DISCLAIMER: This short story is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.


IDENTICALLY OPPOSITE (A My Bully, My Buddy and Me Novella)

by Nerdy Jock



2009-2010. My Senior Year.

It'll be my last year in High School. It'll be my last year for making stupid decisions. It'll be my last year for having juvenile mistakes.

Senior Year.

I admit the thought gives me the creeps, but, on the other hand, the idea also excites me. It'll be our year - the seniors' year - and we are going to rule it! Abso-fucking-lutely! It'll be the year to make a change. It'll be the year to make a difference. It'll be the year to leave our legacy behind.

Well . . . whatever shit that is.



"Hey, stop the car. I think I see my friends now. See you later, bro!" my younger brother said to me as soon as we turned towards the student's parking lot. I shook my head in amusement and let him out.

"Yeah, yeah. And hey," I called once he stepped onto the crowded sidewalk, "Good luck, Freshman!"

My younger brother beamed at me crookedly. "And you, too, Senior!"

Now, I just need to go to my locker and deposit a few belongings before heading to first period. If I can manage doing that without crossing paths with Natalie, then much better. Two months of summer pool cleaning and lifeguard duty still couldn't erase the memory of going home and finding my girlfriend - on my bed - spread wide open for our house boy's pleasure. I beat the shit out of the college dude before firing him. And I broke it off with Natalie soon after.

I reached my locker and I was fiddling with the lock when a guy three rows from my left started slamming his fists onto the metal, cursing words of edginess and annoyance. Thank God there wasn't a faculty in sight. Amusedly, I noticed that his lock was already opened but the door still wasn't. Its former owner - Troy Hendrickson, one of my friends - has already graduated. So, whoever this new guy was, he probably doesn't know the intricacies that his locker possesses.

"Here. Let me." I offered after deciding if I should be a good boy today or not. After countless mornings of watching Troy wrestle with the rotten piece of equipment until he finally learned its secrets, I, too, have learned how to deal with its stubbornness. I gave his locker door a bit of a push upwards before pulling it free from its frame. Creakily, it swung open.

The guy made a whooping sound as if he just got back from running five miles. "Huh, I didn't know you had to do that here in California. With that kind of defiance, I think, even without a lock, my stuff'll never be touched!" he remarked jokingly, "Thanks, man! I'm Blake Collins."

"Lucas Princeton." I took his proffered hand. "But please call me Luke."

"Princeton, huh? Why does that name sounds kind of familiar? Oh, never mind." Blake shrugged then flashed me the most pearliest-white set of teeth that I have ever seen on a guy. That, the red designer shirt and matching pants he was wearing, plus his dirty blonde hair, he looked like your typical surfer dude. The Alpha inside me should have felt threatened by the appearance of this new guy in my territory, but with the smile he was giving me, all I could do was feel at ease. Weird, right?

"So," I said conversationally as I started walking, "You new to Irvine, Blake?"

If Jesse Porter was here, he would've flashed me a big Duh! on his face.

"Yeah. We just transferred here from New York two months ago." he said as a reply.

"'We' as in your family?" I asked as we bypassed the band and orchestra rooms and turned for the cafeteria. I glanced at my watch. It was still too early for class and, because I haven't had the chance at a decent breakfast, I decided to take a bite first.

"'We' as in my brother and me." he replied.

"Whoa! So, you two live by yourselves?" I turned to ask him in earnest.

"Yeah, we do. We're in the same year and, while our parents are taking a year-long vacation in Europe, they decided to send us here to the Golden State to continue school. We're living at my mom's older house for the time being." he supplied, then added, "The both of us are already eighteen and they trust us enough to let us live on our own."

"Hmmm . . . I completely know how that is, man." I said reflectively. "My parents are always away on business trips and conventions, too. I don't even remember the last time we had dinner together as a family. It's just been me and my little brother in the mansion for almost half a year now."

