It was just another boring Monday morning. No job no Cash no Smokes no food and no Girlfriend to cuddle up to when sleep just will not come.

I got up made a cup of tea with the last tea bag in the bed-sit I was existing in and as I had the last of the milk last night then it was bitter to drink but it gave me something warm in my stomach.

This staying alone lark was not all it was meant to be. I had flown the nest on my 18th birthday and used the present money I got from my family as the deposit for a bed-sit in the other side of town.

I had been here for just over 6 weeks but was beginning to hate the independent life I thought it would be all fun. But instead it was horrible. I thought that my mates would be up every day and that I would get a never ending supply of girls wanting to stay overnight with me. It would be a life of sex drugs and dance music 24 - 7

But instead my mates stopped coming up after the first week they found it to far and expensive to continue visiting. I was still well and truly a virgin not even had as much as a touch of a tit since I moved in here.

I was hungry and cold and badly needed to take my clothes to the laundry in fact to be honest I resembled one of those junkie guys you see begging in the town centre .

But I did not want to go crawling back to Mummy. I was too good for that. I decided to Iron my clothes dirty as they were with a hot iron they did not look too bad and off out into the sun for a walk to warm me up and to get away from the boredom of that tiny room.

It was just after 10 am the streets were busy cars speeding about trying to find a parking place people going to work, college, or whatever. I was strolling along head down and my hands in my pockets willing god to allow me to find a ten pound note lying lost on the ground even a fiver would do.

I had been walking for about 25 minutes when I came upon the park gates the park in the west end of the city is a massive area probably about 6 miles from one point to the other. It is in the university part of town and is always busy with students going to and from the university buildings. All sorts of styles pass you by as you walk through from ordinary suited office worker to the total out rages in their bright pink hair and loud colored clothes and everything in between.

I decided to sit on one of the benches and watch the girls go by if nothing else it would give me subjects to fantasize about when I was back at the bed-sit alone later on.

I had been sitting for about 10 minutes 0n the bench when a guy of about forty came over and sat beside me. I looked up at him to see who it was as you do. He smiled at me and I smiled back in a sort of hello expression just to be courteous. I carried on watching the people passing by but I got a weird uncomfortable feeling that this guy next to me was trying to get my attention .I looked around to him he was almost starring through me. Our eyes met he asked if I would like a cigarette, I had not had a smoke for over 12 hours. Although I am not in the habit of begging from strangers I was pretty strung out for a smoke and was more than happy to accept his kind offer although I was suspicious.

I took the cigarette and the guy gave me a light. Then he started making conversation

Him ' you been up long '

Me ' Not really about half an hour'

Him- ' you at the university'

Me - ' no mate just out for a walk'

Him - 'you live locally then?'

Me - ' yea got a bed sit down the road

Him - 'you looking for business?'

Me - 'What do you mean business'

Him -' oh sorry pal I thought you were working the park.

I was not sure what working the park meant but I could tell by the way he was talking that it was something dodgy. And I was interested if I could somehow make a few quid out of it.

Me-' What do you mean by working the park mate'.

Him -' you know doing rent'

I nearly shit myself he was looking for a rent boy he was a mad poofter and even worse he thought I was one as well.

Me -' Fuck off you pervert'

I got up and began to sprint as fast as I could to get away from him. I got out of the park and kept running until I got back to the bed sit and lay on the bed thinking about the close shave I had just had. Fuck I could have been raped by a guy.

I lay there in a dream world my hand on my dick trying to think about one of the girls that had passed me by in the park without as much as a second glance. But my mind kept jumping back to the words the guy had said. ' You looking for business ' ' You working the park ' ' Rent '

Then I started thinking about the night I had stayed at Rab Burrows house. We were both pretty drunk and I decided to stay over at his house. Rab only had a double bed in his room so we both slept in it together. We started fooling around talking about the girls we wanted to have sex with we were both turning ourselves on and before long we began wanking ourselves. Half way through the wank Rab put his hand over on to my cock and started wanking me. Although I was surprised and shocked I never tried to stop him.

