Starting the second week of the 2012 Fall Semester, I get into a 6 PM dinner routine with five of my college buddies as we have meal tickets for one of the UCLA cafeterias. On this particular Friday, we are gulping down hamburgers when I glance across the room and spot the most glamorous boy of my lifetime. My eyes become locked and frozen on his face and beautiful shinning eyes. He senses the stare and catches me looking at him. He stares back and gives me the most sexy smile showing off his dimples. I look away very red faced and do not look at him for the remaining dinner.

I walk back to the dorm with my buddies feeling a wave of heat radiating from my crotch and a semi-hard dick. The beauty of this guy mesmerizes me. Oh, how I would lie to get into his pants.

Does he come to dinner each evening at this time with his three college buddies? I can hardly wait for Saturday evening. WOW, sure enough there he is with his buddies at the same time.

I cannot resist as I once again lock my eyes on his beautiful face and sparkling eyes. He gives me a huge smile as he focuses on my eyes. I am like a young teen with his first puppy love. However, he seems shy and we once again resist any further eye contact during the dinner.

Ever evening for the next four weeks we continue to make suggestive eye contact and smile. We become bolder as we give each other lustful stares. It is obvious that we are lusting after each other.

I am frustrated that the flirting only results in my returning to the dorm room night after night and masturbating until I blast buckets of cum over the four weeks.

On the Friday evening of the fourth week, I cannot resist any longer as I follow this cutie up to the tray rack where we deposit our dishes.

"Hi, my name is Toby. I have wanted to meet you. I am a junior majoring in business accounting and administration."

"Hi, Toby, my name is Asher. I too have wanted to meet you. I am a junior majoring in sports medicine."

"Asher, can I give you my phone number and will you call me for a coffee date?"

"Oh, Toby, yes. I will call you."

We shake hands as shivers run up my spine. I give him my phone number. I am so turned on that I rush back to the dorm and wildly masturbate releasing the largest load of nectar of my young life.


I am in my room studying on Sunday evening when the phone rings at 9 PM.

"Hello, this is Toby." There is a long pause and no answer. ""Hello, is anyone there?"

"Hi, Toby, it is Asher. Is it too late to call? I have been at the gym all evening getting caught up on my work study hours."

"Oh, no it is just fine. I was just finishing reading an assignment for tomorrow. I am so glad you called."

Asher tells me he is in his dorm room that is on the other side of campus.

We chat about our backgrounds. I learn that Asher is from Fair Banks, Alaska. His parents are school teachers and he has four brothers and four sisters. His family is Italian. He is on a scholarship plus work study, as his parents cannot afford his tuition. I also learn that he was a champion gymnast during his four years in high school.His body certainly is a witness to years as a perfect specimen of a gymnast.

I share with Asher that I am from San Diego, California. I have a 17 year-old brother and my parents are successful real estate brokers. Our home is on the waterfront and we spend our summers on our yacht. We often travel on our yacht up the west coast as far as Seattle.

Soon the conversation turns to sex.

"Asher, I need to tell you that I am Gay but I have had only one limited sexual experience. During my senior year in high school, I went out on our yacht with the quarterback of our high school team. We got loaded on beer and became very horny. Soon we both were showing big hardons. Before I knew what was happening, the big quarterback pulled my shorts down and started jerking me off. Then he came down on my aching cock and gave me the hottest blowjob until I came in his mouth. He then pulled his trunks down and had me give him a blowjob until he blasted a huge load into my mouth. It really was great. But I have been too shy to pursue sex again.

"WOW, that is awesome. Toby, I am so glad you are Gay as I am Gay. You have turned me on from the first time I saw you staring at me in the cafeteria. I often masturbate dreaming of you fucking me. You are super gorgeous."

"Gee, Asher, it makes me so happy to know that we turn each other on. I have an idea. I want to go out with you but you have me so horny, can we have phone sex right now?"

"Hell, yes Toby. I am already as hard as a steel rod. Lets talk dirty, direct each other to undress and describe our naked bodies that we have not yet seen."

"Great Asher!! I want you to pull off your top as I pull my top off. Now lets take off our belts, unzip our pants and pull them off. I have on no shoes and socks. How about you?"

"No, Toby, I am barefoot. I now am down to my red hot briefs. I have my hand down the front of my briefs as I jerk my leaking cock. I am so horny baby. Make love to me over the phone.

