Chapter 24

To summarize the next few weeks would be nearly impossible. To put it simply, there was a lot of good. And there was also a lot of bad.

The bad first? Mr. Williams finally did the thing he’d been wanting to do for year snow. He asked Kate for a divorce. And no matter how ‘right’ everyone involved knew it was, it still didn’t make it easy.

The good? Everyone knew it was ‘right’. Even Kate. Even Brad. Kate had resolved to assess their marriage after Brad had moved away for college, a practice that was apparently fairly common here in the states, but she realized that staying together unhappily for the sake of their son wasn’t doing him any favors,especially if one of her main methods of coping with it was being away all the time.

 The idea of tying up lose ends and starting new beginnings seemed to be a common theme for the four of us. With Brad and myself on the cusp of finishing high school and entering the next stage of our lives with university, and Mr.Williams and Kate loving themselves and each other enough to let the other one go and have the opportunity to live the life they each deserved. Like I said,it wasn’t an easy time for us, but there was a definite light at the end of the tunnel. For everyone. Mr. Williams had offered to leave her the house and find a place of his own, since the advance he had gotten from his new software was more than enough to cover it, but Kate had insisted he stay here. She knew thatMr. Williams was the more stable, consistent parent and that he needed to stay right here.

I think deep down Kate was looking forward to this new stage in her life. This way she and Mr. Williams could co-parent their son where as opposed to her being busy all the time and missing some of the most important things in Brad’s life, she could now devote half of her time to work and half of her time toBrad so that she was fully present in the time she had with him. Brad seemed happier for it. And I knew Kate was.

On to less serious matters, now that Brad had managed to whittle Coach Jackson down after their test of pride with one another, the two of them were fucking like rabbits any chance they could get.

Now that Kate had moved out Coach Jackson was almost a regular fixture at the Williams household. On the weekends the giant man would show up at the door step with a toothbrush and a spare change of underwear in hand just in case he needed them (he usually didn’t) and he wouldn’t head home until late at night,an exhausted, satisfied smile on his face as he left.

Brad and I were upstairs playing video games Sunday afternoon when Coach Jackson walked through the door and sat on the bed, an occurrence that  may have seemed odd a few months ago, but was now pretty standard on off days like this.

“Your dad let me in.” Coach Jackson grunted as he sat down. “Didn’t take two guesses where the fuck the two of you would be.” He added, rolling his eyes like he always did when Brad and I were playing video games.

“And hello to you too, Coach.” Brad laughed.

“Williams,I talked to a talent scout over at USC. Says they may be interested in bringing you on the team.”

“No shit?” Brad asked, pausing the game.

“Don’t fuck this up, kid. A jock like you getting to play for a school like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“So what do I do from here, Coach?” Brad asked, turning to him.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. You keep your fucking mouth shut from hereon out. Understand? Let me handle this.”

“Whatever you say, Coach.” Brad shrugged. “Damn Ollie, can you believe this?”

“I think it’s great, brother. Truly.” I replied with a grin. “I was probably going to apply there myself.”

“See what I mean, Williams?” Coach Jackson butted in. “If Africa here is thinking of applying to this school that means you don’t have a shot in hell at getting in unless you let me handle this.”

“Work your magic, Coach.” Brad said to him, stretching with a yawn. We’d been playing x-box all afternoon and we were definitely starting to feel it.

ImmediatelyI was hit with an overwhelming wave of musk as he stretched next to me.

“Shit,man you reek!” I laughed, scooting over a foot or two.

“Aw,sorry Ollie.” Brad laughed, smelling himself. “You know I sweat a lot when we play.”

CoachJackson sat up. “Hold on, Williams. Do that again.”

“Do what, Coach?” Brad asked, confused.

“You heard me, kid.” Coach Jackson pressed, getting off the bed and standing over him.

He reached down and grabbed Brad’s arm, leaning down and inhaling deeply.

“Fuck.. .” Coach Jackson huffed, squatting down and kissing his athlete with no warning.

I couldn’t believe it. I guess being a Coach the guy was used to the musky jock scent but this was taking it to a whole new level.

Brad just went with the flow and made out with our hunky coach, reaching his hands out and cupping Coach Jackson’s ass cheeks with both hands.

CoachJackson pried himself away from his athlete’s lips for just a moment, going back to get a good whiff of Brad’s natural musk.

“Goddamn,that’s good. . . “ Coach Jackson groaned, sticking his tongue back in his mouth. “Africa.” He held his hand out, expectantly.

For a second I was confused but then I understood. I went over to the bedside table and took out the bottle of lube, handing it to him.

CoachJackson slipped down his wind-shorts and proceeded to lube up his hole as he continued to make out hungrily with his athlete.

Brad lifted his arm again and shoved Coach Jackson’s face in it, loving the effect his natural scent had on the giant authority figure.

“Aw fuck, Williams. . .” Coach Jackson groaned, not able to wait for another second. He reached down and guided his athlete’s thick cock to his hole,sitting down on it with almost no resistance.

Brad twisted Coach Jackson’s pecs as he let the man ride him. “You like that,Coach?”

“Uh huh.” Coach Jackson replied, pulling on his lip with his teeth. “Fuck, you get me so hot Williams.”

I couldn’t believe how fast the two of them could get into it like this. I just sat there and watched while these two guys went at it, completely into each other and the moment.

“GodI love that jock cock.” Coach Jackson muttered, jacking himself off roughly.“You’re gonna fuckin’ bring me off, Williams.”

“That’s it, Coach. Give me that load.” Brad said, kissing him roughly.

“Yeah,kid? You wanna get me off? Then work for it.”

Brad centered his feet on the floor and started making deep, hard thrusts into him,pummeling him hard.

“Aw fuck, yeah Williams!” Coach Jackson yelled, shooting all over his athlete’s chest and face.

Brad grunted deeply and I could tell he was shooting his load deep inside of our hulking coach’s ass, his balls jumping as they unloaded.

