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                                    Chapter 3

Ever since that day Brad and I tag teamed our jock teammate Brad and I have been closer than ever. Well, Brad, Jason and I have been closer than ever. We found a way to pay Jason a visit as often as we could and Jason was more than willing to accept visitors. The only issue was that all of that “studying” Brad seemed to be doing over at Jason’s house didn’t seem to be paying off. He was failing Physics and his position on the team was in jeopardy. This meant Brad had to stay late after school and get help from his teacher every other day. Brad was my brother. I missed him when he was away and I was cooped up in this big house.

            The only good thing to come from this was that I got to spend more time with Mr. Williams. Sometimes I would help him in his home office when there was nothing else for me to do. I liked it. He had an extremely calming presence around him.

            “You sure you don’t have anything better to do than be my work horse like this on a Friday night? You know I feel like I’m failing you if you’re not getting the whole “American Jock” experience.” He said, as I sat in a chair next to him reading off codes for him to enter.

            “Honestly I like it. I mean you know I love hanging out with Brad and all the guys from the team but every once in a while I like to just relax. And besides, I like learning. All of this computer stuff fascinates me, Mr. Williams.”

            He smiled at me and went back to typing. I got a text and reached down to look at my phone.

            “Jason says we can come over for about an hour and then he wants to go hit a party at Martin’s house. Want me to pick you up?” The text from Brad read.

            I thought about the gorgeous muscle jock ass that awaited me if I wanted it but I was enjoying the time I was spending with Mr. Williams. And besides, I didn’t want to leave him alone. “Nah, I’m not really feeling up to it. You can have him all to yourself.” I replied.


            “Alright brother, your loss.” Brad replied with a devil emoji.

            “Are you being called elsewhere?” Mr. Williams asked.

            “Nope. Just answering a quick question from someone on the team.” I lied.

            “Alright, well Kate is out taking some clients to see a play tonight so it’s just you and me tonight, Ollie.” He said, squinting at his computer screen. The only time he would ever wear his glasses was when he was working for long hours and I thought they made him even sexier.

            “Sounds good to me. Want me to make dinner?” I asked, cracking my knuckles.

            “Either that or we can order a pizza or something. I’d hate to waste an opportunity while President Kate is away.” He said grinning.

            “Yeah… I know what you mean.” I replied. What an opportunity indeed.


            All of this nervous energy on my part was making my head dizzy. I was so appreciative of Mike, and Kate, and Brad for everything they had done for me and the fact that I was fantasizing about seducing Mr. Williams when we had the house to ourselves was making me feel guilty. How could I jeopardize the excellent life I had? And then I realized something that took the air out of my lungs. I was falling in love with him. Sure I had had my crushes in the past. People I couldn’t have. People I did have. But my feelings for Mike Williams were completely new to me. He was a good father. A good husband. A good friend. He was so generous and kind. And sexy. He was everything I desired in a man rolled into one. And I could never have him. I had to put all of this anxious energy into something.

            “I think I’m going to go for a swim before dinner. Do you think you’ll be able to get along okay without me?” I said, getting up.

            “Yeah, sure. I’ve been doing this on my own for the past 20 years.” He smiled. “Enjoy the pool, son-“ He said, before he could take it back. I pretended like I didn’t hear him as I was walking out. This was just reason number 1 million and 1 why I can’t pursue this relationship with this man. He thinks of me as family. I could never do anything to him that would destroy that.

            I went outside to the pool in my swimsuit and enjoyed how perfect the water felt as I stepped in. It was a nice night outside. I thought about Brad and Jason, no doubt enjoying their second or third orgasms by now. At first I was jealous but then I realized how none of it was real. Brad was the type of guy who wasn’t going to admit to himself he was gay anytime soon. He could fuck every guy in his dorm when he gets to college and still justify it as “just getting his rocks off”. I could see it in Jason’s eyes when Brad would empty his seed into him that Jason was in love with him. And Brad could never give Jason what he truly wanted. What the fuck was wrong me with me tonight? Why am I feeling so sappy and down? I submerged myself completely under water and just yelled at the top of my lungs, instantly feeling so much better when I broke the surface again. I started to think about my life back at home in South Africa and how blessed I was to be given this opportunity. I thought about how sad it would be to leave this place. I thought about how heartbroken I would be to not be able to see my new brother and Kate and Mr. Williams every day. Mr. Williams. How was I supposed to go back to my life across the world and pretend that my heart wasn’t broken? If I was so blessed to be given this opportunity to meet these wonderful people then wasn’t I squandering my opportunity to find something real with someone I was in love with? No, you idiot. Because he’s a married man. A man married to a woman. I went back under the water and yelled again. When I came back up again I didn’t open my eyes.

