Ricky has just begun his junior year of college and is returning after winning the regional gymnastic championship as a sophomore. But during the first week of school starting his junior year, Ricky and three of his buddies were cited for drinking under age on campus and for mooning one of the college security guards.

Ricky and his buddies were brought before the college disciplinary conduct committee chaired by Ms. Jones, a 60 year old spencer and very conservative legal enforcer. Ricky was allowed to remain in school but would be banned from all sport competition for one year. The committee's decision can be appealed to the college Dean of Students who happens to Rudy. Ricky asks Ms. Jones for an appeal.


We have just finished track practice on a sunny Thursday afternoon and I have released the team. As their coach, I try to stay in good shape so I remain on the track and run laps for a mile.

As I relax in the bleachers, Ms Jones approaches me with Ricky. She informs me of the of the punishment and Ricky's wish to appeal. She then departs.

I have never seen a more gorgeous type guy or man that resembles a photo of an ancient god. He has a perfect body or trimmed hunk.

Ricky approaches me wearing only a pair of short short white trunks, white tennis shoes and white socks. I am weak in my knees as I gaze upon his body from head to toe.

Ricky stands 5' 10" tall, weights 150 pounds, a beautiful tan, blond hair with bangs as his well-trimmed straight hair flows around his head down to the bottom of his neck. He has clear light blue eyes. His body is so smooth and hairless except for a light fuzz under his arms and light pubic hair sticking out of his tight shorts.

He has a chiseled muscled chest, chiseled prominent jaws, rock hard muscled arms and orange sized biceps. When he smiles he has perfect teeth and cute dimples. He also has bulging hard thighs and hairless strong legs. Ricky has a flat stomach and very big nipples.

As he comes close to me, his snug-fitting shorts display a perfectly round ass. The front of his shorts are clung pressed around his crotch that show a lot of promise from the big bulge in his groin area. It appears that he is carrying a possible proverbial horse cock.

As a devout Gay man, I cannot imagine such a hunk does even exist let alone that I might get into his pants. Ricky has a slim body that is result of his year's as a gymnast---slim and strong.

Then the impossible happens as Ricky moves up against my body as he gives me the most erotic smile I have ever seen. He solicitously rubs one of his hard legs/thighs against my sweaty body, shakes and grips my hand for the longest time and takes his other hand and places it on my shoulder. I can smell his hot breath as he softly speaks into my ear: ""Sir, I want to appeal my year's suspension to your office. I believe the punishment was too harsh for the offense. I want to participate on this year's gymnastic team and maybe go to the nationals. Ms. Jones and her committee are such old stuffed prunes."

I am in no condition to make an objective decision. I feel my nuts tingling, feel a wave of heat radiating from my crotch and my boner is trying to escape my jockstrap and shorts. This Greek god has me in his spell. I try to recover by saying: "Ricky, you know that our conduct code does not allow under age drinking as well as the state law. And how can I ignore the disrespect to one of our security officers when you and your buddies moon him."

Ricky looks directly into my eyes, rubs his body erotically harder against my hot side and squeezes his hand on my shoulder and down my arm before saying: "Sir, I will do anything you want if you will lessen my penalty. You are a really cute and hot man if yo know what I mean. Recently, at my part time job, my male boss proposed a proposition that benefited both of us. Can we not come to a mutual understanding? I swear I will be discreet and keep the secret for life."

I am loosing this battle. It is time to surrender. "Well, Ricky, I tell you what. Tomorrow is Friday and I have a free evening. Why don't I pick you up at your fraternity at 6 PM. We can have dinner and discuss the options. You know that there must be some form of punishment."

Ricky looks so grateful smiles, displays those sexy dimples, takes both of my hands and puts them inside his hands and says: "Oh, thank you sir. I will do whatever you decide. I can hardly wait to have dinner with you."

He takes one of his hands, puts it up to his mouth, kisses it and then places it across my hot lips. As he walks away, I am fixated on his beautiful ass as he swings it up and down and sideways. I also notice that the bulge in his pants is growing larger.

I pick Ricky up at 6 PM and notice he is carrying a sports bag. We go to the restaurant at the private club where I am a member. During the dinner, we get to know one another better.