With the thick cock still firmly planted inside of him, Coach Jackson pushed his tongue through Brad’s mouth, catching some of the cum he had shot on his face and sharing it with his athlete.

“Clean it up, Coach.” Brad commanded him.

CoachJackson proceeded to eagerly lick up and down his athlete’s face until the load he had shot all over him had been dealt with.

At that moment Mr. Williams knocked on the door. “Hey boys, I’m just about to start the grill so-“

We stared up at him, unsure of what to say.

“Oh.. . “ Mr. Williams laughed, looking down at the pair of them.

“We’ll be down in a few, Mike.” Coach Jackson muttered, wiping his face.

“Norush. Take your time.” Mr. Williams replied, getting one last look before he left.

Brad pushed the giant man off of him and pulled his pants back up. “Jesus Coach, did you have to shoot me in the face like that?”

“Quit bitching, Williams, if you didn’t want me to fucking shoot so hard then you shouldn’t have dicked my spot like that.”

And just like that, they were back.

Brad rolled his eyes as he turned to me as if what I had just witnessed was completely ordinary. “You cool if I un pause it?”

“Yeah.. .  Sure. . .” I replied, completely perplexed as to how these two went from casual conversation to fucking, to fighting, and then back to casual conversation all in the span of about five minutes.

“I meant what I said, Williams.” Coach Jackson advised him as he pulled his shorts up over his enormous ass with a snap. “You let me handle these scouts from USC.You screw this up and I’ll kick your ass. These guys can’t find out you’re a complete moron until after they’ve signed you on. Understand?”

“You got it, Coach.” Brad replied absentmindedly, tuning him out as he focused the majority of his attention on the game we were playing.

“I’m gonna go help Mike downstairs. When you nerds are done with your fucking video game come down and join us for a real meal.” He knelt down and picked up an empty bottle of Mountain Dew and finished bag of M&M’s and tossed them in the trash, a judgmental look on his face.

“Yeah yeah, Coach.” Brad replied, waving him off.

“Oh and Williams? You don’t shower until I’m through with you. You’re gonna fuck the shit out of me before I head home. Understand?”

“Yessir.” Brad saluted him with a grin.

When the four of us were finally all down at the patio Coach Jackson grabbed a couple of beers and brought one to Mr. Williams before he sat down on the couch in between Brad and myself.

Brad watched him bring the refreshing liquid to his mouth, clearly jealous.

“Sorry,kid.” Coach Jackson shrugged, loving this. “There’s a lot of shit I let you getaway with but not that.”

“Yeah,I’ll remember you said that when I’ve got your legs are over my shoulders after dinner tonight.”

“Yeah,Williams? Try and break me. I dare you.” Coach Jackson smirked, taking another sip.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Is there ever a moment where the two of you aren’t fighting?”

“I don’t know.” Coach Jackson shrugged. “When we’re fucking, I guess.”

“Yeah,Coach Jackson here’s a lot more tolerable when he’s got your dick down his throat.” Brad added.

“You know what, I take that back.” Coach Jackson said. “We fight all the time when we fuck. You bruise this kid’s ego while he’s dicking you and he’ll give you the best fucking nut of your life.” He took another swig and looked at me.“Don’t you and Mike ever get a little rough with each other?”

“Well no.” I replied, thinking about it. “We love each other. I just want to make him happy and show him that I love him.”

They looked at each other skeptically. “Kid, you ever say corny shit like that and you’ll be finding someone else to put out for you.” Coach Jackson laughed,leaning in to kiss his athlete, pulling at his lip with his teeth, playfully.

“I’m not buying it.” I pressed. “I see the way you two look at each other.”

“Yeah,I guess when he’s not pissing me off he’s okay.” Coach Jackson smiled.

“Oh please, like you’d be happy with a guy who doesn’t talk back to you, Coach?”Brad laughed.

“Fuck no.” Coach Jackson shook his head. “No one gets under my skin like this guy.And fuck it gets me hot for it.”

“Food’s ready!” Mr. Williams called out from the grill, bringing a big plate out to the table.

The four of us got our plates and sat around, completely at ease with one another.It was always the highlight of my week whenever it was just us guys, shooting the shit, and joking around. It was times like these that made my decision to stay here in America for the next four years a no-brainer. I was setting down my roots hard. And I felt completely at home. I looked across the table intoMr. Williams’s eyes. He smiled at me with such a genuine look of happiness.Yep. No doubt about it. This was a no-brainer.       

Monday morning I was awoken by my alarm clock, which was unusual because Brad usually came by my room to wake me up a little early. Just to be sure I went by his room, groggily wiping the sleep away from my eyes as I knocked on his door.

“Brother,you up?” I called to him.

No answer.

I quietly opened the door and couldn’t help but shake my head. There, crammed into the bed was Brad and the enormous Coach Jackson, fast asleep curled up against one another. It wasn’t often Coach Jackson slept over. Not often at all. As much as the two of them were so compatible in the sack, they were justas incompatible after their cocks went down. Usually after the two of them had had their fill Coach Jackson would head out so that they could each have their space and recharge for next time. But not this time, apparently.

I couldn’t help myself. I tiptoed to the edge of the bed and grabbed one ofBrad’s Sports Illustrated Magazines and curled it up like a megaphone and brought it up to my mouth. “UP AND AT ‘EM SLEEPING BEAUTIES!!” I yelled into it, obnoxiously.

Instantly they both jerked awake, jumping up at the sound of my voice.

CoachJackson looked around the room sleepily, at first unsure of his surroundings.When he looked down and realized where he was he brought his hand to his forehead and shook his head. “Fuck. . .”

“Well good morning to you too, Coach.” I laughed, watching the two of them sit up and wipe their eyes.

“Someone’s going to be in trouble. . .” Brad smirked, patting Coach Jackson on the back.“You know the rules, Coach. No staying over on school nights. No matter how good the dick is.”

