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                                                Chapter 7

The second Brad Williams got home from his after school session with the hunky Coach Jackson the first thing he did was run upstairs.

            “Knock knock.” Brad said, tapping his knuckles on the door announcing his arrival in the same way his father does.

            What was it with Americans saying they’re knocking instead of just actually knocking? I thought.

            “Yes?” I called out from my bedroom. “What the hell happened to you?” I asked, startled by how exhausted he looked. “Let me guess. You didn’t have the guts to tell Coach Jackson you wanted to fuck him so he made you do laps for bothering him while he was in his office?”

            “Oh Ollie… You should know by now that if I want ass I’ll get it.” Brad said, grinning.

            “No… Don’t tell me you actually did it!” I gasped.

            “Of course I did. He barely even made me work for it.” Brad said casually.


“Dude, I can’t believe this. Tell me about it.” I implored him.

            “Fucked him over his own desk and then he rode me while I sat in his own chair.”

            “You fucked Coach Jackson over his own desk? In his office?” I gasped again.

            “Sure did. I even had to take my dick out and change positions so he wouldn’t cum too fast.”

            “Wow, so Coach Jackson is a bottom.” I said incredulously.

            “Who said that?” Brad asked. “His ass is off limits to anyone else but me. I didn’t even need to tell him that. He just knows it. You don’t forget the guy who takes your cherry.”

            “How would you know?” I countered, knowing full well Brad Williams and his cherry were still very much in tact.

            “How would you?” He turned it around.

            “Fair enough. So you got to take his cherry?”

            “You bet your ass I did.” He said proudly. “And I’m telling you, if you thought I had a thick cock…”

            “No shit! I knew he had to be hung. I mean, just look at him.” I sighed. “You know, the brotherly thing to do would be to take a picture and show me like I did for you.”

            “First of all, you didn’t show me that dude’s face so it’s unfair that you know who my guy is. Second, do you really think I’m stupid enough to take out my phone while my dick is up Coach Jackson’s ass? He could shatter my phone into a million pieces with only his pinky if he wanted to.”

            “Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t want to make that dude angry.” I agreed.

            “And that’s why I’m the one who got to take his ass. I’m not afraid to show him who’s boss.”

            “I’ll have you know I’m doing okay without him. Though I have to admit, Coach Jackson is quite a get.” I laughed.

            “Look at us. The two biggest studs on campus living under one roof.” Brad said proudly, patting my shoulder. Little did he know his dad made stud number 3. After all, Mike Williams was getting laid just as much as I was


The next day at practice I was looking at Coach Jackson and his hulking frame just wondering what it must have been like to fuck a man like that.

            “Watch it, that’s my girlfriend you’re ogling there.” Brad teased, sticking his hand out to block my vision.

            “I just can’t believe you got him to let you fuck him.”

            “Believe it. I think I’ll fuck him again after practice if I’m feeling it.” He said casually.

            Coach Jackson spotted us and blew his whistle powerfully. “Williams! Africa! What the fuck are you two standing there for? Get your lazy asses out on that field now, you slackers or I’ll make you do laps!” He yelled from the stands.

            At that moment I gave Brad an eye roll and punched his shoulder. “You liar. I can’t believe I believed you.” I said shaking my head as I hustled to the field. I knew Brad was a proud person, so I was surprised that he would lie to me about fucking Coach Jackson just to save face. I should have known. Coach Jackson was way too scary to take on like that.

            “Hold on a sec there, Olujimi.” Brad called out, running after me. He called me by my full name. This was serious. “Do you think I’m lying?”

            “Through your teeth. Did you see the way Coach just talked to us? There’s no way you got that man to bottom for you.” I replied.

            “Alright.” He said, pausing for a moment to think.  “I suggest you to get a drink from the water fountain below the bleachers in about 30 seconds.”

            “Brad, what are you talking-“

            “Just do it.” He pressed, turning to go to the front of the bleachers while I sighed and went around to the back.

            I made my way to the water fountain underneath the bleachers and waited. What was Brad doing? Through the slats in the bleacher floors I could see Coach Jackson’s huge ass and his towering frame. And then I began to make out Brad walking his way up to meet him. Fuck, Brad, what are you doing?

            “What is it, Williams?” Coach asked impatiently. “Connors! You call that a throw! Start it over! And this time don’t fuck it up!” Coach yelled out to the field, blowing his whistle sharply.

Brad knelt down as if he dropped something and then reached his hands up to grab a hold of Coach Jackson’s big muscle ass, squeezing a meaty cheek in each hand. “What the fuck are you doing, Williams? Not here.” Coach Jackson panicked. 

I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Brad stood up and brought his lips just behind Coach Jackson’s ear and whispered just loud enough so that he knew I would hear him. “I want you ass up in your office waiting for me at 4:30.”

Coach Jackson closed his eyes and waited for a second.  I couldn’t even imagine what he would say or how he would react to Brad’s very public display. Fortunately everyone out on the field was too busy trying to escape his wrath by focusing on the ball rather than looking in our direction.

Coach Jackson whispered back, “That’s in 20 minutes, Williams. And practice doesn’t end until 4:45.”

Brad slipped his hand under Coach Jackson’s shirt and ran his hand along Coach Jackson’s giant pecks. “Well then you better call it early then, Coach. Especially since you’re going to shower first so that you’re nice and squeaky clean for me.”

Coach Jackson closed his eyes, conflicted. “Williams, there’s no time. Besides, the guys will want to shower before they go home so we won’t have the place to ourselves until at least 5:00.”

“That reminds me.” Brad said, giving one of Coach Jackson’s nipples a good pinch, making him wince and then moan. “You’re going to give me the keys to your office so I can use your private shower. My muscles have been pretty sore lately since you’ve been working us so hard so I could use the extra space to stretch out in the steam.”

I couldn’t fucking believe this. Brad Williams had the Head of Athletics Coach Dan Jackson wrapped around his fucking finger. Hell, he was fondling him out in the open during practice.

“You- You want to use my shower?” Coach Jackson questioned. “I don’t know, Williams, it’s barely big enough for me in there alone.”

“You’ll use the team shower and wash off with the guys.” Brad commanded, brushing his nose softly on the back of Coach Jackson’s neck. Brad Williams had made seduction an art. “Just make sure your ass is nice and fresh for me. I think you can manage without anyone noticing.”

“Williams, I don’t know about this…” Coach Jackson said apprehensively. “I’ve never showered with the team.”

“Tell me you don’t want me to fuck you and I’ll leave.” Brad whispered into his ear, thrusting his groin against Coach Jackson’s ass with a loud smack.

