NOTE: Naughty Eric did not intend to do part 2 of this story until Tommy, a nice guy, commented on part 1 and requested a part 2. Thus part 2 is especially written for Tommy---hope he enjoys the story.

When I awoke the next morning  with the dried stained cum on my fucking gay body and part of it inside my ass, I looked over at my best friend since 6th grade and smiled at him with the most serene and comforting feeling remembering what had happened between us in bed that night when I sucked his my best friend's cock and he had fucked my pussy. WOW, all these years my buddy, Diesel, had been such a popular lady's man. Diesel, full-blooded straight dude, had his way with many women over the years using his 6-foot and 6-inch frame, 220-pound muscle laced body developed from being a defensive football player and later as a logger, using his 10-inch horse cock to satisfy all those female pussies. Now he had satisfied me.

Here we were now 30-years-of-age as best friends with Diesel's having fucked numerous female pussies and me a horny gay man who had always lusted after Diesel's body but knowing that it was only a pipe dream until last night.

As Diesel snored loudly, I took my foot and ran it over his feet as I placed my hand on his strong warm thigh. I had my usual morning wood and was horny to continue the raunchy sex from last night. I was nervous thinking: What if Diesel rejected me and last night was only a one-night stand from being drunk and horny after he had not had sex in several days? But I had to find out. I slowly put my hand inside his boxer shorts, took hold of his soft but large cock and began to stroke it. It was only a few seconds before Diesel awoke, opened his big sexy eyes and starred at me. He removed my hand from his cock and moved his feet away from from my rubbing them. Oh shit, I bet  this had been only a one night fling for Diesel. Was Diesel regretting what had happened between us, was he unhappy about his first gay experience?

As tears formed in my eyes, I sat up and got on the side of the bed and said: "Oh my buddy, I'm sorry. Did I upset you and last night was a mistake for you? I'd dreamed of making love to you for years and last night was the best sex of my life. Please don't be mad at me. If you don't want to have sex with me again, I understand but please remain my best friend, please. I don't think I could continue to live without you as my best buddy."

As I waited for what seemed like an eternity for an answer, I felt my heart racing and sweat poured off my face and underarms. I'd never been more nervous and scared of what the answer might be.

Diesel got out of bed and went to the bathroom without a response. I had no idea what he was thinking. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as I sat there with shivers on my body.

In less than five minutes, Diesel came out of the bathroom. Holy fuck, he was naked as a jaybird with his ten-inch donkey-sized cock at full erection. He gave me the most awesome smile, took hold of his 10-inch dong and began to stroke it as he moved toward me. Oh wow, I became the happiest man on the planet as I felt my cock begin to grow.

When Diesel was next to me, he reached down and used his big strong logging arms and huge hands and lifted me off the bed into his arms facing him. As he embraced me in a tight hug, he took one hand and ripped off my briefs. Our naked bodies were then as one. I felt the warmth of his big chest against my chest and fuck our cocks were entangled spewing precum on our crotches. Our bodies were producing a growing heat that felt and smelt heavenly.

Diesel pressed his big thick juicy wet lips on my lips and soon he used his huge long tongue to part my lips as he drove that oversized tongue to the back of my throat. He began to French kiss me as our crotches started humping causing our cocks to harden even more. I felt pure joy knowing that last night was not a one-time fling. Although Diesel had not spoken yet, I knew he craved my body. I was in a state of nirvana. 

After a long period of kissing and our cocks humping each other, Diesel gave me a big grin and said: "Baby, I'm sorry that I played with your mind just now when I removed your hand from my hard cock and went off to the bathroom. First, I needed to piss and second, I wanted you to really desire and lust after me. Fuck yea, last night was terrific and as I told you, you are now my fucking bitch."

Then the greatest moment took place. I had my hands around his huge neck as Diesel had me lean my body outward. He had his strong hands around my lower back and butt. I slowly lowered my ass down to his steel pipe hard cock. I soon felt his huge dick locate my puckering ass entrance and holy shit I felt the tip of his cock head spread my ass and that missile began its trip up my ass channel. Diesel began to violently thrust his hard huge cock in and out of my ass as he held on to my body. WOW, what a great position to get my pussy fucked. I felt his hot breath on my chest and face as his cock explored ever inch of my man pussy including running that tool over my prostate. His cock flapped against my ass walls. My then stiff cock pushed into his abs and lower stomach spewing precum over his hot body. The feel and smell of the warm precum had me ready to climax.

Lust consumed us as he used his huge cock to fuck my ass like it had never been fucked before. Diesel was rough and wild with that cock inside me. We moaned and grunted like two wild elk that we actually were suppose to be hunting before we got side tracked with this hot man sex. Diesel fucked me for the longest time as he held me in his arms.

My cock was hard as a stone and bouncing all over his hard abs. As he continued to use that giant sausage to fuck my pussy, he began to us his thick lips and tongue to once again explore my mouth. We produced gobs of salvia that ran out of our mouths, down our chins and fuck onto our chests. Finally that spit soaked my cock and his abs. All that spit caused my slick cock to slide across his abs in such a sexy feeling.

I knew he was about to come in my pussy when his balls tightened against my body, his breathing increased, he got a drawn flushed red face signaling an oncoming orgasm as he managed to say: ""Holy fuck, yea fuck, oh my god, I'm going to come in my bitch's pussy." I felt his cock head swell, the veins in his dick began to pulsate followed by a rush of his huge mother load blast deep in my ass until I felt an overflow of semen pouring out of my ass while his cock was still inside my wet ass. The hot semen ran down his legs and onto his naked feet.

When he was finally spent of all that cum, he pulled that cum covered cock out of my ass, lowered me on my back on the bed, placed his awesome ass on my chest and rammed his cum wet cock deep into my mouth and ordered me to suck that dick clean. I used my tongue to clean that missile clean as a whistle.

When I was finished cleaning that cock of all that salty sticky cum, he removed his cock from my mouth. He kissed me to taste his own cum. It was at that point that I learned how kind and thoughtful he was. He looked down and noticed that I was still rock hard, my cock was twitching and that I had not come. He knew I was in need of relief. He got down between my spread sweaty legs, grabbed hold of the base of my blood filled cock, put his open mouth on my cock and began to swallow my entire hard tool. He gave me the most incredible blowjob until I could not stand it any longer. I erupted with a huge load of my salty cum deep in his throat. When I was finished dumping my seed in that big mouth, he came up and spit his mouth full of cum in my mouth. We kissed enjoying our favorite protein, cum.

We lay back on the bed out of breath and exhausted for some time before Diesel said: "Fuck Baby, that was even better than last night. I assure you baby that I'm now committed to fucking gay sex and you are my bitch from now on. How is that baby? Lets forget abouth hunting for that elk over the  next 11 days and just spend it here in bed and let me fuck your brains out drilling your ass with my horse cock. I bet we can fuck several times  a day. I love your tight pink pussy and I'll let you suck my cock as often as you wish. You can suck my cock and balls until my balls are as blue as the sky."

"Oh fuck yea Diesel, I love you and I want to be your bitch for life. I'm yours baby and I've never been happier." THE END


Naughty Eric


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