The flight was bumpy as I have just landed in Atlanta to attend my first firemen conference over at the Convention Centre in downtown Atlanta on this hot summer afternoon. The limo has just drop me off at the Hilton about 2 blocks from were the Convention will be held. I decided to go out and get a little bite over at the dinner around the corner. I just sat down to order some fried chicken as my Captain walk in.

" Hi Cam can I join you "

" Yes sir you can  " 

The lunch was great as we look over the highlights of the convention for the next 4 day's I did explain to the Captain that sometimes I would like to have my own space over the next few day's.

" Sure Cam I understand "

" Thank You Sir "

I got back to my room as I saw a light on the phone flashing that there is a message for me. I dial the number and the voice was now other then my old friend Arnie.

" Hi Cam I got your message that you are here in Atlanta "

" I will be in the city tomorrow can you meet me at the Bar called Apples at 3 pm "

I then put the phone down and went over to look at my schedule for tomorrow. The last meeting that I have to be at is around 11 am and the rest of the day will be free for me. The morning session at the conference was very boring as I meet a few fireman from all over before we headed out to lunch around noon. I look at my watch as I went back to my room to get a few things before I went to me Mr Arnie. The Bar Apples was somewhat busy as I got there around 2:45 pm and grab a small both not to far from the door. I then saw Arnie walk in now as he had just spotted me and start heading to where I was sitting.

" Hello Cam welcome to the South "

" Thank You Arnie "

We then shook hands and give each other a small hug, The waiter came over as we order a pitcher of Coor's Beer with a basket of loaded Nacho Chip's.

" How are you doing Cam " ?

" I am doing real good Arnie "

" How was you flight down " ?

" It was very rough "

The conversation went on for a good hour or more. The Beers has started to hit me now as myself and Arnie was very interested in getting it on with me again.

" What your time line Arnie " ?

" I am have a few day's off Cam "

" Great you free right now "

" Of course Cam " I have no plans until Friday night.

" I see you got your knapsack with you Arnie " ?

"  I love carrying it all around these day's with me because you don't know what kind of trouble I can get myself into"

We both laughed before I invited him back to my hotel were I was staying in. It was a good 15 minute walk in the hot Atlanta sun as we made it back up to my room on the 15 floor over looking the downtown area. I went over to the small fridge that I had all stack up with beers before I got a few cans out for myself and Arnie.

" My God It great Cam " as the beer went down very fast for the both of us. I began to smile as Arnie was now making me hard as he was just sitting there in his Pro Bass shorts along with his Under Armour green spandex shirt. I really enjoy watching Arnie legs opening and closing his legs as I can see his underwear with his huge balls showing off very well. It was not to long after that I ask if he would like to go down for a swim ?

" Sure Cam that will great to cool the both of us off "

" I also brought my own swimsuit he told me " Before he went into the washroom to change. The water felt great as we were down there for a good hour or more. We then decided to sit around the pool bar and have a few more drinks before we went back up stairs. The time was now around 6 pm as the air unit shot off and it got very hot inside the room now. I was feeling no pain at all before me and Arnie started to get it on.

I was now kissing him deeply on his nicely trim bearded mouth as I felt his hot tongue slid down my throat, His huge hand started to grab my crotch as my cock became real hard and stiff. I then started to undress Arnie all the way down to his Under Armour boxer that he was wearing showing his huge package off very well. He was laying on the bed as I began to lick his stiff cock all over with his underwear still on. I was mazed watching his pre cum start pouring through them now making a huge wet spot. 

" Fuck Cam you feel good dude "

" Fuck It good Cam " Before I totally pull them all off and sniff them as I threw them onto the floor.His nice 7 inch semi cut cock tasted great as the pre cum started to fill my mouth up after every long stroke of his hard shaft. I deep throat him all the way right down to his nicely trim sweating crotch area.

" Fuck I am close Cam " He shout out loud !

" Hold on Arnie " ? 

" Fuck I can't " !

" Fuuuucckkk "  As his cock exploded shooting off his load of white cum all over my goatee !

" My God Cam " That was great dude as he was taking a few deep breaths. I then got up and walk over to the table and began to wash the cum down with some pepsi.

" Fuck Arnie your cum tasted like beer " I can see his blue eyes smile as he was now there resting quietly from the blow job. We both took a little nap as the Alarm clock was shwoing close 8 pm now. I then ask Arnie if he would like me to order some pizza up before the Atlanta Brave baseball game comes on the TV. 