Coach Jackson closed his eyes for a moment before grabbing his whistle and blowing it with all the power he could. “Bring it in, boys. I’m letting you guys out early today. Now shower up and go home.” He yelled. He swallowed apprehensively before surrendering his keys over to the cocky athlete behind him.

Brad smiled proudly and released his hold on Coach Jackson, before making his way toward the locker room, twirling coach’s keys around one finger.


“Where did Williams go?” Dante, another guy on our team asked as we were lathering up in the showers.

“I think he went home early. He wasn’t feeling good.” I lied.

“What the-“ Dante started, bringing his attention to the front of the showers.

The mountainous Head of Athletics Department Coach Daniel Jackson slowly made his way into the stall, his massive muscles and gigantic beer can cock on display for all of his players to see. The players watched him with open mouths as he got under one of the shower heads and reached out a muscled arm to turn the water on.

“What the fuck are you looking at? Never seen a real man’s cock before?” Coach asked, putting his hands on his hips and standing proudly. “The water in my office is out. Now will one of you idiots hand me the fucking soap?”

“Here, sir…” Dante said nervously, handing Coach Jackson his body wash. Coach Jackson lathered himself up as we all couldn’t help but steal glances of his hulking, muscular body and huge cock. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I thought about Brad taking Coach Jackson’s shower for himself and banishing him to the communal showers with the rest of us. He was sending his conquest over to us so that we could get a good look at what he was going to fuck. Here he was, the epitome of masculinity in his players’ eyes being sent off to be ogled at as we showered. It was a power play if I had ever seen one. And after Coach Jackson finished washing himself off, he turned around to head back to his office, his massive ass on full display as we watched him leave, towel hanging off his shoulder.

“Man, that guy is scary.” One of the other players sighed as we began to relax.

“Did you see how huge his cock was? I’ll bet he can score any chick he wants.” Another player remarked.

“Yeah, I’ll bet he’s into chicks with really big tits. I’m talking huge.” Dante added.

 I smiled. “You just might be surprised at what men like Coach Jackson are in to.”


I sat in the car waiting for Brad to finish up fucking our athletics coach like a good brother. I could have been mad at him for making me wait in the hot sun while he was getting laid but I had kind of pushed him into proving himself so I didn’t blame him. Besides, I was happy he was getting laid. After about an hour I saw Brad making his way to the car with a satisfied look on his face.

“Sorry, brother. I could have been here 20 minutes ago but Coach wanted to go another round.” He said proudly as he got into the car.

            “Hey, no apologies, man. I’m happy for you.” I said truthfully. “Jesus, what’s that on your neck?” I asked, pointing to a red mark on his neck that was clearly either a hicky or a choke mark of some sort.

“What can I say? Coach likes it rough.” Brad grinned, starting the car.

“Clearly… I’d hate to see what you did to him.” I replied, sitting back as we pulled out of the parking lot.

“He’ll be fine.” Brad grinned wickedly. “And you can have the car tomorrow. He wants me back the same time tomorrow.”

“Well look at you two. Have you guys set a date?” I teased him.

            “You laugh all you want when you’re no doubt reading your math textbook tomorrow or nerding out with my dad on his computer software while I’m out getting laid. But don’t worry. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get home.”

            “I wouldn’t worry about me.” I said, reclining my seat and looking out the window. “I’m sure your dad and I will find something to do.”


Later that week Brad came into my room good and bothered. “What’s the matter with you?” I asked laughing as he sat down on the couch and crossed his arms like a child.

            “Coach Jackson isn’t putting out. He says the aggression will be good for the game next Friday.”

            “I see…” I said nodding my head. “Wow, you must be going crazy then. I mean, the idea of you not getting to blow a load for over a week must be-“

            “Absolute hell.” He finished for me.

            “Welcome to the real world, brother.” I laughed, knowing full well I would be getting laid later that night just like every other night this week when Mr. Williams sneaks into my room at night for a midnight fuck.

            “This blows.” He sulked.

            “Have you tried giving Jason a call?” I asked sympathetically.

            “You mean Ken? He’s probably too busy picking out wallpaper and china patterns with his beard at The Barbie Dream House.” He spat, rolling his eyes.

            “I see. He and Rachel are still going strong?” I asked.

            “As strong as a closeted power bottom and his beard can be.” He smirked. “You know, maybe I should just go over there and ask him what his deal is.”

            “Brad, don’t you dare go over there. Come on, man, that’s not you.” I said raising my voice.

            “You’re right.” He muttered. “Thanks Ollie. I’m just going crazy with pent up hormones over here.”

            “Have you considered that maybe Coach Jackson has a point?”


            “I don’t know. Maybe he does. And he did promise me he’d take me up to his family cabin over the weekend if we won the game. He told me he’d let me fuck him on a jet ski.” He said excitedly.

            “Is- Is fucking someone on a jet ski something particularly enticing to some people?” I questioned.

            “I don’t know. Never done it. Sounds fun.” He answered.

            “Well then I hope it’s everything you want it to be and more.” I replied. I pictured Coach Jackson’s mountainous body trying to balance itself on a jet ski while Brad rammed his ass and couldn’t quite see the appeal, but hey, whatever floats your boat, so to speak.

            “How do you do it, man? Go so long without getting laid, I mean.” He asked.

            I gulped. I hated lying to him but I knew I had to keep this from him, for many reasons. “I just- I mean- I don’t know. You just deal with it.” I lied.

            “Whatever. I just don’t want to turn into a nerd if I don’t get any ass.” He sighed, throwing one of my textbooks on my bed as he got up from the couch and headed to the door.

            “Don’t worry about that, you’d have to abstain for 50 years for that to happen.” I managed to get out with a slight smirk.

            “Oh fuck off.” He laughed, shutting the door and heading out.


            That night Mr. Williams stayed in my bed for a while after I had fucked him. We just talked. I was my happiest when I was able to hold him close to me in my bed. I would give anything to be able to do that without worrying we would get caught.

            “Ollie, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m so happy right now.” He sighed, rubbing my shoulder.

            I was playing with his chest hair absentmindedly and smiled. “I’m glad I can make you feel that way, sir.” It felt kind of odd calling him sir when my load was still dripping out of his ass but it was just the way I felt about him. I deeply respected this man.

            “Maybe one day we can really be together. But you know I can’t do that right now.” He said, sadly.

            “For a million reasons.” I agreed. “This is just fine for now.” I said, holding him close.

            We lay there for a while, just holding each other.

            “Mr. Williams?” I asked.

            “What is it?” He replied.

            “I was thinking about how great the sex is between us and how new you are at this. And I was just wondering if it hurts your feelings that I haven’t bottomed for you.”

