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                                                Chapter 5

            I was awoken the next morning to the sound of my blinds being drawn and then the light overcoming me with such power I felt like a vampire being awoken from a deep slumber.

            “Wake up, brother. School’s in an hour.” Brad said, groggily.

            “Fuck off.” I groaned, putting the pillow over my head.

            “Charming.” He laughed. “That doesn’t sound like something I’d expect from y-“ He stopped. “Well well well, look what we have here.” He said, changing his tone. He walked up to my bed but I couldn’t see what he was looking at.

            “No wonder you’re so tired.” He chuckled. I removed the pillow to look at what he was talking about. And then my jaw dropped. His head was inches away from the cum streaked sheets his own father had shot all over just hours ago as I took his ass.

            “Brad, I-“ I began, panicking.

            “Man, I knew we were going through a dry spell but dude…” He laughed, running his hands over the dried streaks. “You must have been really boned up to hose down the sheets like this. Oh well. I personally don’t jack off. I just hold out until I get some action, but whatever floats your boat, bro.”

            “Just leave me alone and let me get dressed in peace.” I said, shoving him toward the door.

            “Yeah yeah. Be ready in 20 minutes, sleeping beauty. Oh, and Ollie?”

            “What is it now?”

            “Here in America we just shoot into one of these.” He gloated, bending down to retrieve a sock and then slingshotting it onto my forehead. “My folks are generous people but I’m not too sure they’d be too keen on buying new sheets every time you decide to give yourself a little treat.”

            “Leave.” I repeated, throwing the sock back at him.

            “Alright, fine. But just be glad I’m the one who came in first and not my dad. You’d be screwed if he saw that.”

            Oh if only he knew…

            “You’re dad’s a little more progressive than you might think, Brad.” I called out after him.

            “Whatever. 19 minutes.” He called back, shutting my door.

            We got downstairs for breakfast. Kate was usually gone by this time so Mr. Williams had just cooked breakfast for the three of us.

            “Jesus, Dad, did you invite the whole neighborhood over to send us off to school and not tell me or something? This is enough food for the whole street.”

            “You boys are growing men and need to keep your strength up.” Mr. Williams said, winking at me. “Sue me for being in a good mood this morning. Be sure to get that protein in, too.”

            Brad rolled his eyes at me from across the table, leaning in and whispering, “I guess someone got laid last night.”

            “Big time.” I responded wickedly.

            “And Jason is still not putting out. I’m getting desperate here. Come on, man, I need you on your best game. If one of us has blue ball we need to suffer together.”

            “I never agreed to that.” I said shaking my head.

            “Whatever. I hope you and your hand have a great life together. I’ve got my eyes on bigger game.”

            “Just eat your eggs, Brad.” I paused for a second. “So just who do you have your eyes on?”

            “Coach Jackson.” He said casually.

I almost spat my food out. “You can’t be serious, Brad.”

            “Do you doubt me?”

            “Yes. I do. There’s no way.” I laughed.

            “Listen, Ollie. Getting a man in his 40’s to bend over for you for the first time in his life is no small feat. But I can get it done. I’ll bet you 200 bucks I’ll have him moaning my name as he’s wrapped around my cock by the time the week is over. I’m like catnip to hunky repressed dudes.”

            “Psh, by the weekend? I’ll have a dude in his 40’s groaning as he’s wrapped around my cock by the end of tonight.” I  countered, knowing I was actually being truthful.

            Mr. Williams was humming to himself at the stove, completely oblivious to our conversation.

            “Keep dreaming, bro. I’ll go start the car.” He laughed, standing up from the table and heading to the car.

            As soon as he shut the front door I called out to Mr. Williams at the stove. “You ready to take my load again tonight, Mr. Williams?”

            “More than one if you’ve got it.” He grinned.

            “See you tonight.” I grinned back and then muttering to myself. “And thanks for making me $200 richer.”



