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                                                                     Chapter 22

   When I got home from practice after leaving Brad with Coach Jackson in the locker room I headed straight for Mr. Williams’s office upstairs. Just seeing the sexual hunger in Coach Jackson’s eyes when he watched Brad from outside his office would have put anyone in the mood to fuck.

            “Hey.” I announced as I walked through the door to his office.

            “Hey yourself.” He replied, squinting at his computer screen. I could see the lines and lines of numbers reflected on the lenses of his glasses and I could tell he was in the middle of something but I needed it. Right now.

            I stood behind his chair and leaned my head down to start kissing on his neck.

            “Oh. . .” He grinned. “So that’s what you came here for.”

            “You got time, Mr. Williams?”

            “For this? Always.” He replied, leaning his head up to kiss me. I unbuttoned the top button of his shirt and ran my hand over his hairy chest.

            We made out for a little while just like that until be pulled away.

            “You want to take me up to your room, stud?” He winked.

            “Mmhmm.” I nodded, going in for another kiss.

            I took him by the arm and led him upstairs to my room, pushing him down on the mattress and leaping on top of him. Like a pro, he’d somehow managed to pull his pants down and he was already opening up my bedside table to get the lube.

            Without wasting any time he had slicked both of us up and I was pressing forward until he was fully and happily impaled on my big, black cock.

            I looked into his eyes as I made love to him, thrusting forward with deep, powerful strokes. God he was handsome. I leaned down to kiss him gently as he let me in. I could feel how hard he was, his own big cock rubbing against my abs.

            I could tell this wasn’t going to be a long session. And it didn’t need to be. I knew he’d be tiptoeing to my bedroom door at midnight again tonight on the hour like clockwork, like he does every night.

            The two of us were building a steady, mutual rhythm when we heard the front door slam, breaking us both out of it.

            “Brad?” Mr. Williams whispered to me, listening carefully.

            “Shouldn’t be.” I shook my head, doing the same. I knew Brad should be hammering into Coach Jackson right now. Possibly on their second or third loads each.

            We both started to panic thinking Kate might have been home early for some reason but the angry, attitudinal stomps up each one of the stairs calmed us down.

            “What’s his deal?” Mr. Williams asked, clearly aware that Brad was upset about something.

            “Ollie?” We heard from the stairs.

            “Just a second!” I called out to him. I looked down at Mr. Williams apologetically. “I’m going to go find out what’s up with him. I’ll be right back.”

            “Yeah, see what’s wrong.” Mr. Williams nodded, pulling the sheets up over his waist.

            I quickly threw on a pair of boxers but there was no hiding to the imagination what was under there right now. Especially in my condition.

            I opened my door and Brad was standing at the staircase, clearly frustrated.

            “Hey man, what happened with Coach?” I asked him.

            “I swear Ollie, he wants me so fucking bad. . .” He sighed. “I was this close to sealing the deal.” He held his hand up to measure.

            “Still no luck?”

            “The dude’s just so fucking stubborn. I know he wants it. He wants my dick just as much as I want his ass. But he’s not putting out. At least for today.”

            “Man, I’m sorry brother.” I sighed, sympathetically.

            I could see how much this was getting to him. Brad Williams doesn’t get turned down. I knew this was killing him. For the past few months he’d been getting laid as much as he wanted and more and then all the sudden it stops. I felt bad for him. There was a part of me that wanted to offer to give him another rim job but I knew he wouldn’t take me up on it right now. This thing he had with Coach Jackson was about more than just getting off. It was his pride.

            For the first time Brad seemed to notice I was in my underwear and he laughed for a second. “Dude, were you getting laid just now?”

            “Uhh kinda. . . yeah.” I blushed, scratching my head. “If you want to talk, it’s okay, though.”

            “Nah man.” He turned away. “I’m not going to keep you from getting laid. We can talk later.”

            “You sure brother?”

            “Yeah, of course. Go ahead. We’ll catch up later.”

            I watched him head to his room and while I felt bad for the guy I couldn’t help but think back to what awaited me in my own room.

            “What’s up with him?” Mr. Williams asked when I closed the door behind me. He looked so sexy laying there with the sheets rolled up. And he knows how hot I think he is when he wears his glasses.

            “He’s okay.” I answered, getting in bed with him. “Everything is going to be fine. I promise.”

            “Well, if you’re sure. . .” He said under his breath before reaching into my boxers. “Care to finish what you started, stud?”

            “Absolutely.” I grinned, kissing him and rolling over him, lining my cock head up with his hole.

            By the time Friday had come around Brad had gone from frustratingly horny to just plain depressed. I hated seeing him like this. Though I had tried talking to him about it some more he simply didn’t have anything else to say on the matter. He wasn’t going to say it out loud and admit it to me but blue balls aside I could tell he just genuinely missed Coach Jackson on top of it all.

            Brad Williams had simply never gone through a dry spell like this. This wasn’t the way it goes.

            Mr. Williams and Kate left us some money for dinner before they left to go to a social function for a charity they were both involved in.

            “This is not for pizza, you two.” Kate advised us as she and Mr. Williams walked out the door.

            “What if we order one with extra veggies on it?” Brad called out to her.

            “Do what your mother says, son.” Mr. Williams replied. “Ollie. I’m trusting you to keep this guy in check.”

            “Yes sir.” I nodded, waving them goodbye. “Have fun tonight!”

            “We will, Ollie! Thanks!” Kate waved back as the door closed.

            “So what are you thinking, extra cheese and a side of garlic bread and soda?” Brad looked at me, grabbing the phone.

