The day I lost my virginity....Part 1

Most incidents - good or bad, changes the outlook towards life. But moments like falling in love changes the whole life. This is my story about how I fell in love for the first time. This is a true story and names have been changed. This is my first attempt at writing and English is not my first language.

I am originally from Fiji Island. My parents had to travel a lot due to work and hence my grand parents took care of me. Growing up on farm I was very shy and introvert. In my early teens, I loved to watch shirtless, mascular men toiling in sun in our farms. I used to have pop my little boner in gym shower all the time. I still remember how when I was 11 years old walked in to a young mascular farm hand jerking off behind the barn. I just ran away from there since he made "weird" expressions during his jerk off. I was naive and did not understand what he was doing and why was he giving those "stupid" expressions. The only source of getting information was through friends but I was very shy asking my friends at school. When I was 12 years old, I started wetting my pyjamas during sleep. I never gave it a second thought. Then at age of 15, my family settled in Houston TX. I learned about something called internet and how easy it is to access information through world wide web. It was during this time I got more exposed to male anatomy. It was December '99 when I did something unusual. I rubbed my penis for 3-5 minutes and saw a string of white thick fluid come out. Although scared I did enjoy when the fluid was coming out. This was my first masturbation. I started exploring my body even more. Few school and gym friends were always in my mind when I masturbated. I came to Edmonton AB Canada to study engineering in year 2003. This was the first time I was on my own and I found freedom. I made some good friends at the University. Although I did learn about things like homosexuality etc.. I was always in denial about me being one until I met this awesome guy, Richard.

Richard was my senior and a close friend of one my female friends, Isabell. Me and Isabell were so close that there was no secret between us. We never had sexual feeling for each other although Isabell liked Richard. Richard and Isabell were in same class. One weekend, Isabell and me decided to meet at my bachelor apartment to hang out. Isabell asked me if she can invite her friend Richard. I have heard about Richard a lot from Isabell that I was comfortable saying a yes. It was 8pm on Saturday of September 2005. University has just reopened. I had a nice vacation and was happy to begin new year at the university and meet all my friends. Isabell and Richard arrived and I just froze when I saw Richard. I have never felt that attraction to any person - male or female, before. I was speechless and my mind went blank. I was almost blabbering.

Richard is originally from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He was an exchange student finishing his last year of mechanical engineering. He stood at 6'2 almost about 190-200 lbs strong mascular frame, broad shoulders and a very cute smile. He had a sparkle in his eyes that really attracted me to him. Dressed in a tight jeans and tank top with a light fall jacket and a day old beard, I almost became a fan of his dressing style and looks. I welcomed both of them inside. We settled down with beers and ordered pizza and started talking about anything and everything. During our talk, I was closely observing Richard. He was a good conversationalist and very humorous. He had fun stories to tell. Later that night we called it a day around 2 in the morning. While Richard was using the washroom, I whispered to Isabell that she is lucky to have met Richard and she should probably take him to bed tonight. Isabell just gave a weird look and smiled. They both left and I jerked off a huge load thinking about Richard. I met Isabell on Sunday for a coffee around 4pm. I wanted to ask her about the weird look and annoying smile she gave. I thought we were close friends then why would she give me those looks. Upon clarification, I realized Richard had taste for men. I was very surprised that a hunk like Richard could get any girl in his bed then how come he has interest in men. Remember I was still in denial and I believed I am straight as an arrow. Although I was still a virgin - no experience with either males or females, except self pleasure, I believed firmly that I can be happy with a lady love. I kept telling myself that its just a matter of time that I find a girl of my dreams. Anyways, university gained momentum but me and Isabell met every weekend. Richard joined us on a few occassions. He even invited us at his place for a couple weekends.

It was almost mid December and we had finished our exams. I was staying in Edmonton this Christmas but Isabell was visiting her family out east. On 21st Decemeber 2005, Richard called me informing that he is in Edmonton and not visiting his family in Australia and would love to get to gather with me since he was so bored. I did not see any problem and invited him to my place so we can sit, relax and talk. Richard arrived, same cute smile and sparkle in his eyes. This time I was more conscious since it was just us. We started drinking and had our dinner. Time was running and it was already about 1am. Richard asked me if I have ever smoked a joint. I had never smoked a cigarette, least I would smoke a joint. Also I told him its illegal. He laughed saying I was scared. He went out in the balcony and I had no choice but to follow him. I picked our glasses and walked out in the balcony with him. In fact by now I was feeling the dizziness of drinks and I did something I would have never done otherwise. I asked him to hand me the joint. He was very amused at my request but eventually rolled a small joint for me. I smoked that joint and that made an instant effect on me. We were talking about our families etc and I casually asked me why he not fucking Isabell. Isabell was really interested in him but he told me he was more interested in me than Isabell. He told me he is a gay. He told me that I am also a gay and the way I look, dress, talk, walk. move my eyes while talking etcc.(I am not an effeminate but I have a lot of mannerisms) I just snapped at him and told him I am not a gay and I am waiting for a dream girl to become a part of my life. He laughed and then slowly walked behind me. He eventually started feeling me and slowly grinding his bulge around my ass. I was in state of shock and before I could react, I felt his warm breath around my neck and then he was bitting my ear lobes while twitching my nipples and grinding my ass. His hands started downward journey and he felt my groins. No doubt I had a huge hardon. He whispered in my ears that he has proved that I was indeed a gay. The next thing he said really made me submit myself to this hunk. He told me that he was attracted to me the day we first met and he wanted to be with me as my boyfriend. I felt loved for the first time. My heart was pushing me to experience the new life I am about to get but my mind was still in denial. Probably Richard realized that confusion and he just stopped what he was doing. We went back inside. He suggested we should watch a movie. I got some popcorns and more beers. Richard wanted me to cuddle with him. We finished the movie and slept in each others arms..........Part 2 to follow




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