“Fuck,Mike’s gonna kill me.” Coach Jackson muttered, staring down at the sheets.

I walked over to the door to give them their space as they got ready. “I wouldn’t be so sure, Coach. Mr. Williams got lucky last night so he might be in a better mood than you think.”

“HeyAfrica, put in a good word for me and I’ll go easy on you at practice this afternoon. Might even make Williams here your personal water boy, the prick.”He called after me, nudging Brad in his side.

“I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises, Coach.” I said to him, closing the door behind me as I left them to it.  

“What time did we go to sleep, kid?” Coach Jackson asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Beats me. It was 1:30 when I blew my wad in you the first time and I think I remember you climbing on top of me for another round one more time after that.”

“I feel like shit.” Coach Jackson groaned, exhausted.

“Really?I feel pretty great.” Brad grinned, stretching and yawning, ready to start the day.

“Yeah, no shit Williams, I remember you hogging all the fucking covers last night like a real asshole leaving me out in the fucking cold all night.”

“Ah, so you just came on to me that last time to create body heat, is that it,Coach?” His athlete smirked, reaching his hand down the man’s ass and sticking a finger in, making the giant man jolt up, completely unprepared for the intrusion.

“Man, Coach, your pussy’s still wet.” He said as he removed his finger and wiped it on the man’s shoulder. “I must have loaded you up pretty good last night. Might have even knocked you up this time.”

CoachJackson rolled his eyes and wiped his shoulder off with the sheets.

Brad leaned in close with a grin. “You know since your pussy’s all slicked up and ready for me, what do you say you let me get a quick fuck in before school and send me on to class with something to smile about, Coach?” He grabbed his coach’s ass possessively with a big squeeze.

“Fuck off, Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted, throwing the sheets off his mountainous body and standing up, stretching. “I gotta hit the road and get back to my place so I can change.” He picked up his shirt, inspecting it closely. “Pretty sure you made me jizz all over this thing all the way from your fucking bed,you prick.”

“Uhh, I hate to break it to you, Coach.” His athlete said, pointing to his alarm clock. “But you’re not going to make it back to your place in time.”

“Shit!”Coach Jackson sighed, knowing he was right.

“Might as well make the walk of shame downstairs and face my dad and his wrath.” The giant man’s stomach growled noisily. “At least get some breakfast in you, too.”

“Your dad’s gonna kill me, kid.”

“Yeah,probably.” Brad shrugged. “But hey, since you’re not heading back to your place and you’re already in trouble, what’s the harm in you hopping back in here and letting me get a quick nut in before breakfast?”

“Fuck off, Williams.” Coach Jackson laughed, balling up the sheets and throwing them at him. “This ass is closed for business until further notice. I’m not gonna walk around school all day bowlegged and dripping just so you can score some ass before school.”

“I got you covered on that, Coach, don’t worry. I’m sure my mom’s left some spare tampons around the house somewhere.” His athlete smirked at him.

“You cocky son of a bitch. . .” The man rolled his eyes, not able to hide a slight grin, straightening out his shirt and starting to pull it over his head. “And have to listen to you brag to all of your dumb jock friends that you got lucky this morning? Not a chance, kid.”

“I think we’re past bragging rights by now, don’t you think Coach?” Brad retorted.“Alright, so I’m not getting any ass this morning, but can I at least get a blow job or something?” He asked, throwing the covers off of himself to showoff his impressive morning wood.

“You’re on your own, Williams.” Coach Jackson waved him off, dismissively. His stomach gave another loud growl. “Fuck, I gotta get something in me before school.”

“Too easy. . .” Brad chuckled, deciding not to go for the obvious joke.

“Some fucking food, you moron.” Coach Jackson laughed. “I swear, you dumb big-dicked jocks are all the same these days. If it’s not x-box on your mind it’s pussy.”

“Can you blame us, Coach?”

“Whatever.I need some food. It takes a lot of fuel to keep this body at peak perfection.”He flexed obnoxiously in front of the mirror.

“Yeah yeah, go get your breakfast, Princess.” Brad muttered, getting up and going over to his dresser. “I hope my dad isn’t too hard on you.”

“Yeah.. . You and me both, kid.” Coach Jackson replied with a nervous gulp.

I looked over at Mr. Williams across the table as he sat down and laid out a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon for Brad, myself, and himself. I didn’t exactly want to be the one to rat the two love-birds out so instead I just played mum and waited for them to either out themselves or get away with it.

Mr.Williams checked his watch. “Is Brad coming down?”

“He ran into a slight detour this morning. But he should be coming down shortly.”

At that moment we heard heavy banging on the bathroom door from all the way upstairs. “WILLIAMS! Get out of the god damn shower! I’m not fucking around!”

Mr.Williams looked over at me from across the table with a cross look on his face.“Did you know anything about this?” He asked, clearly not too thrilled.

“Don’t look at me.” I threw my hands up. “I only found out this morning. Honest.”

The banging continued, even louder this time. “WILLIAMS! You’re really starting to piss me off now!” We heard a loud bang and the sound of heavy thumps before the bathroom door slammed again.

Mr.Williams just rolled his eyes as he ate his breakfast. Sure enough, three minutes later Brad slumped down the stairs shaking his head, with an embarrassed look on his face.

“The man literally threw me over his back and carried me out of the bathroom so he could take his shower after I was in there for more than five minutes. . . It’s not fair that he’s built like a freaking tank.” He laughed, sitting down at the table, biting into a piece of toast.

Mr.Williams looked down at him with an unapproving look on his face.

“Sorry,Dad. . .” Brad mumbled under his breath. “I know we broke the rules. It won’t happen again.”        

“Mmmhmm.”Mr. Williams replied, coolly.

Man,seeing Mr. Williams in ‘dad mode’ was always a sure way to get my juices flowing. It really turned me on when I saw him like this.