            “I was serious, man. They said no piz-“ I started before the doorbell rang.

            “Not it.” I declared before Brad had even thought about it.

            “You know, I really wish I hadn’t taught you that game.” Brad laughed as he got up and made his way to the door.

            Before the door was fully ajar he started saying, “What, did you two forget your keys or some-“ He stopped.

            Coach Jackson was standing at the door, red in the face.

            “I don’t want to hear a fucking word out of you, Williams.” He muttered before stepping over the threshold and planting his lips on his athlete.

            Brad immediately met him back with an equal amount of desire and lust.

            Coach Jackson broke away for a second. “You win, kid. You stubborn, cocky son of a bitch.”

            Brad had his arms around Coach Jackson’s waist, cupping his ass possessively.

            “You saying you’re finally gonna-“

            “I said not a fucking word, Williams.” Coach Jackson interrupted him, stopping him with his tongue. “It’s bad enough you’re getting me to cave first, I’m not gonna sit here and listen to your shit talk on top of it.”

            Brad just continued to make out with him, running his hands all along Coach Jackson’s beefy ass.

            “Fuck, I hate losing.” Coach Jackson huffed. “God, why do I put up with your bullshit, Williams? Don’t fucking answer that.”

            If this was Coach Jackson’s version of make-up sex he sure had a funny way of showing it. But as much as I wanted to stay and watch the show I figured I should give them their privacy. I quietly walked up the stairs to my room.

            By the time Brad and Coach Jackson had made it up to his bedroom Brad already had his hand inside the man’s slutty little wind-shorts, teasing his hole.

            “Fuck, I want you so bad, Williams.” Coach Jackson whined, shucking his shirt and kneeling down on the mattress on all fours.

            “Not so fast, Coach.” Brad said, staring down at him.

            “Oh what the fuck is it now, Williams?” Coach Jackson growled, impatiently. “I already said you win. What the fuck else can I do?”

            “You can beg.”

            “W-what?” Coach Jackson questioned.

            “You know me well enough by now to know that I don’t play games, Coach.” Brad stated calmly, toying with the burly man’s hole.

            “You want me to- you want me to. . . beg?”

            “You heard me.”

            “Please give me your cock, Williams.”

            “Nuh uh.” Brad shook his head. “You’re a proud man, Coach. You don’t like to lose. This took a lot out of you to give up your pride and come over here like this. You’re the one gave me the ultimatum. You told me you weren’t going to put out for me until I gave you my ass. And you meant it. You had yourself fully convinced you were going to win. And yet here you are. . . putting out for me.”

            Coach Jackson winced as Bread inserted a finger into his severely neglected hole.

            “What the fuck do you want me to say, Williams?” He asked, frustrated.

            “What you mean, Coach.” Brad answered simply.

            “Fuck!” Coach Jackson yelled, pounding his fist into the mattress, angered.

            “Tell me why you’re here, Coach.”

            “Because I want it, Williams.” He mumbled.

            “You want what, Coach?”

            “I want you to fuck me.” He spoke a little louder.

            Brad slipped off his shorts and started tapping his big cock against the man’s hole. “Why do you want me to fuck you, Coach?”

            “Because. . .”

            “Because why, Coach? Why is it that you’re the one face down, ass up in my bedroom and not the other way around?”

            “Damnit Williams. . .” Coach Jackson huffed, frustrated.

            “Answer the question, Coach.” Brad pressed, slowly humping his rock hard cock against the man’s exposed opening.

            “Because- because I’m your pussy, Williams. . .”

            His athlete said nothing, but continued slowly running his big cock along his exposed opening.

            “Because I’m your pussy.” Coach Jackson continued. “And because I’m the one who serves you, Williams. Not the other way around. I see that now.”

            “So what changes from now on, Coach?”

            “No more games.” The man panted.

            “When I need to get off, where are you going to be?”

            “Right here, Williams. Ready and willing.”

            “Whenever, wherever I want it? You’ll give it up?”

            “Whenever you want it, Williams. You can have it.”

            “How do I know you really mean it, Coach?” Brad asked, reaching into his bedside table and squeezing some lube into the man’s hole. Coach Jackson groaned as the cool liquid collected at his pulsing pucker.

            “Because you win, Williams.”

            “What do I win, Coach?”

            “Everything. Me. My ass. You win. I know that now.”

            “You’re going to have to prove it, Coach.”

            “W-what do you mean, Williams?”

            “I’m going to let you have my cock. You say you’re my pussy from now on but you’re going to have to prove it.”

            “Anything you want, kid.”

            “I’m going to make you cum from the inside, Coach. Just from rubbing your spot. Like a pussy. Like a fucking chick. Understand?”

            Coach Jackson clenched his fists in anger. Not at being spoken to like this by a kid half his size but because he knew he could do it. He knew Brad Williams was going to make him cum like a fucking chick.

            “Understood.” Coach Jackson grunted, hanging his head. “AAAAGGGHHH” He roared as his athlete sank his thick cock into him in one motion.

            “Let me in, Coach. Give me that hole.”

            “It’s yours, Williams. Take it.” The man winced.

            “You’ve been giving it up for me for months now and it took you this long to finally understand who’s in charge.” Brad smirked.

            “God I love that jock cock.” Coach Jackson groaned, drooling into the mattress. He reached his arm underneath his mountainous frame and started to play with his leaking beer-can cock.

            “What the fuck did I say, Coach?” Brad scolded him, slamming into him.