            School that day seemed to drag on as slowly as ever with the thought of Mr. Williams surrendering his perfect hole again to me later that night. By the time after-school practice came around I was just wanting to go home, but Coach made sure to keep us every other day for as long as he could. He wanted those trophies to keep coming in. Every day I would pass Coach’s office on the way to the locker room and there was no way you could miss his trophy case on proud display. Years and years of dedication and hard work materialized into something Coach could touch. His whole career was in that trophy case. Coach was a very proud man. It was no wonder Brad wanted Coach Jackson’s hole so badly. I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw Brad standing at the showers, nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist feigning some sort of fake pain as Coach Jackson towered over him, listening to him, concerned.


            “I don’t know, Coach, I just have this swelling in my abdominal muscles.” Brad lied, grabbing Coach Jackson’s powerful hand and bringing it right above his groin. “Do you think I could have pulled something?”

            “I don’t know, Williams. You’d better get yourself to a nurse. I’d hate to see one of my star players missing the game this weekend.”

            “Are you sure you can’t help me out, Coach?” Brad said deviously.

            “Williams, I’m not the right person to ask. You should really see a nurse.” Coach Jackson reiterated, completely oblivious to Brad’s advances.

            Brad saw me smiling as I watched him strike out and he walked away frustrated. Brad Williams was the type of guy who got what he wanted. He didn’t like being denied.

            Brad drove us home, nursing the bulge in his pants that was aching for release.

I laughed and said, “Well hey, I think I might know now what’s causing you that discomfort in your groin area you were talking to Coach about earler.”

“I’m telling you man, I’ve never gone through a dry spell like this before.” He said, frustrated. “Jason’s been avoiding me like the plague.”

            “Dude, just jerk off like the rest of us. If your ego is seriously that big that you don’t want to jerk off then you’ve got bigger problems than an absence of ass.” I said, rolling my eyes.

            “Nah man, it’s just not the same. And besides, it will just make me better at my game. Coach Jackson better watch out. His ass is mine.” Brad said, as we pulled into the driveway.

            I headed upstairs to my room, passing Mr. Williams’ office. I so wanted to go right through that door and fuck him right then and there but I knew I needed to be patient. So instead I sat on my bed and did my homework like a good boy.


            Dinner that night was pretty interesting. The three of us sat at the table eating steak that Mr. Williams had prepared and Brad was enthusiastically talking about how pumped he was for the next game while Mr. Williams ran his foot against my leg. I liked this side of Mr. Williams that was coming out.

            I went upstairs to finish studying for a test I had tomorrow until about 10 o’clock. Brad came in and sat on the couch next to my bed and hung out for a while before he started yawning and announced he was going to bed. “See you tomorrow, brother.” He said as he walked to the door. “Oh and by the way, I’m going to fuck Coach Jackson tomorrow.”

            “Yeah yeah.” I laughed, pushing him out the door.

            With Brad gone to bed I decided to take a quick shower so I’d be nice and shiny for Mr. Williams later. Just as I was drying off I opened my door to find a nice surprise waiting for me in my bed. Mike Williams was on all fours with his ass in the air, naked as the day he was born. He tilted his head my direction and smiled, wiggling his ass at me.

            “I’m all lubed up and ready to go, big guy.” He grinned.

            “Well this is certainly a great way to come to bed.” I laughed, grabbing two meaty dad ass cheeks with both hands. “What about Kate?”

            “I handed her an Advil PM an hour ago. She’s out like a light. Brad was snoozing when I passed his door, too.”

            “Well aren’t you the boy scout.” I complimented him.

            “It’s the only thing I could think about all day.” He sighed, rocking back and forth as I held his ass in my hands. He rose up, grabbing my face and pulled me in to kiss him. “Fuck my ass, stud.” He grinned.

            I hoisted myself on my bed and crouched over his back, lining my dick up against his hole. He had already lubed himself. He was wanting this just as much as I was.

