I wake up much later, looking around and is almost disappointed when I don't see Dean. I sigh. Suddenly the burning feeling in my bladder tells me that nature calls.

I get up and goes over to the door, slowly and cautiously opens it, going down the hall and into a living room. I looked around, seeing the kitchen to the side.  I could see that a the forest is nearby through the the Windows.

~This is just a regular house....I wonder where we are.~

I go through the large kitchen, making my way to the open door to a hall, hoping a bathroom was down that way. "Hey, what are you doing?"

I jump at Leo's voice. "I...uh.."

I'm grabbed from behind and I yelp. "Looking for someone to fuck you, cum loving whore?" He growls in my ear.

"N-no I-I just--" I tremble in fear, I feared Leo more than loved him...

"I'm horny either way. Bend the fuck over and grab your ankles." He doesn't wait but just pushes me so I bend over. "I was just gonna fuck ya too." He chuckles.

"Please..I-I was just looking for the bathroom sir! I-I'm sorry." My breathing gets heavy and instead of feeling lust I feel scared, unlike how I was with Dean.

I receive a hard slap to my ass. I whimper. "Shut up." I shiver as I feel my cheeks spread, he's hard on rubs up and down my ass. "Look at that beautiful ass of yours." I feel his head poke at me.

"Wait...ain't you at least gonna spit to use as lube? W-won't it hurt going raw I-I.." I groan as he starts sliding in.

"You think I give a fuck about hurting you?" He growls. "No, I don't!" To prove himself he suddenly shoves his entire 12 inch, hot rod inside me.

"Argh!" I cry out in pain. Leo pulls out and shoves himself all the way back in hard and quick.

~fuck!!! It hurts worst bare!~

"Nice tight pussy you got there Jason." Leo laughs as he starts to steadily pound my ass, his ball sac hitting against my thigh as he does.

"Fuck Leo! Please!" I whimper, my hands struggle to keep hold of my ankles. "Good god you're tearing me apart!!"

"I thought I told you to shut. The. Fuck. Up!" He finishes his sentence with a thrust for each word. He keeps going faster and deeper, if possible. I Cry out at the pain of his dick sawing me in half.

"Shit. I'm close..." He grunts after minutes go by. "OH FUCK!" He screams his finish.

"Oh shit!" I groan as I feel him pump his hot seed into me. "Goddamn!" I feel a hot liquid flow down my leg at the end.

He pulls out of me quickly. "Jesus fuck! Look at what you did you stupid whore. You pissed on the floor!"

I stare shocked at the ground, seeing the large puddle of my urine on the ground.

~did I really just piss myself? Fuck what's Leo gonna do?~

"You stupid fucking idiot." I yell as I'm pushed to the ground. "Clean it, fucking lick it up bitch"

~Wh-what? Oh god. He wants me to lick it up?!~

I shake in fear as I outstretch my tongue. I lick the floor, tasting the saltiness of my urine. I look up to see Leo standing over me, still raging a hard on.

"God that's fucking hot..." I feel a sticky slithering tentacle wrap around my waist, winding up my body. I shudder "drink it up like a dog!" He snaps.

I continue to lick up my mess, pressing my lips as close as I can I start to suck it up, making loud slurping noises. Leo growls and grabs the back of my head and lifts it. He pushes his dick in my face. "I'm almost jealous of the floor. How bout you give me some of that action."

I lick up his massive member, bathing it in my saliva. I pay close attention to the most sensitive spots. I wrap my mouth around his cock and slowly lets it slide into my mouth. I suck on it, making slurping noises as I do so.

"Oh fuck yeah!" He grabs the back of my head and forces himself all the way in, making me gag. He starts giving my face a thorough fucking and I close my eyes.

The tentacle around me lifts my ass up into the air and I yell out as it suddenly thrusts into me, letting my mouth release Leo's sick. "Oh shit!" I yell in pain.

"Take it like the little whore you are!" He snarls, making my head go back down and his hot cock once again starts fucking my face.

I whine as the tentacle forces its way farther up inside me. It was painful, unlike when Dean did it.

~why isn't Dean here? Would he allow Leo to put me through so much pain?~

My throat begins to get raw from Leo sawing away at it. I felt his dick throbbing and I knew he was close. Minutes later he pulls out of my mouth and cums all over me.

My face is pushed into the ground as the tentacle inside me keeps going. I'm nearly completely covers in Leo's seed, it's all over my face, my stomach and my chest. Some even got down in my crotch area.

"I'll make sure to tell Dean to  clean you up later." He growls. I yell as I feel the tentacle cum. It pulls out as it does and releases the rest of it over my back. It was gross, like I could feel it crawling over my skin.

Leo laughs. "There ya go bitch. Got fucked nice and hard just like you wanted."

I couldn't speak. My asshole was throbbing in pain, so was my throat. I lay tiredly on the ground when suddenly I'm picked up and nearly thrown into the the kitchen counter, Leo comes onto me like an animal and I'm pushed up against the cabinets. He grabs the back of my head and slams it down on the marble counter.

"You're just too good not to have seconds boy!" He yells as he shoves his cock inside of me.

I cry out as he starts pounding my ass with that foot long cock of his. Every time he thrusts deep inside my own cock bangs up against the handle of one of the cabinets. I close my eyes and listens to Leo's grunts and growls, trying to ignore the pain of him fucking the hell outta my ass.

 I felt tears brim my eyes as he just kept going. His hands clutched my sides so tightly I knew he would leave bruises, and the sheer force of his thighs and crotch hitting into me will probably leave me sore for a while. The noise of Leo's growls of pleasure and my occasional yelp is so loud that neither of us hear Dean walk in.

"Leo" the voice is stern and strong.

Leo roars and I whimper as I feel his dick convulse as he reaches the point of no return. Once he returns from his high he lets out a long sigh and looks over at where the voice came from. "Yes Dean?"

I turn my head and sees Dean standing in the doorway. He was in a tight white shirt that was splattered in blood and showed off his raging muscles. His dark jeans had speckles of blood  on it. The sight of his magnificently built body made me relax.

"You started without me little brother? You know I like to fuck after hunting. I'll be waiting, in my room" with that he walks down the hall and disappears.

Leo pulls out of me and I feel his spunk start to run down my leg. "Come on." He growls and grabs my shoulders, roughly bringing me through the doorway and down the hall, on one side is the living room the other side is stairs.

I look around the picture perfect, giant living room before being me up the stairs. There's two bedrooms up there. I'm led to the one on the right, the walls are red and the wooden floors are black along with the wooden dresser, headboard, and night stands.

My eyes nearly bug out of my head when I see Dean standing there, stark naked. His arms are crossed and he looks at the both of us almost annoyed. His cock starts to harden and thicken when he sees me. "Let him go Leo. And take a seat"

The tone of his voice turns something in me on. I start getting that hot, tingling, uncomfortable feeling again. My cock starts getting hard. Leo lets me go and sits down in the corner. I stand, almost shaking, looking at Dean.

"Jason, come here." 




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