            “Please Williams. . .” The man whined, pounding his fist into the mattress again, frustrated. “I need to get off bad.”

            “You’ll cum when I make you cum, Coach. I thought you said you understood the rules?” He slowly started to withdraw his cock, stopping as the last inch or two rested in his superior’s opening. “If you aren’t willing to follow the rules then I guess we’re going to have to keep waiting and try again later.”

            “No!” Coach Jackson yelled, angered at the lengths his athlete was making him go through to prove how much he needed to get fucked. “Whatever you want, Williams. Just get me off.”

            “Now that’s more like it, Coach.” Brad muttered, though he fully withdrew his cock from his superior’s ass, causing the man to look back at him with a pleading gaze.

            “On your back.” Brad commanded him.

            Coach Jackson nodded and eagerly followed his command, turning himself over and falling onto his back, his legs spread open for his athlete, his hole winking enticingly.

            Without another word Brad sank his entire prick into him, making sure to hit the giant man’s spot during his advance.

            “Mmmmm. . .” Coach Jackson moaned, the itch he’d been feeling for the past week at last getting scratched.

            Brad leaned his head down and kissed him gently. “I don’t like playing games, Coach.” Coach Jackson just groaned underneath him. “Come on, Coach. Spread those legs for me. Give it up.”

            “It’s yours, Williams. Any time you want it.” Coach Jackson moaned, opening his legs up for his athlete even wider, giving him complete access.

            Coach Jackson had to will himself to not bring his hand to his cock, despite how much he wanted to. But there was no denying it. The sticky trail of precum leaking from the head of his cock was proof enough that his athlete knew what he was doing. Every single thrust inward and outward was a conscientious technique to expertly work the man’s prostate over and over again in unforgiving strokes. He had his hands wrapped around his athlete’s shoulders, encouraging him to continue his thrusts into him.

            “I’m doing it, aren’t I?” His athlete asked, staring down at him as he layed into him. “I can tell when I’m hitting your spot, Coach. Your pussy gets so tight.’

            “You got me so fucking close, Williams.” Coach Jackson whimpered, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

            “That’s it, Coach. Cum through your pussy. Feel me dicking your spot.”

            “Aw fuck, you’re doing it, Williams. . .” The man groaned, breathing heavily. His rock hard cock was throbbing and jumping with each thrust his athlete made into him. “Uhhhhhhhmmmm. . . . Uuuuuuuuhhhhmmm. . . You’re- I’m. . . Uuuuuuhhhmm! Fuck, you’re fucking it right out of me!”

            Brad felt as Coach Jackson’s grip on his shoulders tightened to such strength that it was only matched by the tightness his hole was constricting around his cock.

            “Guuuuhh!!” The man huffed, his cock throbbing up and shooting, completely hands-free in perfect synchronization with his athlete’s thrusts into him.

            “That’s it, Coach. I’m making you cum.” Brad nodded, thrusting his tongue into the man’s mouth as the pleasure flooded through him.

            Coach Jackson whimpered as more and more sperm came spilling out of his completely untouched cock, his state of ecstasy completely at the mercy of his capable athlete.

            “We’re going for another, Coach.” Brad told him, picking up his pace. “I know there’s a lot more backed up in there.”

 Coach Jackson nodded, lapping at his athlete’s mouth gratefully, spreading his legs even wider to give him complete access.

            Brad looked down at the man’s mountainous frame, bringing a finger to the pool of jizz cratered in the center of his massive pectorals, collecting some and bringing it to the man’s mouth.

            “See what I can make you do, Coach?”

            “Uh huh.” Coach Jackson nodded as it dripped onto his tongue, his athlete not wasting any time as he leaned in for another kiss, sharing his load between them.

            Coach Jackson’s mighty cock had yet to go down, and Brad Williams could tell it was just getting started.

            “Come on, Coach. Give me another.”

            Coach Jackson just looked up at him with wide eyes as his athlete increased his pace, really railing into him now.

            “Mmhmm.” The man nodded, running his hands over his athlete’s powerful, athletic frame. “Mmhmm. Mmmhmm. MmHMMM. MMHMM. UH HUH. I’m- You’re gonna- Oh God Wiliams! AAAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!”

            Yet again, Brad Williams watched as his superior’s prick throbbed uncontrollably, sending jet after jet of cum out and onto the man’s muscles.

            “That’s it, Coach.” Brad praised him. “Give it up. Let me make you cum again.”

            “Oh God, Williams!” Coach Jackson groaned, feeling almost crippled from the effects of being inflicted with yet another full-body, hands-free orgasm again so soon.

            Brad couldn’t hold it any longer. After holding out for almost a week he finally started to sow his seed deep into his superior’s body, claiming him once again and making him his.

            Coach Jackson looked up at him and leaned up to thrust his tongue into his athlete’s mouth, relishing the feeling of being inseminated after holding out for so long.

            The two of them continued to kiss each other as they rode out their orgasms, finally coming to a rest as they came back to reality.

            Coach Jackson wrapped his big arm around his athlete’s body and rubbed him gently. “Unfuckingbelievable, Williams.”

            Pride immediately filled Brad’s body as his sexual prowess was praised by a man whom he respected so much. “Do I know what I’m doing or what, Coach?”

            “Fuck, kid. You know what you’re doing.” He sighed as he collected his thoughts. “But I still really fucking hate losing.”

            As the two of them began to get up and start putting their clothes back on Coach Jackson couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

            “Shit, this one’s really going to cost me, isn’t it? You’ll be holding this over my head for a long, long time.”

