I graduated community college in upstate New York a year ago. I

took an associated degree in Business which didn't exactly get me

a job right away. I friend of my Mom's suggested that I go into

real estate sales. Well, I didn't want to taxi transferees all

around the suburbs looking at a hundred houses while they

secretly made a deal with an owner-seller. But the idea of sales

and real estate did appeal. I answered an ad for commercial real

estate. Now this seemed more manly. I got the job.

I am pretty attractive, light, almost blond hair, still worn

combed forward over my forehead. I thought of changing but it

seems to bring out my odd colored eyes...light grey. I'm 6' 3'

of skinny boyishness. You are wondering if I am gay. Well I am

a reverse candy, lavender on the inside and white on the outside.

I had a boy friend all through high school. It was a big secret.

No one knew because we were both basketball players. How could a

hot basketball player be gay? That kept us in the


We each had dates for the prom. After the prom was over and the

late night breakfast, we two were alone in the car. 'Gabe,'

(that's me...he used to say Gabe babe) 'I have something I want

to talk about.'

I said, leaning over to kiss him, 'Fuck now, talk later.'

He pushed me away. 'Thanks for the offfer but what I want to

talk about is that I am in love with Sue. Tonight we talked

about staying together during college and marrying...eventually.

We had lots of fun but that childish stuff I did with you is


I was devastated. We were together almost four years. He was my

love and my sex focus. Losing him would be like losing my right

side. Tears sprung to my eyes. He batted my should dutifully

but not warmly. I sobbed, 'Okay, if that's what you want.'

Believe or not we shook hands like strangers and he exited the

car. I made up my mind that I wasn't going to be hurt again and

especially by hooking up with a guy.

All through the two years in college I stayed virgin and tried to

avoid gay thoughts. Of course there was some great eye candy

there but I trained myself not to look. My right hand grew

smooth and polished from sliding over my dick but I even limited

myself to twice a week. I was almost ready to take vows.

The first day at McClellan-Green the Human Relations (sexy term,

no?) took me around and introduced me to the staff. I got lots

of hot looks from some of the women but the was really shook up

in the contracts section where I met Porter. He was model

gorgeous, dark curly hair, beard shadow, just under six feet,

hair on the back of his hands, beautifully dressed...and those

eyes, sparkling and snapping blue. His eyes rivaled his other

fabulous feature, a pouty mouth with curvy upper lip.

My guide stepped away for a moment and I could have sworn that

this young guy, Porter, was putting the make on me. He kept my

hand longer than necessary and his face so close to mine that his

breath brushed my cheek. I shivered. Did he notice? It could

have been the hint of beginning of a relationship except he had

several pictures on his desk of an attractive blond girl with him

in several poses: golfing, cook out, boating (his tight muscular

chest decorated with brown hair glinting in the sun.)

He saw me glancing at the pictures. 'That's Pam. Gorgeous isn't

she? You'll have to meet her, she has a friend who would be

perfect for you. She's also tall and slim.'

I was really confused. Did I mistake his overture? Is he one of

those legendary, evenly bi?

When I left him to continue the tour, he called over me, 'I'll be

reviewing your contracts, ask me for any help you need.' But he

made it sound like 'I'll be checking out your stuff and if you

need a hand job, let me know'.

In the coming weeks I worked like a Trojan (but never had an

opportunity to slip on a lubed one.) We needed listings and we

needed sales. I decided to start on Manhattan Island at the

Battery and call on every single company on the way to the top of

Manhattan Island. Of course, I'd be dead by the time I even got

to 34th Street.

As luck would have in, on Wall Street, I called on a large sugar

importing company. I am sure the old auntie president was taken

with my youthful earnestness and he kept wetting his lips while I

made my pitch. Once he asked if I could come up to his apartment

to sign papers.

I prepared the contract and Porter and I sat in a conference room

while he checked it out. 'Hey Boy, this is a big deal. This

transaction alone will put you on the top.'

'There is one fly in the ointment,' I told Porter about my

suspicious that the deal would fail unless I give in to the old

guy's overtures.'

'It's a big deal which could really advance your career here. I

say do what you have to do, Gabe.' He wiggled his eyebrows,

Groucho style.

'But this guy wants to do gay things with me.'

'So what.' He put his arm around my shoulder very far so that

his hand was over my pecs. He stroked my nub. I gasped. 'Fuck

for McClellan-Green. I envy the bastard. You are a dish!'

My mind was swirling but cupidity overcame scruples. I told my

pursuer that I can't go to his apartment for signing, but suppose

I come after five o'clock. 'I love a hands on approach,' I said

which he understood completely.

