I'm still concerned you aren't getting enough protein." Mom, if you only knew.

"I'm fine, just give me a little while to settle my stomach." I headed off to the john.

There weren't many cars in the parking area since it was Christmas day but there were a few along with a motorcycle, an RV and a few trucks. I walked into the john and saw it was one of my favorite kinds. A couple of urinals across from three toilet stalls and then some sinks off to the side. I was pleasantly surprised that it was relatively clean. Of course I had to check the middle stall. Just what I hoped for a glory hole on each side. Score! The stall to the right was occupied but I still went into the middle stall, who knows, he might want a blow job. I sat down while I read the typical rest stop graffiti. I looked through the hole to my right. The guy in there was stroking his cock. Double score! I ran my finger along the bottom of the glory hole and was immediately awarded with cock aimed toward my face. I immediately starting licking the shaft and teasing the head of his cock. I heard a moan of appreciation. Someone came into the john and took the stall to the left. I was not surprised that a cock came through that hole as well. Both were perfect specimens so I couldn't choose one over the other so I just moved back and forth between the two. Good, both of them were so good, the taste, the feel and the obvious desire to have someone get their loads, both of which I got not long after. I heard them both leave the john.

Outside I heard, "John, I'll take Mitch into the woman's bathroom. You go take care of yourself and I'll meet you back at the car." John came in and went to the urinals but kept glancing back at the stalls. Finally he took the stall to the left of me. In a way that I though was pretty brazen, he looked through the glory hole and asked if I liked to suck cock. Of course I said yes. He stuck a pretty impressive appendage through the hole. This one needed special care. I grabbed the base of his cock and moved it enough that it was aimed toward the ceiling. I began to lick it like it was a Popsicle. God it was long. Each time I reached the top I would run my tongue around the crown. I could feel him quiver. After a few more licks, I started just focusing on that little line that separates the lift side of the head of a cock from the other side. I could tell that it was making him crazy, he kept trying to push his cock toward me but I let him suffer a little while longer. Finally I took it all in my mouth. He gave me what I was looking for, a nice load of cum. Interesting, it sort of had the taste or cranberries. He got up and left.

I hadn't noticed that a cock had come through the hole to my right. "Please dude suck my cock, I've been on the road almost all day and my wife just keeps bitching." I thought it was my responsibility to help him out. His cock had a curve that made it turn up. I decided to lick his shaft from the back to the front on the bottom side. Just moving my tongue back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Precum started dripping off the tip of his cock onto the floor. "Come on bro, take my head in, you're killing me here." Of course I had to comply and in return I got a load of tasty salty cum. When he left I waited to see if anyone would come in but no one did. I got up from the stall and went back outside and called to my folks, who probably had no idea how much time I had been gone because they were too focused on the leftovers. I told them I was going to go for a walk to try to settle my stomach. I needed something else to settle my stomach.

There was a stand of trees behind the bathroom building and it looked like it went a little farther back. I saw a guy who looked like one of the suburban dads that I have been servicing at the mall hurry past me, tucking his shirt back into his pants, toward an RV that was in the lot.

I went further into the woods. I didn't run into anybody but then I heard some sounds that told me someone was getting something. I rounded the corner and there was a guy on his knees in front of a man wearing a pair of jeans and a leather vest. Let's call him Motorcycle Man. I started walking in another direction, I didn't want to disturb them, proper etiquette you know, but I hear Motorcycle Man say, "Don't walk away, there is enough to go around". That piqued my interest and walked toward them. I saw that the guy on his knees was sort of a meek little mousy guy. When I got close of enough to insure Motorcycle Man knew that I was interested he actually pushed the other guy off his cock and said "get the fuck away, I'm done with you." I felt bad for the guy but when he looked up at me he had a smile on his face. When I saw Motorcycle Man's cock I knew why. Even a few minutes with it would make anyone happy. The little guy scurried away and I stepped up to Motorcycle Man. "Go ahead enjoy your Christmas Feast." And a feast it was. I grabbed the base of his cock and just help for a minute looking at how big it was, how it was covered by veins and how perfect the head was. That's where I put my focus. I decided to enjoy it as I would an ice cream cone. All my attention was on the crown. I did long, slow licks. Every once in a while I'd pull back and just look at the head again, just what you would do to see how much ice cream you had left. Lucky for me it was all always there. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't realize that Motorcycle Man didn't try me to go faster. He didn't try to get his cock in my mouth or even call me names, He finally spoke up "Nice. Keep doing just that."