            “Ah, don’t beat yourself up, Coach. I knew you’d give it up eventually. You always do.” Brad smirked, grabbing a piece of his ass as he walked by.

            “Cocky little fucker.” Coach Jackson laughed, leaning back to kiss him.

“So what made you finally cave, Coach?” Brad asked him, reaching his hand down to Coach Jackson’s hole to swirl his finger around his lose, cummy opening.

            “Fuck, Williams. You’ve got me so addicted to that jock cock. I just couldn’t hold out any longer.” He paused for a second, deep in thought. “God damnit, I really thought I was going to win.” He said, frustrated.

            “Having regrets already, Coach?” Brad laughed, massaging his superior’s used hole with his finger.

            “With the attitude you’re going to pull on me from now on? Hell yeah I have regrets. You’ve found my weakness, kid. Fuck, nobody gets to me like you do. You really get under my skin.”

            “In a good way or a bad way?” Brad asked, grinning.

            “Hell, I guess it’s a little of both. Fuck, I’ve never seen anything like it, kid. I swear you could say something that pisses me off so much part of me wants to reach over and smack that fucking smirk off your face and then the other part of me wants to sit on your fat jock cock so fucking bad it would make your head spin. You’re something else, kid.”

            “Ah, a glimpse into the mind of Dan Jackson.” Brad laughed. “So tell me, would I have a better chance getting lucky tomorrow tonight if I brought you flowers or if I said something to piss you off?”

            “See? Just like that! You say shit like that and I don’t know if I want to put your fucking attitude in check or get on my fucking knees and suck your cock.” Coach Jackson grunted, frustrated. “Fuck! How do you get under my skin so bad, Williams?”

            “Just a natural-born talent I guess.” His athlete shrugged smugly. “Though I have to say if my options are you coming over here to punch me or blow me I vote the second option.”

            Coach Jackson just laughed and walked over to him, kissing him. “It’s never going to be easy with us, is it kid? None of that rainbows and dandelions bullshit.”

“Fuck no. And why should it be? We’re going to piss each other off. It’s always going to happen. It’s just the way we operate. But tell me there’s another person out there who can make you cum like that. Over and over again.”

            “You’ve got me there, Williams.” Coach Jackson shrugged.

            “So fuck everyone else. Fuck normal. What we have works. From now on, when we piss each other off, we’ll just fuck. Put all that aggression and negative bullshit into using each other to get off. It’s the only way you and I are going to make it out alive without killing each other.”

            “So what, whenever you’re wanting in my ass you’re just going to pick a fight with me now?” Coach Jackson smirked, kissing him.

            “Nah, you’re an easy lay, Coach. I never have to put that much work into getting you to put out.”

            “Fuck off, Williams.”

            “Am I wrong?”

            “Ah hell, I guess you have me there.” Coach Jackson laughed. “I’m not sure how I feel about you having me all figured out like this.”

            “Aw, come on, Coach. You know me better than that. You know that deep down I like it when you play hard to get. Men are natural hunters. It just makes it that much sweeter when you finally give it up. And you always do.”

            “Yeah, kid. You just remember you’re not the only one who knows how to push peoples’ buttons.”

            “Oh yeah? You think you have me figured out, do you?”

            “Just that whenever Brad Williams hears the word no it just makes him want it even more.” He bit his athlete’s lip playfully.

            “And how would you know that? Every time you’ve tried telling me no you just come crawling back in no time begging me to let you have my cock.”

            “You expect me to believe you weren’t going crazy without having me to put your cock into this week, kid?” Coach Jackson smirked.

            “I’m sorry, who’s the one who caved in this scenario again?”

            “Yeah yeah. You’ll be holding this one over my head forever, won’t you?”

            “Just whenever you need reminding, Coach.” He grinned.

            “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” Coach Jackson sighed, laughing.

            “You’ll live. You should have thought about that before you caved, Coach.”

            “And so it begins. . .” He rolled his eyes.

            “Alright, alright I’ll let you off the hook for now, Coach. But seriously. I know talking about sappy shit like this is like pulling teeth for you. But I guess. . . I don’t know. . . “ Brad said as he laid down on the mattress and pulled the giant man down with him, wrapping his arms around him. “I really missed you this past week, Coach. Honestly.”

            “Yeah, you missed me or the pussy, Williams?” Coach Jackson laughed.

            “Both, you jackass.” Brad rolled his eyes. “Why is it so hard for you to believe?”

            “I don’t know, Williams. You know how I am. I’ve never been good at the lovey-dovey shit. It’s just not the way I’m wired.”

            “Yeah, well you need to realize you’re in a relationship with a guy who loves the lovey-dovey shit.” Brad said, kissing him and nuzzling into his shoulder. “And that’s just something you’re going to have to learn to deal with.”

            “Now don’t be getting soft on me, Williams. You’re not going to show up at my apartment with a big teddy bear and flowers on a whim just cause, are you?”

            “Only to see the look on your face if I did.” He laughed. “But so what if I did? When I care about someone I let them know it. Look, this is all new to me. I was the boyfriend who always wrapped my girl around with my jacket when it got cold. Or leave her a heart on the mirror after the shower fogged it up-“

“Jesus fucking Christ, Williams. . .” Coach Jackson laughed, rolling his eyes.

“Just let me finish, you stubborn son of a bitch.” He laughed, punching his shoulder. “What I’m saying is this is all new to me.  But you’re just going to have to accept the fact that I care about you. And I like showing it. As much as you hate it or think it’s stupid.”