            He said nothing for a while. “Honestly Ollie, I’m not really hung up on it. I know how you feel about me and you don’t have to prove it. I think what we’re doing is exactly the way it should be.” He smiled, rubbing my chest. “Besides”, he said kissing me. “I’ve spent my whole life being the one who does the fucking. If I was fulfilled doing that I wouldn’t be here laying in bed with you with your load still dripping out of my ass, now would I?”

            “So you’re not feeling used or anything?” I asked.

            “There may come a time where I ask you to let me fuck you.” He said. “But for now I am more than happy being the bottom in this relationship.”

            “You know I would do that for you.” I replied. “If you really wanted me to.”

            He leaned down and kissed me. “I do know that.” He reached his hand down my body and grabbed my semi hard dick. “Now why don’t you take this big black cock of yours and remind me just why I love being the one getting fucked so much.”

            “Whatever you want, Mr. Williams.” I smiled, kissing him and crawling on top of him for another round.


            Brad Williams threw off his jersey after a day of practice in the piping hot heat, the commotion of the other guys changing into their clothes going on around him.

            “In my office, Williams.” Coach Jackson commanded from his doorway.

            The other guys looked at Brad as if he should be scared, but Brad didn’t flinch.

            Brad threw on a shirt and followed him in.

            “I just wanted to say good job today on the field. Damn good job.” Coach Jackson praised from his chair.

            “Thanks Coach. Is that it?” Brad asked.

            “Just one more thing.” Coach Jackson said, getting up from his desk and walking over to his star player. He leaned down and kissed his athlete tenderly on the lips as he reached his muscled arm to the door and locked it.

            Brad’s severely neglected cock gave a jolt. “What happened to no fucking until after the game?” Brad asked, breaking away from his Coach’s mouth for a second.

            Coach Jackson ignored him and placed Brad’s hands on his muscle daddy ass.

            “Oh fuck, Coach, I need that ass.” Brad moaned.

            “You can have it, Williams.” Coach Jackson replied, reaching his hands underneath his athlete’s shirt and playing with his pecks while they made out.

            “Oh fuck yeah.” Brad groaned. He brought his hands up to the tight waistband of his coach’s slutty little windshorts and started to pull them down.

            “After you win me that game on Friday.” Coach Jackson muttered, pulling his tongue and his meaty ass away. He slowly walked back to his desk and smirked.

            “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Brad said angrily, panting.

            “Win me that game on Friday and I’ll let you have my ass for 72 hours, Williams. Whenever, wherever you want. No questions asked.” Coach Jackson reminded him from his desk.

            “So you just did this little stunt to fuck with me?” Brad questioned, glaring at him.

            “Just a little something to remind you how much you want to win this game.” Coach Jackson said, smirking.

            “Oh I’ll win that game.” Brad said confidently, getting up. “And I’ll make sure you remember this little stunt you pulled when I’m fucking that tight ass of yours in every single square inch of that cabin this weekend.” Brad countered.

            “I’m counting on it.” Coach replied with a wink.


            Over the next few days Brad lived and breathed football. He made me practice with him outside after dinner each night with me throwing him impossible throws for him to catch. The guy was a star. I knew there would be no way he wasn’t earning that weekend with the coach up at his cabin this weekend. Secretly I wanted Brad to win so that Mr. Williams and I could have the house to ourselves this weekend. Kate was going to be out of town at a conference and with Brad out of the house Mr. Williams and I could officially christen each and every room of this three story house by the time the weekend was over. Hell, knowing us we could christen each and every room by Saturday afternoon.

            By Friday night I was expecting Brad to be a bundle of nerves but he was totally relaxed and cool. An extremely confident dude by nature, he knew what he had to do tonight.

Out on the field he was a superstar. He had made two touchdowns by the time the first quarter was over, catching a hail mary pass with 4 seconds to go. The crowd went absolutely wild but Brad just looked over to the bench where Coach Jackson was standing and brought up a finger and pointed it right at Coach and then pointing it at his own chest. You didn’t need a translator for that. He was letting Coach know his ass was his. Coach Jackson just nodded his head. He understood.

            By the end of the game it was 48-10. It was a runaway. The team and I celebrated in the locker room, each one of us patting Brad on the back for a job well done. But Brad’s mind was on something else. Someone else.

            “Dude, Brad, you coming with us to Jesse’s house tonight? It’s supposed to be wild.” Dante asked, giving Brad a high five.

            “You guys have fun. I’ve got a trip to pack for.” Brad replied, looking up from his locker right into Coach’s eyes standing in the doorway.

            Coach Jackson nodded and went back into his office. Brad and I went to the showers and I patted his back to congratulate him. “You earned it, man. Go take what’s yours.”

            “Trust me, brother.” He said grinning for the first time all night. “I intend to.”

                                                            Chapter 8

            As I pulled into the driveway I had a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. The thought of spending an entire weekend alone with Mr. Williams was something I would have given my right arm for but now that it was actually coming true I realized how much pressure I would be under. What if I blew it? What if I did something wrong? What if we discovered we really weren’t that into each other after all?

            When I walked in the front door and saw my man standing at the stairs waiting for me looking sexy in his glasses and a button up shirt I immediately shook any idea that we weren’t crazy for each other out of my head. I loved this man. He knew how sexy I thought he looked in his glasses and I had a feeling he was wearing them just for me.

            “So Brad just called.” Mr. Williams smiled, walking up to me and greeting me with a kiss. “He’s going away for the weekend with some friends to celebrate.”

            “Is he now?” I feigned surprise in a way that obviously didn’t fool the sexy man standing in front of me.

            “And I’m supposed to believe that you, his best friend, had no inclination of this?” He laughed, grabbing my ass and continuing to make out with me.

            “Okay, you caught me. What are you going to do about it, Mr. Williams?” I asked as I thrust my tongue into his mouth.

            “Well it appears that we have the house to ourselves for a whole weekend.” He said, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

            “It would seem that way.” I replied.

            He removed his shirt and resumed his assault on my tongue, prying himself away to look directly into my eyes and without blinking he said, “You’re going to fuck me in every single room of this house.” He resumed his advances.

            I smiled, feeling completely validated by the fact that I had been thinking the very same thing.

            “Does that sound like something you can do?” He asked, his chest hair tickling my arm.

            “Why don’t we start with the entrance hall?” I grinned, pushing him gently onto the stairs.

            “Sounds good to me, stud.” Mr. Williams replied, letting me run my hands across his chest.


            Brad Williams stared outside of the car window as he and Coach Jackson left the city behind them. They had just managed to dodge the swell of traffic leaving the stadium after the exciting home game victory.

            Coach Jackson kept his dark brown eyes on the road. They hadn’t spoken yet. They were both mentally preparing for the 72 hours they had in store for them.