After buying some food and beverages, we found a table and talked about ourselves. Blake and I exchanged stories and I realized that we had tons of things in common. He plays sports, he hangs out in the gym most of his vacant times - which was pretty obvious - and he loves the freedom that our parents have unintentionally given us. It may sound such a cliché and even a little bit gay, but we eventually clicked.

When the bell for first period rang, we headed to our respective classes, with plans to hang out later in the mansion, or in their house, or wherever our feet may take us.

Throughout fourth period, Mr. Thomas, the Football team coach in our school and also our Physics teacher explained to us the revised curriculum for the school year. I wasn't really paying any attention to him. My eyes were set on Ashley Millar's exposed shoulders; they lingered on the curvature of her neck, on the slopes of her narrow hips, on the skin exposed just above the waistband of her skin-tight jeans. I imagined my face pressing onto those areas, my mouth tasting the wonders of her sweet, luscious body.

"Shit, man! Take that out of here or it'll do it on its own!" I heard my seatmate whisper to me. I glanced at him and saw that he had an amused expression on his freckly face.

"What?" I hissed under my breath.

He raised his eyebrows and gave a quick glance at my crotch. I looked down.

"Shit!" I gasped audibly and involuntarily stood from my seat. My hands covered my crotch.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Princeton?" Coach Thomas called to me from the front. Everybody's eyes turned towards me.

"I . . . uh . . ." I can feel my seatmate snickering silently at my side. I took my bag. "I need to go to the restroom, sir."

Without waiting for an affirmation, I flung myself out of the room, careful to cover my crotch with the bag, and ran like hell for the restrooms.

As soon as I secured myself in, I clicked the door shut.

"FUCK!" I groaned loudly, relieved with the idea that no one can hear me but the four corners of the room. "Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" I went for the sink and risked a glance in the mirror. "FUCK!" I cried once more upon seeing my blood-flushed face.

"Scream FUCK again, dude, and I would really think you're going through orgasm!" I heard a familiar voice call out in the seemingly empty restroom.

I turned in panic. "Who's there?" I barked, backing myself onto the center sink.

The first cubicle from my left opened and from within it out came a smiling, friendly face.

"Blake!" I gasped in relief when I saw his smug face. "Hey, have you changed shirts?" I said, noticing that he was now wearing a blue one instead of red. "Never mind . . . you wouldn't believe what just happened to me, man!"

The smile on his face vanished noticeably. He looked taken by surprise. He looked as if he'd never seen me before; confused with his mouth slightly agape. What the hell?

"Blake," I snapped my fingers impatiently in front of his face, "Hey, Collins! Are you even listening to me?"

He blinked and shook his head. "Um . . . Yeah . . . Uh?"

"It's me, man! Luke! We met at the hallway earlier? I helped you with your stuck locker. Luke Princeton, remember?" I said disbelievingly, waving my arms in emphasis.

"So, he's Luke Princeton." I heard him mutter to himself. Then, "Oh! Yeah! Right!" he said, suddenly enthusiastic, looking me up and down. "I remember, of course! Luke Princeton," I might have been imagining it, but it sounded like he just purred my name out of his mouth. Shit! I don't know, but I was sure it had 'seduction' ringing out of it. "My real-life, in-the-flesh knight in shining armor." he uttered breathlessly.

I doubled at his words and reflexively took a step back, forgetting that I was already leaning on the sink with my back on the mirror. What the fuck!

"What's that in your pocket, Luke?" he suddenly asked, looking down.

I followed the hunger in his gaze and realized that my bag was no longer covering my crotch - revealing a thick, long tube leading down the length of my right leg - leaving it bare for his eyes. "Um . . ."

Blake looked at the door and a mischievous smile crept upon his mouth and he sauntered towards me. He raised his hand and slowly reached for the collar of my shirt, pulling my face towards his. "How convenient of you to lock the door, Luke." he breathed on my face.

"Dude, what are you doing?" The words tumbled out of my mouth; my right hand immediately gripped his and I tried to push him off.

"Shhh!" he said and his fingers found the thin patch of dark, curly hair sprouting out of my shirt. He lightly pulled on them.

