"Daniel, come play gotch-ua with us." It's a gym day in my Lifetime Wellness class, high school sucks. "guy's I don't feel like playing right now, maybe later I'll play." Truth is I hate sports, and it's probably why I'm so fat. My name is Daniel Blake, and I'm a gay 18-year-old high school student, and everyone knows and I don't care. If I want someone's opinion I'll ask, but I don't get to pick what I here.

So I have learned to say fuck em, at the beginning of the year I didn't know any one in any of my classes. The only person I knew in my classes was my friend Tyler. Now Tyler has lots of friend's, and one of them is very popular his name is Cameron.

Cameron is slightly shorter than my 5" 11' hight and 219lbs weight. Which puts him at 5" 8' and about 130lbs. Really cute long hair, and soft radiant sky-blue eyes. Now I on the other hand have hard deep greay eyes that pierce the soul. Im kinda chubby, and you can tell, so I'm not the cutest of all people in the school.

So the class was assined to do a project on a polotical party, and make a video. We got to pick the groups our selves so I went with Tyler, and he with Cameron, and some other guys he knows. I asked,"so who has the camera?" A guy named Alick had the camera, so the first nigh we could work on the project we went to his house.

"So, how do you guys wanna do this?" Alick asked Cameron and I. We agreed on how to do it and finished for the day. The guys agreed to play basket ball untill we went home. Cameron and I began to talk a little, some what of small talk, waht's you're favorite tv show, where do you live, what kind of weather do you like, do you like to swim? It didn't mean much at first, but after a while I felt strange very strange. "So what do you guy's want to do now?" I asked. "How about we watch tv?" Cameron asked. Alick was the first to say anything, "Yeah, lets watch a scary movie." Cameron and I said yeah so we watched it.

The movie was Silent Hill. TO BE CONTUINED.....


Daniel Blake

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