“Yeah yeah, just don’t expect any miracles from me, Williams. A leopard can’t change its spots. Though. . . “ He sighed. “Ah, fuck it. As far as people in my life go, from the people I’ve fucked around with, and trust me- there are a lot of them, I guess you could say I. . . sort of. . . care about you too, kid.” He paused a moment as he let his words sink in. “Fuck, I can’t believe you got me to say that out loud.”

“And it’s about time, you big softie.” Brad laughed, punching him on the shoulder again. “Now was that so hard?”

            “Fuck yeah it was hard, Williams! I told you I don’t do this sappy shit.”

            “Yeah, well I’ll take what I can get, Coach.”

            “Maybe if you weren’t pissing me off all the time I’d say it more often.”

            “Aw, now where’s the fun in that?” His athlete laughed, thrusting his tongue into his mouth for a kiss. He looked over at his alarm clock. “It’s still pretty early. What you do say you spread those legs of yours and give it up again before you go?” He asked, grabbing a hold of his coach’s ass possessively. “Call it a victory lap for me and my prize for getting you to cave first and put out for me.”

            “Ah, what the hell, Williams.” Coach Jackson shrugged, slipping his slutty wind shorts down again  and winking his sloppy hole at his athlete. “The two of us went through hell this week not being able to get a nut in. Might as well make up for lost time. But it still pisses me off that I lost.”

            “You’ll get over it.” His athlete smirked at him as he positioned himself at his superior’s opening.

                                                                     Chapter 23


            Now that Brad had officially gotten his groove back he was able to put all of his focus and concentration into the big game on Friday instead of figuring out how he was going to get laid. And it proved successful. We absolutely smoked the other team, with a 31 point lead. It was no contest.

            Coach Jackson watched as all the other athletes got out of their gear and put on their regular clothes to go to a big party to celebrate the victory. He crossed his arms and looked at his star athlete as the rest of them left the locker room, eager to start the night’s festivities.

            “Damn good job, Williams. You really made me proud out there.”

            “Thanks Coach. You have a reward in mind?” He grinned.

            “Actually. . .” Coach Jackson looked over his shoulder, making sure no one else was around. “I kind of do.”

            “I think I can guess what.”

            “Yeah, we’ll see about that, Williams. I decided to go for something special this time.” Coach Jackson grinned.

            “Yeah? What is it?”

            “Why don’t you take a look and see?”

            “Where is it?” His athlete asked.

            “Well, Williams, I was thinking . . .”


            “You know I’m not good with the sappy shit. It’s just not the way I’m wired.”

            “You don’t say.” Brad laughed.

            “Would you shut your fucking mouth and just let me finish, Williams? Jesus.”

            “Go on. . .” Brad smirked.

            “As I was saying. . .” Coach Jackson muttered, setting his clipboard down and starting to remove his shirt. “I figured I should do something to show you that just because I’m not into the sentimental bullshit or talking about my feelings crap that. . .  Ah, hell. Just take a look.” He threw off his shirt so that he was only wearing his slutty wind-shorts, his muscles bulging intimidatingly.

            “What am I supposed to be looking at exactly, Coach?” Brad asked, looking the giant man and his rippling muscles over.

            Without saying a word, Coach Jackson took a deep breath and crossed his arms behind his head, turning around slowly.

            Brad Williams’s jaw dropped. There, just above the mountainous man’s tail bone was something small scrawled in bold, black ink. More specifically, a number. 16. 

            Coach Jackson stood there, looking over his shoulder. “Well, kid? What do you think?”

            “M- my uniform number . .” Brad muttered, still in complete shock.

            “Yeah, you cracked the code. I guess you’re not as dumb as you look.”

            Brad was speechless. The man’s enormous body was sheer perfection. Decades of dedicated, rigorous training and routine. Dan Jackson was the epitome of fitness and perfection. And he had chosen to mark himself. He couldn’t have branded himself more plainly belonging to Brad Williams if he had tried, other than writing his name outright.

            Brad slowly took a step forward, reaching his hand out to run his finger over the number. The skin around it was still pink and puffy.

            “Easy there, Williams!” Coach Jackson winced. “They’re still fresh!”

            “W-what do you mean ‘they’?”

            Coach Jackson smirked. “You’ve only seen the half of it, kid.” And with that, he slowly turned around so he was facing his athlete and started to remove his slutty wind-shorts. Again, his athlete was in shock. There, just below his navel, just underneath his waistline was the number 16 again, in the same black ink.

            “This way, whether you’re fucking me from behind or missionary, you know who this ass belongs to.” Coach Jackson muttered.

            “And these are legit? They’re real?”

            “They’re the real deal, Williams.” Coach Jackson nodded, guiding his athlete’s hand over his sore skin gently. “Got the back one done on Tuesday and couldn’t help but go back in for the other in front the day after. And you want to know the fucked up thing about it?”

            “What, Coach?” Brad asked him, mesmerized as he ran his fingers over the markings gently.

            “I didn’t even lie to the guy who did ‘em. Told him how it was. That my stud was going to be sure who this pussy belongs to.”

            “I can’t believe this, Coach.” Brad shook his head in disbelief.

            “Yeah, well believe it, kid. You earned this ass. It’s yours. And now you’ve got this to prove it.” He leaned in to kiss him softly. He continued to guide his athlete’s hand over the pink, puffy skin. “What do you think, stud?”

            “Is- is it too soon to show you what I think about it? Are you too sore?” Brad bit his lip hungrily.

            Coach Jackson slowly stepped out of his underwear. “Be gentle with me, kid.” He leaned in to kiss his athlete tenderly. “Now come take what’s yours.”