A few minutes later Coach Jackson made the walk of shame downstairs and into the kitchen, his hair wet and sticking up, wearing nothing but a small towel wrapped around his waist.

“SorryMike. . .” He mumbled as he sat down at the table.

“Yeah,I know, Dan.” Mr. Williams replied with a slight smile. “Don’t make me start having to keep tabs on you two.”

“Understood.”Coach Jackson nodded. “By the way, your kid’s a real prick, you know that?” He grunted, pouring himself a glass of orange juice.

“He certainly can be.” Mr. Williams laughed, turning to Brad. “Guess you learned not to hog all the hot water in the morning with this guy around, didn’t you son?”

“Lesson learned.” Brad laughed. “Coach is scary when he’s hungry and in a rush.”

“Yeah about that, you wouldn’t happen to have any leftovers, would you Mike?” CoachJackson pled, an angelic look on his face.  

“Sorry Dan, you’re out of luck. I wasn’t aware we had a guest with us this morning.”Mr. Williams shrugged apologetically.

CoachJackson nudged his athlete. “Hey, slip me some of your bacon, Williams.”

“Fuck off, Coach.” Brad spat back, waving him off.

“You can have the rest of mine, Dan.” Mr. Williams chuckled, sliding over his plate.

“Aw Mike, I can’t do that to you.”

“It’s no biggie, Dan. Honestly. You’d be doing me a favor. I need to lay off the stuff.”

“Cheers, Mike.” Coach Jackson smiled, gratefully.

I looked over at the mountainous man and his tiny plate of food and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I took one last bite and slid the rest of my plate his way.

“You’re the man, Africa. I owe you one.” He grinned.

Everyone looked at Brad. After pretending not to notice, he sighed, rolling his eyes and dumped the rest of his breakfast on the giant man’s plate. “I guess it’s the least I can do after the way you earned it last night.”

Coach Jackson grunted a sign of appreciation.

“Alright,we’re leaving in ten minutes, guys.” Mr. Williams announced, bringing his napkin to his mouth. “Dan, are you going to be finished, dressed, and ready togo by then?”

“Just sit back and watch this all disappear. . .” Coach Jackson grinned as he picked up his fork. “And Mike? I’ll take the kids to school. No use in you having todo it seeing as I’m heading over there anyway.”

“You sure, Dan? People might think it’s a little strange.”

“Especially if his clothes are all wrinkled up with that ‘I got fucked all weekend’, look.”Brad laughed.  

CoachJackson just ignored his athlete. “I’ll just have them get out and run the last block or two. It’d do them good. I was planning on making them do laps during practice this afternoon anyway.” Coach Jackson replied, starting to dig in. He turned to Brad for a second as he stuffed a piece of toast in his mouth. “And for that shit you pulled earlier this morning hogging the shower I might make you run a couple extra miles, Williams.”

“You wouldn’t dare, Coach.” Brad sat back, crossing his arms.

“Try me, Williams.” Coach Jackson smirked, raising his glass of orange juice to toast the rest of us to a good day.

 Chapter 25

The rest of the week went relatively smoothly. I feel like we were all getting the hang of this new kind of normal with Mr. Williams and Kate separating. Brad really seemed to be taking it well. He tended to have a pretty positive outlook on life in general and I think it was helping him a lot with this transition.

Friday afternoon after practice all the guys were changing in the locker room after a pretty brutal practice.

One of the guys on the team, Dante, walked up to Brad and me as he threw his towel in the hamper. “Hey Brad. Ollie. We’re having a party at my house tonight. Are you guys in?”

“What is it?” I asked him, curious.

“Dude,it’s going to be awesome. Probably better than the party we had before Christmas.My older brother said he’d get us all the alcohol we want. So will you guys be there?”

“Of course we’re in, man.” Brad answered for the two of us, clapping him on the shoulder.

“Awesome.People will be showing up around 10.”

“See you there, man.” Brad said as Dante walked away. He turned to me. “Come on,man, I’m not going to have to talk you into it, am I? You haven’t been to a party with the guys in forever.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t interested!” I replied, throwing my hands up.

“So you’ll go?”

“Yeah,sure, I’ll go.”

“Excellent!I don’t know what I’d do if you’d blown off another party to just stay at home and watch Jeopardy reruns with my dad again.”

“You may disagree, but that’s our idea of fun.”

“I know. It’s depressing.”

“Look,I said I’d go, okay?” I laughed.

“Okay,brother. Looking forward to it. The wingmen are back together!” He grinned,helping me up off the bench as we walked out of the locker room to head home.

Brad and I got to the party around 10:15 and things were already crazy. People were out of control. The house was a mess and already it looked like there were over100 people there, with more lining up to get in the house.

“Now this is what I’m talking about!” Brad grinned, giving me a pat on the shoulder as we made our way inside.

BeforeI even had enough time to gather my bearings Brad was shoving a red solo cup in my hand. “I don’t want to hear it, brother.” He said to me, waving the car keys in front of my face. “I’ve got the keys with me. I’ll drive us home later.You’re going to have some fucking fun tonight and let loose and I’m going to make sure of it, okay?”

I thought about challenging him, since I was usually the more responsible one out of the pair of us, but I could tell from the sincere look in his eye that this was one of those times where he just wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“I’m serious, Ollie. Let loose. You deserve it, brother.” He grabbed a water for himself as I accepted the drink from him.

“There we go!” He grinned as I started to get some of it down. “Let’s go find the rest of the guys.”

We weaved through all the bodies until we found some of the guys from the team.Some of them were dancing and others were talking amongst themselves or chatting up some chicks.

Over the next hour or so I was constantly getting my cup refilled by various members of the team as they went around making sure everyone was well taken care of. I could feel myself getting a little looser and I was proud that Brad was behaving and sticking with his bottled water.