            “Care for some company?” I heard, coming from the pool steps.


            I opened my eyes and looked over. Mr. Williams was standing in the water, his feet getting used to the temperature. My jaw dropped. The swimsuit he was wearing hung loosely around his waist, underneath a toned abdominal dusted with a light, masculine sprinkling of chest hair. I had never seen Mr. Williams without his shirt on and he was even sexier than my fantasies had imagined. This man was my dream man.

            “I decided I’d been staring at a computer screen enough for one day.” He smiled.

            “Come on in, Mr. Williams. The water’s great.” I said finally.

            He walked down the few steps into the pool before relishing the feeling of the cool water on his body. “This is wonderful.” He said, relaxed.

            He reached over to a small metal box near the edge of the pool and fumbled around in it to reveal two beers inside. Rich people… He threw one my way.

            “Mr. Williams, I’m not sure if I should…” I said, catching it apprehensively.

            “Relax, it’s Friday night. You deserve it.” He encouraged, cracking his open and taking a good sip. “Now that’s the stuff.” He said, refreshingly.

            I opened up my beer and drank from it, slowly. Brad and I had enjoyed the occasional drinks at parties but I wasn’t so sure Mr. Williams needed to know that.

            “Kate just called.” He said, taking a long swig. “She just landed a really high profile client.”

            “That’s great!” I exclaimed. “She’s been working hard for weeks trying to get them.

            “Yeah, well.” He said solemnly. “When she really wants something she gets it. That’s Kate.”

            I studied him while he finished off his beer. “What’s wrong, Mr. Williams.”

            “You know what, I shouldn’t have said anything.” He said, starting to get out of the pool. “Here you were enjoying yourself and then I come in and start bumming everyone out.”

            “Mr. Williams, stop.” I implored him. “Please tell me. I want to know.”

            He paused for a moment as he reached the steps. “You shouldn’t be burdened with all of my problems, Ollie. You’re just a kid. You should be out enjoying yourself, not listening to an old failure like me.” He said sadly.

            “Mr. Williams, stop.” I repeated.

            He looked back at me and I could see tears start to form in his eyes. He started walking back down the steps and sat down, conflicted.

            “Why are you so kind to me, Ollie?” He said after he thought for a while.

            “What do you mean?” I asked, coming close to him. “You’re the most compassionate, generous, modest, intelligent man I have ever met. You took me into your home to share every single thing you’ve earned in life and asked for nothing in return.” I said, staring into his eyes.

            He said nothing. It was clear to me that Mike Williams was someone who didn’t often receive compliments in life. He didn’t know how to react when someone tells him all of the things he deserves to hear.

            “I did all of those things for selfish reasons, Ollie. I wanted to share my home with you because I desperately wanted to fill a void in my life.”

            “What kind of void, Mr. Williams?”

            He lowered his eyes away from mine and shook his head. “You shouldn’t have to hear all of this.” He said, ashamedly.

            “Mr. Williams, please tell me.”

            “I’m so unhappy.” He said softly.

            My heart broke. This man was so loving, and kind, and generous, and handsome, and intelligent. He offered so much to the people around him and he was completely taken for granted. I just wish he saw himself the way I saw him.

            “Why are you unhappy?” I asked delicately.

            “Because, Ollie. I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to figure out. You’re a smart guy. My wife is never home. She resents me because I don’t push myself. I’ve had the same job for the last 20 years while she gets every promotion she sets her mind to. She’s been having an affair for the past three years and I’ve known about it every single second it’s been going on. My son is on the football team with all the friends and trophies he could ever want. And in my lifetime I have accomplished nothing. My wife and son wake up every morning and conquer the world while I stay inside in this big old house alone. I mean, look at you. You uprooted your entire life to travel across the fucking world because there is a fire in you that wants to see and experience all that that life has to offer you. You wanted to see the world so you did it. People like me see the world and we hide. We hide from the people we love, from the people we want to love, and from the opportunities in life that scare us.”

            We sat in silence as his words sank in for both of us. I had never felt such an intense emotional connection with another human being before. Our bodies were so close together I swear I could feel his heart beating next to mine.