No one had ever touched my cock before and I must admit it felt good so I just lay there and let him carry on. After a couple of minutes he took my hand and put it on his dick I began to wank him to be honest it was more fumbling with each other than wanking. Then without any warning Rab got down and started to suck my cock even though I thought it was disgusting that he was sucking my dick the feeling was good and that mixed with the alcohol clouded my better judgment so I just lay back and let him get on with it. Then he tried to get me to do it to him. I shoved him away and went to sleep.

Later on that night I awoke to find Rab was sucking on my cock again I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the experience then when I thought I was going to cum I pushed him away pretending that I had just wakened up and was angry about what he was doing to me. I got up dressed as fast as I could and went home it was only 4am. We never mentioned it again and every time it came into my mind after that I would get a hardon thinking about it but always pushed it to the back of my mind we were drunk it did not mean we were poofs we were only messing about and it got out of hand that's all.

As I thought about that night and about what the guy in the park had said my cock grew harder I found that I was laying there wanking to what Rab and I had done. I was turned on by a guy sucking on my cock and soon I was shooting a load into my hand and the feeling was so much better than when I wank to a girl it was much faster and the sensation felt a lot stronger when I came.

After I cleaned up my mess I lay there thinking about what I had just done. Then about money and how hungry I was. I could do it just once for the money as long as I did not get shagged I was convincing myself I could do it if I was getting paid. All sorts of thoughts where running through my head I could just give the guy a wank it would not be sex really. I convinced myself that if I was doing it for the money then it would just be like doing a job you hated just to feed and clothe myself and soon I had convinced myself that I could lay here and starve to death or go out and see if I could find the guy that had spoke to me in the park.

Convinced I got up from the bed and went for a shower as I washed I was getting carried away in thought soon the only part of my body getting any attention from the soap was my cock and balls as I soaped myself it was turning me on all over again. I had another quick wank. rinsed off my body then dried quickly I pulled my clothes on again and set off for the park again.

It was just over an hour since I had seen him but he might still be there. I sprinted back down to the park. And when I got there I strolled back towards the bench he had been sitting on. He was not there to my disappointment. I kept walking around the park then I saw him sitting on another bench at the other side of the park. My nerves were jumping he saw me and smiled at me again I gave a nervous smile back and went over and sat beside him.

Me- ' could you spare another cig mate'

Him - ' sure I thought I had scared you off '

Me - ' sorry for being offensive mate I am nervous '

Him - ' that's ok here' he passed me a cigarette 'do you want a light '

As I took the cig and then the light my whole stomach was churning

Me - 'How much would I get

Him- ' What do you usually charge'

Me- ' I don't I have never done anything like this before'

Him - ' Is this your first time'

Me - ' Yea I need money bad'

Him - ' You owe the drug dealers?

Me - ' Fuck no mate just starving and need money for cigarettes'

Him - ' What you into'

Me - ' don't know mate but I would not let you shag me'

Him - ' that's ok if you let me wank, blow and kiss you for an hour I will pay £25

Me - ' What do I have to do to you

Him ' the same

Me - ' don't want to suck a guy's cock mate'

Him - ' will you at least try?

Me - ' No mate sorry I will let you do it to me but I would only wank you'

Him - ' in that case I would only pay £15 unless you at least try to suck me

Me - ' I will be happy with the 15 mate where do we do it'

Him - ' you can come to my flat or we can go to yours'

I thought for safety we would be better going to my bed sit he could be taking me to a trap if I went to his.

Me - ' we can go to my bed sit'

Him - ' yea no problem my car is just up here'

Him- ' What's your name?'

Me - ' John' I did not want him knowing my real name .

I walked along the path towards the park gates with him every nerve in my body was going more than once in those few minutes I thought about running off again. He did not sound or act like what I expected a Poof to sound and act like. He seamed just like an ordinary man. We got into his car and I gave him directions to the bed-sit. I was still very nervous but not as bad as I had been when I sat down beside him on the bench.

