Bret Tells The Hot Three Way Encounter

After my incredible first night of wild steamy sex with Rob, the gorgeous dark haired supermarket produce worker, that I had spent six months trying to get into his pants had now moved into my condo the day after our first night of sex. We were both wild with lust for each other. Gay sex had never been this great or such an addiction. Rob was the type of man I'd dreamed about since my teen age years and now I'd had him all to myself. He had the most handsome face, sexy mischief smile, hard slim tanned body, abs as hard as a wash board, sexy eyes, a perfect 8-inch cock with a big cock head and the most incredible hairless pink ass that featured a hard and perfect bubble ass. He gave me total satisfaction making me a cum factory. I was convinced that I would never fuck or be fucked by any other guy. My days of being a gay slut were over. Rob decided I too was to be his only lover.

On a Saturday night, we had prepared a seven course meal to celebrate our first week as lovers and at least 10 fucking sessions. After dinner, we decided to spend the evening watching TV in my den and enjoy a bowl of popcorn as we curled up together in a warm blanket. Around 10 PM the door bell rang and I said: "Who in the hell is that at 10 PM?"

Rob said: "Hell, I have no idea."

I got up and went to the door. Fuck there stood Sean, the hot waiter, with a case of beer and three DVD's. What the hell?

"Hi Bret, I found your address and was hoping that you and Rob would like to share a couple of beers and maybe watch these really hot gay porno scenes. I just got off work early as business was slow tonight. May I come in?"

I heard Rob yell: "Hey Bret Baby, who is that at the door?"

"Honey it is the waiter Sean, he has some beer and several porno flicks. Can we invite him to come in to share his beer?"

"Sure Baby, that sound like fun as we are fresh out of beer. He seems to be a nice guy and maybe he will become a friend to share going to the movie or a sports event from time to time."

I invited Sean in and we put the beer in the frig except for three beers that we began to drink. Sean sat down on the sofa between Rob and me dressed in those really tight black pants and a pull over shirt that looked like it was glued to his rigid slim body that were part of his restaurant dress code. Man he had the biggest bulge I'd ever seen in a pair of tight pants. It looked like a policeman's night stick as it lay down the side of his right leg. He was wearing the most seductive type of cologne that made him even more desirable.

Although I tried to ignore how hot he was, my cock had other ideas as it began to grow and I noticed a movement in the front of Rob's pants. Gee this was about to get out of hand. I did not want to do anything that would harm the pledge that Rob and I had made to be loyal to each other and not play around with any other guy. Sean was making that pledge difficult. He was one devious guy using all his gorgeous features to make us have a problem with our libidos.

After a couple of beers each, feeling a little light headed and horny along with the tight fit on the sofa that had our legs rubbing against each other Sean spoke up and said: "Guys do you ever watch gay porno and get turned on from the hot blowjobs and fucking ass? I brought along three very hot porno scenes of really hot fucking guys. How about watching them with me. Each one runs for about 20 minutes."

Rob spoke first and said. "Hell yea, Bret and I love watching porn and especially certain fucking hot guys."

I agreed and I took the DVD's and put the first one in my player that came up on my movie sized TV screen and I say back down on the sofa. Shit it turned out to be one of my favorite guys of porn. It was a scene called "Morning Sex" starring Andy Taylor and Evan Parker from Helix Studios. Evan is one of my favorite dudes. He is so hot and has a gorgeous cock. As we watched the flick, Andy mounted Even and they began to wildly fuck. I lost all control and became horny as hell and my cock became stone hard. I had no resistance left for what ever Sean, Rob and I might do. My cock had become my master. Soon my shorts became wet with pre-cum. I also noticed huge bulges in both Sean and Rob's pants. Sean's plan was working.

As the flick got hottier and more lustful, Sean unzipped his pants and took out that monstrous 11-inch dick and began to rub it hard as the head became slick with drops of pre-cum. I noticed Rob could not rake his eyes off that huge cock.

When that flick ended and the two guys shot their load, Sean said: "Hey, Bret put in the second flick. OH shit, it was another favorite of mine called "Paul Cannon Fucks Johnny Forza on the Sofa from Broke Straight Boys."

I've never been able to watch gorgeous Paul Cannon come without my busting a nut. As we watched Paul insert his incredible cock up hot Johnny's ass, I lost all control as I unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard 7-inch stone hard cock and began to jerk it off. At the same moment, Rob took out his big 8-incher and began to jack off. All three of us were beyond any further resistance. We had to have sex and it would be a three way was now obvious.