These football guys weren’t messing around. Jason Foster in particular was throwing back drinks one after another and his girlfriend was nowhere in sight, most likely talking with her group of girlfriends at another part of the house.

“HeyThomas, pour me another!” Jason exclaimed to one of our teammates, holding out his cup.

“Jason,are you really sure you-“ Brad started.

“Ge toff my back, Brad.” Jason slurred, shooting my host-brother a flippant look.“We’re here to have fun!”

I watched as he chugged yet another cup full of whatever had been thrown together to get a house full of high school athletes drunk. Whatever it was, it was working.  

I was having a blast. Brad was right. I really did need to go out with the team more often. I was glad he made me come with him.

After about half an hour more, some of the guys from the team were absolutely wasted.None more so than Jason Foster, however. The 6’6” running back usually knew how to handle his liquor but for some reason tonight he was just out of control. I could see Brad wanted to help him and get him to settle down and take it easy,but things had been weird between them ever since Jason had stopped draining his balls on the regular. Jason and I got along fine on the field, not to say it wasn’t awkward at times, but Brad and Jason used to be best buddies before I came along and the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing didn’t quite end up so well between the two of them after Jason got a girlfriend.

WhenJason started to stumble around on his feet, the guys started to realize he needed to get him home.

“You guys stay here, I’ll take him to his house.” Brad assured everyone as Jason leaned against the wall, rubbing his forehead.

“You sure, Brad?” One of the other guys on the team asked. “Are you okay to drive?”

“Yeah man, I haven’t had a drop.” Brad replied, holding up his water bottle. “Come on, Jace.” He wrapped his arm around Jason and led him through out the back door toward the car.

Brad looked over at the front seat next to him where his former fuck buddy sat,wasted off of his ass.

“Well.. . y-you finally have m-me. . .” Jason slurred, leaning his head up to look atBrad as he drove.

“Dude,what are you talking about?”

“I-I-I know what you’ve been missing. .   .”

Brad ignored him and focused on the road. He heard his teammate shift and the sound of his zipper coming down.

“Dude,what the fuck are you-“

“Y-you’ve been w-wanting this. . .” Jason slurred, looking at him.

Brad took his eyes off the road for a split second and his jaw dropped. The classically handsome 6’6” running back had managed to spread his long legs over the dashboard and he was sliding his index finger in and out of his hole,looking straight at him.

“You-you know when I’m fucking m-my girl I have to picture you w-when I blow my wad.. .” Jason said.

Brad shook his head in disbelief as he turned his attention back to the road.

“I know y-you’ve been wanting it.” Jason continued.

“Jason,you’re drunk, man.” Brad replied, just wanting to get him home and put and end to this.

Jason groaned as he slid his index finger all the way inside of him. “I’ve been wanting it too, man. . .”

Brad continued to ignore him as he sped down the busy street.

“I always knew w-when I called it quits that you and I w-weren’t done.”

“Jason,I’m not gonna fuck you, man. You’re shit faced.”

Brad gave a sigh of relief when he turned onto the street where Jason lived.

“Look man, we’re almost at your house. You need to pull yourself the fuck together,okay? You don’t want your dad seeing you like this, man.”

For once Jason seemed to take in what his teammate was saying. “Okay. . .”

Brad stopped the car a few houses down from Jason’s house and helped him pull his pants back up. He seemed to be cooperating until he noticed the big bulge inBrad’s pants and reached out to grab it. “Look man, y-you’re just as hard as I am. . . Come on, just real quick. . . Just fuck me m-man.”

Brad calmly moved Jason’s hand away and started to drive up into the Foster’s driveway. “Fuck, I really need to get off after this. . .” He mumbled to himself as he put the car in park, rearranging the tent in his pants.

He got out of the car and went over to Jason’s side and opened the door for him,helping him out.

“I’ms-sorry, man. . .” Jason muttered apologetically to his one-time best friend,finally aware of the gravity of the situation.

“Look,it happens to the best of us, okay?” Brad assured him, helping him to the door.

They stopped in front of the door and rang the doorbell. After a while Brad started to worry that no one was home. What the fuck was he going to do with him in this state?

Finally the door opened and Mr. Foster answered, first looking at Brad and then his son.

“Not again. . . “ Mr. Foster muttered, looking him over.

Brad hadn’t been expecting it but his dick gave a jolt when he came face to face with the man he’d fucked not long ago. It had taken him completely off guard.

“Your son’s a mess, Mr. Foster.” Brad said to him, walking Jason inside.

“Yeah,I can see that. It’s definitely not the first time and it’s definitely won’t be the last.”

“Can you help me get him to his room?”

“Yeah,let’s get him into bed. Christ, it’s a good thing his mom’s not here tonight to see this. . .” The man said under his breath.

They walked him up the stars and laid him down in bed, taking his shoes off and pulling the covers over him.

Mr.Foster looked over at Brad and before he could say anything Brad was walking out of the room and down the stairs. “Brad, I-“

But the star quarterback was already out the door. The second he got in the car he pulled out his phone and pulled up Dan Jackson’s number, anxiously awaiting his voice at the end of the line.

“Come on, Coach, I want some ass. . .” Brad muttered out loud as he waited on the dial tone.

After the second to last ring Coach Jackson’s low, baritone voice finally picked up the other end of the line.

“What the fuck do you want, Williams?” Coach Jackson grunted, groggily.

“I want some ass, Coach. I’ll be there in 10.”

“It’s one o’clock in the fucking morning, kid.”

“So?I need to get off. Don’t act like you don’t want it.”

CoachJackson sighed on the other end of the line.

“Look kid, you’re a pretty face and it’s a Friday night. Shouldn’t be that hard getting laid, alright?”

Brad rolled his eyes, frustrated. “Listen Coach, I don’t have time for your ‘hard to get’ bullshit. Are we gonna fuck or not?”