'Yes, hands on, nothing else.'

That evening I entered the empty building and got buzzed into his

office. It was obscene but he had one sleeve rolled up and

pointed to a bottle of oil on his desk. 'I'll give you a happy

ending to celebrate our deal.'

I held up my hand, 'first sign, then stroke.'

I won't go in all the gory details of the fifteen minutes I spent

with his busy hand but I have to admit that he was a superb at

wanking me and after being a virgin for two years, I almost

fainted as I came. He insisted that I come on his desk. He

lapped it up. I was weak and a little disgusted with myself. I

said goodbye. We met one more time, at the closing. He ask if I

would like another happy ending. I thanked him kindly but


Porter was overjoyed at my success. 'What say we double date at

the Four Seasons, your treat. Pam has this friend I told you

about, Betty, We'll meet Saturday at five outside this building.

Betty turned out to be very cute but also very strong. I think

right from the start of the evening she was goading me about not

being forceful. I'm not sure what she was getting at but I think

it was sexual, you know, that I wasn't sexual enough toward her.

Anyway the whole table was very kind to my wallet and had

hamburgers in the out bar area and Betty only wanted a small

salad. We lingered over coffee and then Porter, who had been

very attentive to Pam suggested that we go to his parents'

apartment. 'Do you know my father?' He asked me. 'He's Porter

Norman the diplomat. He and Mom are in Africa on a mission for

the president. We have an empty apartment for ourselves. I

wouldn't invite you to my hovel in West Village.

The building was on Fifth Avenue, they had the penthouse. I was

overawed. The livingroom alone could swallow up the whole house

in Buffalo in which I was raised. There was a glass staircase to

the upper floor. Porter escorted Betty and I to the library. He

pointed to the couch, 'Have fun kids.' He proceeded up the

stairs with Pam, doffing his shirt and throwing off his loafers

on the way.

Betty took the lead. She kissed nice. I almost cried out in

shock as she rubbed the front of my pants. 'Not hard yet?

Common boy, get with the program.'

She opened my fly and took out my long, limp, uninterested cock,

but a few strokes and some hot licking brought me to erection.

She was an enthusiastic but untalented sucker. However Little

Bobby didn't sense the difference and in a few moments he came


'You're a quick one.'

'Because you are so hot.'

I mixed a drink for us. We downed that and about ten minutes

later another one. These were straight vodka and I was beginning

to stagger slightly. Betty was more drunk than I. She giggled

at my unsteadiness. 'What you need is another cock treatment.

Come over to Dr. Betty.'

At that moment Porter entered. He had been drinking too. He was

further along that I was. He was wearing only his underwear

shorts, his mouth was slack with after sex relaxation, lipstick

smeared all over. I enjoyed this view of his great hairy,

muscled legs and his mussed hair which made him look like a

fifteen year old kid. He leaned over and slurred into my ear,

'Pam wants you to come up to her and I think Betty would like a

little of me. It won't be the first time.' This was not my

scene. I found it exciting to be around Porter and sex but the

girls were in the way and I had to rise (pun) to the occasion.

In any event, I agreed. Porter staggered over to the couch

taking off his shorts as he headed to Betty. I got a quick

glimpse of his stuff. His cock was thin and long. His ball sack

was dark color, almost maroon and shaped like a tennis ball. He

caught me peeking and insolently blew me a kiss. This was the

most perplexing situation in which I didn't know which end was


I headed up the staircase with heavy heart. I had no appetite

for another M/W episode. I entered the room and saw Pam sprawled

on the bed, totally naked and snoring. What a lovely sound! I

tiptoed out and headed back down the stairs. I looked around the

door jam of the library and could see Porter on his back, Betty

crouched over him and bobbing her head up and down. Suddenly she

stopped and slapped his face. 'You fucker, you fell asleep.'

Porter raised up sleepily. 'Did I cum yet?'

Her answer was to get back to her feet and begin dressing. 'I'm

getting Pam and we'll take a taxi. Daddy has an account with


Porter shrugged and fell back on the bed and was soon out.

The girls left, I sat in the library waiting for Porter to

awaken. He sure looked cute, his face all scrunched in sleep,

his cock laying peaceful against his hairy hip.

In about a half hour he must have woken up. I however was fast

asleep on a chair. He slipped on his shorts and came over to me

and apparently blew in my ear or licked it because I woke up with

a start. 'What time is it?'

'It's only eleven thirty. You're not going home in your

condition. You can sleep here...in my bed...but first I have some

terrific shit my dad brought back from Africa in his diplomatic

pouch. I go and make some coffee to keep us awake and then we

can light up. I have two bongs.'