            I pushed forward and he brought a hand up behind him onto my ass. At first I thought he was telling me to stop but then he kept pushing my ass forward until I had all of my big black dick up his tight daddy ass.

            “I love that cock.” He said under his breath. “Fuck that’s a big cock.”

            I began thrusting in and out, kissing his neck as I pushed forward.

            “God, I love you fucking my ass.” He moaned. I reached out and grabbed his head and gently pulled him in to my lips.

            After a few minutes of this he pulled back a bit, looking into my eyes. “You almost made me cum and I want this to last.” He pled.

            “Why don’t we get you on your back?” I suggested.

            He slowly got off of my dick and turned over. His dick was rock hard and there was precum dripping off of it. He wasn’t lying, He really was close.

            He got onto his back and lifted his legs up, inviting me to shove my dick up his ass again. God he looked sexy and masculine taking my dick. This is why I love fucking men. I had no interest in fucking boys.

            I sank my dick all the way into him once more and he leaned his head back in pleasure, moaning. This was feeling really good for both of us so I grabbed his huge cock and started jacking him off in time with my thrusts. I wanted both of us to cum at the same time. He shot his wad a split second before I started to unload deep in his ass. At least this time all of his cum was splattered on his chest instead of all over my sheets like last time. I leaned down and kissed him for a while, my dick still all the way up his ass, before suddenly remembering something.

            I reached over to my bedside table and grabbed my phone. Mr. Williams looked at me curiously. I centered the camera on his cum-splattered chest, making sure to get his rock hard cock in the frame along with my big black cock still up his ass.

            “What the hell are you doing?” He panicked, grabbing my arm.

            “Don’t worry, I’m not getting your face.” I assured him, snapping a great picture, making sure to get the angle just right so that all of the cum I had fucked out of him shone in the moonlight.

            “I don’t know about this, Ollie.” He expressed, apprehensively.

            “Do you trust me, Mr. Williams?” I asked, leaning in and kissing him gently.

            “Of course I do.” He moaned.

            “You have nothing to worry about.” I assured him. I handed the phone to him to show him the picture.

            “Damn.” He remarked. “Not bad for a dad in his 40’s, if I do say so myself.”

            “Not bad at all.” I grinned, swirling some of the cum around his chest hair.



            The next day before athletics I got to the gym with Brad and as we were changing into our football gear I tossed him my phone.

            “What’s this?” He asked, catching it.

            “It’s a phone, moron. Check out my most recent picture.”

            He smirked at me and tapped on the screen for a moment before his eyes grew wide.

            “Holy shit, man. Who’s the stud?” He exclaimed, leaning in for a better look.

            “None of your business.” I gloated flippantly.


            “Dude, did you make him cum like that? That’s a huge load.” He gasped. “And damn, he’s got a pretty big cock.”

            “He sure does. But he likes getting fucked. By me.” I grinned.

            “His loss.” Brad muttered. “Damn, if I wasn’t worked up before…”

            “I’d like my $200, please.” I stated, sticking out my hand.

            “What are you talking about?” Brad questioned curiously.

            I said nothing.

            “Wait, do you mean our bet?” He asked, suddenly dawning on him.

            “That’s the one.” I said.

            “Bullshit, man. How am I supposed to know this wasn’t an old picture? How do I even know this was you?

            “Look at the time stamp. And as for the authenticity I guess you’ll just have to go on the fact that you’ve still got blue balls and I don’t. I got laid last night.”

            “10:50…” His eyes grew wide again. “Wait, did you fuck this dude last night?”

            “Sure did.”

            “How? Did you sneak him up to your room or something? No, of course not. My mom and dad were home. Where did you go? Did you fuck this dude in his own bed?”

            “What does it matter to you? The time stamp proves it was last night and this guy is clearly in his 40’s, as you can see. Also, my dick is clearly up his ass. I believe I’ve provided all of the necessary proof. Now pay up.” I insisted.