“Kid,you know you can have it any time you want it. Okay? You know I’ll put out for you. But for Christ’s sake, if there’s any chance you can put the moves on some other sorry sucker and find some somewhere else and let me fucking sleep then let me fucking sleep.”

Brad considered what he heard. Too bad he had just been offered some ass on a silver platter and he had turned it down. But no. Jason was drunk. Brad Williams was willing to do a lot of things to get laid but taking advantage of someone wasn’t one of them.

CoachJackson went on. “Go out and find some ass. I want to hear all about it when you’re dicking me later this weekend, alright?”

Just when Brad was about to respond there was knock his window. He jumped, findingGreg Foster standing right by the car.

“Yeah.”Brad muttered as he hung up, looking up at the man standing at his car door.

Brad was immediately struck by how handsome this man was. Again. There was just no getting around it. Greg Foster was a handsome man. Perhaps even more handsome than his son, who was known around school for being so good looking. The way the handsome business man was looking at him, most likely reliving their past encounter in his head, Brad understood which direction this conversation would lead. Instantly he unlocked the car door.

Mr.Foster looked around to make sure no one was watching and went around to thepassenger side of the car and got in.

“Jason’sgoing to be fine.” Greg Foster said as he ducked his head down to sit down.“Happens all the time. He just needs to sleep it off.” He said, looking over athim.

Bradsaid nothing, looking the handsome man over, thinking about all the things hewanted to do to him. And would be doing, if he played is cards right.

“Youknow, that was a good thing you did, Brad Williams. Bringing him back here.”

“Ofcourse, Mr. Foster. He was drunk.”

Mr.Foster reached a hand up to his button down shirt and slowly started to unbutton the first few buttons. “Yeah, he may have been pretty drunk. But I’m sure as hell not.”

“YeahMr. Foster?” Brad smirked, taking the keys out of the ignition and turning toget a good look.

“Fuck, Brad Williams. Ever since you pounded me that night it’s all I can think about.” He had reached the last button and he opened up his shirt, tossing it in the back seat.

“You certainly know how to take cock, Mr. Foster.” Brad said, as he reached his handout and ran it over the man’s chest.

“AndI don’t get it enough. Are you going to help me out with that?”

“Why don’t you get down here and suck my cock, Mr. Foster?” He said, pulling his zipper down and taking out his big, thick cock.

“Fuck.. . “ Mr. Foster muttered, looking him in the eye. “Brad Williams. Town superstar. You should be getting your cock sucked day and night.”

And with that he leaned over and wrapped his lips around the quarterback’s cock.

Brad leaned his head back on the seat and moaned. “That’s it, Mr. F. Show me what you think I should be getting.”

GregFoster pulled off of the quarterback’s cock for a second, wiping his face.“Fuck. There’s not enough time in the day to give you all the head you shouldbe getting.”

Bradreached his arm out and cupped the man’s ass, giving it a squeeze. “And whatabout this ass, Mr. F?”

“We’llget to that.” He licked up and down the thick cock in front of him. “But fornow you just sit back while you get the best blowjob of your fucking life.”

There, in the driveway of the luxury cul-de-sac where the Foster home resided, Brad Williams relaxed as he got a world class blowjob from the wealthy business man.

“Fuck,Mr. F. . .” Brad groaned, gripping the back of the man’s head as his thick cock was massaged by the man’s tonsils. “You’re way too good at this to save it for special occasions.”

GregFoster just moaned at the praise this athlete that he was so infatuated with was laying on him. “If it were up to me you’d be getting head like this everyday of your life, Brad Williams.” The man said, looking up at him as he tongued his cock.

“You keep sucking cock like this and that can be arranged. . . UUGH!” He groaned as the handsome business man swallowed him to the hilt. “Damn Mr. F., if you keep swallowing my cock like that I’m gonna shoot.”

“Mmhmm.”The man nodded eagerly. Going down on him with renewed vigor.

“ButI want some more of this ass. . . It was too good last time to pass up.” Bradsaid, squeezing the man’s ass wantonly.

Greg Foster looked up at him with his crystal blue eyes, wrapping his tongue around his cock. “Oh you’re getting my ass.” He went down all the way before coming back up again. “You’re getting some ass. . . and the blowjob. You’re going to shoot a load down my throat and up my ass before I’m done with you, Brad Williams.”

 Brad Williams. He couldn’t stop saying the name out loud. The man was absolutely infatuated with the town superstar quarterback. It was like letting this handsome, wealthy business man get down on his knees to suck his cock was like a dream come true for him. He thought back to the dildo and used jockstrap the handsome business man kept in his nightstand. How he fucked himself with it while breathing in the jock scent, pretending it was Brad Williams who was using his ass.

“Okay then, Mr. F.” Brad muttered, grabbing the back of the man’s head and pushing him down all the way onto his thick cock. “Get ready for the first load you’re going to take tonight. . .”

Mr.Foster sank his mouth down onto that thick jock cock as far as it would go andundulated his throat muscles in order to give the superstar quarterback themost pleasurable experience possible.

“Fuck, Mr. Foster, here it comes!” Brad groaned through gritted teeth as he started unloading deep within the confines of the man’s throat.

Like the true cumpig he was, the handsome business man didn’t pull back. Not even a little bit. If anything, he was grinding his face even harder on the jock’s groin, trying to get as much cock down his throat as possible. Just as he felt the first jet of cum coating the inside of his throat he started to bob up and down on that thick jock cock to make sure he’d be able to taste as much cum as possible.

“Goddamn,Mr. F. . .” Brad praised him as he continued to shoot, completely bewildered by this otherwise prestigious, well-respected man’s lust for jock cum.

Finally,the man backed off of the quarterback’s spent prick, making sure to lap up any trace of horny quarterback spunk leftover with his eager tongue. He looked into the horny 18 year-old’s eyes and swallowed, not able to hide the elated look on his face. “Thank you. . .” The handsome business man muttered, closing his eyes for a second to sigh. “You’ll never know. . .  Fuck, I’ve dreamed about sucking you off ever since I first saw you, Brad Williams.”