I think I kept it up for about 5 more minutes before I head some twigs breaking not far away. I turned my head to see who it was. It was a cute guy about my size and age who was slowly stroking his cock that sticking out from his fly. "Its ok kid, come on over and see what this guy seems to like so much."

The other guy came forward, staring at how I was enjoying Motorcycle Man's (MM) cock. I think the guy was looking for a blow job because he started to move his cock close to the head of MM's cock. He even tried to get me to lick his head by waving it in front of me. He had a pretty nice cock, but if MM's cock was prime, this guy's cock was only choice. I was going to stick with prime for the time being. MM's cock tasted so fucking good.

"Newbie", I assumed he was referring to the new guy, "this guy's mouth is mine, pull your cock away from his face. You should be focused on my cock instead of yours. Why don't you get on your knees and help him out." Newbie got down on his knees. Interesting how MM was taking control but without coercion or unnecessary roughness, not that I don't occasionally like that sort of thing. "Why don't you start working on my balls while he keeps working my dick?" Deferring to MM, Newbie did just that and with extreme energy, he was really going down. He actually had gotten down on his back so that he had access to the big ass balls without interfering with what I was doing. Good thinking on his part. I put my focus completely back on this hot guy's dick. I kept doing what I was doing but every once in a while I would take the whole head in my mouth and then just pop it out. I noticed that Newbie was taking one ball in his mouth than let it go and he take in the other ball. "You guys are doing awesome, I always like it when I can get guys who like my meat." We must have gone a couple more minutes. Shit, my parents must really wonder where I am. I hope they don't walk back here looking for me. "Ok kid, it's time for you to take my whole cock in your mouth, I'm getting close." I starting sliding up and down his cock getting more and more in my mouth and down my throat with each slide. "That's it." Newbie must have been doing a good job because it wasn't long until MM started filling my mouth with cum. Nice. "Ok kid, pull off, I'm too sensitive right now. I need a second." I pulled off trying to get the last of his cum, which I did successfully. When I had pulled off, I just stared at MM's cock. If the security guard at the mall (chapter 5) was a 10 in the size of cock I've eaten, then the Hulk at the house part would be a 9 (chapter 11), Jake the asshole would be also be a 9 (almost every chapter) and so would this guy. I stood up and said thanks for the treat and turned to walk away. "You really got to leave kid?"

"Yeah, my ride is waiting. Merry Christmas."

"Too bad. Newbie, I'm going to let you work my cock now, I hope you're as good as this guy." MM winked at me.

When I turned around I saw another 2 guys watching MM and Newbie. They must have seen me because they were both stroking some nice looking cocks. Damn, maybe next time, I really needed to check in with the parental units. As I walked away, MM called out to these 2, "why don't you come help this guy with my cock. The more attention it gets the more I shoot, that way there will be enough to go around.

I stepped out of the woods and saw my parents still at the picnic table. Both seemed engrossed with books they must have brought along. "Hey, Mom, Dad, I'm still not feeling very well, I'm going to keep walking for a while if that's ok."

My Dad shouted back, "no problem Chad, take your time."

I turned back toward the woods and took just enough steps so I was beyond the tree line. While I would have liked to go back and had some fun with the 2 guys I had just seen, I was afraid my parents would come looking for me since they saw where the path started. I sort of doubled back and moved behind some trees until I could get into the bathroom without my parents noticing. As I went toward the john I noticed that a lot of the cars had left. The motorcycle was still there and there was only 1 car. It had to belong to the 2 guys I'd seen. There was a step van and an 18 Wheeler that were new. Possibilities? None of the stalls were occupied when I came in. There was a guy at the urinal.