            “Mr. Williams, you are the greatest man I have ever known.” I said, looking into his eyes. A tear slowly ran down his cheek.

            “And I have seen the world.” I reminded him.

            He looked at me as he processed what I had said. “Do you really mean that?” He asked, desperately.

            “I really do. The fact that you don’t see that makes my heart break. And I know that’s just what people say when they’re feeling sad but it’s not that I’m just sad. My heart is breaking for you.” I wondered if I had revealed too much. My heart was pounding deep inside of my chest.

            Mr. Williams reached out and brought his hand to my head, running his warm, masculine fingers along my cheek. I breathed in at his touch and nodded as I could see him struggling with his feelings. He leaned in, looking right into my eyes, and then kissed me.


            Time seemed to stand still as the man I was in love with accepted my tongue into his mouth, finally being able to show this man what he meant to me. I reached a hand down and put it on his slightly hairy chest. My other hand went down to his swimsuit, feeling a very large erection leaning down his left leg.

            And then all of the sudden he pulled away, out of breath. “I- I can’t do this.” I’m so sorry.” He said, tears in his eyes. He swiftly stood up and ran out of the pool to the house, not even stopping to grab his towel.

            Shit. This was bad. What did you do, Ollie?

            The next morning Brad and I headed downstairs to breakfast before we headed out with some teammates to go down to the river nearby for some fun. Mr. Williams completely avoided my gaze at all costs. He handed Brad and I our plates before going back to the stove, muttering a casual, “Morning.”

            Kate came downstairs obviously dressed for some business opportunity and surprisingly gave her husband an intimate kiss on the lips before heading out. “I love you so much.” She whispered quietly in his ear and giving him a pat on the butt before leaving.

            “Am I missing something here?” Brad asked curiously as she headed out the door.

            “It’s nothing, son.” Mr. Williams said quietly, blushing. For a split second I could have sworn he looked into my eyes before turning away again.

            “I haven’t seen her in such a good moon in forever.” Brad stated.

            “Just eat your breakfast, son.” Mr. Williams said from the stove.



Brad drove us to the river and we met a bunch of guys from the team there. Some of them had brought their girlfriends. Including our favorite jock bottom, the 6 foot 4 Jason Foster. He had a very pretty brunette wrapped around his arms and she introduced herself as Rachel. Jason blushed as Brad and I welcomed her to the group.

            Brad and I enjoyed a few beers together while the rest of the guys played a game of volleyball on the beach. Brad sensed I was having a rough day.

            “Come on, man, I know something’s getting to you. You know you can tell me anything. I’m your brother.” He said, patting me on the shoulder.

            “It’s something I have to deal with by myself, Brad.” I said, picking up a rock and skipping it in the water. “But thanks. I know you mean it.”

            “Yeah, anytime.” He said. “I’m going to leave you alone. I’m sure I can tap in for one of the guys in the game.” He ran off to join the others.

            I sat alone and thought by myself for a while. I was wondering how I was going to fix this situation with Mr. Williams. I knew any chance I had with him was over. He had made that clear. I just wanted him back in my life. The way things used to be. He was my best friend here. Two days ago I was having the time of my life here in the states, but now I just wanted to go home and forget about everything that had happened. I felt so incredibly guilty. I didn’t want to be a home wrecker. Especially to the family that had treated me with such kindness.

            I headed toward the latrine to take a leak where Jason was washing his hands. Damn, his fat ass looked great in those trunks below his tall, thin athletic frame.

            “Hey Ollie.” He said, flicking his wet hands in my face playfully.

            “What’s up, Jason?” I said casually. “Rachel’s quite a catch.”

            “Yeah….” He trailed off. “Thanks for being cool.”

            “Hey, that’s your business.”

            “Still, thanks.”

            I pulled down my trunks and stared to relieve myself. I noticed Jason hadn’t left.

            I turned my head back and saw him looking at me. He was gripping his trunks fighting the urge to play with himself.

            “You want to go for a walk?” I asked after a while.

            “Yeah…” He answered as if in a trance.

            We left the latrines and walked a few minutes in the opposite direction of our friends until we got to a forest area with a lot of cover. I pushed my teammate against a tree gently and kissed him.

            “We-“ He said in between thrusts of my tongue. “We need to be quick.”

            I grabbed the waistline of his swimsuit and pulled them down. He was already hard. I turned him around and wet his hole as best I could.

            “Come on man, just put it in me.” He said over his shoulder.