"Dude!" I repeated. But he shushed me once again and freed his hands from mine. "Blake, what are you-" I stopped when his fingers reached my chest, sending soft, fleeting touches through the thin fabric. His fingers brushed my nipple and a groan slipped out of my mouth. "Dude! Fuck, what are you doing?"

"Shhh! It's alright." he whispered, "It's alright."

"What do you mean, 'It's alright'?" I watched with a mixed feeling of emotions when he slowly lowered himself onto his knees. "FUCK!" I gasped once I realized what he was going to do. "Blake, man, what are you doing?"

"Shhh . . . I'll take care of this for you, Luke." he whispered sexily before he pressed his nose to the thing that made me run out of the classroom in the first place. I gasped. He bit on the material and laved it with his tongue. "God, you're so hot, bro!"

"Shit!" I hissed when his wet, warm mouth found the head of my dick through the thick fabric of my jeans. He moaned while his tongue played with it. "Oh, shit!"


Shit! I've had blowjobs before, sure I did! But it was always from girls. This? From Blake? Shit! This guy was as big as me! This guy's built like a goddamn wrestler! Unbelievable!

"Blake . . . fuck man . . . I never thought you were-" But he shushed me yet again. I don't know what made me but I clamped my mouth shut, swallowing the moans that wanted to come out of me. I let him. And he continued. Slowly, with his eyes gazing up on mine, he flicked the top button of my jeans undone. When my zipper was down and wide open, he pulled my jeans off of my butt, revealing my awfully tented boxers.

"Fucking nice!" I heard Blake gasp in delight once his eyes found the imprint of my erection under the garment. He found a wet spot on the fabric and he sucked on it, on the tip of my cock, drawing more juices out of my balls. With an excitement that compared to a little boy about to open his Christmas present, he yanked my underwear down. Free of hindrances, my cock swung ten inches closer to his face.

"FUCKING NICE!" he exclaimed more loudly and it was my turn to shush him, afraid that someone might hear us from the outside.

He looked at me sexily while licking his mouth and without another word, more than half of my cock vanished into the warm confines of his mouth. I never even had a chance to say a word. Not even a gasp escaped my lips. They were parted with pure, exquisite pleasure. My breathing momentarily stopped and my heart beat faster than a speeding train. He pulled my ass and forced me to push in a few more inches. He gagged but this did not stop him from sucking.

Two inches. That's what remained of my cock when he attacked it with his throat. He pushed it in him, and upon pulling out, he sucked it like his life depended on it. His suction was so tight. So intense. I fucking loved it!

"Fuck!" I stifled my scream. He was really good at this! Better, even, than the most experienced girl who had done me before. With the exquisite sensation that Blake was giving to my cock, I grabbed both sides of his head and fucked him ruthlessly. "Oh, fuck, that feels so fucking good, baby!" The words came out of my mouth - not even caring that I was calling a guy 'baby'. I curled my fingers in his dirty-blonde hair and fucked his mouth. Faster. Deeper. He took my cock like a pro.

Blake moaned with ecstasy when I punched him with my cock. I was a heavy pre-comer and I was sure he was drinking my thick, salty liquids fresh from the source. His eyes never left mine while I fucked his tonsils out. "Oh, fuck! You like my cock, Blake? You like sucking on that big cock?"

He nodded furiously, his eyes screaming for more. I felt his tongue flick the underside of my fuck stick and I moaned with delight. I squirmed from watching my thick, veiny prick push in and pull out of his full, sensuous lips.

"Oh, fuck, you fucking bitch, TAKE IT!" and I slammed my cock in him - all ten inches of it. His throat crushed my cock and, added to the suction that he was giving and the flicking of his tongue, I screamed in ecstasy. "OH, FUCK! I'M GONNA CUM! FUCK, I'M COMING, BLAKE! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

He groaned noisily around my cock the whole time I was shooting, taking the pleasure to a higher orgasmic level. He pushed me into a cubicle and, in my seating position, he took me deeper. I howled with ecstasy as I unloaded eight sticky spurts of warm spermy ejaculates into his hungry mouth - all of which he gratefully swallowed.