            “You played one hell of a game back there, Williams.” Coach Jackson said.

            His athlete said nothing, still staring out the window.

            “I was watching you out on the field tonight. I could barely keep myself from running out onto that field and having you fuck me right then and there.”

            Brad smirked, loving the effect he had on his superior.

            “All I’m saying is you better fuck me like you mean it, Williams.” Coach Jackson stated.

            That got his athlete’s attention. He turned his head and stared directly into his Coach’s eyes and said, “I’m going to remember you said that, Coach.”

            “Yeah? You going to make up for lost time, Williams?” Coach Jackson questioned, rubbing his huge cock under the steering wheel.

            “Mmmhmm.” Brad replied, watching as his coach played with himself.

            “You going to pay me back for all those times you tried to get me to put out for you and I kept these legs closed?”

            “You bet your ass I will.” Brad answered, his dick starting to swell.

            “You remember, kid. This weekend my ass is yours. Any time you want this hole you come and take it. You earned it, stud.” Coach Jackson said, really starting to get distracted from the road.

            “Stop the car, Coach.” Brad commanded.

            “We’re fine, Williams. I just got a little sidetracked thinking about that big cock of yours.” Coach Jackson replied, taking his hand off of the giant mound in his pants and keeping his eyes directly on the road.

            “I said stop the car.” Brad repeated. He slowly started to unzip his pants, bringing out his huge jock cock and slapping it menacingly against his palm.

            “I see.” Coach Jackson said, trying not to grin as he took the exit, immediately coming to a stop on the shoulder of a rural looking road. “Are you looking to collect already, Williams?”

            “Get that muscle ass of yours out of this car and nice and ready for me in three minutes.” Brad commanded.

            “What, are we going to fuck right here in the open?” Coach Jackson asked, nervously.

            “Don’t act like you don’t want it just as much as I do.” Brad smirked.

            “Fuck yeah, I want it, Williams. You know I love that big jock cock of yours.”

            “Go into that shaded area over there. You can get your hole nice and wet for me while I go and take a leak.” Brad said, pointing to an area not far from the road.

            “Hold on a sec. Open up that glove compartment.” Coach Jackson said.

            Brad complied, finding a tube of lube. He tossed it up in his hand, shaking his head, laughing.

            “Coach Jackson, you little slut.” He smirked.

            “You always have to be prepared, Williams. You never know when the mood will strike you.”

            Brad wondered how many tight jock holes Coach Jackson had squirted this very lube on. Cocky little jocks like him who wouldn’t even dream of putting Coach Jackson in his place and fucking the hulk of a man like they truly wanted. He wondered how much jock seed had been splattered all over town while Coach Jackson took their ass with his huge cock after he worked their tight little holes over with this same lube he held right now in his hand.

            Brad handed Coach Jackson the lube as they went over to the shaded area. He spread out a towel he had grabbed from the back of the truck and Coach Jackson knelt down on it and played with his hole while Brad went over a few yards to take a leak.

            “Hurry up, Williams.” Coach Jackson yelled. “I want that jock cock of yours.”

            “Settle down, slut. You’ll get more than enough this weekend.” Brad replied over his shoulder.

            Brad finished his stream and walked back to his conquest slowly, savoring the sight of his huge, muscular coach waiting patiently as he offered his ass to him.

            “Now that’s what I like to see, Coach.” Brad grinned.

            “Get over here and take care of me, stud.” Coach Jackson commanded, spreading his fat cheeks open and making his hole wink enticingly.

            Brad knelt down and started to finger his coach’s inviting hole slowly.

            “Fuck yeah, kid. Been wanting it for days.” Coach Jackson groaned. “Watching you at practice with that cocky smirk of yours. I wanted to take you into my office and sit on that fat cock of yours so bad.”

            “So you wanted it just as bad as I did, Coach?” Brad gloated, playing with his coach’s hole.

            “Like you wouldn’t believe, kid. I need that big cock.”

            “How bad do you want it, Coach?” Brad asked, thrusting his finger in and out.

            “I want it bad, stud. Take that hole.” Coach Jackson whined, jacking off his huge beer can cock as his star athlete finger fucked his hole.

            “I won this hole.” Brad said, running a hand over the huge muscular cheeks.

            “You sure did, Williams. You earned this hole.” Coach Jackson groaned.

            “You want me to fuck this ass, Coach?” Brad teased.

            “Gotta have it, stud. Gotta have it right now.” Coach Jackson groaned, fucking himself on his athlete’s finger.

            Brad smoothly withdrew his finger and placed his huge cock head at Coach Jackson’s hole. He wasn’t quite through teasing his whining coach underneath him but before he could play around Coach Jackson grabbed it and shoved it up his ass in one push.

            “FUCK YEAH!” Coach Jackson yelled, clamping his tight hole around the huge dick inside of him and slamming down on it.

            “God damn, I needed that big cock.” He whined, bringing down his muscle ass with a hard slap each time he hit bottom.

            Brad was in awe as his Coach took control and impaled himself on his thick cock over and over again. Coach must have really needed it.

            The grunts coming from the giant man underneath him were unintelligible now. Brad just let him take control. As Coach Jackson’s groans became higher and more urgent Brad knew the giant man underneath him was about to unleash a huge load.

            “UUUUUUUUUUUURGGGH” Coach Jackson bellowed underneath him as Brad felt the tight ass clamped around his cock start to contract uncontrollably. He couldn’t see it but he was sure Coach Jackson was hosing down the grass underneath them with a mammoth load, the towel most likely ineffective.

            Now it was Brad’s turn to get his nut in. He started fucking his coach with hard slams, he could feel his balls starting to tighten up against him.

            And then, out of nowhere a flashlight shone right into their eyes, immediately blinding the two of them, Brad’s impending orgasm stopped right in its tracks.

            “What the-?” Brad yelled, trying to shield his eyes away from the light.

            “Well look what we have here.” Said a low, husky voice from beyond the light.

            “Looks like we may have interrupted a couple of love birds who couldn’t keep their hands off of each other until they got home.” Another equally intimidating voice replied.

            The flashlight turned off as Brad and Coach Jackson heard two sets of heavy feet approach them. As Brad’s eyes finally adjusted to the absence of the blinding light he could just make out two intimidating figures making their way toward them. He almost saw something glinting on one of their chests but couldn’t be sure. The two figures stopped in front of them before one of them spoke.

            “It appears these two folks have found themselves in a bit of a situation, doesn’t it Officer Davis?” The first one said. He crossed his arms, the handcuffs hanging from his belt jingling menacingly.

            “It appears so, Officer Jones. What do you suppose we do with them?” The second one replied, kneeling down flashing Brad a cocky smile. The only thing Brad could see was the scared shitless expression on his face reflected from the dark sunglasses resting on the officer’s face.