When I pulled down my jeans and sat down I started thinking about MM again. Of course that got my cock growing. Even though the guy at the urinal was still there I decided to give myself a little pleasure. I had gotten off a couple times last night when I was blowing or being fucked by Raff but being the young cum slut that I was, I was always horny. I tried to be as quiet as possible but I guess I wasn't. The guy from the urinal entered the stall to my left. Instead of seeing a cock come through the hole what I saw as a couple of eyes. "Hey, you don't mind if I watch do you? I've never seen another guy cum."

"Sure", there's some exhibitionist in me.

"Cool, thanks man." I kept stroking myself in a nice slow beat. Sounded like the guy was beating off himself off with the same rhythm. This was kind of hot. We heard the door and we both stopped. Someone entered the john and took the stall to my right. He looked through the glory hole and saw my cock at attention and I wiggled my finger at him. He didn't need any more incentive. A really nice cock came through the hole. Using the scale from earlier, I would say he was a six. Now understand my scale is based on average being 1. While I often take care of guys with average or smaller dicks, my preference, as a size queen, is large cocks thus average being 1. Using my scale I'm only a 4 or 5. Not average but nowhere near the size cocks I like in either of my holes.

Like I said, a really nice cock came through the glory hole. The guy from the left asked, "can I watch you suck him?"

"I'm ok with that." I took the cock into my mouth. I needed to hurry or my parents were going to be pissed. Man, I worked that cock trying to get him to come but he must have had some real stamina. I just kept working it. I had my around the base of his dick. I was moving my lips up and down the shaft. Man, another tasty one.

The guy to my left asked, "Will you jack off while you suck his cock that would be incredible to watch?" I couldn't answer with words because my mouth was full with a nice piece of meat. I turned my body so that not only could he see some of the cock in my mouth but also that I was stroking again.

The guy to my right who was feeding me his cock said, "Some guy is watching you suck my cock?" I nodded my head as best as I could. "Fucking A." That must have cranked him up because it wasn't much longer before he finally gave me the load he wanted to drop.

Guy to my left asked if I had just taken the other guy's load. I pulled off the cock and again nodded in the affirmative. "Man, this so cool. You even swallowed it, didn't you?"

"Sure did."

"I'm getting close, would you put your mouth by the hole? I want to give you my load and have you swallow it."

I usually like to suck the cock before it shoots, but what the hell it was Christmas. "Ok." I moved my face to the glory hole, put my lips as close as possible and opened wide.

"I cum a lot, is that ok."

"Oh, yeah." That must have pushed him over the edge, a really big load of cum filled my mouth. To give him another present, I moaned like it was the best cum I had ever tasted and tried to make as much swallowing noise I could. After I had finished swallowing I said "that was the biggest load I've ever gotten. You must be a real stud." Stretched the truth a bit.

"Yeah, I've heard that." I held back the laugh. Now Jake the asshole was a stud, not this guy, I hope I made his day. "Thanks."

He left and the other guy must have left. I guess I should get going. I pulled up my jeans and was ready to leave the stall when somebody came in. Decisions, decisions. You guessed it, I decided to stay. The guy entered the stall to the left, and before I could check him out a 7 or 8 came through the hole. I flicked the tip of his cock and then took in just the head. I sucked on the head for a while and then let it pop out of my mouth. Back to teasing the head. This guy was letting me do whatever I wanted to his cock. I enjoyed myself working his cock over several ways. He gave me his load and I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing. His cum tasted like my cum. Come on, who hasn't tasted their own special sauce?

Before I could check the guy out, he had left his stall and was washing his hands. He started whistling. OMG, it was the song my Dad whistles when he's very happy.

Did I just give my Dad a blow job??????????!!!!!!!!!!?????????


Be well,


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