I was seeing black when I heard the sound of a foil wrapper being torn. Then, seconds later, I felt the cold familiar texture of latex covering my still rock-hard cock. I opened my eyes in shock and only closed them again when I felt Blake's tight asshole pushing down on me.


"OH, GOD!" he growled as my head slipped in and he slowly took me to the hilt. "OH, FUCK, LUKE, YOU'RE BIG!"

"Blake!" my head rolled back and I groaned loudly. Fuck! Blake's ass is tighter than any pussy I have ever fucked! God, I can already feel my balls getting ready for another mind-blowing orgasm.

When he took all ten thick inches of me into his ass, he gripped the sides of the cubicle and started to fuck himself crazy. He wasn't gentle about it, either. He wanted to be fucked.

I grabbed his hips and kept him steady. Placing my feet firmly on the ground and my hands gripping the toilet seat below me, I pushed my cock into him - slowly.

"Oh, fuck! Just like that!" He whimpered.

I pulled out slowly and did it again. He gave another cry of ecstasy. "You like that cock?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah!"

A slow removal. Then, WHOOSH! Another slow thrust. "Like that?"


Another slow extraction then a stronger thrust. "You like it deep, baby?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah! D-Do me harder, Luke!" he cried out.

That was what I was waiting for. And I pushed up. Hard. To the hilt in one solid thrust.

"FUCK!" A surprised cry slipped from Blake. I bet I'm making him feel beyond really full. Blake's ass stretched to accommodate me, but I can tell that he was fighting the urge to jump off of me. Fuck, I was in deep! No girl has ever taken me whole!

I then started to move. Or maybe pound was the more accurate word.

BAM. BAM. BAM. BAM. I drove my cock inside him with shattering force. Another cry came out of Blake's mouth.

"Is that too much, dude?" I stilled, worried that I was hurting him.

"No, baby, fuck me harder!" he squealed.

With that, I eased back, nearly to the head, before shoving back inside him again. My thrust made Blake dig his nails into the wooden partitions. God, it was so good. Mind-blowingly good. Beyond-known-language good. This has the promise of a fast and furious ride. There was no way to prolong something this beautiful.

Pulling out again, I thrust hard, deep, again and again. Without pause. Without mercy. I gripped Blake's hips; sweat was spreading out across his muscular body. Around me, he tightened, his body tensed.

"God, this is so fucking good, man!" I moaned.

Shifting my hips, I changed my angle, focusing on the little bead of Blake's prostate. I heard once during a sex education session that the stimulation of the male's prostate gland helps gain orgasm: Time to turn the theory into fact.

As the head of my cock pounded his gland, Blake's head rolled back on his neck. His shoulders strained. He let out a growl and his hands latched onto my thighs like a life raft in a raging current.

"I'm so fucking close!" Blake gasped and I only moaned louder.

Desire brewed and bubbled in my belly, in my balls. The need to come was a very hot pressure, gripping me tighter and tighter. Sweat trickled down on my face.

I began pounding faster onto Blake's love nut when he groaned. "Oh . . . OH, SHIT! FUCK!"

Like clockwork, Blake tensed and his passage tightened and fluttered around my cock as he let out labored breath after labored breath. I continued pounding his clenching asshole. The grasping clasp of Blake's body on me was tight and unavoidable and one of the most amazing things I'd ever felt in my life.

With a throaty cry, the gush of pleasure flamed inside me, so unique and so amazing, I swore I'd never felt anything quite like it.

And I exploded deep inside him.


Blake licked his lips after making sure that not a single drop of come was left on my cock. "Fuck! That was hot!" I groaned while I leaned heavily on the back of the toilet seat. The condom that I used was lying heavily on the tiled floor. "OHH, SHIT! Blake! FUCK!"