            Coach Jackson was frozen, speechless underneath him, still impaled on his athlete’s big cock. Brad could just make out these two officers. The first one was an intimidatingly built black man, most likely in his early 30’s. His head was shaved and he looked like he could  bench press his own fucking house. The second one was older, most likely in his 40’s, the hair at his temples starting to grey. This guy was tall, probably 6’5, and kept himself in great shape. He kept a clean shaven face and moonlight reflected off of his pale, white skin. He took off his sunglasses, wanting to get a good look at the handsome jock kneeling in front of him in the dark night sky. If this guy wore them just to look even more intimidating it was working.

            “Just how old are you, kid?” Officer Jones asked, flashing Brad a smile.

            “I’m 18, sir.” Brad answered, knowing this could have ended very badly if he had been a minor. Luckily he wasn’t.

            “Nah, I would have guessed you were 22.” The handsome officer replied, looking Brad over. If Brad wasn’t absolutely scared shitless and feeling so exposed he would have been extremely turned on.

            “The daddy here seems to have shot one amazing load, Davis. You’ve got to come see this.” The other officer said, bringing Davis’s gaze away.

            Officer Davis stood up and walked over to where his partner was standing.

            “Damn, that’s a big load, tough guy.” Officer Davis admired, looking Coach Jackson’s mountainous body over. “It looks like this jock kid knows what he’s doing.”

            “Looks like it.” Officer Jones agreed.

            “I like a young stud who knows how to respect his elders.” Davis smirked, running his hands over his uniform. “You’ve got a mean cock there, daddy.” He said to Coach Jackson. “I like a man with big cock that’s man enough to take it up the ass.”

            Brad gulped. Coach Jackson’s hole constricted on his cock uncontrollably.

            “Look” The handsome officer Davis said, removing the gun and handcuffs portion of his belt and setting it gently on the ground. His partner did the same. “My partner and I here have no interest in forcing you men to do anything you don’t want to do. The two of you are free to go, no questions asked.”

            Brad looked up, unsure of what to say. “Thank you, officers. It won’t happen again.”

            “On the other hand” He began, winking at his partner. “if you two wanted to know what it’s like to fool around with a couple of cops, we’d be happy to give you the opportunity.” He said, running his hands over what appeared to be a sizable erection through his pants.

            “What do you say, studs?” The hulking, dark Officer Jones asked.

            Brad looked down at his coach and sure enough, the huge man underneath him clamped his hole around Brad’s cock uncontrollably and Coach Jackson nodded his consent.

            “I guess my perpetually horny chaperone and I have some time to kill.” Brad said cockily, looking both of the officers confidently in the eyes. “Lead the way, officers.”


            Coach Jackson nervously gripped the steering wheel as he tailed the patrol car in front of him closely.

            “What are you so nervous about, Coach?” His athlete asked him, noting his apprehension.

            “That could have been really bad back there, Williams. We’ve got to be more careful.”

            “It could have been bad but it wasn’t. I think it’s turning out pretty good, don’t you?” Brad replied.

            Coach Jackson said nothing and kept his eyes on the road.


            “I don’t know about you but fucking a cop has always been a fantasy of mine. I can’t wait to feel that tight cop ass around my cock.” Brad said, rubbing his rock hard cock through his jeans.

            “I gotta admit, it would be pretty hot to fuck a cop. Much less two.” Coach Jackson replied.

            “Hell yeah it will. I’m seriously boned up, too. You may forget you were the one who hosed down the grass with man cream before we got caught. I didn’t get to blow my wad yet.”

            The patrol car in front of them made a left turn into a dark parking lot and when Coach Jackson followed it was revealed to be the police station.

            Coach Jackson parked right next to the patrol car and when the officers started emerging from the car he and his athlete followed suit.

            “I gotta say, Officers” Brad began, “Getting a police escort to the station so that I could fuck a couple of cops doesn’t seem like common protocol.”

            “Just get inside, kid.” Officer Jones laughed, pushing Brad playfully to the doors.

            “This seems like excessive force, Officer Jones. Did I do something wrong?” Brad teased, clearly loving this.

            Officer Davis sighed. “Kid, my partner and I have been bringing jocks like you and your daddy friend here back to the station to fool around with since before you could say the alphabet. I guarantee you we’ve heard every cop joke in the book.”

            “Well excuse me, then.” Brad replied with a surly tone, walking into the station.

            The officers turned on the lights and they walked past the administration office. They were clearly the only ones there, which was a relief. They led the way past the offices and came into a sort of barracks that had two sets of bunk beds against the walls. The beds were made up in a way it was clear that this room wasn’t used often, most likely only for occasions like this when Officer Jones and Officer Davis found someone to bring back to the station for some fun.

            “You’ll have to forgive the lack of foreplay but my partner here and I are still on the clock technically, so the sooner we can get this thing started the better.” Officer Davis said, staring at the younger athlete and his hulking coach.

            “That works for us. We need to be getting on the road anyway.” Brad replied.

            “Alright, I know which one I want.” Officer Davis said, licking his lips and walking slowly up to the cocky athlete and putting his hands on his ass. “I want a shot at this jock ass and I know my partner here would really get off on fucking the daddy.” He added, nodding to his black partner.

            “Not so fast officers.” Brad interjected, grabbing Officer Davis’s hands and pinning them above his head. “My ass isn’t for sale.” He said licking the handsome cop on his face. “And neither is his.” He nodded to Coach Jackson.

            “Come on, kid. You gotta let me fuck that jock ass.” Officer Davis begged, unable to free himself from Brad’s hold.

            “Yeah, and the daddy looks like he can sure take it like a man.” Officer Jones added, grabbing two meaty ass cheeks off of Coach Jackson.

            “Oh he can, trust me.” Brad replied. “But I’m the only one who gets his hole. Are we clear?”

            “Fuck kid, I don’t know about this-“ Officer Davis muttered. “This isn’t the way it usually goes.”

            “You’re telling me you’ve never taken that big black cock of his before, Officer Davis?” Brad questioned, nodding to Officer Jones.

            The look on Davis’s face was unmistakable. He turned scarlet.

            “All those late nights at the station with nothing to do but each other?” Brad continued, loving this.

            “Alright, kid, you may get me to bend over for you but good luck getting my partner here to do it.” He replied. Jones nodded. “I say we make a trade. I’ll take it for the team for me and my partner here but one of you two is going to have to ante up, too.”

            Coach Jackson’s eyes wandered over the huge black man standing in front of him and Brad immediately got a bad feeling about this. Coach Jackson wanted it. It’d be one thing for Brad to let Coach Jackson take his big black cock out of obligation but it was another story if he was wanting it this badly.