During dinner, Ricky intentionally flirts with me through his sexy smile, using his seductive eyes to penetrate my brown receptive eyes. He is rubbing his rock hard leg and thigh against my inner thigh. WE are both rock hard through dinner.

Near the end of dinner Ricky says: " May I call you Rudy?" I respond: "I would like that very much." He continues: "Well, let me be honest with you, Rudy. I am willing to spend the night with you. And I will accept whatever punishment you decide."

"Ricky, I really want yo to spend the night with me. I have decided to change your punishment to 50 hours of campus volunteer work. You can participate on this year's gymnastic team." With tears in his eyes, Ricky, says: "Rudy, thank you, thank you! I want to please you tonight. I really find you so hot and handsome. I would please you even if you had not changed the penalty." I wonder if that is true but I want this hunk in my bed tonight.

When we get to my condo, we go directly to my large bedroom, with a huge water bed, mirrors on the ceiling and candles burning around the room.

Ricky goes into the bathroom carrying his sports bag. I undress and lie down on the bed. I am 5' 10" tall, weight 160 pounds, have brown eyes and well-trimmed short brown hair. I have a trim muscled swimmer's type body. I have strong arms, biceps, legs, thighs and abs. I have whorls of brown hair surrounding my nipples as it tapers off to a treasure trail leading down to my crotch with my well-trimmed pubic hair. I have brown fuzz on my legs and a smooth huge 9" cut cock with a thick girth along with over-sized balls.

Ricky blows my mind as he steps back into the bedroom wearing only the white tight trunks that he was wearing at the track. He is spouting a huge bulge in the trunks and showing a sexy smile. My cock starts jerking as if it is going to jump off my body.

"Rudy, I am yours tonight. I am totally a bottom. You might say I am a bitch and tonight I will be your bitch. I do not top but I love to get and receive head. Lets suck and fuck tonight. I know you want me and I desire you."

Ricky jumps up on the bed on top of me and begins to hump me wildly. Our cocks are rubbing against each other and are leaking lots of precum that wets our crotches. Ricky's shorts are now soaked through and through. He begins to kiss me with hsi sensuous curled wet lips. I eagerly open my lips to receive his red hot tongue. I can smell his hot erotic breath as he pants with lust. Ricky's sweaty animal smells is causing me to go wild for him. I grab his buttocks and pull them tightly against my wet mouth. We are humping like primitive cave men.

After the longest sloppy session of kissing and humping, we are tasting each other's tongues and spit. Ricky moves up to my mouth with his soaked shorts and I suck on them as I devour the wet cum off of them. He pounds my face. He arches his back and thrust against my mouth and head.

I cannot wait any longer to see, feel and taste his big cock. I put my thumbs under the elastic of his shorts and pull his shorts off. OMG, he has the most beautiful 11" cut cock I have ever seen. His cock has a huge cock head, big piss slit, very thick girth and large smooth balls and sac.

Although this horse cock will not get into my ass because he is a bottom, I can hardly wait to suck this monstrous dong.

Ricky's red hot stone-hard prick stands straight out with a Y-shaped vein pulsating as I grab the base of the boner and I take his throbbing cock between my lips. I relax my throat muscles to receive the hard thrust of Ricky's very wet and leaking cock. He drives all the way in and begins to pound my mouth and throat with one fucking thrust after another---over and over.

Ricky is so excited as he drives his huge cock down my throat. I hold on by grabbing his butt cheeks and pushing them forward while he uses his slim hips to face fuck me for the longest time. My mouth is full of cum, spit and sweat from his missile.

I can feel his hot and wet balls rubbing against my chin. His crotch smells so hot and sweaty.

Ricky is overcome with lust as he says: "Baby, swallow my cock, eat my cock, and love my cock. How does it taste? Do you like my tool? I want to be your sleazy slut."

I cannot speak with my mouth full of his cock but I moan and pant with pleasure. I blow him for about 5 minutes before he pulls off.

Ricky starts nibbling on my earlobes while he pinches and bites my hard nipples. He then explores my body as he licks and sucks both of my arm pits, down my chest, down my stomach, on my abs, licks my cock shaft, runs his tongue underneath my balls and cock shaft and finally tongues my ass. For the next 20 minutes he eats my ass, sucks down on my cock (deep throats it), takes my balls in his mouth and fingers my asshole.