            “Fair is fair, brother.” He sighed, reaching into his pocket to retrieve his wallet. “Man, you get laid AND paid. This is just not my week.”

            “Thank you, sir.” I smiled, quickly snatching up the $200 dollars he shoved in my face. “And hey, at least this means you can give up on this stupid thing with Coach Jackson. Maybe set your bar a little more realistically for now.”

            “Oh I’m still going to fuck Coach Jackson.” He said simply.

            “Brad, come on.” I said, rolling my eyes.

            “Big time.” He added.

            We both looked across the locker room toward Coach Jackson’s office where he was working on some paper work, oblivious to the fact that he was being ogled at like a lamb to the slaughter. “Well good luck with your lofty quest, brother.” I said, giving him a fist bump.

            “I don’t need luck.” Brad smirked, licking his lips at Coach Jackson’s bulging muscles as he filled out his paperwork.


                                                            Chapter 6

            After the bell rang signaling the end of the day Brad gave his host-brother the keys to his car and sent him on his way.

            “Are you sure you don’t need the car?” His South African host-brother had warned before getting behind the wheel.

            “Nah. I like to go for a victory lap or two after I get a really good quality hunk to bend over for me.” He said cockily. “The walk home after fucking Coach Jackson would be just right.”

            “Whatever man.” His host-brother laughed, shaking his head as he drove off.

            Brad got to the locker room making sure it was empty before stopping at his Coach’s office door. He knocked once.

            “What is it?” Coach Jackson called from his desk with his deep , masculine voice.

            “It’s Brad Williams, sir.” Brad called out.

            “Come on in, Williams.” Coach Jackson commanded. “What is it, Williams?” He asked, looking up from his paper work.

            “Well-” Brad began, standing in front of Coach Jackson’s desk. “This is going to sound a little unorthodox.”

            “Just get on with it, Williams. I don’t have all day.” Coach Jackson interjected. He was in great shape for a guy in his 40’s. Hell, he was in great shape period. His 6 foot 7 frame was reinforced with solid muscle. He had a deep, manly voice that had commanded respect from his athletes for the 20 years he had been coaching at this school. Athletes that had won him countless trophies with their dedication to him and making him proud.

            “You see, Coach. My brother and I have this bet.” Brad began.  “I told him I would fuck you by the end of the week. He disagrees.” Brad said simply.

            Coach Jackson looked up from his paper work and took in the sight of this cocky kid.

            “What the fuck are you talking about, Williams?” He spat out.

            “It’s pretty simple, Coach. My brother doesn’t think you’ll let me fuck you. I say you will.”

            God damn, this kid had a lot of nerve. “Where the fuck do you get off talking to your superior like that, kid?” Coach Jackson yelled from his desk. “You think you can talk to me like that?”

            “Well sure.” Brad said innocently. “Especially because you’ll be begging me to fuck you harder when I’ve got you bent over your own desk showing you how to fuck like a real man.”

            “You are out of your fucking mind, Williams. I could throw you off the team for this.” Coach Jackson warned.

            “You’re not going to kick me off the team, Coach. Not when I show you the best fuck of your life.”

            Coach Jackson was about to smack the cocky little smirk off of this punk’s face before he paused for a second. Coach Jackson had enjoyed more than his fair share of tight jock ass in his career as an award winning athletics director. Those tight little quarterback holes were basically begging him to breed them after the bond they shared winning those state championship titles. He conditioned them into only wanting to please him. Winning him another trophy for his trophy case was pretty stellar but having Coach Jackson breed your ass after a winning game was the highest praise they could ever receive. It’s what made the countless hours of practice in the unforgiving heat, countless parties missed because you were busy getting ready for the big game, countless weekends spent on the road away from friends and family, all worth it. Getting Coach Jackson to dump his seed into your ass was the reward that made it all worth it. Nothing made Coach Jackson more proud than seeing a college football player on TV scoring a game-winning touchdown knowing he had taken their ass back in the day. All of those girls watching their TV’s with their boyfriends secretly wanting to throw themselves at them while he knew nothing those girls could do could ever amount to when he bred that joke hole first. No. His players would always remember him as the person who showed them how to fuck like a real man.