"Toby baby, I want to be your bitch. As you know, I have dark brown hair with bangs as my trimmed hair hangs a third the way down my ear lobes. You also know I have brown eyes, a prominent chin and dimples when I smile. I have a lean muscled body from my continuing to work out as a former gymnast. I have a year around tan as an Italian. You need to know that my cock has a dark cock head, is 8 inches long, very thick shaft and above average pubic covered balls. I trim my crotch. My chest and stomach are hard. I am 5' 7" tall and weigh 155 pounds."

"OMG. Asher, you are about to make me come. You have seen that I have very blond hair also with bangs and trimmed hair hanging around my neck and about two-thirds down my ears.I am very light skinned and have hardly any body hair except in my crotch and underarms. I have a slim body with lots of muscles and a huge 9" cut cock. My cock shaft is very wide and thick. My balls hang low and are the size of oyster eggs. I am 5' 7" tall and weigh 155 pounds.

Asher, lets take off those briefs and get to fucking. Lets spit into our hands, lie down on our beds and give those hard boners at first a slow jacking off and then speed up. Go for it baby. OMG, it feels so good. Oh, jackoff with me. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Oh I am so hot. Baby, tell me your are hot. Awesome, I hear you moaning and panting into the phone. Your breaths are so short. Give that fucking dick a beating. You are my bitch, horny baby. Aah, Aah, I love that smell of my sweat and precum cock. Are you sweating and oozing precum, you bitch, you whore and slut. Jerk harder. Spit on that cock for me. Tell me what you are doing."

"Toby, you horny hunk. You dirty fucking man lover. I am a virgin but not for long. Make me your bitch. Jackoff thinking about how you are going to feel when you drive that Swedish monstrous cock down my virgin ass. OH FUCK OH FUCK, my cock is so hot and leaking cum. I can hear the sound of your hand on your hot wood through the phone. I want to taste your cum when I suck your cock. Go for it baby. I hear that guys the best fucking cocksuckers because they have a cock and know how it feels. Oh, baby join me as I am sticking my wet finger up my ass. Finger fuck your ass with me. Oh, it feels so good."

"Oh, FUCK Asher, my ass is on fire as I use my finger to fuck my man pussy. OH FUCK, I am near coming. Asher lets spank our ass cheeks as we finger fuck. Oh that hurts. Go for it. Does it feel good? Does it hurt? Oh, it taste so good when I suck my finger. Suck your finger to taste your ass odors. I wish you were here as I am lusting after your sweaty body."

"Oh, Toby, my ass and cheeks are on fire. My finger taste so good after fucking my ass. I wish you were here too."

"Me too, Asher. I am so close to coming."

"Toby not yet. As a gymnast, I am able to suck my own cock. I have a challenge for you. I know you are in good shape. Lets put our legs over our heads and put our cocks up to our lips. Suck that cock head. Go for it. Mmmm it taste so good."

"Oh, yes, Asher. I got my cock head to my mouth for the first time. Awesome, I love my cock in my mouth. The precum is great. Asher i am going to come."

"Toby, I feel my balls rising up tight to my body. My piss slit is opening. I am milking my cock now. YES, I am blasting a huge load onto my chest and onto my face. It is a huge load. Oh Fuck, Oh, Fuck."

"OMG, Asher, here I come. My load is so thick and sticky. I am finger my load and eating it. It is so good."

We both relax and calm down.

"Good night, Asher. I can hardly wait to fuck you and have you fuck me."

"Good night Toby, Baby. I want your cock. See you soon."

After the phone sex, Asher and I decide the next day to join our two tables of buddies together and eat each evening at 6 PM. Asher and I always are next to each other at dinner where we rub our hot legs together and slip our hands under the table for a little crotch fondling.

We are so eager to have our first real sex but we have to wait due to Asher's class schedule and work study. We want the first time to be special and not rushed.

We are able to get away one Saturday evening for a xxx Gay movie. We take the back row with a wall behind us. There is no one else in the row. As the movie begins with two hot guys in a 69 sucking position, we unzips each others' pants and begin jacking off our buddies' red hot cock. Soon we begin to moan as our balls release huge loads of cream into our buddies' hand. We lick our hands and get the first taste of our lover's cum.

Half way through the semester, we have a three day weekend. Asher and I leave on Thursday for my home in San Diego.

I drive us to San Diego on a beautiful sunny day. We have the day to share a special trip and Asher often reaches over and plays with my crotch as I speed toward my parents' yacht for a wild weekend. My parents and brother are waiting at the yacht to meet Asher.


(In part 2 Asher will meet my parents and brother. Asher and I will have three days to have one orgasm after orgasm with one another. I will propose marriage to Asher. Will he accept my proposal?)


Naughty Eric


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