            “On the fucking floor.” Brad grunted, breaking away from him and pointing to the locker room floor.

            “Yeah Williams?” Coach Jackson huffed, getting down on his knees and then laying down on his back. “You gonna show me who this pussy belongs to?”

            Brad Williams had never been more turned on. He hastily kicked off his shoes and unzipped his jeans, pulling his rock hard cock out, slapping it in his palm. He stared down at his hulking superior down on the floor, legs up and eagerly offering his hole to him.

            He lowered himself down and tapped his cock at his coach’s hole, precum practically running out of the head freely and into Coach Jackson’s opening from all the pent up aggression from the game and then finding out what Coach Jackson had done for him.

            “Let me see it.” He muttered, looking his superior right in the eye.

            Coach Jackson nodded, straightening his back out on the locker room floor and raising his legs so that the number 16 was in plain view of his athlete, just above the man’s charged, beer-can cock.

            Brad leaned his head down and proceeded to tongue the man’s hole, gripping his cheeks with his powerful quarterback hands and spreading them wide so he could gain entry.

            “Aw fuck yeah, kid.” Coach Jackson squirmed in pleasure, writhing around on the locker room floor.

            His athlete continued to dart his fat tongue in and out of his hole, every few seconds coming back up just to get another good look at what Coach Jackson had willingly branded himself with before going back down with renewed determination.

            “That’s it, Williams. Own that hole. It’s yours. Fuck kid, you make me want it so bad.” Coach Jackson groaned reaching up to play with his own pecs.

            After a few minutes Coach Jackson’s hole was practically sucking his athlete’s tongue in on its own accord. “Fuck Williams, I need you in me now. I can’t wait anyfuckingmore for that big jock cock.”

            Brad withdrew his tongue from Coach Jackson’s gaping cunt and wiped his face, determination in his eyes. Without wasting another moment he guided his prick to the man’s entrance and sank it in.

            “GODDAMN!! Coach Jackson yelled, pounding his fist into the lockers above him, making them rattle all across the abandoned locker room. “Fuck Williams, you get me so fucking hot for it.”

            Brad Williams watched as his big cock entered in and out of the giant man’s hole, his eyes moving up and down, following the penetration and then moving back up to the number 16 just above the man’s beer-can cock. He couldn’t stop looking at it. He couldn’t get enough of it. Whether two minutes or twenty minutes passed before Coach Jackson snapped him back to reality, he didn’t know.

            “Fuck, Williams, you’ve got me so fucking close. . . “ Coach Jackson whimpered, slapping his huge cock against his abs.

            “Turn over.” Brad grunted, spanking him hard.

            Coach Jackson looked frustrated as he was just about to reach his climax but nodded. “You got it, kid.”

            He slowly eased himself off of his athlete’s prick and repositioned himself on all-fours, presenting his hole to his athlete, hanging his head down.

            At once Brad Williams was back inside of him, reaching underneath the hulking authority figure and playing with his tits.

            “Goddamn, that’s good Williams. Fuck!” Coach Jackson grunted, jacking off his cock in time with the thrusts his athlete was making inside of him.

            Brad watched from above, his shirt and pants damp with sweat, as he continued to take his coach’s hole, right here and in the open. He looked down at the man’s ass, the number 16 bold, clear, present. Permanent. 

            He leaned across the giant man’s back and nipped at the man’s ear, running his hands all over Coach Jackson’s rippled torso.

            “Mmmmmm. . .” Coach Jackson moaned, leaning his head back to accept his athlete’s tongue into his mouth. “That’s right, Williams. Take that hole. Own it. Show me who that hole belongs to. Go on. Harder. You’re not gonna break me, kid.”

            Brad increased his pace, working the giant man’s pecs with his hands, kissing him sloppily.

            “Harder Williams!” Coach Jackson huffed, jacking himself off with his massive, strong arm.

            “I SAID HARDER, WILLIAMS!” Coach Jackson roared. “DON’T MAKE ME FUCKING ASK TWICE.”

            Brad pulled at the man’s lip with his teeth before bringing his head back up and really slamming into the giant man underneath him.

            “That’s it, Williams!” Coach Jackson panted underneath him. “When I tell you I want it harder then you fucking dick me harder, you understand?”

            The sound of hips slamming into hips echoed all around the abandoned locker room.

            “Fuck kid!” Coach Jackson groaned. “You’re gonna make me blow! AAAAAGHHHHH!!!”

            Brad continued to slam into him as Coach Jackson sprayed the floor beneath them, completely drenching everything in sight.

            “Goddamn Williams! UGH!!”

            At that same moment Brad started shooting deep inside of him, grabbing onto Coach Jackson’s mighty hips, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he unloaded into him.

            “That’s right, Williams. Breed me. Make me yours.” Coach Jackson panted, hanging his head down exhaustedly.

            Brad continued thrusting into him until he had unloaded every last drop into his hulking superior. With one last hard thrust into him, he slowly pulled out, leaning back and wiping his brow.

            He watched, breathing in and out, as his sperm slowly started to drip out of his coach’s cunt and down his taint. Coach Jackson sat up on his knees, the fresh tattoo on his back gleaming with sweat. Without turning his head around he beckoned his athlete forward with his strong arm. Brad leaned over the man’s back and brought their lips together, exhausted but satisfied.

            “Good boy.” Coach Jackson grunted, accepting his athlete’s tongue into his mouth. Brad brought his hand to the red, puffy skin around the tattoo and gently ran his fingers over it. “Now that’s how you celebrate a fucking great game.”