            But Coach Jackson had given that life up for the past few years. Ever since he had a close call almost getting caught fucking his quarterback on the bleachers by one of the janitors he had resisted further temptation. He would look at all of those tight jock asses making their way past his office door but he would never touch. Did this kid know something?

            “Do you know something, Williams?” Coach Jackson asked from his desk.

            This was certainly unexpected for the player staring down at his coach from in front of his desk. But he was going to run with it.

            “Do you want to find out?” Brad countered.

            Coach Jackson said nothing as they sized each other up. Brad silently unzipped his pants and pulled them down to the floor, his thick cock standing tall in front of his superior.

            “Suck my cock, Coach.” Brad commanded.

            Fuck this kid had a thick cock. And Coach Jackson loved sucking cock. The bigger the better.

            Coach Jackson pointed to the trophy case behind his athlete. “Look at that trophy case, Williams.” Brad complied. “I’ve got 20 years of experience telling cocky little jocks like you what to do and when to do it. If I want to suck your fat cock it’s because I want to suck your fat cock, you little punk.” He said, pointing at himself at the word ‘I’.

            Brad just smiled, cockily.

            “You got that, Williams?” Coach Jackson questioned.

            “I don’t care what you need to do to justify it to yourself as long as your lips are wrapped around my cock.” Brad said simply.

            “You cocky little fucker.” Coach Jackson muttered, getting up from his chair, amused. He got right into Brad’s face and stared him down. He was impressed that his athlete did not flinch. He liked that. Most guys, hell most men, would cower at the sight of his 6 foot 7 powerful frame towering over them. He reached out and grabbed his athlete’s thick cock. “I’ll bet a little punk like you doesn’t even know how to use a big cock like this. Such a waste of a big, fat cock.”

            He knelt down and licked the head. Brad shuddered. Coach Jackson continued, “Yeah, I’ll bet you and your dumb jock friends get drunk off of your stupid margarita flavored beers and have those slutty little cheerleaders spit your cum out after you blow your pathetic little wads after 30 measly seconds.” He grabbed Brad’s cock and waved it around, enjoying the girth.

            He wrapped his tongue around the thick head and swallowed it all the way to the base before releasing it again. “Cocky little kid coming in here trying to be a man.” He muttered before swallowing it all the way down again.

            “Oh fuck, Coach.” Brad groaned.

            “I’ve had guys like you.” He said, waving his athlete’s cock around, watching his spit shine along its incredible girth. “Thinking they’re God’s gift to the fucking Earth.”

He swirled his tongue around the piss slit, playing with a drop of precum.“And then I show them what it means to be a real man.” He said, bringing a hand up to Brad’s muscular ass and squeezing it. “And I get them to do whatever I want. When I want.” He swallowed Brad’s cock and held it deep down his throat.

            “Fuck, Coach!” Brad shouted, holding his superior’s head down on his cock.

            Coach Jackson released Brad’s cock from his mouth and stood up, towering over his athlete. Brad was a tall guy but even he had to crane his neck up to stare into Coach Jackson’s dark brown eyes. Coach Jackson pushed his hands under his athlete’s shirt and started playing with his muscular pecks. He stuck out his rough tongue and licked all the way across Brad’s cheek before kissing him on the lips with a loud smack. He parted for just a few seconds uttering, “I want that ass, Williams.”

            Brad Williams pulled his head back and stared up at his hulking superior. “Nuh uh. I don’t get fucked.” He said before kissing his coach again. “But you do.”

            Coach Jackson laughed as he thrust his tongue into his star player’s mouth. “You cocky son of a bitch, Williams.”

