I walked through the crowded hall.

"Kevin!" My best friend destini called me.

"What do you want?" I said jokingly.

Destini was my best friend. We Told ever secret we ever had. We were like " Two peas in a pod". I would do anything for that girl.

"Destini , I got tell you something very important but were gonna have to wait till tomorrow." I told her.

She shook her head to tell me that she would be there.

Me and destini were talking when all of a sudden I turned the corner and bump into someone.

" what where your going next...." I quickly hush.

What I saw was pure perfection. It was Julio. My crush ever since I has moved here. We had choir together. He was Latino, muscular and almost perfect. The only thing I could find wrong with him is he was short. He was like 5:2 but his sexy tattoo made up for it.

" I'm so sorry!" Julio said. He pulled me up with his buff arms. I had a short time to imagine that he was holding me in his arms. It was magical , I've never had fallen for so one so easy.

"Hello?" Julio asked .

Then I came back to life.

"Excuse my friend, he's a little crazy." Destini quickly said and shot me a "you need to get yourself together" look.

I felt so embarrassed... I was messing everything up.

Julio smiled at me then left. I turned to look at destini. Was he hitting on me? Was I reading into it the wrong way?

All during class I keep thinking about Julio. I just couldn't pay attention. I was so excited for choir today.


Choir finally came after what seem to be a year. I rushed to the class so I could get a seat by Julio. I saw him talking to all his football friends and I kinda got nervous so I decided to sit at the end.

"Kevin!" I heard someone call. I looked around and it was Julio. He had saved me a seat so I could sit next to him. My heart almost jumped out of my body, but I had to play it cool.

I walked over there. I was a little nervous, I was never really the cool type. So I felt a little our of place when I sat down.

Class was almost over and so we kind of had chill time. I got my phone so I can text destini.

"Hey Kevin, we should chill ." Julio said.

Was Julio talking to me??? He wanted to hangout?

I calmly said "sure."

I keep all my excitement inside. Julio took my phone and put his number in.

" text me when you want to. Ok?" I was distracted, I just keep looking in his eyes.

He laughed and left. I was so excited... I could believe it. I ran to tell destini what happened.


After school me and destini went shopping. I contemplated texting Julio. I was really scared, I mean what do we have in common? I pulled out my phone, to text him but right as I pulled out my phone I saw he texted me first.

"Hey :)" it said. I replied

"Wassup?" I constantly checked my phone to see if he text me. My phone vibrated.

"Wanna come to my house?"

OMG! Me and destini had a mini freak out.

"Boy you better get you some." Destini said.

"Are you ok if I ditch you?" I asked. She looked at me and laughed.

"I'm fine... Go get you man!"

I hugged her and left.

I got in my car and I went.


I arrived at his house, and I checked myself in the mirror.

"Check!" I said to myself.

I walked to his door and ring the door bell. It's was kind of cold and I started to shiver.

Julio finally opened the door, he was shirtless... He was perfect, everything about him.

I walked in, the house was pretty much quiet.

"Your Parents home?" I asked trying to sound as calm as possible.

"Naw. They won't be here for another week. So we can chill." Julio Said.

We went into his room, he started to touch my back. I didn't know what he was trying to do... His room was pretty big, his bed was HUGE! Suddenly I feel something touching my butt. I turn around and it was Julio. I looked down to see him have a boner.

"You into this stuff?" He asked. I was confused.

"Huh?" I said trying to be cool about it.

"Are you into guys?" He asked

"I Guess... I not really sure. "I told him.

" you wanna try?" He asked.

I didn't say anything I was so undecided, how could I be so sure and now I not sure.

Julio pushed me onto the bed and started kissing me. It was magical. he slowly slipped his tounge into my mouth. We kissed for about 10 minutes. He slowly took off his clothes. And took my shirt off.

"Suck my dick." Julio commanded.

I did exactly what he said. It was ginormous I started of slow and went faster every stroke. I could hear him moan louder and louder as I went faster and faster. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it towards his dick.

Then he laid me on his bed as he got a condom. Then he slapped my ass with his dick. Teasing me, then surprisingly he slipped it in.

"OWWWW!" I screamed

He started to kiss me to shut up. He continued to fuck me and it started to feel good.

"You like that?" Julio asked

"Yess!" I yelled

He grabbed me with his strong hand and put me against the wall. This was the best feeling in the world. I didn't want it to stop. He started to go faster.

"I'm about to cum!" He yelled. He took the condom off and started to fuck some more. He began to moan. It turned me on. He cummed right in my ass.

We laid in his bed.

"Did you like that?" Julio asked

"Yes!" I told him.

We feel asleep together



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