            After the big game I took the car home and pulled in just as Mr. Williams was pulling into the driveway. He was seemingly unaware I had followed him home and as he got out of the car there was a big grin on his face as he made his way to the front door, obviously proud of his boys for their big win tonight. It was moments like this. When he thought no one was watching, yet he still was so sexy, and positive, and affable. . . I loved this man.

            He dropped the keys as he was digging around for them in his pocket, making me laugh as I watched him.

            “Going home alone tonight, stud?” I called out to him, putting the car in park right behind him.

            He turned around and held his hands in front of his eyes, trying to make me out and then a big grin spread over his handsome face. “Well what are you doing here? I thought you’d be out with the guys to celebrate.”

            “I thought about it.” I said, getting out and walking up the steps to the doorway. I looked around for a second to make sure no one was watching and kissed him lovingly. “But there’s only one guy I want to celebrate with.”

            He smiled as he accepted my tongue into his mouth. “Then that guy must be the luckiest guy in the world.”

            That night we made love in his bed; just the two of us sharing the night together in the most loving, passionate way two people could.

            As we lay there, looking up at the ceiling together, his head in my shoulder as I stroked his hair, I couldn’t remember a happier moment. Sure, we’d shared some amazing memories together. Grand, illicit, over-the-top trysts. But these were the moments that I really craved. Just the two of us. Together.

            He gave a content sigh next to me and I know he was thinking the same thing. Before I even thought of the right words to say, I was saying them. “Mr. Williams, what’s going to happen with us?”

            He thought for a moment, letting my question sink in. “I wonder about this question all the time, Ollie.” He said, kissing my shoulder.

            It was something we didn’t do often: dwell on the future. But as time goes on I was thinking about it more and more. I had been in America for six months now. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like I’d lived my whole life here. And it was because my life ‘was’ here. The love of my life was here. My brother was here. I couldn’t imagine how I had gone the first eighteen years of my life without them. The thought of going back to Africa without them was unbearable.

            I’m not a naïve person. In fact I’m a fairly logical person. I know what a whirlwind romance is. But I also know sometimes the stars align and it just happens. Where two people, two people who truly belong together, manage to defy the odds and win. It turns out that my person was half-way across the world.

And yet I found him.

How could I ignore everything in the universe that was telling me this was right and just go back to my old life like nothing had ever happened? Like I had never met the love of my life. Like I had never met my brother.

            “I’ve been thinking a lot, late at night before I go to sleep.” I said. “I want to apply to university in America.”

            Mr. Williams took in what I had said and thought about it. I know what I sounded like. Like some kid with a crush who makes a stupid decision to follow his heart instead of his head just for some stupid relationship that’s just going to fizzle out anyway. But I knew myself better than that. I knew this was real. It would have been so much easier if I could just talk myself out of it and tell myself that I was being stupid. That deep down I really knew this was just some fling. But it just wasn’t the truth. What Mr. Williams and I had wasn’t a fling. And that’s what scared me. That it was too much to lose.

            He sighed as he reflected on what I had said. “Ollie, you know what I’m going to say.”

            “Of course I do.” I replied. “It’s all the things I’m already saying in my own head. That I’m being stupid. That I’m not thinking with a clear head. But I’ve always been someone who follows my head. Always. In fact there was just one other time I followed my gut in my entire life. It was this. Coming to America. Seizing an opportunity. Taking a risk. And it will end up being the best decision in my life. How am I supposed to ignore that same feeling now?”

            He massaged my shoulder lovingly as I stroked his hair. “Ollie, you just need to promise me that anything you decide, you decide for you. Not me.”

            “But see, that’s the thing, Mr. Williams. You are me. You’re my future. I know the logical thing to do is to separate myself from you and think rationally about what’s best for me and my future. But I can’t. You are my future.”

            He kissed my head and he took in what I had said.

            “I know I should be talking you out of it. . .” He shook his head. “But I just can’t. I can’t let you go.”

            “I really want this, Mr. Williams. I’ve grown so much in these last six months here. I’m a better person for it. I can’t imagine all the opportunity I could have with four more years here. I really feel good about this.”

            “Don’t decide on anything now. You’ve got plenty of time to think about this and what you want. Promise me you’ll try to keep a clear head about this, okay?”

            “I promise.” I said, leaning in to kiss him. “But it’s what I want.”

            He exhaled, overwhelmed. “There’s something I need to tell you, Ollie. Something that’s been on my mind for a long, long time. Something that I’ve needed to do even before you came into our lives.”

            “What is it, Mr. Williams?”

            “I’m going to do it. I’m going to ask Kate for a divorce.”

            I sat up and looked at him, unsure of what to say.

            “It’s been something I’ve needed to do for a long, long time, Ollie.” He sighed.

            “I’m happy for you. And Kate. I know it won’t be easy, but it’s the beginning of the next step of your lives.”

            “I know you won’t believe me, but it’s not because of you.” He said, holding me close. “We haven’t been happy together for years now. She’d been straying outside of the marriage for a long time. And clearly I’m no saint either. But do you know what the hard part about it was?”

            “Tell me.”

            “When I first found out about it, I wasn’t hurt by it. I wasn’t angry. I was relieved. I knew it wasn’t about me. I always told you that when we decided to take you in that I was looking for something. Something to fill a void in my life. I thought about the giant leap you took in coming to this country all on your own and doing something for yourself. Because you had so much life to live and so many things to experience. Now granted I didn’t exactly expect to experience this. . .” He gestured to our naked bodies intertwined with each other. “But I knew there was just something missing in my life. And I was hoping you would bring some clarity as to what that something was. And you did. And I have you to thank for that.”