I was scared but I just kept thinking what I could get with his money. We went up to my bed-sit. As it was a tiny room the only place to sit was the bed. The only things in the room was a bed a TV, stereo, and a chest of drawers. The bed was still as I had left it that morning unmade. I pulled the duvet over to tidy it up a bit. As I did his hands came round me holding my waste his body against my bum.

Him - ' Is this really your first time'

Me - ' Yea honest I have never done this before I am straight but I need the money I will never do it again it is a one off'.

His hands were loosening my jeans and soon his hand was on my stiffening cock. He pushed me gently down on to the bed. He began to pull my polo shirt over my head I kicked off my trainers embarrassed by the strong smell from my 3 day old socks he did not seam to notice but I was sure the room was filling up with the smell. His hands went around my waistband and pulled my jeans and boxers down to my ankles at the same time. Then he pulled them over my feet taking off my socks at the same time.

Reality was now sinking in but it was to late to stop here. I was lying on my bed naked with a Man more than twice my age towering over me getting undressed. As soon as he was naked he went down on me taking my whole dick in his mouth. Although I was still nervous I was beginning to enjoy his warm mouth on my hard cock.

He sucked on me for what seamed like ages and then he moved up beside me his lips came to mine and he started to kiss me and wank me at the same time. He took my hand and guided it to his cock and I started to wank him it was an awkward position so he turned so that his face was down at my cock and his was up at mine. He was sucking on my cock again as I wanked him. I wanked faster as he sucked faster I have to admit it was a great feeling. His cock was just about the same size and thickness as mine but it bent a little to one side. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me down towards his cock. I strained to hold back

Him - ' at least try' 'it gets you an extra £10 and you will enjoy it honest'

I thought about it for a moment thinking how handy that extra £10 would be.

Me - ' Ok I will try but if I don't like it you must stop ok'

My tongue flicked over the tip of his cock. Although there was no smell I was sure that it would taste horrible but to be honest it never really tasted of anything.

Him- ' that's it John just a little at a time until you get used to it'

I put my lips over the tip of his dick and tried to copy what he was doing to me and bit by bit I was taking more of him in my mouth and sucking faster and deeper. Then I felt this right strange feeling. Then I realized he was licking my arsehole it was a crazy feeling I did not want him near my arse but this feeling was indescribable. I could feel his warm tongue dipping in and out of me probing me I was so turned on as I sucked him faster I was really enjoying the experience then I felt his finger trying to get into me I pulled away

Me- ' No mate I don't want that'

Him- ' Ok No problem I was just getting carried away'

He started to suck my cock again I wanked him a little then went back to sucking him then he started licking my arse again wanking me at the same time it was very nice then I felt myself cuming. Before I could warn him I exploded my cum over his hand and the bed then I felt him sucking on my cock again licking up the last of my spunk. My cock was really tender and I had to pull away . As I lay there regaining my breath the guy wanked himself off beside me shooting all over my belly. Then he kissed me on the lips

Him - ' Thanks John that was good'

Me- ' No problem but you know it's just a one off I will never do it again'

Him - ' here is your money he handed me three ten pound notes'

Me-' I don't have any change'

Him-' That's ok keep it you were worth it'

Me -' Thanks'

Him - ' Can I see you again?

Me - ' I don't know mate I don't want to get into this kind of thing I just needed the money desperatly'

Him-' I will be up the park again on Wednesday at the same time if you want to do it again get me there'.

Me - ' Ok thanks but I probably wont be there again'.

As soon as the guy went away I had another shower and gathered up my washing. I went to the laundry to wash my clothes. I went to the shops and got in some shopping while the wash was on. Food cigarettes and six cans of lager left me with only £2.87 but I now had food, milk, teabags, biscuits, crisps, cigarettes and some cans of lager. I felt like a millionaire as I sat in my little bed-sit drinking and smoking away. By 5pm the drink was done I was half pissed and getting horny. I began to wonder if there was other guys like him down the park who would pay me I went out to find out. But that is another story for another time..................




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