            “Sorry officers, no deal.” Brad shook his head. Coach Jackson flashed a sign of disappointment but quickly recovered. “You either get both of us or none of us. Your call.”

            Officer Davis looked over at his partner trying to gauge his response. It was clear Davis really wanted to get fucked, even if he wasn’t going to admit it.

            “Sorry for wasting your time, Officers.” Brad sighed, calling their bluff and making his way over to the door.

            “Wait!” Davis called out in defeat. “I need to blow a load and damn it, that’s what I’m going to do.”

            Brad stopped at the door and turned around, smirking.

            “Cocky little fucker.” Davis said, shaking his head, smiling as he began to unbutton his uniform.

            Brad moved in front of Davis and crossed his arms as he watched his soon-to-be conquest start to undress.

            Davis got to the last button and pulled off his shirt, revealing a toned torso with a light dusting of hair. Brad ran his hands over it approvingly. He loved hairy dads, and since Coach Jackson was 100% smooth this was going to be a refreshing change.

            Brad and Officer Davis looked over to their partners who had managed to find themselves in a lip lock. Brad took the initiative to follow suit and brought his lips to Davis’s and began to assault his mouth with his tongue.

            It was clear that Brad and Officer Davis were the two alphas in the room and Coach Jackson and Officer Jones were the betas. The fact that the alphas were paired with each other and the betas were paired with the betas was an interesting pairing.

            “I want to see what I’m giving it up for, kid.” Officer Davis said, pulling Brad’s shirt over his head. “Fuck, stud. You’re built.”

            “Wait til you get a good look at my coach there.” Brad replied, nodding to Coach Jackson.

            “So that’s what you two are. My partner and I couldn’t pin you two down on the ride over. I gotta say, it’s pretty hot.”

            “We certainly seem to think so.” Brad replied, going back to kissing.

“Those two don’t say much do they?” Davis laughed, nodding to the other two in the room.

“Nah, they just do what they’re told.” Brad replied. “You should see him on the field, though. You don’t want to piss that monster off.”

“Interesting.” Davis nodded. “So you said your coach’s hole belongs to you and you alone?”

“That’s right.” Brad replied.

“Is it the same the other way around?” Davis asked.

“What do you think?” Brad answered, thrusting his tongue into the officer’s mouth.

Davis just grinned in response, clear of what the answer was. “Fuck, kid. You’re something else.”

“What about you and Jones here? You ever had a shot at that black ass?” Brad asked sinisterly.

Davis said nothing and continued to kiss the young athlete.

“Exactly what I thought. I knew you were a bottom from the moment I saw you.”

“I’ll have you know I’ve fucked plenty of ass on these beds, you cocky son of a bitch.” Davis replied, biting the young jock’s lip playfully.

“I didn’t say you haven’t.” Brad countered.

They heard a groan coming from the other end of the room. Coach Jackson had taken off his shirt and Jones was pinching his nipples tightly as they made out. Jones’s pants were around his ankles, his huge black cock sticking out against Coach Jackson’s hip and leaking precum.

“We better get this show on the road, stud.” Officer Davis said, breaking away and laying down on the mattress, staring up at the younger athlete expectantly.

“You got any lube, Officer?” Brad asked rubbing his palms on the officer’s knees.

“Third drawer on the left.” Officer Davis answered, nodding to the desk on the wall.

“No shit.” Brad chuckled. “That’s exactly what he said the first time I took his ass.” He said, gesturing to his massive coach.

Brad collected the lube and started to squeeze some out on his palm, getting his dick ready before tossing it to the hot cop in front of him. “I guess you daddy bottoms think alike.”

Officer Davis smirked in response as he lubed up his hole.

“You better be worth all the shit talk you do, kid.” Davis remarked. “You better fuck me like I want it.”

“Now look who’s the tough guy.” Brad grinned, lining his cock up against the tight cop hole awaiting him.

Officer Davis just smirked as he felt that thick jock cock at his hole.

                                                Chapter 9

            “Come on Ollie! Right there! God damn, you’re going to fuck it out of me again! Come on! UUUUUUUUUGHHH” Mr. Williams yelled as the fourth load of the night was fucked out of him against the living room wall as I deposited my third load up his ass.

He collapsed against the wall, catching his breath as I kissed his shoulder.

“I tap out!” Mr. Williams panted, making a ‘T’ with his hands and leaning back to kiss me. “Fuck, you’re amazing, Ollie.”

“Not as amazing as you, Mr. Williams.” I replied, kissing him gently. “You can sure take a pounding.”

“I can’t feel my legs.” He laughed, getting up and trying to stand up straight. “I think you officially fucked me stupid.”

His big dick was still rock hard as he stretched. I loved how his huge cock stayed hard so long after I fucked him. There was no denying how much he loved getting fucked. It made me feel good that I could make him feel that way. He turned to me and looked into my eyes warmly, leaning in to kiss me gently.

There was no denying it. I was in love with this man. I had never felt this way about any of my conquests before. This was all new to me.

“Look at us studs.” He pulled away, grinning. “We got the whole first floor out of the way on night 1.”

I laughed, continuing to kiss him.

“We may run out of rooms and have to start over again.” He laughed.

“Oh come on, Mr. Williams. Even the two of us must have some limit.”

“Well I’m willing to find out if you are.” He replied, leaning down to pull on his boxers.

“So what do you want to do now?” I asked, following his lead and starting to put my clothes back on as well.

“I don’t know. It seems like such a waste to not be fucking while we have the whole house to ourselves.” He replied, pulling his shirt over his head. I laughed, seeing a huge streak of cum soaking the front. He didn’t seem to notice.

“What’s so funny?” He asked. He looked down and sighed. “Man, how much did I shoot?”

“I’d say lot.” I laughed, wiping down the side of the wall where he had shot moments earlier.

“Alright, Sunday morning we’re going over every flat surface in this house with Lysol and a mop.” He sighed, putting his arm around my shoulder.

“Sounds like a plan.” I smiled, kissing him softly.

We walked upstairs exhausted. “See you in the morning, Mr. Williams.” I said to him as I started to round the corner to my room.

“Where do you think you’re going, stud?” He called out.

I turned around confused and found him standing at his own bedroom door, smiling.

“Oh-“ I stammered, surprised I hadn’t made the connection.

“Kate’s not here. I want you in bed with me where you belong.” He said warmly.

“There’s no place I’d rather be, Mr. Williams.” I replied, walking in as he held the door open for me.

Despite how exhausted and oversexed we were, I fucked two more loads out of Mr. Williams that night. The thought of fucking him in his own bed excited both of us too much to not act on it. He fell asleep with my arms wrapped around him holding him close to me. There really was no place I’d rather be.