"Luke, you are fucking hot! Thank you for that." He then straightened himself and pulled his jeans back up and gave me a peck on the cheek. "See you later, stud."

And he exited the room, leaving me gasping for air, and, confusingly, asking for more.

But, fuck, I was straight.

Was I?



Blake was standing beside a Honda Civic by the parking lot when he spotted me. I noticed that he has changed back to his red shirt from this morning again. 'What the hell is wrong with this guy?' I chuckled with amusement. 'Can't he content himself to wearing a single shirt for a day?'

"Hey, bro!" he called me over. "I can't believe we aren't classmates in any of my classes! I think I have to have a talk with the counselor or the registrar for some changes, or something."

"Yeah, I know." I reluctantly greeted while walking towards him. I so wanted to talk to him about what just happened between us in the restroom but I was worried that if I talked to him about it now, someone might overhear us, or that he might get mad at me for being so insensitive. Also, I was so confused about how I should feel about it. Was Blake gay? Then, what does that make of me? I didn't know how to act on it. I was so confused, period.

So, I decided to shut my mouth off for the moment and talk to him later. Maybe in private.

"Hey, Luke!" I saw my brother jog towards us.

"Keith! So, how was your first day, Freshman?"

He smiled with excitement, "You won't believe what happened, man!"

"Why? What happened?" my curiosity was piqued upon seeing him jumping up and down on the balls of his feet.

"Danny nearly got it on with a guy today!" he exclaimed amusedly, "It was fucking awesome, bro. This humongous, fat dude from somewhere in Texas - I think his name was Brian or Ben or Butch - he was eating inside the classroom during homeroom, so our teacher had to send him out. By the door, upon opening it, Danny comes out of nowhere and crashes Brady's food all over his fat, blubbery body! He looked like a fucking food fight in the cafeteria after the collision! It was fucking hilarious! The whole class was laughing!"

And he laughed at Brian or Ben or Brady or Butch's misfortune. Blake just chuckled.

"Oh, right. I almost forgot." I said, slapping my head, "Blake, this is my younger brother I was talking about earlier, Keith. Keith, this is Blake Collins. He's a transfer from New York."

"Wow! New York! Nice to meet you, Blake!" They shook hands.

"So, are we still on for tonight?" I asked Blake.

"Yeah, sure." Then he added, "I'm gonna need a ride, though. My brother just texted. It seems he still has something urgent to do. He's got to drive our car today and he still has the keys, so. . ." He shrugged towards the Civic.

"Yeah, sure man. Come on." I told him and I walked towards my 'Stang. He whistled appreciatively at my baby. "Keith, you comin' with us?"

"Nah. I just came here to tell you about Braden." he said, "I'm taking the bus with Danny. Mrs. Mockins invited me for dinner."

I wanted to slap my brother's head. Oh, Keith. Stop tormenting Daniel, already! You just don't see how infatuated he is with you, do you?

I chuckled. "Okay. See you at home, then. And say hi to Daniel for me." Then when I got in, I called through the driver's window, "Be careful and be home before nine!"

He waved okay and Blake and I drove off for their house.


"Wait a minute!" I muttered when Blake gave me the directions towards his mom's house. "I think I heard of that place before."

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah. I think my aunt owns a place over there. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen her in ages!" I said. "The last news I heard about her was that she finally married her boyfriend since college three or four years ago."

Blake whipped his head in surprise. "Three or four years ago?" he asked.

"Yeah." I replied, "Why?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just that . . . my parents got married about that time." He said. "And they were together since college, too."

"Oh." We shrugged it off to coincidence and we continued the ride in comfortable silence.


When we arrived at his mother's house, he led me to his den. It held a big-screen TV, a pair of leather sofas and a couple of gaming consoles.

"You want something to drink, man?" Blake called when he reached their kitchen.

"I'll have a coke, please." I replied before placing myself on one of the sofas. "This is a really nice place you got here." I said.

"Thanks." Then he gave me my drink. "My dad thought of selling the place, but my mom wouldn't let him. Says it might be of use in the future. And it did. My brother and I live here now."