It is the most lustful oral fucking one could ever imagine. I am thrusting my ass and butt cheeks up to meet his hot mouth. I beg: "Oh, you sweet bitch, you slut, you hunk, FUCK ME with your mouth." My cock ans crotch are throwing off incredible heat into Ricky's mouth.

Ricky moves up to my mouth and plants hard kisses on my eager lips. WOW! The taste of my crotch is so erotic for both of us. It is now my turn to suck Ricky's huge cock and eat his ass.

I take the now soiled bed covers off and place Ricky on top of the sheets on his back. I lift his legs up on his chest, spread them eagle style, and move down on his down on his precum covered crotch. I loose no time as he begins to squirm wildly. I spit all over his groin area and cock.

I rotate between running my tongue up and down his cock shaft, putting his balls in my mouth and tonguing his man pussy. I take all his 11" cock down deep into my throat inhaling his thick girth and wet smell. I finger his ass with three fingers. After about 10 minutes of my best ever blow job, Ricky yells: "Rudy, you horny stud, you fucker, you better withdraw or I am going to fill you with my huge hot white load of cum."

I feel his cock head swell, his balls harden and rise, and the cock pulsates. He yells: "Ok, baby, here it comes. Take all my white seed. Take my juices, baby. Let me feed you my semen. You are asking for it, you horny fucker.

I am too horny to pull out. He squirts blast after blast of thick cum down my throat. I count at least seven big blasts and some smaller ones before he is spent.

I do not swallow as I pull off his cock. I dump the huge load out of my mouth onto his stomach. Ricky reaches down with his hands and smears the cum all over his stomach and chest. He orders me to lick up the mess as he licks his cum covered fingers. I lick him clean and place my lips over his now cum covered lips. We kiss and share his tasty thick salty cum.

Ricky begins begging to be fucked. I do want to plunge my over hard cock into the most beautiful, smooth, slick and pink ass I have ever seen.

I ask Ricky: "Baby, I am so far gone and horny, I will not last long so what position do you want as I fuck you dirty bitch."

Ricky selects to be placed on the bed on his back.

I rush to put a pillow under his gorgeous pink ass, pour lots of lube into his his wide-open pulsating ass and lube my hard missile. We have already prepared by cleaning Ricky's ass (douche) so I can fuck him bareback. I insert my steel rod slowly into his waiting asshole. He pushes his ass up to meet my cock as I drive into his deep ass channel. Oh, what a sensation for my cock and his ass. It is so hot and exotic. I feel his prostrate rub against my cock shaft. He goes wild from the slick feeling of the two rubbing together. The harder I pump his ass the more he moans and pants in delight.

I feel him blow air out his nose. Our bodies are like one endless body as we moan and sweat.

My cock and Ricky's ass become drenched from the precum, lube and juices being produced. My boner is sliding in and out with such ease. The feeling of my cock mixing with Ricky's over heating ass is making us both feel urges never before experienced. Ricky is using his ass muscles to close around my cock so hard that he is about to squeeze the cum out of my boner.

As I lie flat down on his body while still pounding his ass, I can feel our heart rate rise sharply.

"OMG, Rudy, no one has ever fucked me so hard and absorbed my entire ass into their cock. Oh, my master, my horny master,, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, Aaaaa, Mmmmm!! Oh, I am yours." Drive your cock all the way up ass to my mouth. Make me pay."

"Oh, Ricky, you make me so hard. I cannot atop. I am going to cum. I am cumming. Here it is. Take all my seed up that beautiful man pussy."

When spent, I pull out and feed my dripping cock to Ricky as he sucks me dry. I finger his ass and we both enjoy my cum covered fingers.

We embrace. Ricky says: "Rudy, this is only a down payment to you. Next time I want you to fuck me in ever room of your condo. I want that dangerous cock up my ass from many angles."

I am horny again as I say: "Ricky, my buddy and sweet bitch, slut and horny guy, I think you have many more hours of service owed me."

"Rudy, yes I do."



Naughty Eric


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