" Yes Cam that will be great and I love the Braves dude " 

" Sorry Arnie I am a Jay's fans here "  The pizza came shortly after 9 pm as the 2 of us ate every piece of the pie. I then had a bet with Arnie that if the Braves lose he will be the bottom tonight.

"Sure Cam you on "

" Okay Arnie same here " The score was the bottom of the 9 inning 1on and 2 outs when the Braves slugger got up to bat, He swing at both 2 pitches as I smile at Arnie, Until 1 minute later he hit it over the 3 base line all the way into the corner as the runner came across the plate.

" Fuck I scream at Arnie" ! 

" Your ass is ready Cam "  

" I guess dude " Before I went over to the bed to lay down and get ready for Arnie big cock. I can see Arnie grab his nap sack and went into the washroom for a few minute. He then came out wearing a nice pair of new Red Under Armour sports briefs with a slid for his hard cock that was  now sticking  out. 

" Turn on your Stomach Cam " As I now felt Arnie slide my underwear off of me. He then pass me some poppers for me to take a snort. I then took a small riff as I felt his hands spread my legs open as he started to tongue my neck all the way down my spine right to my hairy tight hole. 

" Oh Shit Dude " As his whole bearded mouth was eating and licking my hole right out.

" More Arnie more " ! I then felt his 2 fingers go inside of my hole to loosen it all up.

I began to roll onto my back now as Arnie beard and mouth still had some of my ass juice left on it before he wipe it all off his face. He was now rubbing me and himself all down with this heat active massaged oil before he rubbed on his cock, condom and gave me some to rub onto my horny hole now. The Air unit just went on now before the fuck as the room felt well into the 90's now.

Arnie was now standing there pouring more of the oil over both of our hairy chest. He slowly roll up the condom right to his balls. I then watch him slide my ass right up close to his stiff cock. We both took a good shot of poppers.

" You Ready Cam " ?

" Yes Sir Arnie " 

" OH Fuck " ! As a sharp pain started to happen as his cock was going real slow inside me.

" Fuck Arnie hold up dude " He then stop for a few seconds before he push it in further.

" Are you okay Cam " ? 

" I am okay Arnie " It took a good minute plus until he was all the way up there slowly stroking me in and out, in and out. He began to fuck me much harder now as his nibbles were good and hard as I began to pinch them with my left hand. 

" Hold onto my shorts tighter Cam " ! As he was now getting into full throttle as he was really fucking me good and hard. I saw him stood right up on the tip of his toes as he was trying to push his large cock further inside me.

" Fuck Arnie It feels great dude " !

" Fuck Arnie it feels great dude " I was yelling out fairly loud as my hands were so tightly wrap around his briefs while his balls were tightly snug right up against my hole as his huge shaft was fucking me more aggressive.  I can smell that sweat smell of Aqua Velvet cologne  pouring off Arnie  hot sweating body now as I was enjoying put my hands onto his hairy sweaty ass underneath his underwear.

" Harder Arnie " !

" Harder Arnie " !  As it was well into a good 20 minutes of his cock fucking my tight hole. I can now hear him rasping into great sexual pleasure as he started to pound more faster. I was looking into his eyes as they were roll back into his head and his voice screaming out loudly now.

"Fuck Cam I am close "

" Fuck Cam I am Close " 

" Holy Fuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkk  I felt a huge explosion has he was now shaking and orgasming as I felt his balls releasing his huge load of cum inside my hole. We were both totally exhausted by now as he started to with drew his cock from me. I then watch him peel off the condom that had a good ounce of his hot juice that was hanging in the bottom sack of it. I began to watch him get up to go over and threw it into the waste basket by the desk.

" My God Arnie that was the best fuck ever "

" You right their Cam "  As the 2 of us are getting ready to head into the bathroom to shower off all of our sweating smelly body's . The shower felt great as I was soaping and scrubbing off Arnie before I grab the shower handle to spray him all down. I then told Arnie to bend over as I started to tongue and eat out his hairy butt hole. I then watch him smile as he got on his knees has he began now to blow me off. I shot off fairly fast all over his tits and chest before he spray it all off with the water. We both climb out of the shower and started to dry each other off. 

I watch Arnie get dress and put all his thing he brought with him back into his knapsack. We then gave each other one more hug before he left to head home.  I saw Arnie reach into his pocket and hand me a paper with a special number to give him a call when I back in this area again. It was one more deep kiss before I open the door and watch this Brute walk down the hall to grab the elevator.

The rest of the Firemen Convention was great as my Captain only had dinner with me once during the four days. He  try several time to ask me were I was ? I just ignore him and started to chat on other issued.




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