            Brad Williams looked over to the other bed where Coach Jackson and the dark, hunky Officer Jones were making out furiously and grinding their cocks against each other. Brad was pleased to see that despite the fact that Officer Jones had a huge cock, Coach Jackson may have had him beat by an inch in length. Thickness, it was no contest. Officer Jones wet his index finger and subtly reached down and started teasing Coach Jackson’s hole. Coach Jackson groaned and stuck his tongue even farther into the officer’s mouth as he enjoyed the nipple play and hole teasing he was receiving from the hunky officer. Brad was amazed the mattress they were laying on could support them. There was over 500 pounds of muscle on that bed.

“Yeah, you like me playing with your hole, man?” Officer Jones asked as he thrust his index finger in and out of Coach Jackson’s hole smoothly.

“Oh fuck yeah I do.” Coach Jackson groaned.

Brad was going to keep an eye on those two. Coach Jackson’s hole was his. He was okay with a finger or two sneaking their way in but that was where he drew the line.

“You gonna let me fuck this muscle ass?” Jones asked, kissing Coach Jackson softly.

Coach Jackson groaned and turned his head to look at his athlete.

Brad said nothing and met his stare.

“I- can’t-“ Coach Jackson whimpered underneath the hulking black officer. “I’m sorry, man. It belongs to the kid.”

Brad smirked and looked down at his own hot hunk cop, who was growing impatient.

“You ready for this jock cock, Officer Davis?” Brad Williams teased the hot older cop in heat laying before him.

“Come on, kid. Fuck me.” Davis grinned, reaching up and pounding his fist hard on the athlete’s chest.

“Yeah, give that cop what he wants, Williams.” Coach Jackson commanded as he watched his athlete sink his big cock into the tight cop hole.

“Fuck kid!” Davis groaned as Brad filled up the handsome cop.

            “Too much for you, Officer Davis?” Brad teased, gyrating his hips so the hunky cop could feel everything he had to offer.

            “Not at all, kid. You’re just right.” The handsome officer moaned, closing his eyes and adjusting to the size of the athlete’s cock. “Fuck, that’s good.”

            Brad began to thrust in and out, leaning down to give the muscle cop a sloppy kiss.

            “Take that cop ass, Williams!” Coach Jackson called from the other mattress.

            Brad took his mouth off of his willing bottom’s and looked over at his coach.

Coach Jackson and Officer Jones were still grinding their giant cocks against each other, almost as if they were trying to will the other to give in and give up their ass. They were making out furiously. Coach Jackson’s giant pecks were red and raw from so much pinching.


“I gotta have that ass, man.” Officer Jones begged, his finger still jutting in and out of Coach Jackson’s hole.

“Not gonna happen, stud.” Coach Jackson replied, a hint of regret in his voice.

Brad sympathized with his slutty coach. “You really want to get fucked, Coach?” He asked, really railing into Officer Davis.


Coach Jackson pried his lips off of Jones and looked back at his athlete. “Fuck yeah I do. You’ll let me, Williams?”

            “Not a chance.” Brad replied, immediately withdrawing his thick cock from the officer underneath him.

            “Hey, what gives?” Officer Davis yelled, frustrated as he was so close to getting his nut in.

            “Sorry, Officer. My coach needs to get his ass fucked.” He said, pinching the officer’s hairy nipple. “What do you say we make a trade?” Brad asked, looking at the dark Officer Jones.

            “Oh fuck yeah!” Jones yelled, stepping off of the bed. He leaned down and gave Coach Jackson a loud, wet kiss and gave his nipple a good tug. “Damn, I wish I could have taken this big ass for a ride.”

            “Me too, stud.” Coach Jackson replied, sending the big man off with a loud spank.

            “I want to see you fuck the shit out of your partner there, Jones.” Brad told Officer Jones, giving him another hard spank.

            “Yeah, I want to see that, too.” Davis winked from the other mattress, spreading his legs wide for his partner.

            “Alright, Coach. You wanted to get your ass fucked?” Brad said, turning his attention back to his horny coach.

            “Fuck yeah, Williams. I gotta have that big cock.”

            Brad pushed Coach Jackson down onto the mattress and slapped his rock hard cock on the coach’s abs.

            “I wanted to breed that cop hole bad, so you better make it up to me.” Brad said, giving Coach Jackson’s already swollen, inflamed nipples a good pinch.

            “Fuck!” Coach Jackson winced. “Come on, Williams, I need it now.”

            “Such needy bottoms in this place, huh, Jones?” Brad questioned, looking over at the other bed.

            “I’ll say. It’s a good thing you and I are able to shut them up and give them what they want.” Jones replied, slamming his huge black cock into his handsome partner in one hard thrust.

            “Fuck Jones!” Officer Davis yelled.

            “Oh come on, Davis. You don’t have to put on a show for us. We all know how used to that big black cock you are.” Brad called out as he followed suit and slammed his whole cock up his coach in one thrust.

            Coach Jackson just groaned and took it like the man he was.

            “Yeah, that’s how you take cock.” Brad praised, running his hands over Coach Jackson’s concrete abs and giving his beer can cock a few strokes.

            “Fuck yeah, come on, Jones!” Officer Davis taunted his partner, giving his big black ass a hard spank.

            “That’s it, Davis! I knew the slut bottom in you would come out.” Brad called out, enjoying the show.

            “Oh fuck, Williams. You’ve got me so fucking close.” Coach Jackson whimpered, bringing up his massive hand to start stroking his leaking beer can cock.

            “Not a chance.” Brad shouted, slapping Coach Jackson’s hand away.


            “Come on, Williams. I need to blow.” Coach Jackson whined.

            “Hey Officer Jones, you tap that tight cop hole often?” Brad called out.

            “You bet your ass I do, kid.” Jones replied.

            “Yeah, you know how to fuck the cum out of him like a real man?” Brad pressed.

            “Hell yeah, I do. Davis here loves my big black dick, don’t you Davis?” Jones questioned the handsome hunk he was slamming into.

            “Fuck yeah, I do, Jones. No one gets me off like you do.” He moaned, his rock hard cock slapping against his stomach as Jones fucked him.

            “What do you say we make a little bet, Jones?” Brad taunted the hulking cop furiously fucking his partner.

            “I’m listening.” Jones replied.

            “Let’s give these little slut bottoms here what they want. I’m sure you know every inch of that partner there of yours and what makes him tick. God knows I’ve been dicking Coach Jackson often enough to know what he likes.”

            “Yeah?” Jones said, trying to follow.

            “First one to get their bitch to cum wins. Hands-free, of course. If I win I get to breed your partner again and if you win I’ll let you have my Coach’s hole.”