As Paul began to pound Johnny's ass on the screen and they moaned with pleasure, I reached over and took Sean's horse cock in my hand and began to masturbate him. He in turn grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off. Then Rob took his lips and tongue and came down on Sean's nuts and went wild licking those balls and taking one at a time in his throat. Soon we were moaning, grunting and our hands became wet with all that oozing pre-cum. The smell of sweat, cum and hot breaths filled the air in the room.

Sean begged: "Rob Baby, suck my nuts, yea that is it. Help me make lots of cum in those balls. Man, your hot lips and tongue are great. Gee you're one hot dude. No one has ever sucked my nuts like that. Hey guys don't come when Paul and Johnny shoot their loads cause we have one more hot porn show to watch."

When Paul shot his big load, I managed for the first time not to come when he did anticipating the next flick.

I got up and put in the third flick. Fuck another favorite one of mine as well as Robs. It was "Clay Anker Takes Jason Key's Cock" from Gay Hoopla. Clay's long curly hair, gorgeous face, perfect body along with an awesome cock had me ready to fuck and suck all night. As Jason began to fuck that hot ass of Clay, we went into total lust and ready for a fucking hot night.

Feeling no pain from the consumption of all that beer and driven wild by those hot porn guys on the screen, we lowered our pants and shorts to our knees and got ready to suck cock. I got down on my knees in front of Sean's hot crotch as he remained on the sofa and I began to use my lips to swirl my hot tongue around his huge dark brown hot pulsating cock head as it leaked pre-cum. Sean lowered his face onto Rob's throbbing cock while Rob remained seated on the sofa and began to take that entire tool deep in his throat.

I spent lots of time kissing and sucking that awesome cock head. After several minute, I took my tongue and ran it up and down that huge hot wet cock shaft feeling a big vein throbbing on my tongue. I loved the smell of Sean's clean smooth crotch. I was too busy to watch what Sean was doing with Rob's cock but it must have been an awesome blowjob as I heard Rob moaning and begging for more and more. I started slowly swallowing the biggest cock I'd ever had in my throat. Some how I managed to drive that huge cock down my throat until my lips were at the base of that monstrous dick. I went wild sucking his cock faster and faster. I would pulled part of the way off that horse cock and then drive it back down deep into my throat.I felt his cock throbbing on my tongue, the taste of his pre-cum running down my throat and hearing all that moaning on the flick caused me to grab my own cock and jerk it wildly as I sucked on Sean's manhood. This was sizzling hot sex.

Then I heard Clay Anker moaning and yelling for more. This was too hot for us to last much longer. After about five minutes of sucking Sean's oozing cock while he watched Clay getting fucked on the screen, I heard Clay and Jason say they were about to come. That set Sean off. I felt his cock head swell, his piss slit opened and his nuts tightened up against my chin as he began to blast hot shots of warm cum to the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could. He shot the biggest load of cum I'd ever experienced. It tasted both thick and salty. I loved the cum meal.

In a few seconds, I heard Baby Rob say: "Yea suck my cock. Hell here I come." I stood up and watched part of Rob's big load of cum run out of Sean's mouth and down his chin. I got down and began to lick that extra cum of Rob's juice off Sean's chin. It too had an awesome taste.

When they were both spent, we all three watched Clay and Jason shoot their hot loads. Man was I in need of getting my nuts off. Rob and Sean decided to help me get off. They put me on my back on the sofa. Sean got down on his knees in front of the sofa and took my iron hard cock down his throat while Rob got between my legs and began to rim my ass as I lifted my feet and legs up high in the air. Hell, I was in heaven with my cock in Sean's hot mouth and Rob's lips and tongue taking care of my ass. The feel of tongues on my cock and on my ass had me dizzy with lust. It took only about four minutes for my cum to gather in my balls and I blasted a big load of thick white salty cum down Sean's throat while Rob continued to rim my ass.

Sean got up and began to kiss Rob and share my cum with him. We did a community shower. We were by then hungry for food. We took a pizza out of the frig and cooked it. We ate it while consuming more beer.

We then went to my bed and got ready for a night of fucking ass. Who would be the bitch and take the other two big hard cocks or would we all get fucked?

Stay tuned for Part 4


Naughty Eric


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