What a greater dream for a man like me than to have a house boy living with him. This was difficult to attain, but luckily I won the lottery and I bought a small cozy place near the college. I am a fit attractive man in my thirty and I look younger. So I advertised for a roommate in the gay community and in the college and I put a notice saying 'men only, one piece of close at any time.'

In the beginning, no one answered me. One night I was hungry and I wanted to order a pizza. I called the place next to my house and no one answered first. It was almost time to close. I decided to go down and check my self. I went down the place and I found the door open. I entered by no one was at the counter. I knew the guy who works there. He is a college student and is a very attractive young man in his early twenty. I suddenly heard a voice from inside asking me to wait. He said that a large open can of tomato sauce fell on him and he had to wash his close. He asked me to close the door. I wanted to help him and he said I could go to my apartment and get him a towel because he was in his underwear.

That was more than I could bargain for. I ran like a rabbit to my apartment and came back with a towel. I went to see him inside the washroom. He was in his brief trying to clean his pants and his shirt. I tried not to stare at his body but I could not. The guy was hot indeed and the tomato paste was on his underwear which made it wet and allowed me to see his bulge and hot bubble butt. I tried to hide my erection and I asked him politely if he wanted to come over my place. He accepted. He wrapped the towel around him and we both went back to my place.

One inside I took his dirty pants and shirt and told him to feel like home. He said that he would like to wash his underwear as well. And without hesitation he took off his brief. The guy behaved normally like he was going to take a shower or something. He jumped on the couch and said to me that he would like to watch TV while I wash his close! He did not have a hard on but his dick and pubes were marvel of beauty. I held my self for the second time and turned the TV on. Then I ran to wash his close in the basement.

I held his underwear in my hands and could not resist the manly smell that came from that masterpiece of erotica. I started to play with my self while sniffing his ass line. I got intoxicated. I did not notice that the man was standing next to me with a hard on and a big smile. He said 'Why do you smell my undie while you can have the real one'? He turned around and spread his ass for me and jumped on the washer. I dived in his ass and inhaled his manly aroma. I came instantly. Then I held him naked and took him to my room. We made a passionate love for the whole night. It was the beginning for the weekend and so he did not have to work tomorrow.

We woke up in the morning naked and covered with cum. He kissed me and jumped on me again. The guy was hornier than me. He smiled and said 'I am going to confess to you. I read your advertisement and I would like to be your house boy' He also said that he was aware of the single cloth and he would not mind being in his underwear all the time inside the house if I do the same. He also said that he would like me to swap under wears with him. He asked me to wear his tomato underwear before washing it. I always had a fantasy to swap under wears with other hot guys. I put on his used under wear and gave him a used one from mine. We went to the backyard and made out for the whole day. No one could see us because of trees. This was the beginning of a very hot relationship which I will gladly tell you about in my future stories.


R Joe

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