            I lined my dick up with his big white ass and pushed it in in one motion.

            “Oh fuck, man. I forgot how big your dick is.” He said through gritted teeth. I reached below him and noted that his dick was still as hard as ever.

            We heard some of our friends cheer and applaud nearby while some of them cussed  at the same time. At first we thought we’d been caught but then we realized someone must have scored a hard point.

            I grabbed Jason’s head and brought it up to my lips and whispered, “We need to get lower.”

            “Alright, man. Fuck me on my back.” He said, slowly pulling himself off of my cock and getting down on the ground. He got on his back, flashed me that winning smile that made this jock so sexy and lifted his legs up. I crouched over him and pushed my dick back up his hole. I loved fucking pretty white boys face to face. He leaned forward to kiss me as I fucked him hard.

            Jason’s cock was rock hard and it was leaking a steady stream of precum. His hands gripped my ass tightly pulling me closer to him.

            “What the fuck are you guys doing?” We heard and we both jumped, looking toward a break in the trees. Brad was standing there with a shocked look on his face.

            “Are you guys fucking crazy? You guys could get caught!” He panicked.

            “Sorry Brad. We just kind of-” Jason started to say, still pulling me into him, showing me no signs he wanted me to stop.

            “We’ll be done soon. Give us 2 minutes.” I said to my host-brother as he watched me fuck our teammate.

            “Fine. You  guys have two minutes. But the game is over and people are going to start looking for you guys. I’ll try and keep them at the beach.” He turned to head back to the beach.

            “Thanks brother.” I called out after him. He raised is hand up to signal he had heard me before turning back around for one last look at us. He looked longingly at us for a second, as if debating whether to join in, but turned around again and headed away.

            “You close?” I asked, kissing my teammate as I railed into him thoroughly.

            “Oh fuck yeah, I’m about to cum any second now, man.” He whimpered, his eyes closed, relishing the moment.

            His dick started to jump to each one of my thrusts. I knew I would get him to cum just from my dick up his ass so I decided to go for it. Just as I started to blow my load his hands started squeezing my ass as tight as ever and his dick started to spurt a healthy load, completely untouched. I emptied into him, squirting my seed as far into him as I ever have.

            We made out with my dick still lodged up his ass for a minute as we came down from our highs, but I knew we were in a rush. I reached over and grabbed his swimsuit and threw it down onto his face. “We need to get out of here.” I urged him, jumping into my suit.”

            “Fine.” He said slowly, a freshly fucked glow still on his face. “What about all of this?” He asked, nodding to the load I had fucked out of him moments ago.

“Shit, that’s a big load. It’s too much too wipe away with your swimsuit. People will notice.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault. You’re the one who made me do it.” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him and crouched over him again, bringing my tongue to his naval and licking up his load, bringing it to his mouth and letting it roll onto his tongue. He accepted it gleefully as I went back for more. After I had licked his washboard abs clean and he had swallowed up what he could I lifted him up off the ground and helped him get back into his swimsuit. We kissed one last time before heading back to the beach. Brad was talking to Rachel as they packed their stuff like the good wingman he is.

            “Oh there you are, mushykins!” Rachel squealed as she saw Jason and I heading toward her.

            She leaned in for a quick peck with Jason as Brad looked at me and rolled his eyes, giving me the “she’s crazy” signal with his hand.

            “Sorry Rach…” Jason said awkwardly. “Ollie and I were checking around for arrowheads.”

            “I was wondering where you were. Did you find any?” She asked brightly.

            “No luck.” I said, frowning.

            “Oh well. I hope you still had fun.” She said.

            “Oh, trust me. Your mushykins and I found plenty to do.” I said, grinning.

            She and Jason headed off to pack one of the cars. I couldn’t help but feel cocky that she was hanging onto her hot jock boyfriend while my cum was slowly dripping out of his ass. I hope he’s smart enough to sit on a towel while he drives home. Although who am I talking about? Jason Foster is no amateur.

            “So I see you’re feeling a little bit better.” Brad said to me as he drove us home.

            “Yeah, a little. Sorry for being so down earlier.” I apologized.

            “It’s no big, man. I just hope whatever it is you’re dealing with gets better.”

            “Me too, brother.” I said, staring out the window as he drove.

