10th grade and I am in hostel. I'm 16 years old and my two roommates, Kan and Lebo, are both 17. We have been living in this big room for 5 months now, and we are almost done with our mid-terms (South Africa, they're in June). For the past few days we've been playing this game after 'lights out', where we would run around jumping into each others beds for about 2 mins and then we'd switch beds again. This would last about 30 mins, and we'd sometimes find ourselves spooning for a little while in the same bed, then we'd call it a night.

Today it's Friday and Lebo has gone home for the weekend. Lights out is an hour later during the weekend, and I ask Kan to join me for a shower before bed, he accepts, since this is our usual night routine. Straight afterwards we jump into our pj's and into bed. 'Lights out' the superintendent shouts, Kan quickly goes for the light switch and rushes towards my bed and I go for his. Giggling the whole time, we repeat this 3 or 4 times. Now i'm in his bed and he's in mine, he says 'wait right there' and comes towards his bed with my pillow in his embrace.

He gets into bed and cuddles in right behind me. Me being a mommas boy, I say 'surely nothing beats a good cuddle?', 'yeah' he says, coming up right against me. Shivers rush up and down my spine, and he asks 'like this, you mean?'. Puzzled i say 'sure', and I hear him smile and then I smile too. Now with our bodies heating up, he suggests that we strip down to our underwear, I comply and in 2 seconds we are both in our jockeys. 'back to cuddling' he says, and I reply 'definately'.

Him being very slim and flat, and me being average built, i suddenly feel something pressing up against my butt with rapid acceleration. Zoned out, I ask 'Kan, what's that?', 'what's what?' he replies. 'the foot long flesh pushing againts me' i say, 'oh that' Kan says. With my mind going crazy I realise that a 9inch cock was at my door step. I straighten my body up and I freeze from the tension, Kan tells me to relax and that he'd never do anything I didn't like to me. A sigh of relief runs through my body, relaxing all of my tensed muscles in the process.

Kan then arcs his legs with his right one pointing upwards, then he slowly removes the blankets and drops them on the floor. 'Look' he says, I turn over to see what he had uncovered for my indulgence. Shocked i say 'WOW dude!!! thats definately not the cock i just saw in the shower', with a grin on his face he says 'i'll let u touch it if you let me touch yours'. Hesitantly I say 'sure, go for it'. This guy clearly had thought things through, cause he didnt waist a second placing his hand on my business, where he was greeted by a delegation of oozing precum and a blossoming 7-incher. 'Mhhh' he moaned, which is when I reached across to see whether or not I could wrap my innocent hand around his guilty party. Not suprisingly, i couldn't, and before i could let go, he moaned and moved up and down in my hand, 8 jerks later, i was hard as hell and said 'w...w...w...wait, oh shit', and he could tell i was about to blow from the extremely tight grip i had on his cock. 'If i let you cum in my mouth, will u kiss and suck me?', hanging on by my last thread and knowing fully well that i had never came 'into' anything in my life before, i screamed 'yes, yes, yes, yes!'. In no time Kan got up and positioned himself for the task at hand, diving in he nearly swallowed my cock. And as soon as he could release my cock from the confides of his throat, i pushed it even deeper than before and shot my load soo deep into his system that i think some of it went into his lungs. The biggest and definately best load i've ever delivered in my life, all for my best friend Kan.

'My turn' he said, after swallowing the last traces of my produce. Feeling like i just got out of a coma, i said 'sorry dude, you've just drained the last bit of energy i had', 'no problem' he replied, with excitement in his voice. He leaned over and started to kiss me, i enjoyed his cold salivuor and whatever traces of cum he still had on his lips. Lying flat on top of me and with his gigantic cock dominating our abdominals i wrapped my arms and legs around him in love and comfort. He then grabbed my now exposed ass with both hands and squeezed tightly.

Being in dreamland i guess i never expected him to stick a finger up my ass, then two, then three. At this point i had stopped kissing him and my eyes were closed shut, mouth wide open, as if i was screaming silently. 'still not up for that bj?' he asked, and as the pain subsided and the pleasure was kicking in, i whispered 'i want u to fuck me instead'. As if i had just signed on the dotted line, he didnt waist time to grab sum lube from his drawer and possition himself by hanging my legs over his shoulders. 'slowly' i heard myself say, 'definately' Kan replied. Slowly he pressed up against my treasure, invading the privacy of any spiders that had settled there. 'Ahhh' we both moaned as his dick head penetrated me. To give you a clear description of this boys cock length; I was trying to hold him back so as to prevent him from going deeper, but my hands couldn't reach his hips to stop him. Only when he had about 4inches in me was i able to dictate the rate of penetration. I could tell Kan was nearing his climax, as he was pounding me faster. Then one push later he unleashed a mother load soo deep in my hole i was twitching around just to accommodate it. Wow! What a night! True story...



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