For nearly an hour we sat watching a CSI: NY rerun and played some games while talking about nothing in particular.

Just the two of us.

But the privacy then made my mind wander to today's earlier happenings. I thought about what happened in the restroom . . . about how I wanted it to happen again. Shit! I still remember how Blake's warm mouth felt like around my cock. I still remember the moans that he gave when I thrust it in his ass deeper and deeper until I thought I could feel the beating of his heart on the head of my dick. I still remember how strong my ejaculations were because of his talented tongue and his ultra-tight asshole. I have never had orgasms as big as what Blake had just given me.

And I wanted it again.

I wanted more.

Right here.

Right now.

With the feelings building up inside me, my hands found the nape of Blake's neck and I yanked his head towards the hardness in my jeans.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" He yelled through the fabric and, with his hands, he pried his head out of my grip. "What the fuck was that for?!"

My heart raced. "Shit! I'm so sorry! FUCK! I thought you wanted it, man! I'm so sorry!" I stood from the couch, holding my hands out in front of me.

"WHAT!?" he snapped angrily, following suit. "What gave you the idea that I wanted your cock, you fucking dick?!"

He gave me a shove. Wrong move. His anger only sparked mine.

"Oh, I don't know, Blake," I said sarcastically, "Maybe because YOU SUCKED IT before I FUCKED YOU WITH IT in the fucking restroom earlier!"

"WHAT!? WHY WOULD I SUCK-" he growled, then something crossed his face. Was it realization? Understanding? "Oh, fuck!" he groaned. "He did not! HE DID NOT!"

Just before I could ask him what the hell he was talking about, the front door opened with a loud bang. Both of our heads turned towards it and I watched with shock when Blake walked towards us.

No, not Blake! Blake was standing here next to me.

"Hey, Luke!" Blake-who-was-not-Blake greeted. "This is a surprise!"

My head whipped from one Blake to another. From the one wearing a red shirt to the one wearing a blue shirt. Blue to Red. Red to Blue. And I finally realized. "YOU AND YOUR BROTHER ARE TWINS?!" I gasped scandalously, as if having a twin brother was the worst thing that can happen in your life. "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THAT!"

Blake sighed but did not answer my question to such an obvious thing. Instead, he turned to his brother and asked. "Please don't tell me that you-"

"Of course, I did, Blake!" Blake-who-was-not-Blake gasped loudly before Blake could even finish his question, "Have you seen him? Are you fucking blind?" He gestured towards where I was standing, as if this answered anything. "He's fucking hot! He's the epitome of sex, man! Of course I would!"

"You just can't throw yourself to every hot guy you see!" Blake exclaimed.

"Why are you acting crabby?" his twin growled.

"I'm not crabby!" Blake retorted.

"Oh, yes, you are!" the twin insisted, "Are you crabby because I didn't suck you off this morning?" his twin exclaimed. My mouth hung open. "If that's the reason, then I'm sorry, but I didn't want to run late on the first day of class!"

"What!" Blake gasped, going red in the face.

So, his twin sucks him off, too.

"This has nothing to do with me." Blake added heatedly.

"Then stop overreacting! Besides, Luke liked it!"

I heard myself gasp.

"Didn't you, Luke?" Then he walked towards me, and casually offered his hand, "I forgot we haven't officially met, stud. I'm Jacob Collins, Blake's younger but absolutely better version!" He smiled Blake's smile and winked at me. "But, please, call me Jake."

With bewilderment, realization, and shame, I took his hand in mine - the hand that stroked my cock to eruption earlier, the hand that held my balls. Jacob laughed at my blushing face.

"I hope Blake hasn't bored you with his company, Luke." Jake muttered before taking the remote from Blake's grip and sitting himself on the sofa. Blake followed grumpily on his left, crossing his arms across his chest so his biceps bulged under his shirt. Then, hesitantly, I, too followed to his right.

"Anyway . . . how was your day, cousin?"