                                                Chapter 4

Over the next week or so things started to get better. Mr. Williams was clearly avoiding me so I spent most of my time out of the house with Brad.  It amazed me how Brad could spend every single moment of every single day being “on”. He just loved life. It was refreshing to be around. He was always up for having a good time and I wanted to learn to be more like that. We would hang out at Jason’s house a lot, playing video games and basketball in between tag teaming him in his own bed. You just had to respect a good ‘ole power bottom like him. He’s ready for anything you throw at him.

            We knocked on his front door one Friday afternoon and Mr. Foster answered again. “Oh hey, guys. Good to see you again.” He said kindly.

            “Hey Mr. Foster.” Brad and I said politely.

            “Jason and his girlfriend are out at the movies so I’m sorry to tell you he’s not home. I’ll tell him you guys came by.”

            “Oh. Thanks Mr. Foster.” Brad said and we turned away to head back home. Brad and I hadn’t gotten to fuck him for the past week.

            “Well that sucks.” He said to me as we got in the car.

            “Honestly I’m not really that surprised. He’s been spending a lot of time with her lately.” I noted.

            “Yeah, well I’m not worried. He’ll come crawling back to us sooner or later. There’s only so long a true bottom slut like that can go without getting bred.” He sighed.

            “I hope you’re right.” I said, buckling my seat belt.

            I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Brad’s feelings were hurt. Or maybe it was his pride. Brad Williams was a hot guy. Brad Williams was not the type of guy who jacks off when he’s horny. When Brad Williams is horny he finds someone to fuck. I don’t think he liked the idea of playing second fiddle.


            The following Monday I came home from school while Brad was doing his Physics work with is teacher. Kate was still at work so it was just Mr. Williams and me. I walked up to his office and knocked gently on the door.

            There was no answer but I could see the pale blue light coming from the crack underneath the door from his monitor.

            “Mr. Williams can we just talk?” I said softly.

            There was a pause before the door opened slowly. Mr. Williams smiled faintly and allowed me in. I walked into the room where I used to spend so much of my time. I remembered spending hours in here with Mr. Williams, bouncing ideas off of each other and getting to know each other so well. I missed it so much.

            “I don’t know what to say to you.” He sighed, sitting down in his chair and facing me for the first time in two weeks.

            “Of course you don’t. There’s no way I could ever apologize en-“ I started.

            “Apologize?” He interjected. “Why the hell do you need to apologize?” He asked.

            “Because I- I made a move on you. I was weak and acted on my feelings and you know, you’re- you’re married. And you’ve been so kind to me and-“

            “Ollie, stop. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I’m the one who kissed you, remember?”

            “Yeah, but I-“

            “No buts. I shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong. And I’ve been treating you so badly for the past few weeks because the guilt was eating me up inside. I’ve let you down in so many ways.”

            “Mr. Williams, please. No more apologies. It will never happen again. I promise. I just want us to be back where we were. Before…”

            “Ollie I want that, too. I miss the relationship we had.” He sighed.

            “Well then let’s do it. Let’s just go back to where we were before.” I said simply.

            “That’s exactly what I want, Ollie.” He smiled. I spent the rest of the day in his office helping him work and it was the best day I could remember.


            I lay in my bed that night with such a relieved feeling. I had gotten my best friend back. And we were going to be okay. Everything was going to be okay.

            “Knock knock.” I heard from my doorway as Mr. Williams entered the room.

            “What is it Mr. Williams?” I asked, sitting up in my bed.

            He slowly walked over and sat on the edge of my bed. I braced myself wondering if this was going to be a good conversation or a bad conversation.

            “I was thinking about our conversation we had today and I just can’t get something off of my mind.” He said, trying to find the words. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I could just see his handsome face forming.

            “What is it?” I asked.

            “I was remembering something you said. You were talking about how you messed things up and were sorry.” He began. “And then you said something.”

            “What?” I asked again.

            “You said- You said you had feelings for me.” He muttered.

            There was a long pause.  I didn’t know what to say.

            “Do you have feelings for me, Ollie?” He asked seriously.

            “I- I can’t help it, Mr. Williams.” I said finally. “But I’ll get over them. I always do.” I said, trying to assure him. “I promise you, nothing will ever happen again.”

            “But what if I want something to happen again?” He said quietly.

            I couldn’t believe this.

            “What- what do you mean, Mr. Williams?”

            “Ollie, I don’t know what this is. I’ve never had feelings for anyone other than women. Anyone other than my wife, for that matter.” He began. “But I feel… something for you.”

            I didn’t know what to say.

