My friend Roy Don and I were taking a short cut through the woods to get home one day and as we got to this log laying on its side, we sat down to rest. We started talking about girls and after a while Roy Don asked me if I ever had sex with any if the girls in the neighborhood. I said, “No.”
Then he asked, “Do you jerk off?”

Embarrassed, I said, “Not much,” but I actually do it everyday.

Out of nowhere Roy Don stood up and pulled his pants down. Roy Don was a big boy and he had a big cock to match his size. I felt funny staring at it because even though I was seventeen.  It was a naïve seventeen and I’d never seen anyone else naked. Roy Don said, “Touch it.”

I said, “No, I just want to go home.”

Then he said it again firmly, "Touch it."
Roy Don was a couple years older than me and much more masculine so I did what he said. I touched his big cock. 

Then he said, “Wrap your hand around it and jack me off.” Moving my hand up and down, I started to jack him off like I would do to myself and he seemed to enjoy it.                       

All of a sudden he said, “Stop.”

I was startled but I stopped. Then he told me, “Put your mouth on it.”
I said, “I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m uncomfortable with the idea.”
The he said, “OK then just put your lips on the tip of it like you’re giving it a kiss.”
So I put my lips on it liked he told me to do. Then Roy Don held the back of my head and said, “Open your mouth a little.”
Once again I did what Roy Don told me to do and he slipped his cock into my mouth a couple of inches. He said, “Let it slide in and out and suck as you do.”
Again with his hand on the back of my head guiding it up and down, I followed his instructions. Roy Don taught me to suck his cock that day and when he cummed I almost chocked to death. I was surprised when I didn't try to spit it out. It was hot, thick, and salty and had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue. But I swallowed anyway.

Laughing, Roy Don said, “That was great.”        

Roy Don made me suck his cock like that five or six more times that week. And after about the third time I was really enjoying it.           

After he spread the word around the neighborhood that I sucked cock there were three other guys his age that made me suck their cocks. I liked it but I let them think they were making me do it. I never let on that I loved it. Some of the other guys around our neighbor hood called me a fag or some other names and didn't want me to suck their cocks. However I sure would have if they’d made me. 

When I wasn't on my knees being made to suck a cock, I would jack off a lot thinking about everyone's cock.           

My family moved away and in the new neighborhood I was one of the older guys. I still actually wanted to suck some cock. So I figured I was the one who had to make the first move. After a hockey game at the ice rink one afternoon, on my way home with Brandon, I started talking about sex. I could see he was getting interested in my conversation. It was also noticeable that he was getting an erection. When we got to his house, I said, “Do you have any adult movies?”
He said, “No but my brother does.”
He found one and we started to watch it. In it this guy was getting a great blowjob from a beautiful woman. From the bulge in his pants, watching was getting Brandon horny with desire and me ready to suck his dick. I said, “It must feel great, having your cock sucked.”
He said, “Oh yea!”
Then I asked, “Have you ever had sex with anyone?”

“No,” Brandon said. 

Standing, I took down and off my pants. Anyone had only to look to see that I had a raging erection. Eyes bulging, Brandon stammered, “What are you doing?”
I answered, “What do you think these movies are for? You’re supposed to jack off while watching them.” As he appeared to take my answer seriously, I said, “Take off your pants.”

Unsure, Brandon stood up and pulled them off. And there it was sticking out of a thick black clump of kinky pubic hair. Once exposed, he sure had a nice looking cock, stiff, a slight upward curve and with a dark, spade-shaped head and a little pee-slit that glistened with clear fluid. Tearing my eyes away, I said, “Sit on the edge of the chair so that your balls have room to dangle and pretend that you’re the guy in the movie and play with yourself.”
He hesitantly said, “OK,” but before he could say anything else, I was beside him. Then with my hand in his lap I simply started jacking him off.            

I said, “That must feel better than doing it yourself?”
“Oh yea,” he mumbled.
As I was jacking him off, my fingers moving up and down his shaft, I slipped down onto my knees on the floor in front of him. As Brandon stared wide-eyed down at me took him in my mouth. “Oh, God,” he whimpered as my tightened lips went down his thick shaft to the base. Sucking, I pulled them back up to his head. Then I slowly went down again, sucking as I came up. By then he was joyfully moaning, "Ooooooh god yeah, suck it man, suck my cock,” 

Pausing, I said, “Look at the blond on the TV. Pretend that she’s sucking your cock.”

Brandon was enjoying it so much that the 3rd time I went down and started to suck up, he wailed, “Oh, God, I'm cummmmmming....cumming...cumming!” and the he cummed with a gush of hot sticky goo that it just about made me shoot my load. I’d like it if all guys I suck to leave such a load in my mouth.       

Spent, Brandon reached for some tissue to clean himself up. I grabbed his hand, "Wait let me do that." then I leaned down and took his sticky flaccid cock into my mouth. I could feel his eyes burning into the top of my head as I slowly licked him clean. Pausing, I told him, “You have such a beautiful cock. Any time you get horny and want a blowjob to just give me a call and I’ll be over to suck your gorgeous cock for you.”
Beaming, he laughed, “I think I’ll be calling you a lot…and soon.” True to his word, he called me several times over the next couple of weeks. Over he even brought his buddy, Kevin who’s now one of my regular feeders, but with Brandon it was different. He wanted to return the favor. Of all the cock I sucked in the old neighborhood, I never got sucked by anyone. They all just used me, but I didn’t care. Sucking their cocks was something I liked and wanted to do.        

Brandon though has given me many blowjobs in return and I owe it all to Roy Don.              

I have a couple other friends I suck off but Brandon is my favorite. Actually cocksucker don’t have friends they have feeders, but you know what I mean.     

This is a true story about Charles the cocksucker. If I knew you I’d suck your cock. For that matter, I’d suck anyone’s cock. All they’d have to do is tell me that they wanted it sucked. I’m not into anything else so no reciprocation is ever expected. 

I have even sucked off the manager of a Dollar Store near my house. I don’t know if someone told him about me or if he just sensed what I am, but it was about two minutes to until closing and I was the only one in the store. As I was checking out, the manager casually said, “I want my dick sucked.”

When I said, “Ok,” he locked the front door, dimmed the store lights for night and took me back to his office. He liked it slow and easy so he kept me on my knees for about thirty minutes before he feed me his hot load. He calls me about once a week and I show up a minute or two before closing. I go back to his office and when he finishes locking up, I’m on my knees waiting for him.

My mother can’t figure out why but he now gives the family discounts. I over heard dad tell mom that he though the manager was trying to get in her panties. She giggled and said, maybe so but I’m going to take the discount at least until he makes his move and I shut him down.

But because I’m a cocksucker I would suck it just because he has a cock. Cocks are so beautiful that I can’t help worshiping them.

The end…



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