"What?" Blake and I cried at the same time.

"I asked Luke how his day was." Jake replied nonchalantly, while flipping through the channels at incredible speed.

"No, not that, idiot! What did you just call him?" Blake hissed impatiently.

"Cousin. I called him cousin." Jake rolled his eyes. I froze in my seat, the wheels turning in my head in confusion. Blake gasped. Jake then turned to face his brother. "Wait a minute! You didn't know?" He laughed then turned to ask me. "You didn't know, either, did you?"

Know what?

"What. The. Fuck." Blake murmured, mostly to himself. "No wonder your name sounded familiar. Shit!" he told me.

Jake continued laughing. "Blake, Luke is a Princeton! Our mother, which is Luke's father's younger sister, is a Princeton. Thus, Luke is a first-degree cousin! A very hot first-degree cousin with a very big dick at that!" He explained with a wink and a very amused smile and he continued laughing.

"What the!" I snapped. "You're Aunt Jennifer's children? This is her house?"

"BINGO!" Jake whooped between us. "Oh, God, this is priceless!"

"But, if you're her kids, then why haven't I seen you before?" I inquired.

"Our parents never bring us to family events." Jake supplied.

"And you knew we were related even before you . . . before you . . ."

"Before I sucked you and fucked you off to orgasm?" Jake supplied, stifling his laughter.

"Yeah, that!" I answered heatedly.

"Of course I did. And I don't fucking regret it, cousin!" Jake laughed, "Besides . . . blood is thicker than water, remember? I love the idea of doing someone related to me. It makes me feel hotter. Though, I think nothing is thicker, more delicious, and way hotter than what you just gave me earlier. God, Luke, your dick is fucking awesome!"

FUCK! I glanced at Blake and he just gave me an apologetic smile. DOUBLE FUCK!

"Okay," Jake announced and slammed the remote down, "The TV shows are unbelievably boring, but I have an idea . . . Now that we have finally established that Blake and I are twin brothers and that the three of us are related, what say I suck you two off tonight before dinner? Huh? We're having pizza! Who's UP for it?" and he raised his brows repeatedly at the two of us, his hands already moving up our legs.

Blake and I just exchanged looks of amusement and disbelief. Despite everything, our hormones still kicked in. And my cock stirred with excitement.


Epilogue: THE TRIO . . . AT LAST!

So, all in all, after a whole year as Seniors the three of us finally realized that Blake was as straight as an arrow but does not say 'no' to an occasional blowjob from me or his brother, that Jake was totally gay and was totally into guys and into me, and that I was bisexually into both the girls and the guys.

The twins took my gay virginity that first twenty-four hours we were together. Blake was the very first guy to ever fuck me and the performance that he did with his thick, uncut cock only made me coming back for more. Jake was the very first guy who ever had my cock in his ass, and he rode my swollen rod again that night until the glimmers of the morning light. The three of us were unstoppable, impossible, insatiable.

I realized then that, though, the both of them were identically opposite, the three of us were uniquely the same: we had a connection, we were related, we were brothers.

And, especially now that we were on our first year in college, whatever our sexualities may mean to our relationship - with each other and with other people - I know that we would be all right. We are going to be great friends and, in the end, that is what matters most.

Right now, Blake is dating a hot, little chick named Samantha, I am having ménage á trois with my World Literature group mates, Cory and Paige, and Jake is in a relationship with a beefy rugby player named Gunther. But, none of them knew that the three of us fuck like rabbits behind the closed doors of our apartment.

So, that's our little secret, okay? Don't. Tell. Anyone.

Just like what Eli said to Matthew and Klitz in 'The Girl Next Door', "We are a fucking tripod. And do you know what that means? That means that if you kick out one of our legs, then we all fall."

We have each other's backs. We're a team. Blake Xaviery Collins, Jake Zachary Collins, and I - we're a fucking tripod. And, for a very, very long time, we'd like to keep it that way.

Signing it all off for now,





Nerdy Jock

[email protected]


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