            Brad reached his hands around his hulking Coach and grabbed two of the meatiest ass cheeks he had ever seen. This 6 foot 7 authority figure was solid muscle and all man. He pulled Coach Jackson tighter into him as they continued assaulting each others’ mouths with their tongues. Brad squeezed his coach’s ass hard.

            Coach Jackson pulled their faces apart briefly. “Suppose I did let you have my ass, Williams.” He said, giving his athlete’s lip a quick nip. “Are you man enough to take it?”

            Brad squeezed his coach’s ass hard and rocked his big, thick cock against it. “What do you think, old man?”

            “Fuck, kid.” Coach Jackson finally relented, banging his fists hard against his athlete’s pecks. “It’s yours. Take it.”

            Brad slapped his ass hard. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of Coach Jackson’s slutty little wind shorts and pulled them down revealing the thickest cock he had ever seen. He had heard of the term “beer can cock” used to describe is own cock but what Coach Jackson had swinging between his legs was a sight to behold.

            “Yeah, you like that big cock, Williams? You still think you’re man enough to take my ass?”

            “All the more fun to grab on to while I’m railing your ass, Coach.” Brad countered, thrusting his tongue into his coach’s mouth.

            “Yeah? Prove it, kid. So far all I’m seeing is some cocky, dumb, big-dicked jock with an even bigger mouth. It’s time to see some action.”

            “Shut the fuck up and tell me where the lube is.” Brad commanded, giving his coach a loud spank.

            “Now that’s more like it, Williams.” Coach Jackson winced. “Third drawer on the left.” He said, his huge muscles contracting as he pointed to his desk.

            Brad retrieved it and squeezed a good amount onto his dick. “Get over there and stick your ass out.” He commanded.

            “Nuh uh, kid. We’re doing this my way. I want to ride it.” Coach Jackson said, defiantly, gesturing for Brad to sit on his desk so he could sit down on his athlete’s big cock and stay in control.

            “Not gonna happen, Coach. I going to bend you over your own desk and fuck the shit out of you like you’ve been wanting to do to all of those dumb jocks you fantasize about. Except this time you’re the dumb jock getting fucked.”

            Coach Jackson gave a devious grin and obediently walked over to his desk, sticking his muscle ass out with a smirk. “You better fuck me like a man, Williams, or I’ll have to teach you how it’s done.”

            “Yeah, we’ll see if you’re still a tough guy when you’re moaning with my dick up your ass.”

            “Not if you keep talking we won’t. Come on, kid, man up and fuck me. I didn’t hand my ass over for the first time to some pussy who wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

            Brad’s cock throbbed. So this was Coach Jackson’s first time getting fucked? Even better. It was clear when Brad saw the massive cock that Coach Jackson possessed he would find no trouble getting people to bend over for him so the fact that he was letting him be the first one to return the favor made Brad even more turned on.

            Brad moved behind his hulking, muscled coach and lined his thick cock up with the virgin hole awaiting him. For the first time he saw a trace of fear in his superior’s eyes. “Go easy on me, Williams.” Coach Jackson pled, completely vulnerable.

            Brad popped the head of his cock into his Coach’s virgin ass, making him jump. “ You’re a tough guy, Coach I won’t give you anything you can’t handle.” And with that he sank his dick up his ass.

            “Fuck!” Coach Jackson yelled through gritted teeth. Brad stopped his advance and paused for a moment. “Keep going, Williams.” Coach Jackson commanded. “I want it all in me.”

            Brad complied and continued sinking more and more of his thick cock up his coach’s ass until his balls were resting against Coach Jackson’s giant testicles. “Fuck, kid, you’ve got a mean cock on you.”

            “People might have trouble at first but they come around after a bit.” Brad smiled, kissing his shoulder gently.