            “Ollie, the reason I freaked out after we kissed in the pool wasn’t because you had feelings for me. It was because I had feelings for you. And I never even imagined you could possibly feel the same way about me. I thought I was going to screw up the amazing relationship we had.”

            “Mr. Williams I think I’m in love with you.” I admitted.

            This time he was the one who said nothing.

            “I know I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for a long time.” I confessed.

            “I think-“ He struggled. “I think I’m in love with you, too. I’ve never given the thought of falling in love with another man. But it happened.”

            I swear I could feel his heart beating from where I was laying on the bed. I couldn’t imagine what he was going through.

            “It’s okay.” I assured him, sitting up and putting my hand on his arm. “You can trust me.”

            His eyes looked into mine and for the second wonderful time in my life Mike Williams, the man I was in love with, touched his soft lips to mine. Only this time it was different. Instead of my tongue pushing its way into his mouth it was his pushing into mine. He was letting go of all of the hang ups that were undoubtedly flooding through his mind right now and instead he was living in the moment. He was following his gut. He was giving into his feelings for me.

            I ran one hand over his cheek and another over his strong arm as we kissed. He gently lowered me down until my head was resting on my pillow as he lifted his shirt over his head. I took in the sight of his beautiful, toned hairy chest. He grabbed my hand and brought it to him, letting me run my hand over his muscles. I could have cried I was so happy. He leaned down to kiss me again and pulled my shirt over my head. Leaning down into my ear he whispered, “Make love to me, Ollie.”

            My heart sank. It was all I ever wanted. The man of my dreams was going to give himself to me.

            Mike Williams continued to kiss me as he reached a hand over to caress my growing cock through my boxers. I am sure my size alarmed him but he didn’t show it. He wanted this. He pulled down my boxers, my hard cock slapping against my abs. Without me giving him any direction he moved down and took it into his mouth. I couldn’t believe Mike Williams was sucking my dick. He swirled his tongue around the head of my dick, no doubt something he had picked up while he was receiving head from a girl, and it felt so good. I couldn’t help it, I placed my hand on his head and urged him to swallow more. I knew he was inexperienced, but he blew me like a champ.

            After a few minutes of this I sat up and kissed him again in appreciation for what he had done for me. It was my turn to return the favor. I put my hand on his chest and gently pushed him down onto my pillow as he had done me, kissing him as my hand wandered down his chest until I reached his boxers. I was pleasantly surprised at the erection that met my hand. I knew his son had a big cock but Mike’s was bigger. Oh, this was going to be fun.

            I freed his cock from the confines of his boxers and really showed him how to suck cock. I loved sucking cock. There’s this common misconception in the gay community that tops only like to get their cocks sucked and not suck cock in return, but I couldn’t get enough. He moaned as I swallowed him all the way to his balls, relishing the bit of precum I got to lap up at the head. I reached a hand out to his chest and massaged one of his pecks as I took more and more of his big cock down my throat. He had his hand on the back of my head, urging me to keep going.

            After I knew he was wanting to cum I slowly backed off of his cock and leaned up to kiss him tenderly.

            “I know what you want.” He said nervously, in between kisses. “And I really want to give it to you. I’ve- I’ve just never done anything like this before.”

            I continued to kiss him softly as my hand wandered down his chest and rock hard cock to his hole. I wet a finger with the precum leaking out of his dick and started to rub around his hole softly.

            “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” I said honestly.

            “Will it hurt?” He asked nervously.

            “Maybe a little at first.” I said, pushing the tip of my finger into his hole. He didn’t jump like I thought he would.

            “Ollie, I want to give myself to you. All of me.” He said, looking into my eyes.

            I moved my finger in and out of his hole slowly. “Are you sure, Mr. Williams?”

            “Yes. I want you to be the one. Please do this for me, Ollie.” He pled, kissing me gently.

            “Alright, Mr. Williams. We’ll have to go slow.” I said, adding another finger to his hole. He was certainly responding to the effect I was having on his hole. It was clear he was enjoying it. I added a third finger and he leaned in to kiss me, moaning as I thrust my fingers in and out of his hole.

            “I think you’re ready.” I announced, slowly withdrawing my fingers from his puckering hole.

            Instinctively he moved onto his stomach, sticking is ass up in my direction. The ass I had stolen so many glimpses of when he wasn’t looking. The ass that had driven me crazy at night as I tried to fall asleep. The ass he was presenting to me at this moment for me to fuck.