Brad watched as he sat back in the passenger seat, catching his breath, licking his lips, satisfied. Amazingly, a damp wet spot was clearly visible through the man’s khakis.

“Holy shit, Mr. F, did you nut just from sucking me off?”

Greg Foster laughed, exhausted. “Like you wouldn’t believe. . .”

“Jesus, do you have a clit in the back of your throat or something?”

“Yousure did a good job convincing me. Goddamn, that felt good.” He looked thesuperstar quarterback in the eye.

Bradchecked the time on the stereo. “Well, if you don’t mind that I’m in a rush. ..” He smirked, expectantly.

Mr.Foster thought for a second, feeling like the quarterback was waiting forsomething.

“Ibelieve I was promised some more of that dadpussy before I left. . .” Bradstated, reaching his hand out to feel up in between the man’s legs.

“Theday I tell Brad Williams no. .  .”  Mr. Foster grinned, unzipping hispants and rolling them off.

“Fuck,Mr. F, you really did nut while you were blowing me.” Brad observed, eyeing theman’s sticky briefs.

Mr.Foster looked at him with a slight smirk. “With you, Brad Williams, the realchallenge is trying ‘not’ to cum whenever you’re using me.”

“Thatis so fucking hot. .  .” Brad muttered as he leaned his head over andstarted kissing up and down the man’s neck.

“Wheredo you want me?” Greg Foster asked, completely turned on.

Bradmet his gaze and looked him straight in the eye. “You ever given it up in theback seat before, Mr. F?”

“Jesus.. .” The man groaned. He couldn’t climb into the backseat fast enough. “How thehell does an 18 year-old have this much game?”

Brad climbed over to the backseat with him and leaned down to kiss him, pulling at his lip. “Trust me, Mr. F. When you’ve gotten laid as much as I have, you learn pretty fast what works.”

“Fuck.. .” Mr. Foster groaned as he spread his legs. His cock was rock hard again,despite shooting so recently. “You can’t get me to put out for you fast enough,Brad Williams.”

Bradreached into the glove compartment and brought out a small packet of lube.

GregFoster couldn’t help but laugh. “And I’m guessing it’s not the first timeyou’ve gotten someone to give it up for you in the back seat?”

Brad just stared him down with a smirk. “Are you surprised?”

“Not even a little bit.” He replied, opening his legs, expectantly.

“So tell me, Mr. F.” Brad said, lubing up his fingers and sliding them into the man’s hole, making him wince. “You let anyone have it since I did?”

“No.. .” The man shook his head, frustrated. “Fuck, giving it up for you again isall I could think about.”

“Yeah, well it’s about to happen, Mr. F. Big time.” Brad said, staring right into the handsome business man’s eyes as he slid his fingers in and out of his hole.

“Ohfuck. .  . Brad Williams is going to fuck me. . . Again. . .”

“Yougonna show me how bad you’ve been wanting it again, Mr. F?”

“Yeah.. .” Greg Foster almost whimpered, slapping his rock hard cock against hisstomach, impatiently.

“Fuck, there’s just something about a dude in his forties who hasn’t gotten fucked in a while and wants it bad.” Brad said, easing his fingers out.

“God,I’ve wanted it so fucking bad, Brad Williams. . .”

“Then let me in, Mr. F.” He said, tapping the head of his prick over the man’s opening. “Give me that hole.”

“Takeit. . . UGGGHHH!!”

“Easy Mr. F.” Brad assured him, making sure to take his time to let the handsome business man get used to him.

“Goddamn, that’s a thick cock. . . “

“Man, your cunt’s just as tight as I remember, Mr. F.”       

Theman hung his head back and moaned in pleasure as the capable quarterback slidhis dick in and out, smoothly.

“Damn, Mr. F, this pussy’s just too good for you not to be letting a hung jock like me treat it right on the regular. A jock like me who knows what to do with it.”

“Oh fuck!” Mr. Foster groaned, reaching down to jack himself off.

“You like the sound of that, Mr. Foster?” Brad asked him, picking up the pace, having his way with the man’s ass now, legs spread open and willing. “Yeah, I might just have to swing by on the regular from now on. This cunt’s just too tight to pass up.”

“FUCK!” Greg Foster shouted, jacking himself off with hard strokes.

“Don’ tell me I’m gonna make you cum already, Mr. F?”

Mr.Foster couldn’t even respond. He was too focused on experiencing the wonderful sensations the quarterback’s thick jock cock was inflicting on his entire body.

At once Mr. Foster’s already tight hole constricted even tighter on the quarterback’s cock and Brad watched as jizz erupted from the man’s charged prick.

“FUUUUUCK!!!”Greg Foster bellowed, drenching his chest and face with his spunk.

“That’sit, Mr. F. . . Let me make you cum. . .”

“Goddamn!”He panted, letting go of his cock and shaking all over as his orgasm continuedto rip through his body.

“I could feel it, Mr. Foster.” Brad said, picking up his pace. “I know when I’m really making a guy cum and fuck, that was good for you, wasn’t it?”

“Unblievable.. .” The handsome business man panted, catching his breath.

“You’re not off the hook yet. I still need to get my second nut in.” Brad told him, really slamming into him now.

“You go as hard as you want, Brad Williams. Use me to get off. I’m here to take it.”

“It’s so fucking tight, Mr. F. . .” Brad groaned, slowing down. “I don’t want to cum just yet, but you’re pussy’s just pulling it right out of me. . .”

“Youtake all the time you want, Brad Williams.” The man replied, almost in atrance.

Brad continued to take the man’s ass in the backseat of the car for another ten minutes, relishing the sensation of fucking such a tight, willing hole. Greg Foster just looked up at him, complete ecstasy on his face.

“Fuck, Mr. F. . . Here it comes!”