            “Well don’t just stand there. Show me what you got.” Coach Jackson commanded, reaching back to give his athlete a loud spank. “Don’t make me regret letting you have my ass.  

            “Oh fuck!” He yelled as his athlete railed into him.

            “God damn, Williams.” He moaned, relishing the sensation of his star athlete’s balls smacking against his. “Come on, fuck me like a man.”

            The sound of skin smacking against skin filled the office as Coach Jackson’s testosterone loaded moans grew louder.

            Brad reached around the giant ass he was pounding and grabbed a hold of Coach Jackson’s beer can cock. It was rock hard and dripping precum.

            “Yeah, you like that, Coach?”

            “Oh fuck yeah.” Coach Jackson answered, loving the feeling of his cock getting jerked while his ass was getting fucked.

            “You like getting fucked, Coach? You like getting fucked by a real man?” Brad yelled, thrusting his thick cock into his coach as far as it would go.

            “Fuck yeah I do. Fuck me, stud.” Coach Jackson groaned.

            Brad reached across the desk and pulled the platinum plaque that read “Coach Daniel Jackson” in big bold letters and dropped it right in front of his coach’s face.

            “You like handing your ass over to one of your players while he fucks you on your own desk, Coach?” He grabbed Coach Jackson’s head and made him look at their reflection off of his prized trophy case. He knew Coach Jackson took great pride in his trophy case. It was all about ego with him. Only now all Coach Jackson could see was his mountainous, muscular body being pinned down on his own desk as his ass was getting railed by a student.

            “I love it, Williams. Fuck me on my desk. Take my ass and make it yours, stud.” Coach Jackson moaned.

            “Yeah, you waited to hand over this tight muscle daddy ass until the right man came along, huh?” Brad said, giving his coach a loud spank.

            “Fuck yeah, Williams. Take my ass like a man.” Coach Jackson moaned.

            “All those trophies and all those years of muscle jocks like me that would give anything to get a shot at this ass. But you held on to it only to hand it over to me without even putting up a fight.” He gave him another hard spank.

            “I wanted to wait until a real man could fuck me.” His coach groaned.

            “Well you got it, huh coach?” Brad said as he sank his dick in to the hilt.

            Brad jerked his coach’s cock under him until he was squirming. “I’m- I’m gonna cum, Williams. Keep fucking me!” He yelled, gritting his teeth.

            Brad immediately released his grasp, Coach Jackson’s huge cock snapping up against his muscled chest with a loud smack. Coach Jackson whined in frustration, his hand almost crushing the wooden desk they were holding onto.

            “No, I’m not ready for you to cum yet. I don’t want that big dick of yours going soft on me after you blow your wad.” Brad said as he slowly withdrew his dick from his coach’s ass and grabbed two meaty ass cheeks. “Now since you’ve been good I’ll let you ride me like you wanted.”

            Coach Jackson stood up exhausted, sweat dripping from his forehead, every muscle on his incredible body bulging out intimidatingly. His massive cock red and angry, aching to dump out its load. “Where do you want me?” He panted.

            “I’m going to sit in your own chair while you sit on my cock.” Brad announced, plopping down in Coach’s desk chair like a throne. If Coach Jackson was bothered by this cocky athlete fucking him in his own chair at his own desk in his own office he didn’t voice it. Brad grinned cockily as he spread is legs in his coach’s desk chair so that his thick cock stood up proudly, waiting for his coach to sit on it.

            Coach Jackson obediently stood over his athlete and slowly sat down on his cock, experiencing a completely new angle of penetration.

            “God damn, that’s good.” Coach Jackson groaned, positioning himself so that his massive ass could rest against his star player’s chest.

            “Yeah, take my big cock, coach.” Brad commanded, running his hands all over his coach’s massive pecks.

            “Fuck me, Williams. Take my ass.” Coach Jackson commanded, using the sturdy arms of his desk chair to give him leverage to impale himself on his star player’s cock harder and harder.