It took all I had to keep from slipping back to sleep. I really

had a lot of booze. He returned pretty soon with the bongs, two

snifters of brandy, two glasses of water and two blue pills.

He said causally, 'Pills will help you stay away. Brandy will

mellow your high from this powerful pot.'

We both took a pill and then toast each other with a sip of

brandy. Oh, that was good stuff, must have cost a fortune. He

busied himself in packing the bong bowls and lighting both and

handing me one. I put my lips to the mouthpiece and drew the

smoke deep into my lungs. It was flavored stuff, licorice, I

think but when the effect hit my brain I was really rocked.

Porter smiled cutely at me. 'Nice, huh? It goes right to your

cock, right?'

We both smiled a silly smile at each other. I really felt happy

to be here with Porter. I moved over to the couch where he was

sitting and put my arm around his shoulder. 'Thanks pal for such

a great evening. You really live, you dog. Oh, I am so high and

so horny.'

He laughed and amazed me by leaning forward and kissing me fully

on the lips, rubbing my lips, hold my head to make the kiss

tighter. I moaned into his mouth and threw my arms around his

neck and pressed my body against his. I had a full erection.

'I'm sorry for drilling you with my cock. I guess I'm a little

worked up.'

'It could be the pill. It was the largest MG dose of Viagra.

Kiddo, you are going to have to engineer a big cum to get down

from there.'

'Oh no. I don't do gay sex.'

'Maybe so but I do.'

He pulled me to my feet and in one motion slipped off my under

shorts. He pulled me across his hairy thigh. 'Whatta you

doing?' I spoke muffled into his upper leg.

'Ooh, that feels good. You can suck me later. Right now I want

to admire your delectable ass. It's different, slim, very smooth

and pale, big dimples on each side.'

He used his hands and fingers to feel each part. My head was

beginning to swim with the effect of his caresses. Now he

stroked between my ass checks, his fingers slightly passing over

my anus. I moaned, my head dizzy, my cock hurting with


'I think you are a natural to be fucked. Have you ever?'

'No never and never will be, I have to get dressed and go.'

'Just a minute Gabe.' He rested a restraining hand on my back

which was beginning to sweat. I think I have to explain the

rules of the game. I must approve your contract. It's still on

my desk, I haven't signed off. Don't you think you can show your

appreciate and make me happy to okay it?'

My mind raced. Not only would I not benefit from this excellent

deal but I might lose my job for pulling such a fiasco. I

whispered, 'What do I have to do?'

'Nothing sexy boy. I'll do it all and take you home, the long


He slipped out from under me. I could see that his cock was

rampant and dripping. He leaned me over the bed, my ass up in

the air. Suddenly I felt his wet tongue licking my hole. It

felt fabulous and I was sailing up to new heights of desire and

then he put his slippery tongue inside. I was breathing like a

race house. He patted my back. 'There, there boy, hold on, I'm

be visiting your insides in a minute.'

I became a whore. I raised my ass further in the air. 'Do it!

I'm going nuts.'

He slipped on a lubed condom and put his large headed cock at my

back door. I couldn't believe my actions, I reached around and

put my hand on the top of his ass and pushed him toward me.

'Oh, you are some hot bitch. You're just like me. You fuck the

girls but you need a man's touch every so often.'

He shouted out in triumph as he guided his cock into my scalding

hole. Then he stopped, panting, I was impatient. 'Wha?'

'I'm just stopping a minute. This is too hot. I almost spew.'

'Do it you fucker,' I shouted.

He began and slow fuck, panting into my ear. I was moaning like

a bitch in heat. Gradually he speeded up and I let out a orgasm

shout. I could feel my asshole ululating around his cock. I was

helpless, my whole body went into the spasm. That did it for

him. He began flipping on my body, his cock shooting streams of

cum into me.

Finally we stopped panting and gradually came down. He spoke

first, 'Hey, I am so beat. I have to sleep. Grab that comforter

on the bed. Just reach out your hands and throw it over us.

He leaned his head on my chest and in a moment the two of us were

passed out in sleep. I woke up first. I shook him. 'Hey Porter

baby, are you going to okay that contract? I let you do me like

you wanted.'

He chuckled a little, almost in his sleep, 'Gabe you simple dope,

I okayed it two days ago.' He fell back onto the floor, pulled

the comforter up over his shoulders and was snoring in a moment.

This was the last sex we had together. He was a little like me,

he didn't want to do it twice with the same guy, he was always

looking for new, shall I say victims. He had already gone

through seducing most if the salesman at the company, youth and

old. 'Pretty soon,' he told me, 'I might have to quit and start

out in a different company.'



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