“That’s it. Give me your load.” He encouraged him, reaching his hand out to run it over the quarterback’s perfectly sculpted abs.

“Here it is! UUUUUUGHHH!!” Brad groaned, unloading into the man’s body, shaking from how intensely the velvety tunnel massaged his thick jock cock. It was so intense that he had to pull out mid-shot and he aimed it at the handsome business man’s face, painting him in a heavy layer of spunk until he had absolutely no cum left.

Greg Foster looked up at him, his crystal blue eyes twinkling with lust as he grabbed the head of Brad’s cock and licked the remaining spunk off of it, relishing it as a prize.

“Fuck, Mr. F. . . “ Brad panted, trying to catch his breath. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. This masculine high member of society was absolutely drenched in his cum, and the grin on his face was unmistakable. “That was even better than last time.”

“Does that mean we’ll be doing this more often, Brad Williams?”

“You keep putting out like that and you’ll definitely be seeing more of me. Fuck. ..”

Greg Foster could barely contain his excitement at the praise he was receiving, along with the promise of more to come.

“Your face is a fucking mess. . .” Brad said, watching as his cum ran down the handsome man’s face. “Here. . .” He reached his arm over to the front seat for his boxer briefs and tossed them on the man’s face. “Keep ‘em.”

“Aw, fuck. . .” Mr. Foster groaned, barely able to contain his excitement.

“Just a little something to remember me by.”

“Thanks.. . That last pair you gave me have just about been rubbed raw they’ve been stretched over my face so much.”

“Man, Greg Foster. . . Upstanding leader of the community. . .Who would have suspected you were such a cumslut?”

“You don’t even know the half of it, Brad Williams. . .” The man winked, scooping up some cum from his chest and letting it drip into his mouth.

Brad made the drive back to the party with a euphoric, calming feeling. How was he able to do it? These older guys were just drawn to him. He’d been on the phone with Coach Jackson, and then just like that . .. He hadn’t even hung up the phone on his steady pussy before another willing hole was being offered to him,no questions asked. It was that easy. These horny middle-aged guys couldn’t stop putting out for him even if they tried. They just couldn’t help themselves.

He could hear the music from the party all the way from the next block. There was no telling how much wilder the party had gotten since he left to bring Jason home. He worried about Ollie. What if his host-brother thought things were getting out of hand and instead of getting back to the party to be there for him he’d been too busy getting laid?

He found a place to park down the street and passed a couple of drunk teammates waiting for their rides outside.

“Brad!” A guy from the team called out to him, an air of drunken elation in his voice.“ Glad you could make it, dude!”

“I was here at the beginning, Kevin, I just had to take Jason home, remember?”

“Oh.. .” Kevin replied, clearly not even knowing where he was right now. “Is he okay?”

“Yeah, he’ll be fine. He just needs to sleep it off. Do you know where Ollie is?”

“Yeah man, he’s back inside with the rest of the guys. Dude, I love that guy. He made Jake laugh so hard he pissed his pants.”

“Alright man, see you later.” Brad waved to him before stepping inside. After a few minutes of weaving between the crowd he found his host-brother surrounded by his teammates just where he’d left him.

“Brother!” I called out to Brad, patting him on the back. “Dude, where’ve you been?”

“Sorry Ollie, I got him home okay and he’ll be fine. Are you having fun? This party’s fucking crazy!”

I could barely understand him in my state, especially with the music on so loud.“ I’m so glad you made me come tonight, brother.” I told him, gratefully. “I’m having so much fun, seriously, I-“

But before I could finish a quiet was coming over the crowd of people. People were looking out the window and before I knew what was going on, people started running in all different directions.

“COPS!!!!!!”Someone yelled at the top of their lungs.

“Oh shit. . .” Brad mumbled, grabbing me by the arm as he tried to navigate us through the crowd. I could see the red and blue lights flashing from the street. This party was officially busted. And it looked like the whole squad was practically here.

Both of the doors leading out of the house were blocked off with people trying to scramble their way through. There was no use. We were caught.

Brad seemed to be realizing there was no way out. He stopped right in front of me and looked at me as seriously as he ever had in his entire life. “Look, if you’ve ever prayed in your entire life, pray that the officer who walks through that door is either Officer Jones or Officer Davis, okay?”

“Officer who?” I asked, thinking my host-brother had gone insane. He just looked at me like he knew what he was talking about.

We watched as the crowd parted. Brad craned his neck, trying to get a look at the officer making his way through.

An officer stepped through the crowd, shining his flashlight around and pulling out his radio.

“Shit.. . “ Brad sighed, defeated.

The practically 400 lb officer with what seemed to be chocolate syrup all over his face and down his shirt cleared his throat, bringing the radio up to his acne laden mouth. “We’ve got a huge party here over on Jefferson Street.”

The voice on the other end cracked as they replied. “Teenagers?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe. I’d say about 100 of them. We hit the jackpot, alright.”He flashed a satisfied, toothy grin as he shone his flashlight all around the room, taking great glee in seeing all the faces of scared adolescents.

I nudged Brad and looked over at him. “I take it this guy’s not exactly who you were hoping for?”

“Not quite. . .” Brad shook his head, sighing. “But don’t worry brother. I have a plan.”

After what felt like hours of standing there waiting to hand over our information to the smug, crusty officer, I finally gave a sigh of relief as the two of us stepped out into the fresh air.

We started walking to the car but Brad stopped in front of one of the police cars and inspected one of the stickers on the back.

“So do you want to call your dad or should I?” I asked, pulling out my phone.

“You call him. But leave the rest of this to me. I’ve got this, brother.” He replied, pulling out his phone and dialing a number as he read the sticker on the back of the police car.

I watched him curiously, wanting to see where this was going.

I could hear a voice on the other end of the line as he listened.

“Correct, this is not an emergency.” He said into the phone, pacing around. “I’d like to leave a message for either an Officer Davis or Officer Jones please.”



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