            “Yeah, tell me who’s fucking your ass, Coach.”

            “You are, Williams.” Coach Jackson panted, slamming his ass back down to meet his thrusts.

            “Who does this ass belong to now, Coach?” Brad asked, reaching around to start jacking off his coach’s massive cock again. Precum was being flung everywhere from the rapid slams Coach Jackson was backing onto his cock.

            “It’s yours, Williams. My ass is yours.” Coach Jackson panted.

            “Yeah, you like getting fucked by a real man, Coach?”

            “Fuck yeah, stud. You earned it.”

            “Yeah, take that dick like a man, Coach.” He powerfully jacked off the massive cock in his hand, saying, “Give me that load, Coach. I know you have it.”

            “You want that load, Williams?” Coach asked through gritted teeth.

            “I want that load, Coach. Give it to me.”

            “You got it, kid. Come on, fuck it out of me. You’re almost there.”

            “I want it now, Coach.”

            “Oh fuck, Williams, here it comes! Oh fuck!” Coach Jackson groaned through gritted teeth. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” He yelled as he erupted, spraying cum all over the desk as his star athlete railed him harder.

            Brad marveled at the sight of his Coach absolutely drenching his own desk in cum. He could feel the beer can cock in his hand throbbing after each jet squirted out. The contractions Coach Jackson’s hole was making on his cock was too much and Brad Williams dumped his load up Coach Jackson’s hole, spreading his seed where no man had been before in this hunk of a man.

            Brad released his coach’s cock as he continued to shoot his load up his ass. Coach Jackson was panting to catch his breath as he watched his cum dripping off of his desk on to the floor below them. The paperwork he had been working on all afternoon was absolutely soaked in his cum.

            They sat there and panted for a while. Coach Jackson leaned his head down and kissed his athlete for a job well done.

            “Fuck, kid.” Coach Jackson panted as they watched all of his cum running down his desk. “That’s a lot of cum.”

            “Don’t look at me, Coach. I made sure all mine ended up in one place.” Brad laughed, sticking a finger up his coach’s hole and scooping out a good bit of cum and smeared it on his coach’s face.

            “You little fucker.” Coach Jackson smirked, giving his star player a big wet lick.

            “So was I man enough for you, Coach?” Brad gloated, teasing Coach Jackson’s big nipple.

            “You were definitely man enough, Williams.” He reached down and patted his athlete’s abs approvingly. “Anytime you want it. This ass is yours.”

            “I’ll keep that in mind.” Brad said, hoisting himself from underneath his towering frame and stretching. “It’s nice to have options.” He picked up his underwear and started to get into them.

            “What, you’re not going to help me clean this mess up?” Coach Jackson asked, pointing to the mess splattered all over his desk.”

            “It shouldn’t take you too long. Here.” Brad said, throwing him a shirt.

            Coach Jackson gave him a smirk and began to mop up his cum with it. “Wha-“ He began. “You little fucker, this is my shirt!” He lamented, holding up the wet shirt, frustrated.

            “Well you didn’t expect me to walk home in a shirt soaking in your own cum, now did you? It’s your mess. You clean it up.” Brad grinned deviously as he put his own shirt on. “See you at practice tomorrow, Coach.” Brad said, opening the door. Before he left he stuck his head back in and added, “Oh and if you can help it, try not to act like you’re desperate for my cock again while we’re out on the field with the guys. You know how embarrassing needy girlfriends can be.”

            “Cocky little fucker.” Coach Jackson laughed, throwing the wet t-shirt at him just as the door closed.

            And with that, Head Coach of Athletics Dan Jackson diligently wiped his desk clean of all of the evidence of their fuck session while Brad Williams enjoyed his ‘victory walk’ home, eager to tell his host-brother of yet another easy conquest for the record books. “And to think Ollie said it would be hard to get Coach to bend over for me.” Brad thought, shaking his head. “Not for Brad Williams it’s not.”



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