            I retrieved a bottle of lube from my bedside table and generously applied it to his hole and my cock. I was about to unwrap a condom before he stopped me. “Please. I want you to breed me raw.” He begged.

            “Are you sure, Mr. Williams?” I asked.

            “I need it.” He answered.

            I sat up and positioned myself over his back, lining my cock up to his virgin hole.

            “Are you ready, Mr. Williams?” I whispered into his ear, kissing his neck tenderly.

            “I’ve wanted this for so long, Ollie.” He whispered back. “Please.”

            I pushed forward, letting the head of my dick pop into his hole, holding it there as he adjusted to me.

            I could feel him wince underneath me but he did not try and let me know he was in any pain. I massaged his shoulders as I waited. His grip on the back of my left arm lifted and I took that as a signal that I could keep going. I slowly sank more and more of my black cock into his ass and like the man he was he took it all.

            “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” He moaned as my balls rested on his. He had giant balls and it was a huge turn on to have mine resting on his.

            I waited a moment as he adjusted to my size. This time he had 10 thick inches of black cock in his ass.

            “Come on, fuck me.” He moaned underneath me.

            I raised my hips slowly, withdrawing several inches and then slowly thrust forward again, making sure my dick grazed his prostate in both directions. He responded immediately.

            “God damn that’s good.” He groaned underneath me in his low, masculine voice.

            I began to pick up the pace, and soon the sound of my balls slapping against his began to fill the room.

            “Oh my god” He praised, moaning as I continued to slam into him. “That’s it. Right there. Come on, fuck me.”

            He was taking my dick like a fucking champ. I was so turned on. He leaned his head back to look into my eyes, drawing me in to kiss him tenderly as I fucked him. I could hear him jacking off his cock and a few seconds later I felt his hole contracting on my dick as he moaned into my mouth. His orgasm seemed to last more than a minute, with me dumping my seed into him about 30 seconds in. After he was done spraying the sheets underneath us he collapsed onto his chest, exhausted. I kissed his shoulder lovingly.

            He began to turn his body onto his back until he was looking right into my eyes, my cock never once leaving his ass. There was cum all over his chest so I couldn’t imagine what he had done to the sheets. I leaned down to kiss him, my cock still hard as a rock, lodged deep up his ass. For someone who had just lost his virginity moments ago, he sure didn’t have any qualms with me staying up there. When we finally stopped kissing the cum on his chest had completely dried. I began to play with it, fascinated by his manly chest hair.

            My cock was still lodged in his ass, beginning to go down. “I love you so much, Ollie.” He said, gratefully, putting his head against mine. “Thank you.”

            “I love you too, Mr. Williams.” I pulled my cock out of his ass and watched as my seed began dripping out of his hole onto the sheets. I couldn’t believe this masculine man had let me breed him.

            “You know nothing is ever going to be the same after this.” He said somberly, holding me close to him.

            “I wouldn’t want it to be.” I said honestly.

            “I don’t know what to do now.” He confessed.

            “What do you mean?”

            “I don’t know what this is. I never thought I was gay until I met you.”

            “You don’t have to do anything. We can just stay like this.” I said.

            “What about my wife?”

            “I know I won’t say anything. Besides, you told me she had been cheating on you. Though I have no idea why.” I added, running my hand along his chest.

            “I just feel like I’m betraying her.”

            “You don’t know what you want, Mr. Williams. What you and I just had she can never give to you. Do something for yourself for once. Explore with me.”

            “I’d like that very much.” He said, leaning down to kiss me. He looked down at his watch. “It’s late. I need to get back into my own bed.” He frowned.

            An overwhelming sadness came over me as I watched the man I had just put my seed into get up to leave. He belonged here in bed. With me.

            He looked so sexy as he got into his shirt and put on his boxers.

            “Can I come back tomorrow night?” He asked, giving me one last kiss, grabbing my cock wantonly.

            “I was counting on it.” I smiled, grabbing his ass equally wantonly.

            “Ollie, I can’t thank you enough for tonight.”


            I smiled, happy that I could give him such joy. “You can thank me again tomorrow night. Same time, same place.”

            “You’re on.” He laughed, nudging my shoulder before heading toward the door.

            He turned one last time to me. I was playing with my dick absentmindedly as I was watching him go. “Fuck.” He said, longingly. “Tomorrow night can’t come soon enough.”

            And with that, he was gone. I drifted off to sleep with the biggest smile on my face that night.



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