            I couldn’t help but smile as the man I loved recounted how he had found his inner strength.

            “So here I am. A man in his 40’s who realized he has so much more life to live. And I’m ready to experience it. I need to start living it. And I need to give Kate the same thing. I’m tired of hiding things from her. Of feeling guilty. And I know she feels the same thing. We love our son and he will always come first. And ultimately, I think we’ll all be happier in the end.”

            I took in what he was saying and I really think I understood. It wasn’t about me. He needed to do this for him. And I couldn’t be prouder of him for it. For the longest time I had lived with such guilt about what he and I had been doing to Kate. Despite the fact that she had been doing it to him first. But I knew he was right. The three of them would be happier after all of this was over and done with. And I knew I needed to be there for Mr. Williams during this process. Maybe even Kate too if she wanted it. I owed that to her.

            “We’ll start looking at universities this weekend?” I asked, leaning up to kiss him, a new zeal in my outlook on the future.

            “I still want you to think about what’s right for you, Ollie. What I care about most is your future. If there’s room for me in it, I’ll follow you wherever you want to go.”

            A new calm poured over me. The thought of the future had been weighing on me for so long. And now there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We were going to be okay. We were going to be together.

            “I love you so much, Ollie.” He whispered, turning over on top of me and leaning down to kiss me.

            “I love you too, Mr. Williams.” I whispered back to him, accepting his tongue into my mouth.

            He reached behind my shoulders to my back and pulled me over him, laying on his back and spreading his legs, looking up at me with wanting eyes.

            Without breaking away from him for even a second I guided my cock to his already bred hole and pushed my cock into him, slowly filling him back up again.

            “Mmmmm. . .” He moaned into me as I pressed forward. He caressed my back lovingly as he opened his legs wider to let me in.

            I reached down and took his leaking cock into my hand and jacked it with my thrusts, kissing him tenderly.

            Gently, lovingly, passionately, I sank my big, black cock into him, feeling his breath on my tongue as we made love, connecting with one another in the most  beautiful way two human beings could share with one another.

            Our bodies were made for each other. Me, with my big, black cock, able to provide him with electric, sensual surges to his prostate with each thrust and him, with his warm, velvety tunnel, massaging my cock in its passage as we made love.

            With equal concentration on his lips and his hole, we continued to take each other to another world. Just him and me. No responsibilities. No regrets. No obligations. Nothing but the two of us. Together.

            “Mmmmmmm. . .” He groaned into me as I sank my cock into him as far as it would possibly go. He lovingly stroked my back to encourage me. I was so grateful that I could provide him with such pleasure. And that providing him with such pleasure in turn provided me such pleasure.

            He pulled on my lip lovingly with his teeth, looking in my eyes with such love and satisfaction.

            I could see all the signs on his face that I was bringing him to the edge. I looked down and his strokes on his flared cockhead were getting more urgent as he kissed me.

            I brought my hand down and replaced his hand with mine, stroking him in time with my thrusts. “Let me.” I told him, leaning down to kiss him.

            He nodded as he closed his eyes and laid his head down on the pillow, nothing but ecstasy in his handsome, masculine face.

            He breathed in and I felt his hole start to constrict on my cock, his velvety tunnel sending waves of pleasure coursing through me. At once he started shooting, painting his hairy chest with another fresh load to match the one I had fucked out of him not even twenty minutes ago. I didn’t even have to look behind me to know his toes were curling. He gripped the sheets as I took him over the edge, moaning as cum continued to shoot from his cock.

            He finally opened his eyes and kissed me. It was too much. Immediately I sank my entire prick as far into him as I had ever been and started shooting, flooding him with a fresh load to rival the two already in there from the first two times I inseminated him tonight.

            Our breathing calmed down together as we rode out our orgasms, our heads pressed against one another, exhausted.

            He brought his hands to the back of my head and brought his lips to mine, not even able to speak just yet. My cock was still firmly lodged up his ass, and I knew that was just the way he wanted it.

            He looked at me and grinned. “To think we could possibly have four more years of that. . . Of this. . . I’m not ready to let you go, Ollie. I don’t think I ever will be.”

            “You don’t have to, Mr. Williams.” I said, kissing him tenderly. “We’ve got the rest of our lives to enjoy with one another.”

            “You make me happier than I ever thought I could be, Ollie. I thought my best years were behind me. And then you came along and showed me I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

            “And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life showing you just how wrong you were.” I replied, nuzzling my head in his shoulder with a sigh.

            The feeling the two of us were experiencing couldn’t have been more real. That the future had never looked more bright. That the two of us were going to be okay. That Brad, and eventually Kate were going to be okay. That there was so much good and opportunity on the horizon. And I couldn’t wait to experience it all with this man. Mike Williams. The man who had my heart. And I his. A lot could change in four years. I knew I wouldn’t be the same person I was now after graduating from university. Nor would I want to be. There’s that logical side coming out of me again. But still, even through it all there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that Mike Williams would be there til the end. With me. This was what I wanted. And I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that I had the power to make it happen. I thought back to the scared, unsure kid who shyly stepped off that plane in Sacramento six months ago. I couldn’t have possibly anticipated what was coming my way. And now here I am, a man, who has everything he could ever ask for. Life would bring its challenges, but I knew that I could face anything that came my way. Because I had a partner to face it with. And a brother. And I couldn’t be more excited for it all to begin.



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