            “I like the way you think, kid.” Jones replied with a wicked smile.

            “So do we have a deal?” Brad asked, reaching over to extend a hand.

            “Deal.” Jones replied, shaking the athlete’s hand with a firm grip.

            Without another word the sound of big, muscly hips slamming into big, meaty bottoms filled the room as both men raced to get their bottom to blow their wads.

            “Holy fuck!” Davis cried out as his hulking partner railed into him.

            Brad stared his coach down as he fucked him. There was no way he was going to lose this. Coach Jackson was speechless. His eyes were closed and his huge cock was just aching to release what was sure to be a huge load.

            “Come on, Davis, give me that nut. I know you have it.” Jones commanded, slamming into his partner.

            “I’m so fucking close, Jones. Come on, right there. Fuck man. It’s right there. Fuck!” Davis shouted, on the edge.

            “UUNNNNNNNGHHHH” Coach Jackson bellowed as his massive cock began to unload, sending ropes of cum absolutely everywhere.

            “FUUUUUUUUUCK!” Davis screamed as he painted Jones and himself with thick jets of cum.

            Both men’s groans were unintelligible as they had the cum fucked out of them. Brad and Officer Jones unloaded at the exact same time, filling their respective partners with heavy loads.

            Brad leaned down to give his coach a congratulatory kiss, thanking him for sealing his victory. The pride Brad had for his coach was unmistakable.

            “Fuck, kid. You sure know how to fuck.” Jones sighed, admitting defeat. “I swear Davis was just one second behind.”

            “He sure was.” Brad smirked. “It’s almost as if your partner there held out as long as he could so he’d get a chance to get my cock inside of him again.”

            Davis turned scarlet and Jones gave an exhausted sigh. Brad slowly withdrew his cock from his coach’s twitching hole and walked over proudly to the two officers.

            “I’ll be taking over from here, Officer.” Brad said cockily as he gave Jones a pat on the back.

            “Fuck, he blew a load 2 minutes ago and he’s already ready for more.” Jones said, shaking his head. He withdrew his cock from his partner and he and the athlete watched as cum slowly started to drip out of the handsome cop’s hole.

            “You old folks just get tuckered out so easily.” Brad teased, taking his place as Davis’s hole to collect his prize.

            “Cocky son of a bitch.” Jones smiled, shaking his head.

            “You ready to finish what we started, Officer Davis?” Brad asked, swirling some of the cum Davis had shot on his chest around.

            “Do your worst, kid.” Davis grinned, putting his arms behind his head and twitching his hole enticingly.

            Brad easily slipped his cock into the cum-slicked hole of the hunky officer.

            “Yeah, kid. Get your nut.” Davis said, giving the athlete a quick pinch on his nipple.

            “You know you’re going to give me another load, Davis.” Brad commanded, swirling more of Davis’s cum in his chest hair.

            “Kid, not all of us can go again so fast like you can.” Davis replied, skeptically.

            “Does that sound like another challenge?” Brad called out to his coach, who was standing at the side of the bed enjoying the show.

            “It sure does, Williams. Fuck the cum out of that back talking cop. Again.” Coach Jackson yelled.

            “Oh fuck.” Davis groaned as Brad really starting fucking him.

            “There’s no use trying to prove him wrong, Davis.” Coach Jackson said, scooping up some of Davis’s cum from his chest and bringing it to his mouth. “Trust me. If Williams wants another load from you he’ll get it.” He said, sucking it into his mouth.

            “Listen to the coach, Officer Davis. He knows what’s talking about.” Brad smirked.

            Brad continued powerfucking the hunky officer as he claimed his prize. He grabbed at Davis’s rock hard cock. “Looks like someone managed to get it up again. And so soon.”

            “Fuck, kid-“ Davis groaned as Brad worked over his swollen cock.

            “Man, you’re making this easy for me, Officer.” Brad gloated, long dicking the tight, willing cop hole.

            “Fuck, he’s going to do it!” Davis moaned through gritted teeth. “He’s going to fuck it out of me again.”

            Brad continued to jerk that big cop cock until he knew Davis was about to blow another load. Immediately he removed his hand and let it slap down onto his hairy chest.

            “Yeah, Williams.” Coach Jackson said, grinning, knowing his athlete was going to fuck another hands-free load out of the moaning cop.

            “Cocky little son of a bitch-“ Jones repeated, shaking his head at the balls this young jock had.

            “I’m going to fuck another hands-free load out of you, Officer Davis. Because I can.” Brad gloated, slamming into the officer below him.

            “UUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNGGGHHHH” Davis yelled as his cock belched out a jet of sperm, hitting himself in the face.

            “Goddamn!” Jones yelled, clapping in applause.

            Brad leaned down to the officer’s face and licked up the cum he had successfully fucked out of him and let it drip into the officer’s mouth.

            “That’s what you get” Brad panted as he neared his own climax “for doubting me, Officer.” Brad gave one more powerful thrust and unloaded into the exhausted officer who was trying to catch his breath.

            “Goddamn, that kid can fuck!” Officer Jones commended, patting the athlete on the back.

            “I can certainly vouch for that.” Coach Jackson laughed.

            “What do you say, Officer?” Brad gloated, running his hands over the officer’s completely drenched chest. “Can I fuck or what?”

            “Like a goddamn champ.” Officer Davis panted, clearly exhausted.

            “You bet your ass I can.” Brad said proudly, withdrawing his dick from the officer’s tired hole.

            Brad bent down and grabbed Coach Jackson’s boxers and threw them over to him.

            “Thanks for the good time, Officers.” He said as he began to step into his own boxers. “But my coach here and I have to get back on the road.”

            “Fuck, kid. Come back any time.” Officer Davis said exhaustedly, reaching out his hand for Brad to shake.

            “You too, stud.” Jones agreed, patting Coach Jackson on the shoulder.

            “You guys are like dynamite. I’d certainly love to fuck with you two again.” Davis sighed.

            “We’ll keep that in mind, officers.” Brad smiled as he threw on his shirt and pants. “You be sure and keep making our streets safe.”

            “You got it, kid.” Jones laughed as he sat down on the bed next to his partner.

            “Hey, where are you two headed anyway?” Davis asked.

            “He’s taking me up to his cabin for the weekend.” Brad answered, slapping his coach on the back affectionately.

            “It’s a reward for winning a huge game tonight.” Coach added.

            “Yeah, big, masculine, burly Coach Jackson here promised me his hole for 72 hours if I won him this game. And I intend to take him up on it.” Brad grinned as he grabbed his coach’s ass possessively.

            “I don’t doubt that for one second, kid.” Officer Davis laughed. “Enjoy.” He said, to the two of them equally.



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